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Schoo Screamer Issue 3

May 2014

Philip Schoo Middle School

‘Project Peace’ helps What’s the deal with this NeSA testing thing? students living on Marshall Islands By Grace Pelan Way out in the Pacific Ocean, you will find the Marshall Islands: consisting of 29 atolls and 5 islands. It’s northeast of Australia and about 6,012 miles away from Schoo Middle School, and yet, a connection has been made. The project peace members were given the options of helping the Marshall Islands, the Humane Society, the Soup Kitchen, and the Cat House. And the Marshall Islands were chosen. It started when Schoo counselor, Rachael Kluck-Spann met teachers Matt and Mindi Gerber through the Doane Leadership program. These two teachers teach on the Marshall Islands. Kluck-Spann thought her Project Peace club kids might like to help out the schools on this poor island. Student sold popcorn and refreshments at parent teacher conferences and pretzels after school to contribute to putting together care packages for each student. Project Peace has raised $500 to help two local schools: Gugeegue High School and Father Hacker High School. The money is used to send care packages and cinch bags full of school supplies like pencils and notebooks. It will help the students who live on the impoverished islands. The club will also be sending them a movie created by Mrs. Steiner’s com-

puter class, depicting life at Schoo, a copy of the book ‘Wonder,’ and rainbow loom bracelets. The cinch bags included some food items and also school supplies, like pencils, paper, and erasers because it is so hard to get that stuff on the island because it is so remote. This way they can get stuff that would be hard and expensive to get. Doane college also helped with the project by contributing the cinch back packs for each project peace student, for all of the students in the National Honor Society and for the 200 students living on Ebeye. In return, the National Honor Society on Ebeye made a video about life on their island and Schoo Project Peace students got to watch it. The Project Peace member Hanna Roth commented, that the islands didn’t look as poor as expected and it was a very pretty place. Many people there took buses and trains to get to school and there was about two hundred students there that they helped. “It feels good to help others when in need.” says Jeffery Newton a Project Peace member. Future plans are currently uncertain. Kluck-Spann and the two other teachers on the sland will have a class in the summer and they will come up with more plans to further help.

by Grace Pelan Schoo has just recently finished the yearly NeSa testing. It has tested the knowledge of all students in the state. The name “NeSA Test” stands for the “Nebraska State Accountability Test”. Many of these tests are taken online. The tests are usually taken between March 24th through April 30th each year. Other states give students a similar state test too But students sometimes wonder why these tests matter. “It lets an outsider look into the school and see how the students and teachers are doing,“ says Schoo testing coordinator, Jason Shanahan. The tests also let the teachers know how students are doing and

make adjustments to their teaching if needed. Third through eighth and eleventh grade take the math and reading tests. Grades four, eight, and eleven also take the writing tests. Science tests are also given in fifth, eighth, and eleventh grade. Some tips to do well (especially again next year) are: -pay attention in class, all things on the tests are taught in class. -get a good night’s sleep. -eat a good breakfast. -read directions carefully. -review your answers when you are done. Jodie Green, a counselor at Schoo reminds students,“Everything on the test you learned in class, so just be confident in your skill.”

Schoo 6th grader surprised by Presidential Volunteer Service Award By Camryn Spencer


Mikali Mfinanga, a sixth grader at Schoo, was surprised when she was called up at a surprise assembly, and presented the President’s Volunteer Service Award on March 6th. It all began when she applied for another volunteer award, and although she didn’t win it, Principal Bill Schulenberg was impressed with her work and she was nominated for the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Mfinanga is involved in many volunteer organizations. She is in Project Peace, and Student Council here at Schoo. Outside of school, she volunteers at places such as the People’s City Mission, One of Mfinanga’s favorite organizations is the “Miss Amazing Pageants” for girls with disabilities, to help them become more self-confident. What Mfinanga does is be a girl’s buddy, and help her

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through the pageant, and becoming more confident and social. There is a pageant at the end, and certain girls are declared ‘Queens’, because of attributes like their positive attitude, beautiful smile, and confidence. Mfinanga has participated in three pageants. Her first pageant was in Iowa last year, and her second was nationals. Her most recent pageant was this year, in Nebraska. Mfinanga tries to stay in touch with the girls she helps at the pageants. Mfinanga has been volunteering for as long as she can remember. She recalls volunteering at the age of nine or ten at the City Mission, or Church. Her mom says, “She’s got a big heart. She’s like the big sister on the block. That’s just who she is.” Mfinanga doesn’t volunteer for awards, or to be recognized for her work. She volunteers because she likes helping others. “Volunteering is fun because sometimes giving is better than receiving.” Mfinanga says.

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News Issue 3

Philip Schoo Middle School

Schoo staff experiences baby boom in 1st 5 years by Mikalah Newman

Some people think that some kind of baby boom has to be going on here at Schoo because of all the babies teachers are having! (We have done our best to have the most accurate info that we can! Our apologies in advance for any errors.) Here is the list of teachers who have had children JUST since they started working at Schoo: Current staff: Dan and Lori Witte- a son, Elliot, and a daughter, Keely/ pril Jorgensen- a son named Oliver/ Adam Schwaninger- son named Ezra/ Jeremy Sevick- son named Brenner/ Steven Orton- son named Will/ Jody Joel- a son Kyler and a son Kreyton/

Renee McClure- a girl Harper, a boy Max and a boy Miles/ Jason Shanahan- a girl named Claire/ Michael Lammli- a boy named Aiden/ Brad Rettig- a boy named Rustyn and a girl named Joey/Amanda Hemenway- a girl named Elaine

are no longer at Schoo: Nancy Salzman- boy; Joy Harveyboy; Tara Groteluschen- girl; Stephanie Meyer- girl; Becky Smith- boy; Victory Haines- two girls In all 23 babies have ALREADY been born to staff members since the school opened August 2009. Since the school has been open 5 school years, that’s an average of 3.8 babies per year. Another 6 are

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MAY 2014 expected in the next several months. That’s a total of 29 babies! And that is why a lot of people think that something is crawling around the school and I’m not trying to be a cry baby or a tattle tale but I hope I have rattled your brain enough for you to think about this baby incident and that is all for these puns and this article.

The following former staff are also expecting a child this year: Tiffany Plager- expecting a boy Sharon Bell- expecting a girl Jessica Wehner- gender unknown at this time Brad Rettig- gender unknown at this time Amanda Hemingway- expecting TWINS, one boy and one girl Additionally, the following teachers had babies while working here, but

1st Schoo science fair, more to come next year By DELANI YOUNG & EMMA MCCORMICK Volcanoes, explosions, electricity oh my! “The science fair was a huge success” Said Jessica Wehner, science teacher and coordinator of the Schoo Science Fair. “It was so much fun!” Schoo Science fair participant Ravyn Vodraska said. “I enjoyed learning about my

subject at my own pace” The science fair at Schoo Middle School happened on Thursday, March 6th, right after school. A total of 34 students, mostly 6th graders, participated in the science fair. Out of a total of seventeen projects (some students had partners some did not) ten were experiments seven were demonstrations.

“Schoo’s first science fair was a modest success,” said Wehner. Next year Wehner hopes to have more students participating. Mrs. Wehner agrees with many of the participants saying “I wish that more students participated.” According to Wehner, most people said they couldn’t go because of the time. It will be changed next year

too a later time. “There will be a fair again next year and we hope to see you there!” said Wehner Sixth grader Breanna Rittenhouse already plans to be there. “I’m definitely going to do it next year” Said Breanna Rittenhouse. “I liked getting to work with friends and be creative.”

By: Jacob Vanderford

that the ice rink wass a great way to celebrate in the Christmas season and he is hoping that the new ice rink will create a new custom for Lincoln and that people will have a great time. He wanted to celebrate this time of year by skating because he grew up loving to skate on the ice and also that he has a sister that is a competitive figure skater. Scott said that he is really anxious to see the people skating have a great time just like he did. The surrounding restaurants (such as the Public Market and Mellow Mushroom) were also very excited for the opening of the ice rink. They were excited to see more customer traffic when it’s sometimes slow in the downtown area. To get into the ice rink you would walk up to the Skate the Railyard booth and fill out the waivers you need to get the skates. After the waivers have been filled out you would have needed a wristband to even get on the ice. I have actually been to the Ice Rink myself and I thought that it was a great family entertainment center and right when you step on the ice the fun begins for you and your family. Some of the things that I liked about the new ice rink is how you are just in walking distance from the Haymarket and the Railyard. You could take off your skates and go to one of the restaurants. Then, when you’re done, you could get right back on the Ice Rink and skate some more. Remember that you have to have your wristband on to do this! Another thing that I liked about

the Ice Rink was how close it was to the new Pinnacle Bank Arena. If you have tickets to a basketball game you could always ice skate before or after the game and the fun could continue! Whenever you have time to go to the ice rink, it’s always fun to go to a Huskers game as well! When I was skating, the people around me seemed to have fun as well. I had to go early in the morning to actually get some skating in before it really got crowded. It was open on Mondays through Thursdays it is open from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. but on Fridays it was open from 4:00 to

10:00 p.m. Saturday was the longest time to have fun because it was open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. I went on a Saturday to get away from the crowd and get a good parking spot but if any of these days works for you it is always a great time for family-fun in the Downtown Railyard! For me, I just loved the whole experience in general. It’s a great way to have fun even on a winter day, and everything around it is fantastic. I always loved going down to the Ice Rink and I hope you have loved the experience of skating in the Railyard as much as I did!

On the Lincoln scene: Railyard Ice Rink

It’s a Winter Wonderland! The new Railyard Ice Rink is a spectacular place to show off your moves on ice and have a great time on a cold day! The new ice rink in the downtown Railyard opened on December, 7, during the holiday season, and gave a new look and a great improvement for the new Railyard, and for all of Lincoln. There are so many things that have made this ice rink great. It gave the people of Lincoln a chance to have a great time, to look at the wonders of the Railyard, and look at all of the people around you and how amazing the Lincoln area really is. This ice rink size is 4,200 square feet and is the first (and only) outdoor ice rink in Lincoln. The rink was open 7 days a week through March 2nd and was very close to the Pinnacle Bank Arena and you could have even watched the huge “cube”, which was right in front of the ice rink. On the Cube you could watch international and collegiate sporting events and sometimes they would show surprising things on the Cube just for the fun of it. Admission was free to everyone, and ice skate rental was to the right of the ice rink. For adults, a pair of skates was $9, and for children a pair of skates was $6. Will Scott is the founder of WRK, which is the company that thought of the whole Railyard idea, and he is very excited about what the new ice rink has to offer. According to the Lincoln Journal Star, Will Scott said

The Railyard Ice Rink offered ice skating downtown this past winter. Admission was FREE for all ages, but every skater must check in at the ice rink kiosk to sign a waiver of liability and receive a wristband before entering the rink. Staff writer, Jacob Vanderford visited the ice rink in it’s first year and recommends it as a great fun winter custom to start with your family.


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Philip Schoo Middle School

MAY 2014

Issue 3

Two scary movies to see By:Azza Elhaj I love to watch scary movies in the night. Here are some movies- you might know them. house at the end of the street House at the end of the street is about a girl named Carrie Ann who has problems in her brain. She acts like a little girl. Her brother’s name is Ryan. One day Carrie Ann killed both her parents. Ryan was in his bed sleeping at that night. After she killed them, she ran away. Ryan found her and locked her in a room where nobody could find her. There is also a girl her name is Alissa. She moved near Ryan’s house. She didn’t noticed that it was their house. She start staring at their house. The owner of the house told

her about their story. She felt bad for him. People say that Carrie Ann is still alive in the woods. Alissa gasped, because she went to the woods and she heard something. What will happen to Alissa? She will die? Will Ryan kill his sister? pet Sematary In Pet Sematary, a doctor and his family moved to a small town. Outside the small town, is a cemetery where children would bury their pets. The problem was the pets will come back to life, but they were evil. When the doctor’s son dies, he put him in that cemetery and he comes back to life as an evil baby. The doctor has to decide what he will do about all the trouble that the baby is creating.

Jokes, riddles & puns BY: IAN MCMANUS Puns Pun #1 I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down. Pun #2 When William joined the army he disliked the phrase ‘fire at will’. Pun #3 A small boy swallowed some coins and was taken to a hospital. When his grandmother telephoned to ask how he was a nurse said ‘No change yet’. Pun #4 Don’t trust people that do acupuncture, they’re back stabbers. Pun #5 A prisoner’s favorite punctuation mark is the period. It marks the end of his sentence.

Cool recipes with Breanna

by: Breanna Rittenhouse Here is an amazing recipe to try out for this quarter!

No Bake Cookies Ingredients: *1/2 cup butter or 1/2 cup margarine *2 cups sugar *1/2 cup milk *4 tablespoons cocoa *1/2 cup creamy peanut butter (or chunky but is seems to make a more crumbly dry cookie) Directions: Step 1: Add the first four ingredients into a 4-quart sauce pan. Step 2: Bring to a rolling boil and hold for 1 minute. Step 3: Remove from heat. Step 4: Add peanut butter into the hot mixture and stir until melted. Step 5: Add in vanilla. (almond extract is good also, but I only use 1/2 teaspoon almond and 1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla). Step 6: Mix in the oats and drop by tablespoons onto wax paper. Step 7: Let cool until set.

Jokes Joke #1Q: What goes up and down but does not move? A: Stairs Joke #2 Q: Why was the broom late? A: It over swept! Joke #3 Q: What did the stamp say to the envelope? A: Stick with me and we will go places! Joke #4 Q: What did the spider do on the computer? A: Made a website! Joke #5 Q: Why did the computer keep sneezing? A: It had a virus! BY KODY ROBINSON Riddles Riddle 1: The wise man is sure of it, the fool knows it, the rich man wants it, the greatest hero fears it. what am I Riddle 2: The man who invented it does not want it, the man who bought it does not need it, the man who needs it does not know it. What am I? Riddle 3: I have holes in my top, bottom, left, right, and middle, but i still hold water. What am I? Riddle 4: I have forest, but no trees, I have lakes, but no water, I have roads but no cars what am I?

Did you know... By Grace Pelan

* You speak about 4,800 words a day. * Vincent Van Gogh only sold 1 painting his whole life and that was to his brother! * On April 2, 1872, Victoria Woodhull became the first female andidate for the U.S. presidency.- before women could even vote! * Babe Ruth kept a cabbage leaf under his cap to keep cool. * Thomas Edison, the inventor of the lightbulb, was actually afraid of the dark.


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Philip Schoo Middle School

May 2014

Issue 3

Superhero clash-out: YEAR IN REVIEW* Batman VS OUR SCHOO CONDarth Vader* TRIBUTIONS TO OTHERS SKYHAWK CAMP First Friend volunteers– 30 students Number of new 6th grade participants—99 students

ONE BOOK ONE SCHOO Number of Students Pledging to “Be Kind”-- 140 Number of Students Reading “Wonder”-- 500 Wonder bracelets distributed for helping others -200 By Kody Robinson and Ian McManus In case you were wondering, these battles are decided by me (Kody Robinson) and Ian McManus, and are called “Super Hero Clashes”. First,we have Batman who has these abilities: Martial arts and bat-themed tools. Second, we have Darth Vader. He has a red lightsaber and he can use the force in many forms. Part 1: Why is it a battle? Both Batman and darth vader were at a store and there was a black cape sale and the both ran into the last cape and both their old ones were ripped. So they decided to fight over it so they got their old ripped up capes and fought. . . Part 2: Kicked out Darth vader got so mad he blasted Batman back with the force. batman didn’t take that well. He threw an explosive batarang at darth vader, but the Sith lord used the force to turn it back to batman and luckily for bat-

man, he rolled out of the way and made the wall explode. That got them kicked out. they took their battle outside. Part 3: The gift Batman found a gift from Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader’s son, and it was a blue lightsaber! So Batman used it to his advantage. Part 4: CHAOS “Robin, take a green lightsaber and help me!” Batman said into his Bat-Phone, but then out of nowhere came the Joker! “Why So Serious, Batman?” Joker said. “How did you get out of Arkham Asylum?” Batman questioned. Joker responded with “same way as last time-asking for help and then beating the guards upand I freed some others, too. HA HA HA!” Then Robin came, but he wasn’t there for long though, since Darth Vader force choked him and threw him literally in the trash! “You underestimated our power!” said Darth Vader. “But I didn’t” said Catwoman, out of nowhere on a motorcycle. To be year.

FIRST FRIENDS Number of students trained to be a FF – 225 Number of students receiving a Skyhawk Drop--70 FOOD BANK FOOD DRIVE Amount of food raised to donate to the Food Bank –1150 lbs EXCELLENCE REFERRALS Number of students receiving an Excellence Referrals-229 Total number of Excellence Referrals-303 PENNIES FOR PATIENTS Amount of money raised by Schoo Students to contribute to the campaign to help cancer patients--$945.00 BACKPACK EXTRA MILE FUNDRAISER Amount of money raised for the LPS Backpack program--$3200 (We were ranked 15th of all the schools contributing) RECYCLING Amount of paper recycled by Schoo Middle School on average each month this year… 1,849 pounds = 16 trees

Odd sport around the world *Egg Rolling by:Breanna Rittenhouse You think the only Easter egg activity is Easter Egg Hunts? Well, you guessed wrong. The Egg Rolling sport is held originally at the grounds of the White House in Washington, D.C. . The first egg rolls were during Easter Monday in the mid 1870’s. The kids dyed eggs on Sunday for the Easter egg Rolling. The first egg roll was held at the capitol building. Workers and tourists watched as children rolled the eggs and played in the green hills. Around 1876, the grounds started to get ruined from the children playing on them and the budget for landscaping was already large. A law was passed forbidding the capitol

grounds to be used for the Easter Egg Rolling. The law was meant to be enforced in 1877, but that Monday (the day of the rolling) got rained out and the egg rolling was held inside. an announcement was made that new land would be reserved for all Egg Rollers. President Hayes and his wife opened the White House lawn for all children who wanted to participate in egg rolling, and the now it is held there each year. The theme of this year’s Easter Egg Roll, hosted by President Barack Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama, was “Hop into Healthy, Swing into Shape.” It was the largest easter egg event held at the White House, with more than 30,000 visitors.

The White House Egg Roll continues a 140 year tradition. Children roll eggs across the White House lawn with spoons in a race. The current president and his wife attend and greet families during this annual event.

Do you know this mystery teacher?

*She loves dessert *She color-codes her closet *Her husband is also a teacher *She has lived in Lincoln her whole life *Her dream is to travel through Europe *She never wants to go on a cruise because she gets seasick *She loves to shop Check the art page for the hidden answer! (Last month’s answer: Mrs. Jorgensen)

Opinion Issue 3

Ask Susie Skyhawk Dear Susie Skyhawk, My friends dad is in the military and is overseas. She really misses him. Do you have any ideas on how to cheer her up? What can I do? Sincerely, Friendly Dear Friendly, I have an uncle that was in the military. I cannot say that there is a way to completely cheer her up but you can try to get her mind off of her Dad. Try doing things that will not remind them of their Dad instead of things that will, that will make your friend miss him even more. If your friend is the one to talk about their Dad then allow it, try to get them to talk about funny times that they’ve had with him. Sincerely, Susie Skyhawk *************************** Dear Susie Skyhawk, Do you like summer or winter? Why? Sincerely, Seasonal Dear Seasonal, I like summer better because it is warmer outside and you don’t have to wear a big fat heavy coat. I like

Philip Schoo Middle School

An advice column you can rely on

school but I still would like some time off to go swimming and play summer sports. The main reason I like summer is because jellybeans fart most when it’s warm. The red and green ones fart the most but black ones don’t fart; they burp. I am very weird; I know this, just remember when you’re eating jellybeans and you hear a strange sound it’s not the dogs. It’s the jellybeans. Sincerely, Susie Skyhawk *************************** Dear Susie Skyhawk, On Dec 18th I went to walk and talk. One of my friends kept running away from me. Now we’re not friends. What should I do? Sincerely, Ex-friend Dear Ex-Friend, If you’re still wanting to be friends with them you should give your friend some space so they can cool down. Then when you feel that they are not as upset go and try to talk to them calmly. If that doesn’t work write them a letter and have someone give it to your friend. I really hope that you two can make amends. Sincerely, Susie Skyhawk


Would you rather... By: Jacob Vanderford *Be able to go into the past and meet your ancestors OR go into the future and meet your great grandchildren? *Have a rewind button in your life OR a pause button? *Be able to talk to animals OR be able to speak all foreign languages?

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May 2014

Ravyn’s Book Nook By Ravyn Vodraska The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins In the ruins of North America, Lies a nation. A nation called Panem. Panem consists of a Capitol, with twelve outlying districts. Each district represents one function, one item of produce. The Capitol uses each produce to their advantage, unfairly distributing small or larger portions of it throughout the districts. The Hunger Games are a large arena fight, as though twenty four tributes in between the ages of twelve and eighteen years, have been forced to forage on their own. Though the Gamemakers brings a little bit of suspense to the battle. A large, golden cornucopia is positioned in the exact middle of the arena, spilling full of weapons, resources, and food. They also add their own muttations, bloodthirsty or not. Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen is in the midst of District Twelve, the poorest of each District. Though the least strict of each, they have the least offered to them. District Twelve’s main resource, or produce for the Capitol, is coal. Katniss lives in the Seam, the worst and poorest part in District Twelve. She lives with her twelve-year-old sister, Primrose, and her mother. Her father died in a mine explosion, years ago, sending their mother into a mindless depression. She illegally hunts with her best male friend, eighteen-year-old Gale Hawthorne, providing food for both their families. When the Reaping, the choosing of one male and female eligible for the Hunger Games, arrives, Katniss promises her little sister she won’t get picked. And she… almost doesn’t. When Primrose is picked, Katniss does the only thing a protective older sister in a world like Panem would do. She volunteers. Katniss will be the female to go into the Hunger Games and fight for her life. And being from the poorest district, she doesn’t have much chance of survival. The worst problem, is that the one boy she would never think of being a tribute with, is. Peeta Mellark, the boy with the bread. In the time of need, he gave her bread. That bread was the matter of her life and death. And now, she has to fight him in the arena. In this full-on battle of twenty four tributes, four districts much stronger than the others, two much weaker, odds may be defyd, or stay in place. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR. ****I rate this book 5/5 stars. Wonderfully written and page gripping the entire time. Socks By Beverly Cleary Socks is a small cat, trying to be sold along with his brothers and sisters. He’s only a kitten, though. When he’s sold to a young couple, he finds a nurturing home. Always the center of attention, he knows life

can’t get any better. And he’s right. Socks seems to find something different with one of his owners, Mrs. Bricker. One day, Mr. and Mrs. Bricker are in a rush one day, as Socks is locked in the laundry room. He waits as his owners leave. Shortly after, hours and hours after, I should say, the Brickers return with a new ‘pet.’ Upon further investigation, Socks sees that this ‘pet’ is not a pet at all! It’s a human being! Socks has lost his owner’s affection, as the Brickers fret about the baby day after day. Socks is lonely, forgotten, and most of all; impatient. Socks gets into more and more trouble longing for the attention of his owners. Yet they never give it to him, too caught up in the baby. One day, Socks takes it too far. He nips at Mrs. Bricker’s heel, causing her to bleed. He’s cast outside for good. As Charles William Bricker, the new baby, is around, Socks may learn to cooperate and live with the new addition to the family, or he may be a lost addition-- for as long he can take. **** I rate this book ⅘ stars. This was a good book, but not one of Beverly Cleary’s bests. Game Of Thrones By George R.R. Martin In the game of thrones, you either live, or you die. In the land of Westeros, lies the seven kingdoms. The Starks of Winterfell are honorable people. Eddard “Ned” Stark is one of the most honorable people in Westeros. When Jon Arryn mysteriously dies, Robert Baratheon, one of Ned’s best friends, upgrades, or promotes him to Hand Of The King. Not to mention Ned’s eldest daughter, Sansa Stark, will be marrying Robert’s eldest son, the devious Joffrey Baratheon. Ned accepts the duty, bringing Sansa and his youngest daughter, Arya Stark along with him, to King’s Landing, where he will assume his work as King’s Hand. Arya, being the tomboy she is, goes against all things ladylike, which her dad encourages without stating. Robb Stark, Ned’s eldest son, stays with his half-brother, Jon Snow, and youngest brothers, Bran and Rickon Stark, along with his mother, Catelyn Stark. Along with the Starks and Baratheons, are the Lannisters. Cersei Lannister was wed to Robert Baratheon, becoming Queen of Westeros. Cercei also has a brother, Jaime Lannister, who is apart of the Kingsguard. She has an imp brother, Tyrion Lannister, who is coinmaster. And her father, Tywin Lannister. Will Ned find out who killed Jon Arryn? Or will Sansa truly be wed to Joffrey? Read Game Of Thrones to find out. ****I rate this book 5/5 stars. It kept me on edge and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

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Philip Schoo Middle School

May 2104

Want to see YOUR drawings in the newspaper? Submit them in the box in the media center! (Remember, we print in black and white)


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May 2014

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Schoo Screamer May 2014  

Schoo Screamer May 2014

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