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Matrox MXO2 Rack with MAX (Thunderbolt)-MXO2RUMAX/N/T

Description: The MXO2 Rack with MAX (Thunderbolt) from Matrox is a 2 RU device that's designed to provide all the features of an I/O card in a sturdy breakout box for your equipment rack. It's got connections for both professional audio and video, including an input and output each for HDMI, component video, composite video, and Y/C (S-Video); for audio, there's four XLR ins and eight outs as well as four-channel I/O of AES/EBU. In addition, you've got an HD/SD-SDI input and two such outputs. Your options for high-quality audio/video monitoring couldn't be more versatile. And of course, this configuration of MXO2 Rack includes a Thunderbolt adapter, which supplies the blazing-fast connection to a computer for a data transfer rate of up to 10 Gb/s.

Designed for Mac laptop and desktop systems with a Thunderbolt port, this model features Matrox MAX, a technology that implements faster than real-time H.264 encoding for resolutions ranging from iPod to HD. It uses a dedicated hardware processor to accelerate the creation of H.264 files for Blu-ray, the web, and mobile devices. By using specialized hardware acceleration, jobs are finished more quickly and system resources are freed up for other tasks. This technology allows direct export to higher-quality H.264 Blu-ray compliant files from Compressor. Along with broadcast-quality audio & HD video input and output, the MXO2 Rack provides calibration controls that include blue-only. Audio monitoring is a strong suit of the unit, as well: With eight XLR analog audio outs and embedded audio channels on the HDMI and SDI outs, you can perform full 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound monitoring. You also benefit from a wide variety of HD and SD workflows with Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro thanks to Matrox MXO2 Rack's 10-bit hardware up/down/cross-conversion scaling engine and support for a wide variety of file-based formats and industry-standard codecs. Technical Description: Tech. Description


Video (1) SDI (1) Component HD/SD (1) Y/C (1) Composite (1) Genlock (1) HDMI HD 10-bit Audio (4) XLR balanced (4) AES/EBU unbalanced (1) SDI embedded up to 16 channels (1) HDMI embedded up to 8 channels

HD/SD 10-bit 10-bit 10-bit


Video (2) SDI HD/SD (1) Component HD/SD 10-bit (1) Y/C 10-bit (1) Composite 10-bit (1) Genlock (Loop-Through) (1) HDMI HD 10-bit Audio (8) XLR balanced (4) AES/EBU unbalanced (2) SDI embedded up to 16 channels (1) HDMI embedded up to 8 channels

System  Requirements 

Mac systems with a Thunderbolt port Mac OS X 10.6 or later One free Thunderbolt port (Thunderbolt devices can be



Rack Units

What's in the box

daisy-chained; this is an endpoint device) If using MXO2 Rack with Final Cut Studio 2, 2 GB physical memory (RAM) when working with compressed HD and uncompressed SD sources, or 4 GB physical memory (RAM) when working with uncompressed HD sources HDMI monitor that supports 1920 x 1080 and "dot-bydot" mode is recommended for 1:1 pixel mapping 2 RU

Matrox MXO2 Rack with MAX (Thunderbolt) MXO2 Thunderbolt Adapter Multi-Pin Cable to Connect Thunderbolt Adapter to MXO2 Rack

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Matrox MXO2 Rack with MAX (Thunderbolt)