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Hildegard Von Bingen

Circa 1098-1179 Poet, Composer, and Theologian

Map: Historical Site of Hildegard ď Ž

Hildegard has had a rich history at all of the places in the following pictures.

Bermersheim ď Ž

It was believed that she was born here near the church. Most historical facts ignore that she was ever born. Though there is evidence that the ladies of the residence had made a donation to the house sometime around 1158.

The Disibondenberg ď Ž

A place where Hildegard was believed to spend most of her time. In 1136, she was unanimously voted as Mistress of Disibondenberg, which eventually led to more success in the near future.

Bingen/St. Rochus Chapel ď Ž

The pictures inside the Chapel represents different parts of Hildegard’s life such as her preaching and praying to the clergy people and her death on the Rupertsberg.

Old Convent of Eibingen

ď Ž

In 1165, Hildegard has acquired the damaged buildings and restored them for thirty Benedictine sisters. Four decades after her death, Pope Honorius III would overtake the protections that Hildegard once had.

Eibigen Parish Church ď Ž

The Hildegard sculpture was built to remember her memory. Franz Bernhard carved the statue out of Franconian shelllimestone in 1957. This was a reminder of the first Hildegard procession in 1857.

Abbey Church of St. Hildegard

Built from 1900-1908, the inside of the church was to represent Hildegard’s life, mainly on the Northern left side of the church. Several different paintings were to show five stages of Hildegard’s life starting as a youngster to her death.

New Abbey of St. Hildegard 

This only took four years to build: 19001904, was built near the older monastery at the top of the hill. In this church, Hildegard’s works are used to great advantage where God’s presence is truly appreciated.

Music of Hildegard 

Hildegard’s music has been praised by its listeners. Many musicians have taken her recordings and redistributed them. “The gently fluid pulse van Evera applied to Hildegard’s music feels completely disconnected the rigid rhythms of Richard Souther’s electronic accompaniment.”- Matt Westphal.

Hildegard’s Artwork

Vision: From the Life of Hildegard Von Bingen ď Ž

The film written and directed by Margarethe Von Trotta. Stars Barbra Sukowa as Hildegard.

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Hildegard of Bingen  

Life of a visionary, artist, composer, and many more with an extraordinary gift.

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