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Ghaziabad, Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Decongestion of Mohan Nagar 'chauraha' begins A

fter year-long discussions, decongestion of the busiest Mohan Nagar ''chauraha'' has begun. If things move at the current pace, one could see jam-free traffic at this busiest central place of the city. It might be a dream come true for the people to be able to cross smoothly from the overcrowded 'chauraha', where there is always traffic jam from morning till evening. The city administration had tried several times to decongest the 'chauraha', but each time it had failed. So this is the first time serious business is going on at the entire stretch of this route. Action taken From November 12, the city administration had diverted routine traffic from Mohan Nagar 'chauraha' to Karheda Cut and Link Road in order to implement some of its plans on the route. Thus traffic has been diverted from Hindon Air Force and Karan Gate Police Chowki, as otherwise it might affect the work on broadening the road at various sites. Giving priority to this

Serious business going on for a jam-free chauraha.

Judging by the pace at which GDA is going ahead with the work, commuters can hope that it will be completed soon and there will be no traffic jam from Gyani border to Mohan Nagar by the end of this month.


much-awaited project, DM of the city visited the sites recently. The road widening project has been getting delayed due to the ongoing underground work on the same route. But it has received momentum with the close attention being paid by senior officials. GDA has asked them to fill the dugup roads. Illegal cuts also Proposed plans the main adjoining point of would be closed as soon as Since this prime location the National Highway, a possible. of the city is being used as makeover plan is coming

up on the Mohan Nagar 'chauraha'. Under the proposed plan, six major works will be taken up at the site. One, high mask lights would be put up at the 'chauraha'. Railing would be erected after the installation of full-fledged platforms. Zebra crossings would be marked out for pedestrians. In order to avoid water-logging, the level of roads would be lifted after completion of the road widening project. Drainage system would be improved. A team would be constituted to keep a watch on the smooth functioning of the traffic system. A New Year gift Road widening as well as electricity work between Gyani Border and Mohan Nagar is already in progress. Judging by the pace at which GDA is going ahead with the work on this route, commuters can hope that it will be com-

Traders resent installation of electronic 'Dharmkanta' A

proposal to beautify one of the largest vegetable markets of the state, situated on Link Road Sahibabad, was sent by GDA to the State Government in August. It was also proposed to install an electronic 'Dharmkanta' in the market. The proposal was made keeping in view the interests of over 1,300 shopkeepers and 'araties' of Sabji Mandi Sahibabad. Construction of stand post, drainage and its disposal, construction of roads and change of distorted drinking water pipelines were also proposed. The same was put up before the Mandi Parishad by the Mandi secretary. Some of the proposals were approved by the Mandi

Parishad. Soon after getting the green signal, construction of way-bridge began at the main gate of Navin Phal Av a m S a b j i M a n d i o f Sahibabad. But this was opposed by the traders and shopkeepers. And recently they took out a 'morcha'

protesting against the installation of 'Dharamkanta" at the main gate of the market. "Installation of the electronic 'Dharamkanta' at the main gate will cause great difficulties to the customers, as it would badly affect the movement of hundreds of trucks,

pleted soon and it seems that there will be no traffic jam from Gyani border to Mohan Nagar by the end of this month. Referring to this ongoing work, GDA chief engineer Anil Garg said, "Since illegal parking of trucks on this route caused traffic chaos, we have taken a decision to widen the road. This might help us in the coming Commonwealth Games as well. If all goes well, we can expect this eight-lane road as a New Year gift." Simultaneously, a major beautification work has begun at the busiest Mohan Nagar 'chauraha' at a cost of Rs 30 lakh. Senior MCG engineer AK Singh, thus elaborated the plans, "Traffic sign boards, reflector, yellow patti, zebra crossing and cat'seye would come up on the troubled Mohan Nagar 'chauraha' within the next two months." —MANOJ SINHA tempos and autos. Moreover, it would lead to traffic chaos at the entrance of the market." Ved Prakash Sharma and Haji Babu, who participated in the protest rally, said. "Business worth crores of rupees is transacted here daily. We are generating maximum revenue despite inconveniences like choked sewers and other civic problems. In fact, sanitation is our prime concern here, but nothing has been done so far," Ajay Chaudhry, a senior member of the Sabji Mandi Association, said. "We are facing shortage of drinking water, bad roads and insecurity. Only two hand-pumps are operational. Street lights are damaged due to improper maintenance," he added. Later, the shopkeepers we are assured by the City Magistrate that things would be sorted out soon.


Judging by the pace at which GDA is going ahead with the work, commuters can hope that it will be completed soon and there will be no traffi...

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