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Ghaziabad, Tuesday, September 10, 2009


Children just love November 14 because it's their day. These little monsters who make you run after them every second either for not having breakfast or while they are getting late for school, also bring a smile to your face and make your life worth living. No matter how they disturb the look of the whole room, they scream all day and that is enough to make your world revolve in front of your eyes, but kids are kids. They are sweet little angels sent by God who deserve to be cared and showered blessings upon. This Children's Day, fulfill those small wishes that would bring a twinkle in their eyes and fetch a smile on their face. Here are some ideas to help you:

BEANBAGS Beanbags are great fun for kids and they love to jump and play on them. These days, markets are offering great colours and styles with extra comfort and affordable prices. Get a beanbag for them to let their cheerful attitude take off.

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r u o y e

JEWELLERY BOX FOR GIRLS As girls grow, they develop a certain habit of keeping their small accessories and belongings in a safe place. Get the sweet angel a cute little jewellery box that will incorporate all her tiny belongings and other precious stuff. Cute boxes are available in different showrooms and Archies. Price depends upon the style and work on the jewellery box.

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p s y a d


Get them a nice colourful pair of crocs to make them feel comfortable and appear cute. Tiny pairs of crocs are a big hit with kids and the availability in variety of colours is one thing that is attracting a lot of kids. Get that naughty devil or that sweet angel a cute pair of crocs. Available at Crocs.


The latest in the market and loved by kids. Be it a boy of any age, he is just crazy for play stations. Available with the feature of blueray disc drive, it continues to impress kids with full enthusiasm and zeal.

l a i c e

CD/DVD-ROM on Encyclopaedia Britannica's CD or DVD-ROM format Encyclopaedia offers extensive resources for students. Researched and authored by historians, professors, Nobel laureates, curators and experts from the various domains, it is among the most reliable references for research for any student.

Cute Teddies

It's for the little angel who loves to sleep with the teddy every night considering her teddy her best friend. Girls simply love teddies, especially big ones. Go get her a big teddy and shower all your love upon her. Big teddies in different colours are now available at Archies.

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BEANBAGS 12 CROCS City plus Britannica's CD or DVD-ROM format Encyclopaedia offers extensive resources for students. Researched and authored...