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New Ghaziabad, Friday, November 20, 2009

Facelift for Ghaziabad before

C'wealth Games a distant dream I

t is rather not easy for GNN to improve the civic facilities before the Commonwealth Games despite boasting about fresh proposals. The Games are going to be held in 2010 in Delhi and GNN is all set to prepare and improve the basic things of the city. With a fresh budget, GNN has now decided to install Welcome Gates at different border areas to welcome foreign delegates. Besides these 'welcome gates', the entire city would be illuminated with proper lights and road indicators. In this proposal these 'swagat dwars' would be erected on almost four border areas of the city. These would be installed at a cost of Rs 20 crore. About the whole concept and preparation Dr. Ajay Shankar Pandey, City Commissioner, says, "The city would be decorated in a special manner in the wake of the coming Commonwealth Games so that we could represent a better city before foreign delegates. This is in fact an



image booster plan in which several makeover steps would be taken." "In order to bring such changes in the city a few programmes are in progress. We are trying to sideline the encroachments from various roads.

Moreover installation of grills, carpeting roads, dividers and repairing work are going on various traffic signals. Afterwards road broadening work would be taken up, he adds. In fact GNN has conceived a volley of develop-

Despite these new proposals, it is quite difficult to get the city rid of bad roads (pic-2), traffic chaos (pic-1) and non-functional street lights before the mega event.

mental projects which is said to be complete before the coming games. In which patching work would be done from Diamond Tiraha to Vivekanand Nagar Tiraha road. In this list of proposals it is also mentioned that

drains would be constructed at Gaon Duhai, the distorted wall of nullah which starts from Railway Crossing to Loha Mandi on GT Road would be repaired and dense carpeting of service lane behind Mohan Nagar Police Chowki would be done. Hurdles ahead There are, however, many practical problems in these rosy proposals. The Traffic Month has already exposed the tall claims of the city administration. The errant autos, taxies and dumpers are still plying on the city roads. Passengers could be seen sitting on the roof tops of city buses in spite of all the restrictions of the traffic police. Under the circumstances, how can we expect to have such facilities before the Commonwealth Games. Numerous developmental projects are still under way. The road construction project at the Hidon River is in the doldrums. The proposed alignment project in which two highways are to be linked is

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yet to be finalised. These are the two major projects of GDA which is still pending due to various reasons. GDA is seeking help from Avas Vikas, but it is still under consideration. There is plan to link NH-58 to Meerut Road Tiraha before the Games, but due to departmental conflicts between GDA and Avas Vi k a s , i t i s y e t t o b e finalised. Finally, Avas Vikas has refused to spend any amount on this project. Now GDA has decided to convert an elevated road instead of the previous plan. As stated in an official communiqué, these mega projects must be completed before the coming Games. About these official conflicts over important projects, GDA Chief Engineer Anil Garg says, "A notification regarding Hindon Road has been served to the Avas Vikas since this project is essentially required to get final touches before the Games." Since this route of the same project travels from its colonies, they must take it on a priority basis. However, officers of Avas Vikas have a different opinion about the projects. On the whole, it could be concluded that no makeover plan of the city will be settled before the coming Commonwealth Games. ence - through modelling and teaching - over the morals and values their kids carry into adulthood! Pay close attention to your own spiritual health and model a healthy spirituality for your family. „ Discipline with consistency. Clearly expressed expectations and consistent follow-through produce responsible kids. Make your goal of discipline one of teaching kids responsibility not evoking obedience. We strongly believe that you can discipline a child without screaming, shouting, hitting or shaming them. „ Invest in your child's esteem. Help your child recognise their strengths, praise them often and encourage them to believe in themselves. A child's self esteem affects every area of her existence, from the friends she chooses to what kind of job she gets. —APARNA SAMUEL BALASUNDARAM Human Development Expert

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plus Stop trying to perfect your child, but keep trying to perfect your relationship with him. —Dr Henker New Ghaziabad, Friday, November 20...