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SURVEY RESULTS CONTENT •The majority at 63.6% said they prefer to listen to music at home rather than at gigs.

HOW TO SELL THE MAGAZINE •Participates were asked to name a reasonable price for a music magazine. The range of £2.01£2.50 was the most popular price. •Once a month is the most accruing answer when asked how often they purchase music magazines.

MEET THE PEOPLE •Most chose ‘Indie music’ as their preferred genre and NME being the favoured current music magazine. •Most readers attend gigs throughout the year.

• We asked what the reader would prefer the magazine to cover. 36.4% said interviews, 27.3% new music, 18.2% coming up gigs and 9.1% said charts. Although 90.9% said they like to hear about new music.

INTERNET Every one of the people surveyed has internet access and 72.7% said they read online music articles

Survey results  

The results of my music magazine survey