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Batik fabric suppliers for all product and technique dakir

March 7, 2018

Batik fabric suppliers is a place or small company which works in supplying Batik fabric to other companies. They usually already have their own customers. Generally, the supplier sends raw-goods to the company. Then it will be reprocessed by that company. Then it made a ready good for sale.

The supplier of Batik fabric usually will send Batik product. It was a fabric then it reprocessed into many things. Such as dress, cloth, gown, and more. After that, it will resend or resold to the distributor. The suppliers also took it directly from the craftsmen. They will visit the craftsmen and buy a ready-Batik art-for sale. One of Batik suppliers in Solo is Batik Dlidir. Up to now, we have supplied batik necessities in Indonesia. Besides that, we also send it to the overseas. Batik Dlidir often supplied Batik in fabric or ready-made clothes. They make an order in a large amount because they will resell it. Batik Dlidir also have many professional makers. So we have declared that our product is finest 100%. Our product is Batik Tulis, Batik Cap (stamp), and also Batik Printing. We will give a lower price for all our customers. Interested? Contact +6282265652222. Please use WhatsApp to get a fast response from 1/5


Batik fabric suppliers for sarong Batik fabric suppliers for sarong. Batikdlidir’s Wholesale is located in the center of Solo City, Jl. Kolonel sugiyono number 67. It is near the Adi Sumarmo airport. It is just 10 minutes from Airport.

Our company or shop is very popular with the high quality product and the cheap price. We produce our batik sarong in our own production house. Batikdlidir will give the special price for you. If you are buying at least 500 pack. We will count US $ 4.50/pack (105 cm x 250 cm). For the next order, we will cut the price out of your expectation. The following are the features of our products: 1. You will get the cheap price for the best quality product. 2. You can order the patterns of batik sarong according to your request. 3. 100% original cotton cloth. Batikdlidir guarantee the authenticity of every product. Get the original handmade batik sarong in our company!. This is the real batik, a long cultural achievement wong solo and Jogja. Not just fabric, but a long history of high-level witnesses artwork that is recognized worldwide. If some countries have an amazing heritage. Then, solo and jogja (Indonesia) has BATIK. An intellectual property portrayed or expressed in a cloth. For reservations or information indonesian batik fabric can sms or whatsapp to: 2/5

+62 822 6565 2222 Pak Mudzakir. Then, We give our best service and we build the win-win cooperation. Just as a reminder, that the quality of batik price of our company. So, with a hardwork provide the best for you. Because we believe, a good cooperation established with the ‘seriousness’.

Batik fabric suppliers with tie dye technique Batik fabric suppliers with tie dye technique. You can get a batik cap price of US $ 2.50 per yard. Here are the details we offer you: 1. You order at least 1000 yards. You order at least 1000 yards. Each stamp or motif has a long tie dye color of at least 50 yards. So within 1000 yards you are entitled to have 20 colors. 2. Cotton material uses 133 x 72 primisima construction. This cotton has a size of 40 s yarn. For solo city residents, the construction usually called poplin. 3. We provide 24 hour service. This service is our dedication. So you can feel comfortable at all times.

Technical stamp has a design of cheap batik fabric. Why is that ?, this is due to the discovery of solo citizens. Bridging between the length of the canting technique and the speed of the print technique.

Batik fabric suppliers for traditional canting or tulis 3/5

Batik fabric suppliers for traditional canting or tulis. The Wax has characteristics like candles. Could be so because “Malam” is a type of wax that is more specific. The specificity is commonly used by the people of Java to make batik.

In addition to wax ( Malam ), the main media of batik is canting. It’s been everyday wong jawa from the past until now with canting. Canting is made of copper with a small hole for ‘malam’ out. There are 3 canting techniques that are so familiar in solo society. 1. Technique ukel. Namely canting night semicircle technique. Or like a semi-circular worm with the base giving a wall to cause the above color. This is done repeatedly so that the color is clear and evenly distributed. This technique is also included to create gringsing patterns and such as mosquito repellent. For this technique enter the hardest category price range US $ 500.00 per pcs, size 240 cm x 105 cm . 2. Granite techniques. Granit is the technique of night casting with the method of the dot outside the pattern If yg in the pattern named pasiran. This technique is quite difficult because of the basis of diffusion from the side of the small canting. The smaller the canting will require a high level of tidiness and patience. For this technique the price range UD $ 300.00 until US $ 350.00 per pcs. 3. Buh Technique. That is the technique of wax casting evenly in the main pattern and in the tumpal.


For information and ordering batik, You can whatsapp to: +62 822 6565 2222 Mr Mudzakir. The best batik tulis.


Batikdlidir com batik fabric suppliers for all product and technique  
Batikdlidir com batik fabric suppliers for all product and technique  

Batik fabric suppliers is a place or small company which works in supplying Batik fabric to other companies. They usually already have their...