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Misconceptions about delivering post 35 Your Mouth: A Hotbed Of Hazards

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Get Ready to Planning For Pregnancy The ABCs Of Hand Washing

When weight loss becomes a goal in your life, eating right and exercising are just two pieces of the puzzle. Figuring out why you've put on the extra weight is the hardest part.

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Importance of a Healthy Diet

Planning For Pregnancy

Starting in mother’s womb, a healthy diet is an important factor for growing up, body development and maintaining general health. As eating habits gained during the adolescence period is for lifetime, it is important ... page 3

Certain consideration must be given before selecting your doctor, who shall be your guide and impart proper attention during pregnancy followed with childbirth. It has been commonly observed that, throughout pregnancy, women consult only a local midwife and ... page 5


Many of us have forgotten one of the most basic lessons our mothers taught us: Wash your hands. In the US, for instance, although 95 percent of adults say they scrub after using public toilets, general health ... page 9

Saving A Life - In 6 Minutes Or Less It was a splendid and relaxing vacations for Chandra Shekhar and his wife, Swapna, who along with their two children 8 year old Rishabh and 5 year old Anushka had come to Kerala and were staying close to Pathiramanal a small island located in the Vembanad Lake. They were visiting the back waters for a much needed break from their hectic and energy sapping routines. Accompanying them were Abhijeet, Shekhar’s younger brother, his wife Sarah and their five year old son Mayank. They were sitting alongside the lake bed when suddenly Swapna realized that Rishabh was missing. “Has anyone seen Rishabh” she asked, “I can’t see him anywhere.” page 11

Your Mouth: A Hotbed Of Hazards

Scrupulous dental habits will reward you with a brighter smile. But the benefits of regular brushing and flossing go way beyond the obvious. What happens in your mouth is irrefutably linked to your ... page 17

Misconceptions about delivering post 35

How Does Stress Affect Health

For reasons ranging from career aspirations to late marriages, more and more women are delaying pregnancy well into their 30s and beyond. What is heartening is that they are .... page 19

How does stress affect health? Stress can affect a person's physical, emotional and mental health adversely in many ways. It is estimated that 90% of diseases are caused by stress ... page 21

10 Health Mistakes Most Men Make From workouts to healthy diets, many of us make an effort to look after ourselves. However, we could be compromising our health on a daily basis without even knowing it. From ... page 24

Indian cities experiencing ‘acute’ respiratory problems

BREASTFEEDING - Promise of Lifelong Protection

The Hindu: A view of the busy Bangalore-Mysore highway. Countries experiencing maximum growth and industrialisation, particularly ... page 27

Breast milk is widely acknowledged as the most complete form of nutrition for infants, with a range of benefits for infants'... page 29

Hepatitis is a potentially HEPATITISBBThe Hidden Plague HEPATITISB life-threatening liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis B is a potentially life-threatening liver infection caused by the hepatitis B The Hidden It is a major global health virus. It is a major global health problem and theserious most serious type of viral hepatitis. problem and the most Plague type of viraland hepatitis. It can at high risk of death from It can cause chronic liver disease puts people cause chronic liver

cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer. disease and puts Worldwide, an estimated two billion people have been infected with the hepatitis B virus and more than 240 million have chronic (long-term) liver infections. About 600 000 people die every year due to the acute or chronic consequences of hepatitis B. A vaccine against hepatitis B has been available since 1982. Hepatitis B vaccine page 32

Newborn Care For Monsoon Babies The monsoon season provides some cool relief after a hot summer. However, the rains also bring humid weather, flooded roads, mosquitoes, diseases and lots more. Fortunately, with a few ... page 37

Skin Treatments of Tomorrow


Powerful and painless, the new range of cutting edge skin treatments is here to give you a never-before edge against ageing. By L Negi With new innovations and techniques, turning back the clock has become easier than ever. Certainly, we have ... page 40

TOP 10 BIGGEST BRAIN DAMAGING HABITS according to World Health Organization: No Breakfast - People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level. This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain ... page 42

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Importance of a Healthy Diet Starting in mother’s factor for growing up, general health. As the adolescence period ant to adopt a healthy, diet during this period. A important effect on bone and school performance diseases that may occur and balanced diet prevents idemia, obesity, cancer and occur during the adult period.

womb, a healthy diet is an important body development and maintaining eating habits gained during is for lifetime, it is importsufficient and balanced balanced diet has an and brain development as well as on the chronic later in life. A sufficient heart diseases, hyperliposteoporosis that may

Additionally, there is strong evidence that an insufficient and imbalanced diet has a negative effect on overall school success regarding students’ concentration, attention , perception, learning and overall academic behavior.

Energy and Food Energy:

requirements of adolescents

intake or insufficient protein

Daily energy requirements in

who are regularly involved in

intake for weight loss cause a

adolescence period depend

sports or exercise are more

decrease in the non-fat tissue

on the activity level, basal

than those who are not.


growing up and development.



Males in the adolescence

Proteins are vitally important

Carbohydrates are the prima-

period need more energy as

for building new tissues and

ry energy source for the

they are taller, heavier and

tissue renewal. They are

human body. Sufficient

have more non-fat body mass

important for the protection

carbohydrate consumption

compared to females in the

of non-fat tissue mass (mus-

prevents the use of protein

adolescence period. Energy

cles). Limiting the energy

for energy. Consumption of

metabolic rate and the rate of


high fructose drinks such as

culty in concentration, defi-

instead of drinks with low

corn syrup should not exceed

ciency in attention and

nutritive values such as

10% of the normal energy

sleepiness and usually

ready-made fruit juices and

intake. Simple carbohydrate

results in low academic


sources such as non-alcohol-

performance in school.

Vitamin C:

ic drinks, breakfast cereals, cakes and similar products,


Smoking lowers the amount

sugary products and jams are

The role of calcium in

of vitamin C in the body and

popular foods among adoles-

healthy bones and teeth is

causes increased levels of


imperative during the adoles-

oxidative stress. People who

cence period. Adequate

smoke may need an addition-


calcium intake during the

al 35 mg per day. Those who

Total fat intake (especially

adolescence period has an

smoke during the adolesence

saturated fat) in adolescence

important role in the preven-

period need to eat more fresh

is above the recommended

tion of health problems in

vegetables and fruit. Instead

levels due to increased

mass bone structure such as

of ready-made fruit juices, it

frequency of fast-food, snack,

osteopenia and osteoporosis.

is important for adolescents

processed meat and full-fat

In order to avoid the loss of

to drink fresh fruit juice

cheese consumption.

teeth, bone fractures and

produced from grapes and

osteoporosis, total bone

oranges to support vitamin C


mineral density should reach


Fiber is important for the

the maximum levels.

regulation of normal bowel

During the adolescence

functions. Sufficient amounts

period, consumption of

of fiber intake has an import-

non-alcoholic drinks should

ant effect on the prevention

be at high levels. 14-15% of

of chronic diseases such as

the daily energy intake

cancer, heart diseases and

comes from non-alcoholic

type 2 diabetes. Low levels of

drinks. Therefore, adoles-

fruit, vegetable and whole

cents are advised to drink 1 to

grain consumption in adoles-

1.5 glasses of milk and 2

cence cause insufficient fiber

glasses of non-alcoholic


drinks per day. During the adolescence period, sufficient


daily calcium intake may be

Iron deficiency causes diffi-

reached by drinking milk


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Planning For Pregnancy By Dr. Deepa Singh M.B.B.S., M.S. Gynaecologist

Prior to pregnancy, it is

of delivery. In such situa-

ery home from your house

essential to consult your

tions, when a complication

should also be kept in mind,

doctor regardless of the fact

arises, they are found run-

since the child may be born

that you may think and feel

ning around frantically

at anytime


approaching various doctors

3. The doctor should be

Selection of the Doctor

and hospitals which may be

available in the Hospital at all

Certain consideration must

detrimental not only to the

times or at least there must

be given before selecting

mother but also to the baby.

be arrangements for appropriate replacements.

your doctor, who shall be your

4. Labour room should have a

attention during pregnancy

Important tips while selecting your Doctor

followed with childbirth. It

1. It is essential that the

5. If you have an ailment, like

has been commonly observed

doctor should be an Obstetri-

a heart disease or breathing

that, throughout pregnancy,

cian & Gynaecologist with

difďŹ culty, it is essential that

women consult only a local

sufďŹ cient experience in her

you consult an appropriate

midwife and thus possess

ďŹ eld.

specialist before and during

trivial documents at the time

2. The distance of the deliv-

the pregnancy.

guide and impart proper


comfortable environment.

6. Are you satisfied with the

insurance or other re-im-

bles, salads, pulses of all

language of the doctor, her


varieties, milk, cheese and

interest towards you, and her

13. A chemist shop should be

fruits. The non-vegetarians

answers to your queries?

available nearby.

can take more of eggs and

7. There should be proper

14. Power Back-Up facility


round the clock facilities

should be investigated.

4. To keep the body healthy,

available for routine investi-

15. Availability of ambulance

fit and energetic, it is essen-

gations like ultrasound,

service is also essential.

tial that in the morning light exercise and walk be done.

blood, urine. Further, it is

5. Prior to getting pregnant it

painless delivery, operations


and post delivery care of the

If you are planning a preg-

brisk walking for half an

baby in a nursery are readily

nancy then it is advisable to

hour. If you do this exercise

available. A paediatrician or a

start preparing the body a

even thrice a week, it is all

child specialist should also

few months prior.

right. This exercise will help

be closely attached to the

1. Smoking, alcohol and use of

you when pregnant and you


other similar drugs reduce

will not feel tired due to the

8. It is also essential to ascer-

the oxygen availability to the

daily activities. It is a fact

tain the fees of the doctor and

foetus in the womb, thus

that in pregnancy excessive

delivery charges beforehand.

hampers its growth. The

exercise should not be done.

9. What are the amenities

baby’s body and brain

6. If your blood is Rh – Nega-

available in the labour room

become weak. After becom-

tive, then it is obligatory to

for handling an emergency?

ing pregnant, the first six

take the Anti – D injection

10. Arrangement of an anaes-

weeks time is most critical

after the baby is born, so that


for the formation of the

11. Blood Bank facility on

foetus. For this reason such

premise is desirable other-

intoxicants can adversely

wise it is advisable to find out

affect the foetus.

the distance and approach to

2. Get the blood tested so that

the nearest blood bank.

any deficiency can be detect-

12. Recognition of the hospi-


tal by the appropriate health

3. Taking a balanced diet and

and governmental bodies is

maintaining the weight is

mandatory as the Registra-

essential. For this purpose it

tion Certificate of the insti-

is beneficial if the meals

tute may be required to claim

contain more green vegeta-

essential that facilities for


is beneficial for the lady to do

Genetic Counselling

the next baby is not harmed.

time, use other means of

If you had an abortion earlier

contraception so that the

then also this injection is

medicine is cleared from your

born in your family suffering

essential. Otherwise there

blood. After two months plan

from any organ defect, blood

can be abortion again. In

for the healthy baby for this

disorder, inherited disease or

such condition after the child

way you can prevent the

any birth defect, then it is

is born, it may be necessary

problems and deficiencies

essential to take genetic

to change the childs whole

that occur due to such medi-

counselling. This benefits


cines. Good thinking and full

both the male and the female

7. Always keep a watch on

preparation is beneficial

and the baby to be born can

blood pressure, swelling in

before getting pregnant.

be made free of diseases. You

the body, diet and your

15. If the baby is born when

can also find out what are the


your age is between 21 to 29

chances of your baby being

8. It may become necessary

then it is best. Earlier than

born with the disease. This

to test the blood of the hus-

this or after this the lives of

prepares the man and woman


both mother & child are at

mentally regarding the

9. Cigarette, alcohol, colas,


disease possibility in the

coffee and drugs are harmful.

16. Pregnancy is possible

child to come.

10. Take more rest and do not

from twelve to thirteen days

2. If your age is more than 35

take any birth control pills.

after periods. Hence your


11. Get yourself checked every

complete checkup should be

3. If the lady has had two or

month by your doctor. As you

done prior to that.

more abortions.

1. If there has been any baby

near term, it is appropriate to

4. If your work or health is

show every two weeks and

not proper, it may harm the

then every one-week.

baby to come. For example

12. For mental peace direct

smoking, alcohol, drugs,

your mind towards God.

diseases and X-Rays can

13. Maintain the peace and

cause harm. After ten days

harmony in the family

from the end of the periods,

14. Thought for a healthy

X-Rays or any harmful drug

baby : meet your doctor as

can damage the baby. Such

soon as you think of having a

use should not be done

baby. Discuss with your

unless essential.

doctor. If you have been

5. If the first test report shows

taking birth control pills, stop

any defect then genetic

them immediately. For some-

counselling and other tests


must be done in time. 6. If genetic counselling shows that the disease is extensive and harmful then it is better to avoid having a baby and in such situation it is advised for you to take up a baby for adoption. 7. If you ďŹ nd out as to what is the deďŹ ciency in your unborn child, then you may ďŹ nd out about the appropriate treatment from your doctor. 8. Some diseases are prevalent among certain communities and in certain areas of the country. For example in some communities blood disorders are prevalent or in some communities there is marriage within the family and this can give rise to inherited diseases. Thus it is better to take genetic counseling.


The ABCs Of “HAND WASHING” "Good hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of many illnesses, from the common cold to more serious illnesses such as meningitis, bronchiolitis, influenza, hepatitis A, and most types of infectious diarrhea." I'm a hygiene freak. I'm like obsessive-compulsive when it comes to washing your hands. At first it may seem ridiculous

infectious diarrhea, can easily

that serious scientists both-

be prevented if people make a

The main medical

ered to check on the matter.

habit of washing their hands.

purpose of washing

But hand washing is a serious

Used the right way, soap and

hands is to cleanse the

issue. If, for example, you’re

hot water can remove most of

sick and you don’t wash your

the danger in seconds.

hands of pathogens

hands frequently, the warm,

Common sense tells us that

moist creases in your palms

hands should be washed when

become prefect havens for

they are dirty. But it’s also

which can cause

diseases-causing germs,

essential to wash them after

personal harm or

making it easy for you to

coughing, sneezing, using

spread them directly on others

tobacco, blowing into a hand-

or onto surfaces that others

kerchief or tissue, using the

may touch. Soon, you’ll have

toilet or handling nappies,

lots of sniffing company.

cleaning dirty surfaces, han-

(including bacteria or viruses and chemicals

disease. People can become infected with respiratory illnesses such as influenza or

dling an animal and before,

the common cold, for

Within your control.

during and after preparing

example, if they don't

The important thing to

food. Studies have found that

wash their hands

remember is that some pretty

even when people wear gloves

serious diseases, including

as a safety barrier, hand wash-

before touching their

hepatitis A, meningitis and

ing can significantly reduce


eyes, nose, or mouth.

Unless you or someone in your

The physical force of the water

family is ill or has weakened

is what carries dirt and germs

Essential Tips For Health And Wellbeing

immunity. avoid antibacterial

down the drain.

Good hand washing requires

mildest soap available, prefera-

Prefer Paper.

three elements: soap, water

bly one that contains a mois-

Wipe your hands well after

and friction. Although washing

turizer. Germs from other

washing. The friction from

hands seems easy, make it

people’s hands can cling to bars

drying rubs off most remain-

more effective-and more likely

of soap, so it’s better to use a

ing microbes. The most effec-

to protect your health.

squirt of liquid soap. Liquid

tive way to dry? Use a clean

soap dispensers can become

paper towel to turn off the tap.

Get into hot water.

contaminated, so use dispos-

Then take a fresh paper towel

A public opinion survey in the

able ones or clean reusable

and dry your hands with it for

US found that three in ten


ten seconds. Avoid sharing

the transmission of infections.

cleansers. Wash with the

cloth towels-they hold onto

people don’t know that warmer water (between 37 c and 42 c)

Take your time.

germs from previous users;

is more effective in eliminat-

Once your hands are lathered,

paper towels are cleaner.

ing germs. You’re in the right

timing is critical. One study

range if the water feels com-

demonstrated that a five-sec-


ond rinse with water alone made essentially no difference

Remove the jewels.

in the number of certain

When researchers compared

bacteria on the fingertips. A

bacteria counts on the hands of

30-second wash with water

50 ring-wearing health-care

plus soap, however, eradicated

workers to those of 50 who did

them all. Vigorously rub your

not wear rings, they discovered

hands together for about as

that ring wearers had higher

long as it takes to say the

counts of staph bacteria both

alphabet slowly. Cover all

before and after hand washing.

surface: fronts, backs and sides

Hand washing reduced staph

of hands and fingers, as well as

counts by 46 percent for those

spaces between fingers and

without rings-but only 29

under fingernails.

percent for those with rings.

Rinse thoroughly. Soap it up.

Cold water is fine for rinsing.


What’s your Heart Age check it out on Shri Ram Singh Hospital & Heart Institute

Saving A Life In 6 Minutes Or Less The Skills You Need to Have When Seconds Count By Manish Lal. There are thosemommy first aid skills where a Band-Aid and a kiss are all that's needed to make everything better. We can fix a cut finger or ice a twisted ankle or staunch a bloody nose, the skills we learn almost by osmosis from watching Mom or Grandma. Then there's stepping up during an emergency, the difference between life or death. Saving lives is a mindset. It's knowing how to do what you need to do and not being afraid to act. With the exception of using an Epi-Pen, nothing on this list requires special tools, just your brain, your hands and your quick action. Swapna’s eight-year-old son,

They were visiting the back

down in the deep end. What

Rishabh, was sharing a sand-

waters for a much needed

happened next was a textbook

wich with friends near the

break from their hectic and

response: As Shekhar dived

edge of the swimming pool.

energy sapping routines.

into the river, grasped the boy,

One moment Swapna was

Accompanying them were

rolled him over and swam his

watching Rishabh goof around

Abhijeet, Shekhar’s younger

to the edge, his brother, rushed

with the other children. The

brother, his wife Sarah and

into the hotel and called for an

next moment he was gone.

their five year old son Mayank.

ambulance. At the river’s edge,

It was a splendid and relaxing

They were sitting alongside

Shekhar handed Rishabh up to

vacations for Chandra Shekhar

the lake bed when suddenly

his mother. His skin was blue,

and his wife, Swapna, who

Swapna realized that Rishabh

his eyes had rolled back in his

along with their two children 8

was missing. “Has anyone seen

head. He wasn’t breathing.

year old Rishabh and 5 year old

Rishabh” she asked, “I can’t see

Swapna laid him next to the

Anushka had come to Kerala

him anywhere.”

pool, and Shekhar, who’d taken

and were staying close to

Swapna stood, scanned the

a cardiopulmonary resuscita-

Pathiramanal a small island

river and suddenly screamed.

tion (CPR) course with Swapna

located in the Vembanad Lake.

Rishabh was floating face

just four months earlier,


immediately began rescue

dealing with emergencies, but

1. Have someone call a doctor.

breathing. Out rushed Avneet

also sign up for training

2. With victim lying face up,

Mehta, a former flight atten-

CPR-something everyone

tilt the head back by lifting the

dant who was the head of

should know.

chin up with one hand, push-

operations at the hotel and

ing down on the forehead with

who’d had seven CPR courses

the other hand, to open the

over the years, reached the

airway (see illustration A,

slumped boy and took over


CPR from Shekhar. Three long

3. Look, listen and feel for

minutes went by with Avneet

signs of normal breathing

breathing into Rishabh’s

(chest rising and falling,

mouth and performing chest

breathe on your face or ear) for

compressions while Shekhar

about five seconds.

and Swapna monitored his

4. If victim is not breathing,


pinch the nostrils shut and

Gradually his colour returned,

give two slow full

and then, just as paramedics

mouth-to-mouth breaths,

were arriving on the scene,


making sure a good seal is

Swapna looked at Shekhar.

Cardiopulmonary resuscita-

formed and making sure you

“He’s breathing,” she said.

tion-CPR-is the cornerstone of

see the chest rise (see B).

The decisiveness with which

emergency medicine. There

5. Check for normal breathing,

they acted saved Rishabh’s life.

are lots of reasons why some-

moving and coughing – signs

Swapna finds it hard to express

one’s breathing or heartbeat

of circulation.

her feelings for the timely

might stop-heart attack,

6. If victim begins regular

help. “I’m eternally grateful,”

stroke, drowning electrocu-

breathing and regains

she says simply. “They did

tion, overdose and many

consciousness, monitor until

everything right.”

others. Whatever the cause,

help comes. If he is breathing

Would you do everything

the required action is the

but unconscious, turn him

right? Experts estimate that

same: Put oxygen into the

onto his side and monitor until

once the heart stops, there is a

victim’s lungs by performing

help arrives.

crucial window of four to six

rescue breathing, and circulate

7. If the victim is still not

minutes to restore circulation.

it through the body by doing

breathing, moving or coughing

You could face a situation in

chest compressions. These

within 5 to 10 seconds, give 15

which a person’s life depends

instructions are for use on

chest compressions at a steady

on your knowledge and ability.

unresponsive victims age 8

rhythm of about 2 per second:

Keep this guide handy for

and older.

Place the heel of one hand with


the other atop it at the centre

performing chest compres-


of the breast-bone directly

sions. Twice, Advait began

4. Stay with the victim, moni-

between the nipples. Lock your

breathing again, and twice

toring her until help arrives.

elbows and align your shoul-

more he stopped. Undaunted,

Proceed with steps for CPR if

ders directly above your hands.

the two continued CPR until


Push down just enough to

paramedics arrived and used a

move the breastbone about

defibrillator to restore Advait’s

For someone who is unconscious:

four to five centimeters.


1. Call a doctor.

8. Repeat rescue breaths and

2. Check for breathing and

chest compressions. After four

“What Tarun did is the most

other signs of circulation to

cycles, check for signs of

important part,” says Advait,

see if CPR is needed; if signs

breathing and circulation.

who has made a full recovery

are present, keep victim on

9. Until circulation and breath-

and is grateful to be alive.

side and monitor until help

ing return or help arrives,

“Without that, there wasn’t


continue compressions and

much chance for me.”


rescue breaths at a ratio of 15 to 2. Check for signs of circula-

The following are possible

Satvir Singh had been visiting

tion and breathing every few

signs of a heart attack: pain or

his in-laws and was driving


pressure in the centre of the

back home in his car down a

chest, sometimes radiating

highway when he spotted a

Heart Attack

down through the left or both

fireball in a drainage ditch.

Two years back, Minisha Singh

arms; tingling in the jaw; cool,

Curiously, the fire seemed to

was on a evening walk with her

clammy skin; shortness of

be moving. To Singh’s horror,

52 year old husband, Advait,

breath; nausea or lightheaded-

he realized he was looking at a

and a neighbor when he turned

ness. The symptoms vary

person on fire. The 36-year-old

and looked at her strangely.

widely: A good rule is to treat

pulled his car over, pulled out a

She and the friend caught

any of these unexpected

blanket from his suitcase, ran

Advait before he hit the

symptoms as a heart attack. If

to the man and smothered the

ground. While someone called

the victim is conscious:

flames. The victim, a homeless man who had been set on fire,

for an ambulance, their neighbour, Tarun Lamba -who had

1. Call a doctor.

was severely burnt over 60

taken four CPR courses over

2. Encourage the victim to sit

percent of his body.

the years- checked for a pulse.

and stay calm.

There was none. Tarun direct-

3. If the victim has medication

Satvir called for an ambulance,

ed Minisha to give breaths to

to take in the event of a heart

keeping the man calm and

Advait. Then Tarun began

attack, she should take it

covered with a blanket until


help arrived. “I credit what I

burned area.

newspaper, wooden slats or

did with being in the military,”

4. Raise burned areas above the

other materials to surround

says Satvir. The man survived.

level of the heart if possible.

the limb, providing support to

Monitor victim and proceed

keep the bones from moving

Burns are classified as

with steps for CPR if needed.

(see illustration below). If the

first-second- and third-degree

5. Protect the victim from

limb is crooked from the

(most severe). These rules

draughts and keep the victim

break, splint it that way rather

apply to mild to moderate


than straightening it. 2. Use rope, twine, tape, a belt,


Injured Limb

T-shirt or other materials to

1. Running cool water over a

For first aid, it is not very

secure the splint. Be sure the

burn may alleviate some of the

important to know whether an

splint is held snugly nut not


injury is a break or a sprain. If

too tight: You should be able to

2. Mild burns creams. Don’t

the body part is swollen and

slip a finger comfortably

use butter.

painful, assume the worst.

between the binding and the splint.

3. Any burn that encircles a body part (such as a wrist or

1. Call a doctor. Have the

3. Do not allow the victim to

finger), or any significant burn

victim lie down or get in a

put weight on the limb during

to the face, should be evaluated

comfortable position.


by a physician.

2. Don’t try to straighten or set

4. Cover burns with sterile

the bone, or put weight on the


bandages to keep them clean


The big news is that the

and dry.

3. Place an ice pack on the

experts no longer recommend

5. If blisters form, don’t open

injury, with a clean cloth

that laymen use tourniquets to


between the skin and the ice

treat blood loss. Tourniquets


can do a tot of harm- increased

For extensive or deep (third-degree) burns, take the following steps:

4. Remove the ice pack every

bleeding, paralysis-and are

20 minutes for 5 minutes.

often unnecessary.

1. Call a doctor.

1. Call a doctor. Place a clean

3. Cover the burns by placing a

Comfort the victim. If you’re in a remote area with no help on the way, you can transport the victim improvising a splint:

clean sheet or blanket over the

1. Use a pillow, foam pad, thick

that it is higher than the heart.

2. Do not move the victim unless he’s still in danger. Don’t try to remove victim’s clothing.


cloth or bandage directly against the source of the bleeding and press firmly. 2. If the bleeding occurs on a limb, raise the body part so

3. If the bandage becomes

ful, use two hands to press

35 kilometres from their

saturated, do not remove it.

harder. Keep pressure on the

starting point. A nurse quickly

Instead, add bandages on top of

artery until a doctor arrives.

stabilized Kavish. He made a

each other as needed. If the

full recovery and now carries

bandage is saturated, you may

Anaphylactic Shock

need to adjust your pressure

Kavish Jauhar had been stung

everywhere he goes. “If Abhi-

more directly onto the source

by a bee before and thought he

manyu hadn’t been there, we

of the bleeding.

was mildly allergic. But last

would have been in trouble,”

Should blood continue to flow

year, when the 54-year-old

Kavish says. “I thought I was

at a high rate, try using one of

outdoorsman was showing


two major pressure points.

forest warden Abhimanyu

an injector kit of epinephrine

Ahlawat an illegal deer-baiting

Whether caused by bee stings,

If the wound is on a hand or arm:

site, he was attacked by

food, or other allergies,

hornets and had his first

anaphylactic shock can be

1. Seek out the brachial artery

full-blown anaphylactic reac-

life-threatening. The signs of a

between the biceps and triceps

tion. Minutes after being

severe allergic reaction are

on the inside of the upper arm.

stung, Kavish had just made it

hives, itching or swelling on

2. Use four fingers to press

back to his car when every-

parts of the body away from

against the artery until you’ve

thing began to go black. “I

the sting site; tingling or

stopped or noticeably slowed

think I’m in trouble,” he said

itching in the throat or on the

blood flow to the wound. Keep

before passing out beside the

tongue; dizziness; difficulty

pressure on the artery until a

driver’s door.

breathing or swallowing’ constriction in the chest. This

doctor arrives. Kavish’s assistant, Rajiv Moore,

is an urgent emergency.

If the wound is on a foot or leg:

had been waiting. He and Ahlawat moved Kavish to the

1. Call a doctor.

1. Unless you suspect a spinal

passenger seat. Ahlawat ran to

2. Monitor the victim; proceed

injury, have the victim on his

his own vehicle and tried to

with steps for CPR if needed.


radio for help, but they were

2. Seek out the femoral artery

out of range. He instructed


in the crease of the groin,

Moore to follow him, his siren

Someone who is truly choking

where the leg meets the body.

blaring Kavish drifted in and

can’t make noise or get air. The

3. Using the heel of your hand,

out of consciousness as they

windpipe is blocked and you’ll

press down against the artery

sped out of the woods. Ahlawat

need to perform the Heimlich

until bleeding stops or notice-

finally contacted an ambu-

maneuver. Call a doctor so that

ably slows. If you’re unsuccess-

lance, and they met rescuers

help will be on the way in case


your efforts fail. Remember, if

victim more comfortable in

Guwahati, Patna, Kolkata,

the person can cough, speak or

such ways as moving him to a

Bhubaneshwar, Raipur,

breathe, don’t do the maneu-

cooler environment, loosening

Bhopal, Jaipur, Ahmedabad,

ver. These instructions are for

tight clothing or fanning him.

Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pondicherry, Thiruvananthapuram,

victims age 1 or older: 1. Step behind the choking



Extreme temperatures can

2. Wrap your arms around the

cause heatstroke, a serious

victim’s midsection.

condition occurring most often

3. Make a fist with one hand

among the elderly. A telltale

and place the thumb side on

sign is a shift in mental state,

the victim’s abdomen, between

such as confusion that’s out of

the navel and the bottom of the

the ordinary for the victim.

rib cage,. Place the other hand

She will have a very high body

over the top of the first.

temperature; may vomit, stop

4. Thrust upward into the

sweating and have red, hot, dry

abdomen with the hands only,

skin’ and may have a rapid,

avoiding the rib cage, until the

weak pulse. Breathing may be

object is expelled.

shallow and rapid, and the

5. It’s always a wise precaution

victim can lose consciousness.

for a victim to visit a physician

1. Call a doctor.

after the maneuver has been

2. Get the victim out of


the heat. 3. Immediately begin cooling

Heat Exhaustion

the victim’s body by sponging

Heat exhaustion is dehydra-

with cool water or applying ice

tion due to prolonged heat


exposure. Recognized in time, it’s easily treated. The victim is

Monitor breathing. Proceed

thirsty, weak, often pale in

with steps for CPR if needed.

colour, clammy and sweaty; he

If you’d like to be trained in

may also be dizzy or nauseated.

first aid, including CPR,

1. Make sure the victim stops

contact the St John Ambulance

exerting himself.

Association in the following

2. Give the victim fluids (water,

cities: Delhi, Srinagar, Jammu,

a sports drink). Make the

Shimla, Chandigarh, Lucknow,


Chennai, and Bangalore.

Ashok Nursing Home & Multispecialty Hospital Obstetrics & Gynaecology High Risk Pregnancy Infertility Clinic Paediatrics Medicine F-3/13-16, East Krishna Nagar, Near Vijay Chowk, Delhi- 51 Ph: 011-22002880

Your Mouth: A Hotbed Of Hazards

Scrupulous dental Scrupulous dental habits will reward you habits will reward with a brighter smile. you a brightBut thewith benefits of regusmile. But larerbrushing andthe flossbenefits of regular ing go way beyond the brushing and obvious. What happens go way inflossing your mouth is irrebeyond the obvifutably linked to your ous. What hapmouth immune system pens inoverall your health. and your

mouth is linked to your overall health.

Skeptical? You’re not the only

Gum disease is caused by

one. Almost 20 years passed

plaque, the sticky substance

between the first research on

that is also responsible for

the connection and its accep-

tooth decay. When

tance by the scientific commu-

plaque-forming bacteria work

nity. But since then, several

their way below the gum line,

studies have confirmed that a

gum disease starts to develop.

number of illnesses are related

Psychological stress can

to gum diseases (also called

accelerate its progression by

periodontal disease ), the most

triggering the release of

common chronic disease in

hormones that help bacteria

the world, affecting 80 percent

thrive. Until it becomes severe,

of adults at some time or

gum disease may have no


obvious symptoms. In time, it can cause bad breath, loose


teeth and swollen gums that

from the University of

visit is necessary to make sure

bleed easily, especially when

Alabama in the US found that

you are keeping your teeth

you brush your teeth.

women with gum disease are

clean and free from plaque.

three to eight times more

Some people may require the

The trickle-down effect. More

likely to give birth to under-

professional cleaning to be

than 400 species of bacteria

sized and premature infants.

done every year. These visits

can exist in plaque. Left

The suspected reason is that

also allows your dentist to find

unchecked, these bacteria

toxins from bacteria in plaque

and prevent small carious

carve out tiny pockets between

interfere with foetal develop-

lesions (cavities) from destroy-

gums and teeth. After growing

ment. Another possibility: gum

ing your tooth over time and so

for eight to 12 weeks and

disease may stimulate the

saves you from pain and more

extending the pockets more

release of chemicals that can

invasive procedures like root

than three millimeters below

dilate the cervix and set off

canal treatments.

the gum line, the bacteria

premature labour. Brush your teeth properly. It

become more aggressive and Plaque may cause another

takes two to four minutes to

danger. Some evidence

brush all your tooth surfaces,

The germs themselves or the

suggests that Helicobacter

yet most people spend 30

toxins they release then may

pylori, the bacterium that

seconds or less brushing. As a

enter the blood-stream, where

causes most stomach ulcers,

result they miss the same spots

they can contribute to clogged

takes root in plaque and goes

day after day.

arteries and raise the risk of

from there to the stomach.


Scrape your tongue daily. It

heart attack and stroke. Plaque also contains types of bacteria

What you can do. Good dental

hosts more bacteria than any

that can infect the respiratory

hygiene helps keep the germs

other part of your mouth does.

tract, causing bacterial pneu-

that attack gum tissue in

Use an inexpensive

monia. A powerful immune


tongue-cleaner to get rid of these germs.

system will usually repel these invaders. Factors such as

Visit your dentist for a

recent surgery may lower your

check-up atleast once every

Floss. Most periodontal disease

resistance, however, clearing

6-months. Your dentist may

starts between teeth, in areas

the way for infection to spread.

advice you to get a professional

that are out of the reach of

cleaning done the first time.

toothbrush bristles. In fact, you

Dental plaque has even been

This is to remove all the

miss nearly 40 percent of tooth

linked to miscarriage and

already built-up plaque.

surface when you brush with-

premature birth. Researchers

Following this, a 6- monthly

out flossing.


Misconceptions about delivering post 35 “I hope that womb’s not too warm, ‘cause it’s cold out here. And it’ll be quite a shock; to breathe this air, to discover loss. So I’d like to make some changes before you arrive, So when your new eyes meet mine- they won’t see no lies; Just love. Just love. I will be pure! No, no, I know I will be pure! Like snow, like gold. Like snow, like gold! Like snow, like snow, like gold, like gold. like gold!” For reasons ranging from career aspirations to late marriages, more and more women are delaying pregnancy well into their 30s and beyond. What is heartening is that they are delivering healthy babies and enjoying not just motherhood but also their pregnancy. So if you are over 35 and pregnant, you've no reason to fret. 1.

have abnormalities. The risk of

can easily be lost if the woman

“The fact is that even at the age

abnormality in the child born

has a healthy pre-pregnancy

of 40 or 42 women have deliv-

to a mother beyond the age of

weight and does proper pre

ered vaginally (normal deliv-

30 is 1: 100 and beyond 40 is 1:

and post natal exercises, along

ery). The risk of C-section is

80. Even though the risk ratio

with breastfeeding!

high beyond 35 but is not

increases with age, the odds

certain," feels Dr. Deepa Singh,

are still in your favour!

I will have only a C-section:

Head of Gynaecology, Ashok Nursing Home.


I will have diabetes/blood

pressure: The risk of gesta-


I will not lose the weight

tional diabetes and eclampsia

that I put on: When a woman

(pregnancy related blood

gets pregnant, it is but natural

pressure) is pretty high in late

baby: Not all children born to

that she gains weight. This

pregnancies but if you have

late mothers are deformed or

weight gain during pregnancy,

incorporated some kind of


I will have a malformed


physical activity in your

The woman has to focus partic-

there is an emergency

pre-pregnancy phase, the risk

ularly on her folate intake. "5

While Dr. feels that the

is definitely lowered.

mg Folic acid supplement, 2

tendency of risk and complica-

months prior to conception

tions increase beyond 35, she

Essentially, if you have a

should be continued at least till

feels that a woman should

healthy lifestyle, diet and

the end of first trimester. It

complete her second pregnan-

activity pattern and healthy

reduces the incidence of

cy before 35 as she will not

pre-pregnancy weight (Body

neural tube defects from 4% to

have the physical and emotion-

Mass Index in the range of

1%,” says Dr. Folic acid can also

al strength to meet her grow-

25-29), the journey for you

be found in natural foods such

ing child's demands if she

may not be much to worry

as pulses, spinach, ladies

delays it further.


finger, avocado, sunflower seeds etc. Eating for two

Tests you should undergo

However, if you take all the

during pregnancy does not

necessary precautions, there is

mean a woman has to consume

nothing that should tamper

1. Nuchal translucency scan at

double the amount of food. An

with the good news. With the

12 weeks to test for down

additional of only 300 Kcal is

latest medical equipment,


required to sustain a healthy

procedures and medical

2. Triple marker test at 16

pregnancy. Have a balanced

experts' guidance, you can

weeks to classify risk for

diet consisting of whole grains,

definitely have a happy, safe

chromosomal abnormalities

low fat dairy, fruits, veggies

and a healthy pregnancy even

and neural tube defects

and fluids.

if you are 35. Go ahead, enjoy

3. Foetus anomaly scan at 20 of baby's organs and the uter-

Lifestyle changes for a healthy pregnancy

ine health is normal

1. Remain stress free

4. Foetal echocardiograph

2. Avoid outside food at least

(done as per doctor's advice) to

for the first 12 weeks of preg-

keep a check on the baby's


heart health as cardiac defects

3. Make sure you do regular

are one of the most common

antenatal exercise.

birth defects.

4. Seek proper medical advice

weeks to check that the growth

from experts when you are in

Diet for a late pregnancy


Call the doctor when


your pregnancy!

The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between. “Mother Teresa”

How Does Stress Affect Health

How does stress affect health?

healthier, happier lives.

existent equilibrium". Stress can be a positive force

Stress can affect a person's physical, emotional and

Merriam-Webster defines

that keeps us alert, ready to

mental health adversely in

stress as: "a physical, chemical,

avoid or handle danger or meet

many ways.

or emotional factor that causes

deadlines. It can also enhance

bodily or mental tension and

our emotional intelligence and

It is estimated that 90% of

may be a factor in disease

creative capabilities.

diseases are caused by stress.

causation; a state resulting

Stress can come from your

If we can get a handle on the

from a stress: one of bodily or

external environment, your

stress that affects our lives, we

mental tension resulting from

inner thoughts and your body

might be able to live longer,

factors that tend to alter an



During a 'fight or flight'

8. Chronic fatigue

33. Skin conditions (breakouts,

instance, the body releases

9. Circulatory system problems

rashes, cold sores)

stress hormones to allow a

(feeling cold, or hot and sweat-

34. Sleep disturbances

burst of strength and endur-


35. Speaking and swallowing


10. Cold / flu


Your heart speeds up, your

11. Depression

36. Stomach distress (nausea,

breathing quickens, your

12. Diabetes

indigestion, ulcers, constipa-

muscles tense, digestion stops,

13. Dizziness, light-headed-

tion, diarrhea)

and blood flow to your muscles



and brain increase up to 400%.

14. Eating disorders

37. Weight gain / obesity

When you are under stress, the

15. Exhaustion

38. Weight loss

'fight or flight' hormones still

16. Hair loss

flood your system, and after

17. Headaches / migraines

Inside the body:

repeated instances, this reac-

18. Heart disease (heart attack,

Interleukin-6 is an immune

tion can harm your physical,


system protein that is usually

mental and emotional health.

19. High blood pressure

at higher levels in people that

Stress is known to build up and

20. Hormonal changes

have intense stress.

when symptoms start to

21. Immune system disorders

Large amounts of this protein

surface, it's the body's way of

(a compromised immune

have been associated with

getting our attention to do

system can lead to the majority

diseases such as cancer, diabe-

something about it.

of all diseases - the immune

tes, infections, heart disease,

system is the most important

osteoporosis and rheumatoid

How does stress affect health?

factor in overall health)

arthritis. There are many

22. Infertility

effective ways of handling

You may notice one or several

23. Loss of energy and motiva-

daily stress and taking control

of these signs that your body is


of your life and health.

under stress:

24. Memory lapses

1. Anger

25. Menstrual irregularity

What you can do?

2. Anxiety disorders (OCD,

26. Mood swings

Reducing your stress levels can

panic attacks)

27. Muscle aches and pains

not only make you feel better

3. Arthritis

29. Nervous system

right now, but may also protect

4. Asthma

30. Nightmares

your health long-term.

5. Cancer

31. Post traumatic stress

In one study, researchers

6. Chemical dependence

disorder (flashbacks, re-living

examined the association

(drugs, alcohol, nicotine)

traumatic events)

between “positive affect” —

7. Chest pain

32. Sexual dysfunction

feelings like happiness, joy,


contentment and enthusiasm

2. Build strong relationships.

ensure you get the recom-

— and the development of

Relationships can be a source

mended seven or eight hours

coronary heart disease over a

of stress. Research has found

of shut-eye, cut back on

decade. They found that for

that negative, hostile reactions

caffeine, remove distractions

every one-point increase in

with your spouse cause imme-

such as television or comput-

positive affect on a five-point

diate changes in stress-sensi-

ers from your bedroom and go

scale, the rate of heart disease

tive hormones, for example.

to bed at the same time each

dropped by 22 percent.

But relationships can also

night. Research shows that

While the study doesn't prove

serve as stress busters. Reach

activities like yoga and relax-

that increasing positive affect

out to family members or close

ation exercises not only help

decreases cardiovascular risks,

friends and let them know

reduce stress, but also boost

the researchers recommend

you're having a tough time.

immune functioning.

boosting your positive affect by

They may be able to offer

5. Get help. If you continue to

making a little time for enjoy-

practical assistance and

feel overwhelmed, consult with

able activities every day.

support, useful ideas or just a

a psychologist or other

fresh perspective as you begin

licensed mental health profes-

Other strategies for reducing stress include:

to tackle whatever's causing

sional that can help you learn

your stress.

how to manage stress effec-

1. Identify what's causing

3. Walk away when you're

tively. He or she can help you

stress. Monitor your state of

angry. Before you react, take

identify situations or behav-

mind throughout the day. If

time to regroup by counting to

iors that contribute to your

you feel stressed, write down

10. Then reconsider. Walking

chronic stress and then devel-

the cause, your thoughts and

or other physical activities can

op an action plan for changing

your mood. Once you know

also help you work off steam.


what's bothering you, develop a

Plus, exercise increases the

You can increase your resis-

plan for addressing it. That

production of endorphins,

tance to stress by strengthen-

might mean setting more

your body's natural

ing your physical health.

reasonable expectations for

mood-booster. Commit to a

Beyond a take-charge

you and others or asking for

daily walk or other form of

approach and a positive

help with household responsi-

exercise — a small step that

attitude, you can reduce stress

bilities, job assignments or

can make a big difference in

in your life by nurturing

other tasks. List all your com-

reducing stress levels.

yourself. If you regularly make

mitments, assess your priori-

4. Rest your mind. According

time for fun and relaxation,

ties and then eliminate any

to recent surveys, stress keeps

you’ll be in a better place to

tasks that are not absolutely

more than 40 percent of adults

handle life’s stressors when


lying awake at night. To help

they inevitably come.


10 Health Mistakes Most Men Make

From workouts to healthy

Avoiding the doctor

experience, diagnosing most

Research by the charity

illnesses early increases

effort to look after ourselves.

Men’s Health Forum has

rates of survival, so stop

However, we could be com-

revealed that men are 20%

ignoring those symptoms

promising our health on a

less likely than women to

and give your doctor a call.

daily basis without even

visit their doctor, despite the

knowing it. From bottling

fact that they have shorter

Not doing self-checks

things up to eating fast food,

life spans than women and

Just like with visiting the

here are the top 10 male

are more likely to die from

doctor, many men avoid

habits you should try to

cancer. While visiting the

doing necessary health


doctor is rarely a pleasant

self-checks due to fear, denial

diets, many of us make an


of the risks, or confusion over

about their feelings, express

your boss, changing your job

what to do. However, it is

emotion or ask for help and

or seeking professional help.

vital that men check them-

support. Perhaps as a conse-

selves regularly for signs of

quence of this, men are half

Taking hot baths

testicular cancer as inci-

as likely as women to be

Many men enjoying soaking

dence of the disease is on the

diagnosed with depression,

in the tub, but for all those

rise, particularly in young

yet are 77 per cent more

trying to conceive it may be

and middle-aged men. If you

likely to commit suicide.

time to swap those long baths

are not sure how to go about

Depressed men are also twice

for showers. Researchers

checking yourself, visit a

as likely as depressed women

from the University of Cali-

reputable website or ask your

to resort to alcohol and drug

fornia, San Francisco, found

doctor for tips on performing

abuse. Bottling up anger is

through their three-year

these necessary checks.

just as detrimental to men’s

study that having hot baths

health, with research sug-

can significantly reduce male

Binge drinking

gesting that men who don’t

fertility. As sperm develop

Although women are rapidly

express their anger increase

best in cool surroundings,

catching up with men in the

their risk of a heart attack.

men should avoid any activity that leads to overheating

drinking stakes, binge drinking is still more common

Stressing over work

this area, including sitting in

among men than women, and

While men and women are

hot tubs or Jacuzzis and

there are consistently higher

equally exposed to workplace

regular, prolonged use of

rates of alcohol-related

stress, according to a survey


deaths and hospitalizations

of 3,000 workers by Medi-

in men. Binge drinking not

cash, men are four times

only affects long term health,

more likely than women to

Not applying sun cream

but it puts your immediate

take a sick day due to work

Although skin cancer is the

safety at risk and can also

related stress and are twice

most common form of cancer

lead to rapid weight gain. To

as likely to turn to alcohol to

in the UK, multiple research

safeguard your health, it’s

help deal with it. As work-

studies have shown that few

important to stick to recom-

place stress can be an

of us regularly wear sun-

mended limits and drink in

important factor in the devel-

screen, and that men are the


opment of depression, heart

worst offenders. According to

disease and stroke, it is vital

research by Mintel on sun

Bottling things up

to seek a way to resolve your

cream use in France, Germa-

On the whole, men are less

feelings and ease your stress;

ny, Spain and the UK, an

likely than women to talk

whether it is by talking to

average of 52 per cent of


women use sunscreen, com-

their teeth twice or more a

replacing with home-cooked

pared to only 37 per cent of

day, compared to 86 per cent


men. However, with many

of women. Furthermore,

men spending significant

research findings published

time outdoor for sports, work

in the Journal of Periodontol-

or leisure, it is vital to cover

ogy showed that women are

up with appropriate clothing

almost twice as likely to have

and sun cream before head-

regular dental checkups than

ing outside.

men. Failing to look after your pearly whites is not only

Poor bathroom hygiene

bad news for your teeth and

Do you wash your hands after

gums; research has shown

you’ve visited the bathroom?

that gum disease can

According to a study by the

increase risk of heart disease,

American Society for Micro-

erectile dysfunction and

biology and the Soap and


Detergent Association, one in more, a study by the London

Eating fast food and takeaways

School of Hygiene & Tropical

In today’s fast food culture,

Medicine carried out at UK

many of us are guilty of

service stations found that

hampering our weight loss by

only a third of men washed

indulging in too much junk

their hands with soap. Not

food, and this is particularly

washing your hands is the

true for men. A survey by Pew

quickest way to spread germs

Research Center revealed

and infection, so protect your

that 47 per cent of men eat in

health and those around you

a fast food restaurant at least

by making sure you lather up

weekly, compared to 35 per

before leaving the bathroom.

cent of women. With an

three men don’t! Further-

average takeaway containing

Not brushing their teeth

over half your recommended

According to a study by the

amounts of salt, do your

American Dental Association,

health a favour by cutting

only 66 per cent of men brush

back on takeaways and

daily calories and copious


Ashok Nursing Home & Multispecialty Hospital Plastic & Burns Unit Cosmetology Dermatology Ent/Opthalmology Psychiatry F-3/13-16, East Krishna Nagar, Delhi- 110051 Ph: 011-22003420, 22002880

Indian Cities Experiencing ‘acute’ respiratory problems: WHO

The Hindu: A view of the busy

“China and India,” are experi-

drowned in a sea of automo-

Bangalore-Mysore highway.

encing maximum health

biles are experiencing maxi-

Countries experiencing

problems due to polluted air.

mum health issues, like “acute” as well as “chronic”

maximum growth and industrialisation, particularly

Cities in India and China


respiratory problems and

lung cancers, due to air

In its latest report, data on air

and other industries, burning

pollution, a United Nations

quality data was compiled

biomass and coal for cooking

body has said.

from 1,100 cities across 91

and heating, as well as

countries. It did not rank

coal-fired power plants.”

The rising population of

cities according to the high-

SUVs (sports utility vehicles),

est pollution.

“PM10 particles, which are particles of 10 micrometres or

cars and two-wheelers in Indian cities where it is a

The report said categorically

less, which can penetrate

status symbol for middle

that countries which are

into the lungs and may enter

classes to posses the latest

experiencing maximum

the bloodstream, can cause

automobiles are having a

growth and industrialisation,

heart disease, lung cancer,

deathly impact on people, the

particularly “China and

asthma, and acute lower

global body said.

India,” are experiencing the

respiratory infections,” said

maximum health problems

Ms. Neira, adding that there

due to polluted air.

is a growing need for public

The World Health Organisa-


tion (WHO) estimates that around 1.34 million prema-

“Yes, cities in India and China

ture deaths from respiratory

are facing air pollution that is

Most of the cities compiled in

diseases and cancers were

threatening public health,”

the WHO’s report have

caused due to polluted air in

said Ms. Neira. “Lack of clean

breached the global health


air is causing ‘acute’ as well

body’s air quality guidelines

as ‘chronic’ respiratory prob-

for PM10 which is 20 micro-

Rapidly industrialising cities

lems in these countries,” she

grams per cubic metre as an

in China, India, and other

said, arguing that these

annual average.

growing developing countries

countries would experience

are the epicentre for the lung

highest number of heart,

But cities in China and India


lung, cancer and asthma and

should average PM10 to the

acute lower respiratory

order of 300 micrograms per

“If the WHO guidelines had

infections if the air quality is

cubic meter. There is growing

been universally met, an

not improved on a war foot-

awareness of the problem in

estimated 1.09 million deaths


both, China and India, said Carlos Dora, WHO co-ordina-

could have been prevented in 2008,” said Maria Neira, WHO

“The largest contributions to

tor for interventions for

Director for Public Health and

urban outdoor air pollution

Health Environments.


include motor transport, small scale manufacturers


BREASTFEEDING - Promise of Lifelong Protection

Breast milk is widely

fully developed. They must be

pregnancy. Your breast milk

acknowledged as the most

treated with special care and

will now join in to strengthen

complete form of nutrition for

given adequate nourishment.

this passive immunity and

infants, with a range of

The Best Protection- Your

also to transfer active immu-

benefits for infants' health,

breast milk is the best protec-

nity building nutrients till

growth, immunity and devel-

tion you can give to your baby

your baby’s immune system


When inside your womb, your

is strong enough to defend

After months of joyful prepa-

baby was completely protect-


rations, waiting and some

ed by your body. But after

Your breast milk is the best

anxious moments, your little

taking birth, she needs her

possible food for your new-

bundle of joy has finally

own immune (defense)

born and will give her the

arrived! It’s the time to wel-

system to keep her body

healthiest start to life. Breast

come the baby with big


milk, and especially the first

smiles and a promise of

As of now, it is not complete-

yellow milk called Colostrum

lifelong protection.

ly ready and is supported by

is rich in protective nutrients

Infants are fragile and

the passive (internal) immu-

that’ll help build a lifetime of

susceptible to disease, partly

nity you transferred during

defences. Apart from protec-

because their bodies are not

the last three months of

tive ingredients, the breast


milk also contains adequate

The World Health Organiza-

reduces the risk of HIV trans-

calories and provides the

tion recommends exclusive

mission from mother to child,

right amounts of growth

breastfeeding for the first six

or death from not being

nutrients to your baby. Thus

months of life, with solids

breastfed, when screened

it is not only good for protec-

gradually being introduced

donor milk is not available.

tion, but also for healthy

around this age when signs

Breastfeeding also provides

growth & development of the

of readiness are shown.

health benefits for the


Supplemented breastfeeding

mother. It assists the uterus

Therefore, it is very import-

is recommended until at least

in returning to its pre-preg-

ant that you take a diet rich

age two and then for as long

nancy size and reduces

in growth and immunity

as the mother and child

post-partum bleeding, as well

building nutrients, both for

wish.[1] Breastfeeding offers

as assisting the mother in

your own health and for

health benefits to mother and

returning to her pre-pregnan-

breast milk benefits to be

child even after toddler-

cy weight. Breastfeeding also

transferred to your baby.

hood.[2] These benefits

reduces the risk of breast

Studies have demonstrated a

include a somewhat lowered

cancer later in life.

number of important health

risk of Sudden Infant Death

benefits to breastfeeding.

Syndrome (SIDS),[3] increased

How to Make Breast Milk

Among them: Breast-fed

intelligence,[4] decreased

More Nutritious

children are more resistant to

likelihood of contracting

Steps 1

disease and infection early in

middle ear infections,[5]cold

Eat at least 3 cups (700 milli-


and flu resistance,[6] a tiny

liters) of low-fat dairy foods

Breast-fed children are less

decrease in the risk of child-

on a daily basis to provide

likely to contract a number of

hood leukemia,[7] lower risk

your baby with higher

diseases later in life, includ-

of childhood onset diabe-

amounts of protein, vitamin

ing juvenile diabetes, multi-

tes,[8] decreased risk of

D, and vitamin B. Ideal types

ple sclerosis, heart disease,

asthma and eczema,[9]

of low-fat dairy to eat are

and cancer before the age of

decreased dental prob-

yogurt, cheese, and milk.


lems[9]decreased risk of

Steps 2

Mothers who breastfeed are

obesity later in life,[10]

Eat at least 12 oz. (340.19 g) of

less likely to develop osteo-

decreased risk of autism,[11]

salmon per week for its high

porosis later in life, are able

and a decreased risk of

content of docosahexaenoic

to lose weight gained during

developing psychological

acid (DHA), which encourag-

pregnancy more easily and

disorders, particularly in

es and supports the develop-

have a lower risk of breast,

adopted children.[12][13]

ment of your baby's central

uterine and ovarian cancer

Exclusive breastfeeding

nervous system.


Limit your intake of other

herbal tea, and coffee, as long

yellow and green because

types of fish higher in mercu-

as you limit your caffeine

they contain a variety of

ry to reduce you and your

intake to no more than

health vitamins and nutri-

baby's chances of being

between 2 and 3 cups (475

ents such as vitamin E, folic

exposed to mercury poison-

milliliters and 700 milliliters)

acid, riboflavin, and magne-

ing. Additional types of fish

per day.


with low mercury levels are

Step 6

Examples of vegetables that

crab, shrimp, scallops, clams,

Eat at least 3 serving sizes of

will enrich your breast milk

catfish, and cod.

grains high in carbohydrates

are broccoli, spinach, carrots,

Step 3

on a daily basis, such as

green squash, and dark, leafy

Prepare and eat eggs in the

wheat, brown rice, whole


form you prefer most, such as

grain cereal, or granola.

omelets or hard-boiled, to

Step 7

support the growth of your

Add more legumes and bean

baby's bones and to gain a

to your diet such as kidney

higher content of vitamin D

beans and black beans to

and protein.

provide your baby with

Consider purchasing eggs

substantial amounts of iron,

that are fortified with DHA to

protein, and folic acid.

Examples of healthy yellow

gain the extra supplements

Step 8

fruits to eat are grapefruit,

that will strengthen your

Eat foods high in folic acid to

mangos, peaches, tangerines,

baby's nervous system.

aid in your baby's overall

and apricots. You can also eat

Step 4

development, such as pasta,

blueberries and oranges to

Increase your intake of foods

rice, breakfast cereal, breads,

gain a richer amount of

that contain large amounts of

beans, and leafy green vege-

carbohydrates and vitamin C,

iron, such as lean beef, chick-



en, turkey, lamb, raisins,

Step 9

Eat at least 5 servings of

broccoli, dried fruit, and

Add foods higher in calcium

fruits and vegetables com-


to your diet to support bone

bined on a daily basis.

Step 5

growth and development,

Step 11

Drink at least 64 oz. (1.81

such as tofu, yogurt, almonds,

Eat fewer amounts of foods

kilograms) of water on a daily

watercress, and vegetables

that may irritate your baby or

basis to produce substantial

that are dark and leafy.

possibly cause allergic reac-

amounts of milk for your

Step 10

tions, such as spicy foods,


Consume high amounts of

peanuts, chocolate, or foods

You may also drink juice,

fruits and vegetables that are

that contain gluten.


HEPATITIS-B The Hidden Plague

This preventable disease kills more Indians each year than AIDS and is 100 times more infectious.


tion and its chronic conse-

Worldwide, an estimated two

quences, and is the ďŹ rst

billion people have been

vaccine against a major

infected with the hepatitis B

human cancer.

virus and more than 240

Hepatitis B virus can cause

Hepatitis B is a potentially

million have chronic

an acute illness with symp-

life-threatening liver infec-

(long-term) liver infections.

toms that last several weeks,

tion caused by the hepatitis B

About 600 000 people die

including yellowing of the

virus. It is a major global

every year due to the acute or

skin and eyes (jaundice), dark

health problem and the most

chronic consequences of

urine, extreme fatigue,

serious type of viral hepatitis.

hepatitis B.

nausea, vomiting and abdom-

It can cause chronic liver

A vaccine against hepatitis B

inal pain. Hepatitis B is

disease and puts people at

has been available since 1982.

endemic in China and other

high risk of death from

Hepatitis B vaccine is 95%

parts of Asia.

cirrhosis of the liver and liver

effective in preventing infec-

In 1991, the World Health


Organization (WHO) recom-

older, as well as adults, only

5. unprotected sexual con-

mended giving all children

five percent are thus affected.


the hepatitis- B vaccine, and

So it is vital to immunize all

In many developed countries

several countries – China,

children right at birth.

(e.g. those in western Europe and North America), patterns

Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, Bhutan and Sri Lanka-


of transmission are different

have introduced the vaccine

Hepatitis B virus is transmit-

from those in developing

in their national immuniza-

ted between people by direct

countries. The majority of

tion programmes. Some of

blood-to-blood contact or

infections in developed

these countries have already

semen and vaginal fluid of an

countries are transmitted

seen the benefits of early

infected person. Modes of

during young adulthood by

vaccination. Since the vac-

transmission are the same as

sexual activity and injecting

cine was introduced in Thai-

those for the human immu-

drug use. Hepatitis B is a

land, for instance, the mortal-

nodeficiency virus (HIV), but

major infectious occupation-

ity rate for hepatitis-B

the hepatitis B virus is 50 to

al hazard of health workers.

dropped from 32 deaths per

100 times more infectious.

The hepatitis B virus is not

1,00,000 people in 1992 to 14

Unlike HIV, the hepatitis B

spread by contaminated food

deaths per 1,00,000 in 1996.

virus can survive outside the

or water, and cannot be

Because of the high cost of

body for at least seven days.

spread casually in the work-

the vaccine, the Indian gov-

During this time, the virus


ernment had moved cau-

can still cause infection if it

The incubation period of the

tiously on the WHO recom-

enters the body of a person

hepatitis B virus is 90 days

mendation. Only after con-

who is not protected by the

on average, but can vary from

ducting several studies and a


30 to 180 days. The virus may

successful pilot programme

In developing countries,

be detected 30 to 60 days

did the government decide to

common modes of transmis-

after infection and persists

include the hepatitis-B vac-

sion are:

for variable periods of time.

cine in its universal immuni-

1. perinatal (from mother to

zation programme.

baby at birth)


The younger you are when

2. early childhood infections

Signs and symptoms of

you get the disease, the worse

(inapparent infection through

hepatitis B usually appear

its effects. Nearly all children

close interpersonal contact

about three months after

who contract the disease at

with infected household

you've been infected and can

birth from their mothers get


range from mild to severe.

the chronic variety. But

3. unsafe injection practices

Signs and symptoms of

among children aged five and

4. unsafe blood transfusions

hepatitis B may include:


1. Abdominal pain

4. Hepatitis D infection.

If your disease becomes

2. Dark urine

Anyone chronically infected

chronic, a liver biopsy (tissue

3. Fever

with HBV is also susceptible

sample) may be obtained to

4. Joint pain

to infection with another

determine the severity of the

5. Loss of appetite

strain of viral hepatitis —


6. Nausea and vomiting

hepatitis D. You can't become

7. Weakness and fatigue

infected with hepatitis D

8. Yellowing of your skin and

unless you're already infect-

How Is Hepatitis B Treated?

the whites of your eyes

ed with HBV. Having both

If you get to a doctor within


hepatitis B and hepatitis D

two weeks after exposure to

Most infants and children

makes it more likely you'll

hepatitis B, you'll receive

with hepatitis B never devel-

develop complications of

immediate vaccination and a

op signs and symptoms. The


shot of hepatitis immune

same is true for some adults.

5. Kidney problems. Hepatitis

globulin to boost the immune

B infection can cause kidney

system to fight off the infec-


problems that may lead


Having a chronic HBV infec-

eventually to kidney failure.

But if you get sick, bed rest is

tion can lead to serious

Children are more likely to

usually necessary to speed

complications, such as:

recover from these kidney

recovery. Some doctors

1. Scarring of the liver (cirrho-

problems than are adults,

recommend a high-calorie,

sis). Hepatitis B infection

who may experience kidney

high-fat diet and suggest that

may cause inflammation that


sufferers try to eat as much as possible despite the

leads to extensive scarring of


in the liver may impair the

How Is Hepatitis B Diagnosed?

liver's ability to function.

If your doctor suspects that

hepatitis B, take extra care of

2. Liver cancer. People with

you may have hepatitis B, he

your liver. Do not drink alco-

chronic hepatitis B infection

or she will perform a com-

hol, or take Tylenol (acet-

have an increased risk of

plete physical exam and

aminophen) as they can

liver cancer.

order blood tests to look at

harm the liver. Check with

3. Liver failure. Acute liver

the function of your liver.

your doctor before taking any

failure is a condition in

Hepatitis B is confirmed with

other drugs, herbal remedies,

which the vital functions of

blood tests that detect the

or supplements as some of

the liver shut down. When

hepatitis virus and various

them can worsen liver

that occurs, a liver transplant

antibodies (infection-fighting


is necessary to sustain life.

cells) against the virus.

If your hepatitis persists

the liver (cirrhosis). Scarring


Also, if you are infected with

beyond six months and is in

kidney problems.

doses, as part of existing

an active state (chronic

4. Baraclude. This is the

routine immunization sched-

active hepatitis B), your

newest drug for hepatitis B.

ules. In areas where moth-

doctor may prescribe much

5. Viread. Monitoring kidney

er-to-infant spread of the

more aggressive treatment. If

function is needed with this

hepatitis B virus is common,

it is not active (inactive


the ďŹ rst dose of vaccine should be given as soon as

carrier state), your doctor may just watch you closely.

Hepatitis B and Pregnancy

possible after birth (i.e.

People with chronic hepatitis

A pregnant woman can

within 24 hours).

are treated with a combina-

spread the hepatitis B virus

The complete vaccine series

tion of drugs. These include:

to her baby at the time of

induces protective antibody

birth. It is unlikely that an

levels in more than 95% of

1. Interferon. The immune

infected woman will spread

infants, children and young

system-boosting medicine

the virus to her baby during

adults. Protection lasts at

interferon alpha is injected


least 20 years and is possibly

for at least 6 months. This

If not treated, many babies


drug does not cure the

infected with hepatitis B

disease, but improves liver

develop long-term liver

All children and adolescents

inammation. Long-acting

problems. All newborn babies

younger than 18 years old and

interferon (peginterferon) has

from hepatitis B-infected

not previously vaccinated

also been shown to be useful.

mothers should be given

should receive the vaccine.

Interferon does have some

hepatitis B immune globulin

To help keep hepatitis B

undesirable side effects,

and the vaccine for hepatitis

infection from spreading:

including: malaise, depres-

at birth and during their ďŹ rst

1. Get vaccinated (if you have

sion, and loss of appetite, and

year of life.

not already been infected). 2. Use condoms every time

it can lower the number of

you have sex.

orally once a day. Usually, the

How Can I Prevent Getting Hepatitis B or Spreading It?

drug is well-tolerated. Viral

The hepatitis B vaccine is the

tions of others on personal

mutations often arise after

mainstay of hepatitis B

items, such as bandag-

prolonged use.

prevention. WHO recom-

es/Band-Aids, tampons, and

3. Hepsera. This drug works

mends that all infants receive


well in people whose disease

the hepatitis B vaccine.

4. Cover all open cuts or

doesn't respond to Epivir but,

The vaccine can be given as


in high doses it can cause

either three or four separate

5. Do not share razors, tooth-

white blood cells. 2. Epivir. This drug is taken


3. Wear gloves when touching or cleaning up body secre-


brushes, manicuring tools,

Hepatitis B vaccinations

or pierced earrings with

should be administered to:


1. All newborn babies

When to see a doctor?

6. Do not share chewing

2. People who are exposed to

Seek medical care if you

gum or pre-chew food for a

infected blood or body uids

have any signs or symptoms


of friends or family mem-

that worry you.

7. Make certain that any


If you know you've been

needles for drugs, ear pierc-

3. People who use needles to

exposed to hepatitis B,

ing, or tattooing are properly

take recreational drugs

contact your doctor immedi-


4. All people who have sex

ately. A preventive treat-

8. Clean areas with blood on

with more than one person

ment may reduce the risk

them with one part house-

5. Health care providers who

that the virus will infect

hold bleach and 10 parts

may come in contact with

your body. But the treatment


the virus

must be given within 24

6. People working in day

hours of exposure to the

care centers and institu-

hepatitis B virus.

Who Should Be Vaccinated for Hepatitis B?

tions caring for children and


Newborn Care For Monsoon Babies

The monsoon season

your baby gets any of these

6. abdominal pain

provides some cool relief

warning signs.

7. vomiting 8. dark-coloured stools

after a hot summer. However, the rains also bring humid


If your child shows any of

weather, ooded roads, mos-

The dengue virus is mainly

these signs, take him to the

quitoes, diseases and lots

transmitted by mosquitoes

clinic right away.

more. Fortunately, with a few

that bite during the day. Early

precautions, you can help

signs of dengue in infants are

Viral infections

your baby enjoy the monsoon

like signs of a viral illness:

Viral infections are very

and stay safe. Here are the

fever, runny nose, cough, and

contagious and common. If

issues to keep in mind.

a mild skin rash.

your baby has a fever, joint pain, chills, coughs or sneez-

Common illnesses during the monsoon and how to prevent them

Babies may also have:

es, take him to the doctor. A

1. joint and muscle pain

viral infection cannot be

2. pain behind the eyes

cured by antibiotics but the

Some diseases are more

3. weakness

doctor might have medicine

common during the mon-

4. tiny red spots on the skin

to help with some of the

soon. Speak to your doctor if

5. nosebleeds



To keep your baby safe from viruses, stay away from


lead to fungal infections, skin

Leptospirosis is a bacterial

rashes or allergies. You can

people who are sick with the

infection that spreads

keep your baby clean and

flu, viral infections, conjunc-

through dirty water. The

healthy by giving him baths

tivitis or other diseases. Ask

infection is serious and can

or sponge baths at least once

your family and friends to

cause meningitis, liver

a day. When you bathe your

wash their hands before

damage, jaundice and renal

baby, check his neck, under-

touching your baby.


arms, genitalia and other

Danger signs include:

creases in his body. You can

1. a cough

try adding a few drops of

Flooding during the rainy

2. chest pain

neem oil (neem ka tel) to the

season can make water

3. blood-tinged saliva

bath. It is said to be a natural

sources dirty. If you are bottle

If you notice your baby has

way to cleanse the body.

feeding your baby, use boiled

any of these signs, get him to

Washing hands helps to keep

and cooled water to make his

the doctor.

diseases at bay. Make sure to

formula. This will help

To keep your little one safe,

wash your and your baby's

prevent stomach flu and

only let him play in clean, dry

hands after you change his


areas, away from ponds,

nappies and after he eats, if

rivers or puddles.

he is old enough to have solid

Diarrhoeal diseases

Respiratory illnesses Your baby can catch germs when a sick person sneezes

food. Cut your baby's nails

Healthcare for your family

often. That will help keep him clean and healthy. See

Consider getting healthcare

also that your babysitter or

your mouth and nose when

insurance for you and your

maid washes her hands and

you sneeze or cough. Then

family to help with the

feet well when she enters

wash your hands with soap

expense of unforeseen medi-

your home.

and water.

cal emergencies. Then keep

If you find it difficult to ask

your health insurance card

friends and guests to wash

If your friends or family are

and any relevant paperwork

their hands before holding

sick, ask them to visit you

handy in case you have to

your baby, keep a hand sani-

once they are well again.

leave in a hurry.

tiser with you. See that

or coughs near him. Cover

anyone who wants to hold

Avoid crowded places where you and your baby could catch an infection.

Personal hygiene and cleanliness Your baby may sweat a lot in humid weather. This could


your baby uses it.

Dressing right and caring for clothes

During the monsoon, the

make his feed. That will keep

and install wire meshes on

weather can change a lot in a

it safe.

the windows. These mea-

day. It could start out hot and

If you are breastfeeding your

sures will help keep mosqui-

humid and then get cold after

baby, keep breastfeeding him.

toes away from your baby.

some rain. If it is humid, you

Your breastmilk will

could dress your baby in

strengthen your baby's

loose cotton clothes that will

immune system and help

Do a pre-monsoon check

let his skin breathe. Cover

protect him from illness. This

Ensure that your home is

your baby's arms and legs

is because your breastmilk

clean and safe before the

during the day to protect him

contains antibodies that will

monsoons arrive. Get an

from mosquito bites.

make him strong and

electrician to fix any faulty

When it is cold, wrap your

healthy. Try to breastfeed for

wiring and switches. Have

baby in a jacket or cardigan

at least six months. Make

your plumber fix any leaking

to keep him warm. Keep his

sure you eat healthily, as it

fixtures and get your drains

skin dry to avoid prickly heat.

can affect your baby through

cleaned before the rains.

Washed clothes take longer

your breastmilk.

Check and repair any cracks

to dry in humid weather, and

Wash your baby's feeding

in the house.

wearing damp clothes or

bottles, plates and dishes

socks can lead to fungal

with boiled or filtered water

Child safety and other tips


before use. Many homes now

Here are more safety tips:

If they stay moist in the

have geysers in the kitchen

1. Keep your baby indoors

cupboard, they can get

for constant boiled water,

during the first rain of the

mouldy, which is not healthy

used to clean food and wash

season. This rain can be

for your baby. So buy some


acidic and could cause skin

extra underclothes for your

problems. 2. During weather changes,

always wears dry, clean

Keeping your baby safe from mosquitoes


Clear stagnant water from in

to take your baby out till the

or around your home. These

weather stabilises.

Keeping food and drink clean

are breeding grounds for

3. Keep an emergency kit

mosquitoes, which can cause

with medication and supplies

During the monsoons, tap

malaria, dengue or chikun-

for the monsoon. Ask your

water may get polluted by

gunya. If you have indoor

doctor which medicines you

ground or waste water. If your

plants, change the water in

should buy.

baby is on formula milk,

the vases daily. Use a mos-

useboiled and cooled water to

quito net for your child's bed

baby. And make sure he


babies often get sick. Try not

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Powerful and painless, the skin treatments is here edge against ageing. innovations and back the clock has ever. Certainly, an era where mous to beautiful, ting edge treatlutionise this space Madonna, Demi and many other iconic glamour, the industry is

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face in no time. Here, we find

seeking out the quickest and

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out more about five such

most convenient ways to

dermatologist and cosmetolo-

wonderful treatments….

improve their appearance. And

gist, The Skin Centre, New

this has contributed towards


Let there be LED Former model and wife of

the growing popularity and business of non-surgical

Besides making looking

President of French Republic

anti-ageing procedures.

younger easier, Botox and

Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni is

Known as ‘lunchtime proce-

other non-surgical cosmetic

believed to be a fan of LED

dures’, these help hydrate,

treatments have injected this

light treatments to keep her

smoothen, freshen up and

deep faith in consumers who

skin young and fresh. Based

rejuvenate skin in as little as

are ready to experiment and

on ground-breaking research,

an hour. Whereas, surgical

explore new avenues in their

LED Light Therapy uses specif-

procedures usually do produce

quest for young and beautiful

ic frequencies of light to help

good results, but they are

skin. And indeed, from fine

fight aging. “The LED (Light

expensive, more risky and

lines to pigmentation, these

Emitting Diode) Technology is

require significant recovery

revolutionary treatments

a painless non-thermal solu-

time as compared to non-sur-

promise take years off your

tion to reduce the signs of


aging, kill acne-causing bacte-

infra-red and bi-polar radio

single session of 30-45 min-

ria, reduce blemishes and

frequency to provide

utes,” explains Dr Katyal. It is

prevent future outbreaks.

controlled deep dermal heat-

also said to uniquely promote

Exact wavelengths of light

ing. This predictable heating of

the natural production of new

emitted from LED's stimulate

the deep dermis both stimu-

collagen, elastin and hyaluron-

and energize cellular activity,

lates and shortens aged colla-

ic acid giving you optimal

which in turn creates collagen

gen fibers, resulting in the


and elastin for anti ageing

immediate and long term

benefits,” says Dr Varun.

improvement of wrinkles and facial contour. On the other

Glow with Plasma facelift

Get stunning with stem cell therapy

hand, the unique Sublative™

Otherwise known as Dracula

ergonomic applicator delivers

therapy, it uses your own blood

The latest buzzword in the

bi-polar radio frequency

to inject a youthful flush in

skincare world, this technique

energy via a matrix of elec-

your cheeks. The plasma is

involves regenerating epider-

trodes. This initiates a strong

first separated from the blood

mal cells by culturing the stem

wound healing response in the

and then injected into your

cells of a person going for it.

dermal matrix while also

skin. Magically, this non-sur-

The fat cells are extracted from

minimizing the damage to the

gical treatment doesn’t entail

the body and stored safely.

epidermis and giving you a

any risk as your own blood is

Then onwards, stem cells are

smoother skin.

used in the treatments and helps in ironing out fine lines

injected under the facial skin to rejuvenate the epidermal

Elevate with ePrime

and wrinkles. “It is of utmost

and dermal layers. No specific

If sagging skin on the neck,

importance that one should

after-care is required and you

arms and face is giving you

undergo a non-surgical treat-

can enjoy the effects of this

nightmares then this one will

ment in the care of a certified

treatment for up to six months.

be your lullaby. It improves

professional to rule out any

skin volume, tightening, tone

risk,” advises Dr Katyal.

Rejuvenate with eTwo

and elasticity regardless of

This result oriented treatment

skin color and skin type.

offers a powerful combination

“ePrime precisely targets and

of sublime (infra-red frequen-

delivers measured Radio

cy on the deep dermal layer)

Frequency (RF) energy directly

and sublative (bi-polar radio

into the deep dermis using a

frequency in the upper layers

small needle injected under

of the dermis). “Sublime™ uses

the skin usually producing

the elōs combination of

dramatic improvements in a




U ? O ? Y W ID W






TOP 10 BIGGEST BRAIN DAMAGING HABITS according to World Health Organization:




ies, leading to a decrease in

in our body. Inhaling polluted

mental power !!

air decreases the supply of

3. Smoking - It causes multi-

oxygen to the brain, bringing

ple brain shrinkage and may

about a decrease in brain

1. No Breakfast - People who

lead to Alzheimer disease !!

efďŹ ciency !!

do not take breakfast are

4. High Sugar consumption -

6. Sleep Deprivation - Sleep

going to have a lower blood

Too much sugar will interrupt

allows our brain to rest. Long

sugar level. This leads to an

the absorption of proteins

term deprivation from sleep

insufďŹ cient supply of nutri-

and nutrients causing malnu-

will accelerate the death of

ents to the brain causing

trition and may interfere with

brain cells !!

brain degeneration !!

brain development !!

7. Head covered while sleep-

2. Overeating - It causes

5. Air Pollution - The brain is

ing - Sleeping with the head

hardening of the brain arter-

the largest oxygen consumer

covered increases the con-


Ashok Nursing Home & Multispeciality Hospital (104 Bedded multi Speciality Hospital)

Shri Ram Singh Hospital & Heart Institute

(104 Bedded multi Speciality Hospital)

centration of carbon dioxide


and decrease concentration

5. By 2015 it is predicted we

of oxygen that may lead to

will be more than 7 billion.

brain damaging effects !! 8. Working your brain during illness - Working hard or studying with sickness may lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the brain !! 9. Lacking in stimulating thoughts - Thinking is the best way to train our brain, lacking in brain stimulation thoughts may cause brain shrinkage !! 10. Talking Rarely - Intellectual conversations will promote the efďŹ ciency of the brain !! Please pay caution and try to avoid such situations!!

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT WORLD POPULATION: 1. In our existence for the last 52,000 years on this planet Earth, there have been a total of about 106.billion people. 2. Every year we add almost 78 million people to the world population. 3. In the year 1 AD we were only 300 million. 4. At the start of 1980 the world population was 4.4


JOKES GALLERY If a boy has 'magnetic personality ' and still can’t attract a girl towards him... That means the girl has ''IRON DEFICIENCY

Cardiovascular: "The

three kinds of blood vessels are arteries, veins, and caterpillars."

Respiration: "When

you breathe, you inspire. When you do not breathe, you expire" "Respiration consists of two acts: first inspiration, then expectoration."


"The alimentary canal is located in the northern part of Alabama."

Dentistry: "A perma-

nent set of teeth consists of eight canines, eight cuspids, two molars, and eight cuspidors."

Orthopaedics: "The

skeleton is what is left after the insides have been taken out and the outsides have been taken off. The purpose of the skeleton is something to hitch meat on."

Reproductive medicine: "Artificial insemi-

nation is when the farmer does it to the cow instead of the bull." "To prevent contraception, wear a condominium." "Many women believe that an alcoholic binge will have no effects on the unborn fetus, but that is a large misconception."

Haematology: "Before giving a blood transfusion, find out if the blood is affirmative or negative."


Eyes and nose: "To

remove dust from the eye: pull the eye down over the nose." "For nosebleeds, put the nose lower than the body until the heart stops." "For a cold: use an agoniser to spray the nose until it drops in your throat."

First aid: "For fainting:

rub the person's chest or, if a lady, rub her arm above the head instead. Or put the head between the knees of the nearest doctor." "For asphyxiation: apply artificial respiration until the patient is dead." "For drowning: climb on top of the person and move up and down to make artificial perspiration." "For dog bite: put the dog away for several days. If he has not recovered, then kill it."

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Phasellus viverra scelerisque

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Common Skin Problems During Summer Time And Their Prevention Skin problems rise when the

seems to look darker when

skin especially your chest

temperature rises and higher

exposed to the summer sun.

and back daily.

outdoor temperatures require

This is because exposure to

special skin care. Skin prob-

sun activates the melanin to

Heat rash or miliaria, hap-

lems may be different in kids,

rise to the upper layers

pens when sweat ducts trap

adults and elderly. These can

thereby increasing pigmenta-

perspiration beneath the

be rashes, insect bites, sun-


skin, clogging sweat glands and creating red spots or

burns or fungal infections. Even the hair do not remain

Best remedy is to avoid going

bumpy, blister-like markings

protected during the extreme

outdoors between 10:00 am to

causing sensation of prick-

temperature. It is better to

4:00 pm. Use sunscreen of

ling, burning, or tingling.

prevent the summer skin

SPF 15 and above regularly 30

Prickly heat can be prevented

problems than to suffer from

minutes before going out.

by avoiding activities that

it. Take good care of your

Avoiding the strong rays by

induce sweating by avoiding

skin before any skin problem

waring hats, using umbrellas,

hot and humid weather, using

troubles you. This is possible

sunglasses and wearing

air conditioning to cool the

only if you are aware of the

covered clothes also helps

environment, wearing

most common skin problems

one to protect from sun rays.

breathable, soft, lightweight clothing can help prevent

that may occur in summer. When it's hot out, oil produc-

heat rash from occurring.

The cumulative effects of sun

tion in the skin increases

Keeping skin cool by using

exposure leave us at a high

this can lead to breakouts of

cool water compresses or

risk of many skin problems.-

acne lesions on the face, back

frequent cool showers with

Exposure to Sun rays can

and chest. Avoid wearing

mild soap can help alleviate

result in tanning, sun burn,

clothing that could irritate

the rash.

wrinkles, rashes, uneven

back and chest. Avoiding

pigmentation, general signs

clothing made of synthetic

Insect bites are common

of aging and also may

ďŹ ber can help It's also a good

during rainy weather. Wear-

damage your Hair.

idea to use oil-free makeup

ing protective clothing in the

and sunscreen. To prevent or

form of long-sleeved shirts

Normal skin and skin with

treat summer acne it is

and long trousers and using

pigmentation problems

important to wash your

an insect repellent helps.


Fungal infections is a

prolonged contact with water

the water from your system.

common problem during hot,

removes moisture from the

Include more of fruits to your

humid and rainy weather

skin causing dryness, itching

diet. Fruits act as natural

especially in the folds of the

and irritation. Hair can

source of antioxidants. Don't

skin like groin especially in

become unmanageable and

forget to workout everyday

people who wear tight, long

color treated hair can be

for at least

and synthetic clothing.

ruined. Use bathing caps to

30-45 min and get 7-8 hours

Wearing shoes the whole day

avoid such damage and apply


long causes fungal infection

a moisturizing cream or

in between the toes. Keeping

lotion after showering

the area dry and wearing

(following swim ). Use of

loose cotton clothes help.

water proof sunscreen in day time every 2 hours is recom-

Bad odor or bromohidrosis is


a common problem in people who sweat more. Body odors

Heat is the most harmful

is mainly caused by

thing for hair, your hair suffer

increased bacterial activity. It

damage even more than your

can be also strongly inu-

skin as a result of high tem-

enced by various diseases

perature cover your head

and psychological condi-

with a scarf, hat or umbrella

tions. Factors such as food,

to avoid direct exposure of

drink, and diseases can affect

hair to sun. Exposing your

body odor. An individual's

hair for even 10 minutes

body odor is also inuenced

produce damage to your

by lifestyle, sex, genetics, and

cuticle, take away the mois-

medication. Improved

ture and can even burn your

hygiene, frequent bathing


with antibacterial soap, wearing cotton clothing,

Drink plenty of water to keep

changing them more

your body cool and skin

frequently, use of deodorants

hydrated. Drinking plenty of

and antiperspirants help.

water is one of the best way to keep heat away. Say no to

Swimming is the best water

aerated drinks, alcohol and

sport during summers. But

caffeine. These drinks reduce


A mothers joy begins when new life is stirring inside, when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.

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