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Her Biography  A professor of Curriculum and Pedagogy; Secondary Education, ESL and

Foreign Language at the George Washington University.  Co-designed and has written extensively about the Cognitive Academic

Language Learning Approach (CALLA).  Background education:

- Ph.D from University of Texas at Austin - Major: Applied Linguistics/Teaching English as a Second Language - M.A. Teachers College from Columbia Unversity, New York City - Dual Major: Foreign Language Education (Spanish); Elementary Education - B.A. The George Washington University, Washington, DC - Major: Spanish Literature (Special Honors); Minors: English/French

Her Publications Chamot, A. U. (in press). Individual characteristics in the language classroom: Learning strategies and differentiated instruction. CLaSIC 2010 Conference Proceedings. Singapore: National University of Singapore.  Chamot, A. U. (2009). The CALLA handbook: Implementing the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach, Second Edition. White Plains, NY: Pearson Education/Longman.  Chamot, A. U. (2008). Strategy instruction and good language learners. In C. Griffiths (Ed.), Lessons from good language learners, 266-281. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.  Rubin, J., Chamot, A. U., Harris, V., & Anderson, N. (2007). Intervening in the Use of Strategies. In A. D. Cohen & E. Macaro (eds.), Language learner strategies: 30 years of research and practice, 141-160. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press. 

Some of Her Books


Her Biography  A professor and director of the Second Language Education Program.  Working at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Background education: - Ph.D from University of North Carolina. - A master from Boston University. - Holds two degrees in Russian (Vanderbilt University and Yale University) and

two in educational psychology

 She is known because of her humor and her new ideas to involve,

challenge and stimulate the audience.  She has presented as a keynote speaker at conferences in some of these countries:




Her Publications  Dr. Oxford has written over 60 published chapters and articles.  Several of her books: - Language Learning Strategies: What Every Teacher Should

Know - Strategy Inventory for Language Learning and the Style Analysis Survey


His Biography  A professor in the Second Language Studies Program, which is    

affiliated with the Department of Writing Studies. Working at the University of Minnesota. Background education: Ph.D. in International Development Education, Stanford University, 1973. M.A. in Linguistics, Stanford University, 1971 B.A. in French History and Literature, Harvard University, 1965 There are lots of positions that were held by Andrew. He’s now in phased retirement, he’s teaching during Fall semesters (through 2013).

Some of his products


Her Biography  An associate professor.  Working at the Indiana University Bloomington.  Education background: - Ph.D. Foreign & Second Language Education, 1987, Purdue

University, West Lafayette, IN - M.A. German Language, Literature & Linguistics, 1979, University of Pittsburgh - B.A. German Studies; Linguistics Minor (Magna Cum Laude), 1973, Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, PA

Her Publications  Nyikos, M., Daraswang, P, Singhasiri, W, Kotuta, N. Writing task

revisions: Thai EFL students learning styles and strategies.  Nyikos, M. Fan, M. Y. (2007). A review of research on vocabulary learning strategies: Focus on learners voice and language proficiency. In A. Cohen and E. Macaro (Eds.), Language learner strategies: 30 years of research and practice (pp.251-273). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.  Nyikos, M. (2008). Gender in language learning. In Carol Griffiths (Ed.), Lessons from good language learners: Insights for teachers and learners (pp.73-82). Cambridge University Press.


His Biography  He is a senior lecturer in the School of Linguistics and Applied

Language Studies.  Is now working at the University of Wellington.  He has extensive teaching and teacher training experience in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.  He is the MA Programme Director.

Second language acquisition

Computer assisted language learning

His academic interests Teacher training

Language planning

His Publications  Gu, Y., Hu, G. and Zhang, L. J. (2005). Investigating

language learner strategies among lower primary school pupils in Singapore. Language and Education 19, 4: 281-303  Gu, Y. (2002). Gender, academic major, and vocabulary learning strategies of Chinese EFL learners. RELC Journal 33, 1: 35-54  Gu, Y. and Johnson, R. K. (1996). Vocabulary learning strategies and language learning outcomes. Language Learning 46: 643-679

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