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the journal Vol.1 2020

Your KnockKnock journey


we move you

We make moving home an exciting and rewarding experience, by earning the successful and effortless results that you as customers deserve.

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Our foundations


founded KnockKnock in 2019 to create an estate agency that puts customers back in charge.

Four years after selling my home, the memory of the experience has stayed with me. Having not sold a property before I didn’t know who I should trust to get me the result I needed. The result that would allow me to move on to my next home. Do I choose a cheap, pay upfront online agent? Or do I instruct an expensive, no sale no fee high street agent? Who would get me the most cash in my pocket, after being paid? I didn’t know what to do and I ended up being flattered with a high valuation and instructing an aggressive high street agent.

The estate agency model is broken, it doesn’t deliver what the customer needs, but simply operates to suit it’s own. That’s where we’re different.

The whole process felt rushed, communication was poor, and I felt out of my depth. They spent the length of our contract convincing me to reduce the asking price and when they eventually found a buyer the sale fell through… twice. I eventually sold for a lot less than I expected, the process took months longer, and I paid a high fee. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. And so for four years the question

we’re an estate agent that truly moves you.

has bubbled “If you were to create an estate agency that puts the customer back in charge, what would you do?” KnockKnock was

Ian Townshend

born in answer to that question.

KnockKnock Founder

How we value you

We value your home


This allows us to dedicate more


time to you and your potential

Photography and floorplans are the very

buyers. Which in turn means more

least you should expect from an estate

time to help you understand the

agent. But, we believe you deserve more.

e work with only a handful of people selling their homes in your area.

entire process, ensuring that you are comfortable from for sale to sold.

our home deserves to stand out to buyers, not only do we know what it takes to make your property

stand out, we don’t charge extra to deliver it.

We create stunning marketing content for social media, utilising home staging,

It also means that we have more time

professional photography and detailed

to understand your buyers priorities

floor plans at no extra cost. We also create

and help them to see your home in it’s

a 3D virtual tour of your home and we’ll

best light, to see it’s full potential and

give buyers access to insightful information

feel confident to make serious offers.

about your home through an online portal.

we aren’t rushing around your area promising the world to as many sellers as possible, we value our agents experience, so allow them to value your sale. This means giving them the time to truly understand your motivation and expectations of your sale.

www.knockknockhomes.co.uk • 03333 050150

our agents aren’t restricted to office hours, they work around your schedule and are on hand when you need them. Houses that are staged sell 3X faster than average

98% of property searches start online and it’s our job to stop buyers from scrolling past your home, attract and engage them, and generate enquiries.

We value your time


ery simply, we will work around you. Your life does not stop because

you are selling your home. We'll communicate with you at a time and in a manner that suits your work, your family, and your preferences. We'll give you all of the information you want, when you want it, and how you want it.

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our blueprint to success So, from dogs to to-dos here is your checklist.

� �

Clean... everything! Light switches to skirting boards, dog hair to drains.


imes have moved on from the good old days where all you

needed to do to give yourself that special edge was to bake some bread and make a fresh pot of coffee before viewings. Today’s home buyers are rather harder to dazzle. Following these suggestions will help your home to stand out. Most moves are in some

Finish those half-started jobs, replace any blown light bulbs and

tidy, paint or fix any scruffy areas.

Go neutral. Easy and inoffensive sells and your home is currently

on loan to future buyers.

It’s time to de-clutter. People forget that storage is often at the forefront

of people’s minds when house hunting.

Curb appeal. First impressions count so make sure the front garden is

tidy and weeded, move the bins, sweep

way aspirational and you

the pathway, paint the front door and

want your buyers to see your

put out the door matt and bay trees.

lifestyle, and pay top dollar for it, not to think about all of the jobs that need doing.

www.knockknockhomes.co.uk • 03333 050150

Stage your home. If you have a spare room, make sure it’s set up as

a beautiful guest room. Kitchens should have clear surfaces, coffee machines, flowers and fruit bowls and when it comes to bathrooms, less is more.

Finally, before viewings, make sure to vacuum, mop, and a

drop of bleach in the toilets works wonders. If you have pets or children we suggest you take them for a walk whilst we show your buyers around.

While the majority, 56%, still take just two viewings before submitting an offer, 27% of those asked viewed 3 times, 8% returned for a fourth and just 1% needed more than four viewings. Surprisingly, 7% of those asked would submit an offer after just one viewing.

Number of viewings

% of viewers










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Stage 1

Stage 2

Book your advice meeting

Agree your timescale/when you would like to sell

You need to understand what your home is

We’ll agree with you the best time to bring

worth. It's important to understand our partnered

your home to market to capitalise on local

approach to pricing. If you go too high you

dynamics and online traffic volumes.

won’t get the interest you deserve, and you’ll lose valuable time. We’ll give you a detailed analysis and an honest assessment of what your home is worth, and together we'll agree on an appropriate list price. Now you know how much you might have to spend, you can start seriously looking at your next home. We can help your search and even give you market appraisal reports on any property you’re looking at.

www.knockknockhomes.co.uk • 03333 050150

Getting ‘sale ready’ Deep clean; it's time to wash the windows and steam the carpets. Now is the time to do all of those jobs that you’ve been putting off. We’ll walk through the house with you and recommend any small improvements you can make.

four stages to For Sale

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage your home

Buyer information pack

We’ll work with you to highlight your

We’ll help you put together all of the information

homes most impressive features and

your conveyancing solicitor will need when you

appeal to the broadest range of buyers.

agree a sale. We share this information with potential buyers through an online portal, meaning buyers are fully informed and more serious when

Professional photos, floorplans,

making offers. Collating this information now you

EPC and 3D virtual tours

can speed up your sale by as much as two weeks.

We’ll be on hand with the photographer to make sure we get the most out of the shoot. Potential buyers want to check that their furniture will

“Coming Soon”

fit and that your home is economical. We’ve

We’ll create a buzz around your home with

got all bases covered, and it’s all included.

social media marketing alerting buyers that your home is coming to market.

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Your Buyer Information Pack


he last thing we want is for all of your hard work to go to waste once a sale

is agreed, so we’ve developed several tools which allows us to secure you a sale, more quickly, and with a greater. chance of completion.

they make an offer. This transparency builds confidence in your buyer by removing the risk, it also means offers are made from a more informed position. A better-informed buyer is less likely to pull out and more likely to be bold in putting forward their best offer. Crucially, we can then send your Buyer Information Pack to your conveyancing solicitor as soon as the sale is agreed, saving you two weeks on average in the

We’ll work with you to prepare all of the

overall process. A quicker process, with

'transaction critical' information ahead of

more certainty, and more confidence.

time, infact, as soon as we list your home!

We call this the Buyer Information Pack. The pack contains everything that your conveyancing solicitor will need to start the legal process once you have agreed a sale. This is the information that you would normally be asked to complete later in the process, slowing down an exchange of contracts.

When we find a buyer who is serious about making an offer we’ll give them access to your Buyer Information Pack through an online portal. This allows your buyer to learn all of the relevant information about the property before

www.knockknockhomes.co.uk • 03333 050150

When we find a buyer who is serious about making an offer, we’ll give them access to your Buyer Information Pack through an online portal. This allows your buyer to learn all the relevant information about the property before they make a more informed offer.


less than 30 mins


30-59 mins

18% 1 hour


2+ hours

How much time people spend viewing a property they purchased

on average our Buyer Information Pack saves two weeks meaning you complete more quickly

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Buyer Reservation Agreement


ccepting an offer in England does not legally bind your buyer to purchase your home, making

this a delicate part of the process. There has been little to no innovation to secure this part of the sale, until now. We offer a Buyer Reservation Agreement to both you and your buyer whereby you can sign a legally binding agreement committing both parties to the sale.

The average decision to make an offer is made in an unbelievably quick 38 minutes, so it is important we continue with this pace and secure your offer in an agreement.

www.knockknockhomes.co.uk • 03333 050150

35% of people see their sale fall through within the first three weeks. Our Buyer Information Packs help you to secure a better deal, more quickly, and with a greater chance of completion.

marketing your property

Our aim is to create an exciting and competitive buying environment to drive up the price of your home and get you the best possible result. We do all this at our own cost, you only pay us when we successfully sell your home. www.knockknockhomes.co.uk • 03333 050150

We’ll take care of everything so that you don’t have to change your schedule to suit. We'll arrange to meet our photographer at your home so that you don't need to take time out of your day. This also means that we are on hand to stage your home and add those all important final touches. This part of the process is essential to making your home stand out online and stop buyers scrolling. On the day we will also be capturing your 3D virtual tour and drawing up detailed floorplans. Both help to create an immersive and informative experience for your buyers. When it comes to launching your property on to the market, we’ll be promoting your home on social media with stunning “Coming Soon” and “Just Listed” imagery. Your home will be listed on the major property websites and marketed to our buyers. As we work with only a handful of sellers, we’ll be putting all of our energy into your home to generate as much interest as possible. We’ll be handling enquiries, qualifying buyers, and guiding them through a virtual pre-viewing of your home. We’ll give your buyers a real insight into your home and the local area, and ensure only the most serious and qualified buyers are shortlisted for an in-person viewing of your home.

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Not all offers are born the same

Sold www.knockknockhomes.co.uk • 03333 050150

Accepting Offers


his part of the process can be both exciting and nerve-racking but fear not, you’re in safe hands. We’ve done

this thousands of times before and so we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make sure we negotiate you the best price and the best sale. When offers come in we are in a much stronger position to negotiate on your behalf, with our agents operating with fewer sellers. Buyers will also have reviewed your Buyer Information Pack meaning that they are more likely to make serious offers.


Not all offers are born the same and

to create, promoting a competitive

we will evaluate all offers against

buying environment to reduce

your priorities and make sure that

the time you are on the market.

you understand what each offer represents aside from value. We’ll consider the buyers monetary offer but we’ll also walk you through their funding, timescales and chain. This process allows us to push buyers

Our process and fee structure incentivise us to get you the best result within your timeframe and you can be safe in the knowledge that we go above and beyond to make this happen for you.

for best and final offers reducing the back and forth of counter-offers. This is made easier when multiple buyers are offering, which our process is designed

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Stage 2

Stage 3

List your home on property websites

In-person viewings

Instruct solicitors

We’ll list your professional photos

Only the most interested buyers are

Instruct a solicitor as soon as possible

and 3D tour on Rightmove,

taken over your threshold, keeping

so that the memorandum of sale can

Zoopla, and Primelocation.

disruption to a minimum.

be issued and your sale is agreed.

New Listing Alerts

Buyer feedback

Buyer Information Pack

We’ll promote your home to our

Understanding how your buyers feel,

Your buyer information pack will be

database of buyers and through

their concerns and their excitement

sent to your conveyancing solicitor as

carefully curated social media content.

is key to negotiating offers.

soon as the sale is agreed reducing the

Stage 1

Evaluate and negotiate offers

Enquiries and getting to know your buyers We’ll take the time with your potential

The best possible news! You

Buyer reservation agreement

have offers from one or more

You can choose to enter into a legally

of your potential buyers.

binding agreement with the buyer to

buyers to understand their situation,

Best, final & accepting offers

what home they are looking for, and

The best offer may not be the most

to qualify them to view your home.

money, you also need to consider

Host guided virtual pre-viewings If qualified, we’ll guide them through a personal 3D tour of your home.

www.knockknockhomes.co.uk • 03333 050150

process by two weeks on average.

the buyers financial position and the likelihood of completing the sale within your timeframe.

secure commitment. This reduces the risk of gazumping and gazundering.







Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 7

Memorandum of sale

Exchange of contracts (receive deposit)

Completing your sale

This document contains all parties

This is when you become legally

Completion is when the property

contact details, a summary of the

committed to selling your home, and

changes ownership, you receive

chain and any other parties involved.

the buyer is legally committed to

the money, and hand over

buying it. Your solicitor will receive

the keys. You’ve done it!

Negotiate draft contracts You’ll need to agree a completion date. You’ll also need to decide what fixtures and fittings are to be included and how much the buyer will pay for them.

the deposit from the buyer.

Stage 6 Decide on your move date You can move out whenever you

Pay off the mortgage If you’re not porting your mortgage to a new home your conveyancing solicitor will now pay your mortgage company the redemption figure.

Local Authority Searches

would like to, even on the day of

The buyers conveyancing solicitor

completion, but it may be less

Settle up with conveyancing

will order searches to check on

stressful to move out beforehand.

solicitor and agent

risk of flooding, future building plans, current planning issues, and environmental concerns.

Your home needs to be left in the condition agreed in the contracts and the buyer may want to come round to check everything is in place.

Your conveyancing solicitor will send you an account detailing all costs and disbursements.

Home moving gift You’ll receive a gift from us to congratulate you for completing the sale of your home.

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An estate agent that truly moves you.

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