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New Year. New you? Don’t get overwhelmed by gurus shouting advice on becoming a new you. Keep it simple with these top tips. Start the day with a healthy breakfast or brunch.

Try Bills or Boston Tea Party in Crowngate for great menu choices. Go mocktail not cocktail for Dry January. See page 6 for our exclusive mocktail recipe. Take a walk at lunchtime, even for 20 minutes. The health benefits are huge plus you’ll be clear headed all afternoon! Breathe – deep breaths do wonders for your body and it’s proven that most of us don’t breathe properly. Visit the City Sanctuary on Foregate Street for more techniques.

Get Involved To find out about how you could get involved with our next issue pleaese call the Worcester BID team on 01905 731612 or email Contributors Sam Murphy and Caroline Leah Design by 773 Creative 3

Kickstart a healthy year January health kick? Extreme detox? The latest celebrity diet? Stop right here and assess your current health before you jump in. Kickstart your health MOT with advice from nutritionist Alex from Revital in Worcester. BMI (Body mass index) Your BMI can serve as a useful indicator as to whether you are within a healthy weight range. This useful number is calculated using your weight and height — there are many free on-line calculators available nowadays, and they will often also take into consideration your age, gender and level of fitness. Blood Pressure High blood pressure affects around 16 million people in the UK, and that number is rising. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for stroke, heart attack, heart failure and kidney disease, and around a third of sufferers don’t even know that they have it. 4

5 a day If I asked you how many portions of fruit and vegetables you are supposed to consume in a day, the chances are that you would say 5. Be honest though… do you do really get your 5 a day every day? You do know that ketchup doesn’t count, right? And neither do fruit pastilles. Sorry folks! Bowel movements Don’t be embarrassed, we all do it! If your digestion is not working optimally it will have a detrimental effect on all other aspects of your health — even if you’re eating a ‘perfect diet’, you may not be able to absorb the vital nutrients from those foods.

Hydration Never overstate the health importance of ensuring that you’re adequately hydrated! Low energy, mental cloudiness, muscle weakness, headaches, dizziness, palpitations — all of these things can result simply from not drinking enough water. Exercise Every year, polls show that our most popular New Year’s resolutions include exercising more (and losing weight) but, despite its many proven benefits, exercise is the one part of a healthy lifestyle that many of us seem to struggle with. With so many different options out there though, it’s simply a case of finding the best solution for you. Let’s get moving!

For further advice, visit Revital at 49 The Shambles, Worcester.

Good deed de-cluttering

St Richard’s Hospice Store and Snowdrops Book Shop and Café St Richard’s flagship store offers two floors for shoppers – clothing on the ground floor and a bookshop and café upstairs. 13/14 St Swithins Street T: 01905 616353 Headway This local independent charity supports people who are living with acquired brain injury in Worcestershire. 6 St Swithins Street T: 01905 729 729

January is a great time to declutter your home – out with the old as the saying goes! But don’t just throw: give a thought to the Worcester charities that could benefit from the items you no longer want; selling them on to give your unwanted possessions a new home – and raising much needed funds in the process.

Age UK Furniture donations are welcomed. Call to arrange either drop off or collection of larger items. Please note chairs or beds without their original fire stickers cannot be accepted. 12 Mealcheapen Street T: 01905 724294

Acorns Welcomes donations of good quality children’s toys, books and nursery equipment as well as adult clothing and bric-a-brac. Bring a Bag collection scheme for workplaces too. 17 Mealcheapen Street T: 01905 619 677 Birch Hill Dog Rescue Urgently requesting any unwanted items. Drop-off parking available at the back of the shop. Unit 12, Reindeer Court T: 01905 611118

Editor’s pick Phoebe says it’s well worth a read of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever. The book by Marie Kondo, £7.99 is available from Waterstones, The Shambles, Worcester.

For further charity shops visit 5


UP Arran Arogundade General Manager at Fitness4less in Cathedral Square shares his top 10 tips for getting and staying in shape in 2018.


1. Consistency I believe this is crucial as although we want to see instant results. We often won’t notice the small changes day by day. After 4-6 weeks you will hopefully notice a great difference and after 12 weeks of consistency you will achieve your results if dedicated. 2. You are not what you eat but it does have a huge effect on your goals! You always want to go for something that has VERY low or NO sugar. Just by doing this you will see a huge difference. P.s very low means less than a gram. 3. Enjoy your training! This is crucial to keeping up your routine and your training. If you enjoy training in a class environment then try a few classes to find out what you like and aim to push yourself further and further each week.

4. Make a realistic goal If you are currently training zero times a week do not aim for everyday or even 5 times a week. Make it realistic so it can fit around your life/schedule.

5. Mix it up If you are looking for a training split 3 times a week try chest/ shoulders/triceps, back/ biceps & legs/abs. You can split it up over two days upper and lower body.

6. Don’t be scared to push yourself! It is amazing what you can achieve if you push yourself a little more each time. The limits are mainly in your head. Always be safe and careful.

9. Eating out! Believe it or not there is always a healthier option. Yes it is nice to treat yourself but only if you have really earnt it. I recommend you aim for no more than twice a week.

7. Nutrition is important for weight loss, muscle growth, repair and energy. Don’t miss meals as that won’t get you results, just make healthier choices. Find something healthy and enjoyable, make it a change for good rather than a diet.

10. Don’t be afraid to google or search on social media eg Instagram. There is so much great information and motivation out there to learn and guide you as well as keeping you motivated.

8. Smart watches and calorie counters! These are a great way to set a daily goal. I think it is so important to do cardio every day, which could be going for a walk, jog, a class or perhaps some HIIT training

My recommendations for instagram: For women follow @MichelleLewin @Itsalwayshana @karinaelle For men follow me @arranaro @andreideiu_ @coacheugeneteo


STAY WITH ME A change is as good as a rest so why not book a staycation in Worcester?


THE CARDINAL’S HAT As featured recently in Channel Four’s Four in a Bed, the Cardinal’s Hat’s Georgian rooms are steeped in history with contemporary, stylish touches and a highly rated breakfast. This is Worcester’s oldest pub, in the heart of the city’s historic Friar Street. 31 Friar St, Worcester WR1 2NA



BROWNS These boutique rooms will draw you in with their luxury style and attention to detail. There are 11 rooms to choose from, each individually styled just for you, with delicious dining just downstairs. 24 Quay St, Worcester WR1 2JN





THE WHITE HOUSE HOTEL Pampering is the order of the day for this staycation. Lose yourself in relaxation with the range of beauty and massage treatments available to book during your stay. Foregate St, Worcester WR1 1EA





DIGLIS HOUSE HOTEL Located right on the banks of the River Severn, the Diglis offers beautiful accommodation and food with the perfect setting for long, lazy walks along the scenic river bank paths. Severn St, Worcester, WR1 2ND



Slave to the screen? Time for a detox From smartphones to sat navs, our lives are full of screens. The average person checks their phone 200 times a day, once every six and a half minutes. It’s perhaps unsurprising that experts are warning about damage to our health as a result of constant screen time. Most of this is down to bad habits … checking the phone at 7am anyone? These digital detox ideas are easy ways to step away from the screen. Page turner It’s a fact: reading books, fact or fiction will give you the same thrills (and more) than a screen. Visit The Hive to borrow some free books or look up one of the many city book clubs.


Culture club By putting the screens down, you’ll buy yourself extra hours in the day, giving you the chance to learn more about the history around you. Visit Worcester’s stunning cathedral, considered by experts as one of the most interesting in the country: absorb more about King John’s tomb and climb the steps to the top of the tower.

Clear your mind Ensure your mind stays tech free with a soothing massage or treatment at City Sanctuary on Foregate St. Retrain your brain with hypnotherapy and NLP or soothe your soul with an aromatherapy or therapeutic massage. Undo the screen squint with a natural face lift massage.

Bite size Join Museums Worcestershire’s curators on the 2nd Tuesday of each month for a series of talks about the collections and exhibitions at the Art Gallery & Museum.

Lunch hour Don’t stay at your desk, sandwich in hand, scrolling through Facebook. Instead, take a walk outside for 40 minutes. If you are in the city centre, the walk along the river path, over the new bridge and back down to the main city bridge is a good lunchtime route.

Talks are 30 minutes, starting at 1pm and cost just £3 per person. Tickets can be booked at the Art Gallery desk or by calling 01905 25371.

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What’s in Anja’s handbag? Award winning Worcester jeweller Anja Potze from Anja Potze Fine Jewellery in Friar Street is known for her glamour and style. Always on the go and busy, Anja’s bag goes everywhere with her! But what does a jeweller carry around? Anja gives us a peek inside…

Handbag and matching purse, Louis Vuitton – roomy and stylish from Emporio. Hand cream from Infinity. A favourite family photo – always in her handbag! Umberto Giannini Super Model Shape Flawless Hold Styling Spray. For on the move touch ups. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow, House of Fraser in Crowngate. A Chase Bow Tie from Friar Street Kitchen. A gift card from Pockets in Friar Street – a thoughtful choice for a friend’s birthday.


S E I B B HO 2018

re i p s n i to

Inspired by Masterchef

Stretch – mind and body

and Bake off? Cookmate in Broad Street is running a series of cooking courses in 2018. Like their page on Facebook (search Cookmate Worcester) for updates on type of course and dates.

Stretch your body and extend your mind with yoga classes at The Zen Shed on New Street. Try their hot yoga class for greater flexibility, supporting weight loss and relaxation.


If one of your New Year resolutions is to uncover your hidden skills and passions, look no further than Worcester city centre to achieve your goal.

Girls’ night out Bring the girls and get

ready for a glam night out. Visit Cathedral Plaza for cocktails (and mocktails) in All Bar One and Cosy Club. Or savour the delicious wine list in Bottles on New Street over a catch up.

Parlez-vous Fancy learning a new

language. Parlons francais, hablmos Espanol and sprechen uns ein bisschen Deutsch! Check out the part time courses on offer at Heart of Worcestershire College and get the grey matter going full force!

Going dry? Still want a social life but off the band wagon? try this recipe by the team at Primo. THE Primo Pomegranate Fizz This mocktail is a blend of fresh pomegranate seeds and zesty lemon mixed with high quality pomegranate juice and top up with Fever Tree tonic water. Make at home: Use a tall, hurricane glass. Mix fresh pomegranate seeds and 12.5 ml lemon juice, pour pomegranate juice to half way and top up with the tonic water. Add a slice of pomegranate on the side of the glass for decoration. Put half an ice cube in first. Top up after it up with crushed ice. Enjoy! Feeling the mocktail scene? Check out these other great alternatives; Boleros - Bolero Crush, The Old Rectifying House - All Tea, No G, Cosy Club - St Clements.


From shorts and rugby boots to espressos and cakes…. Sam Smith has changed his game from professional rugby player with Worcester Warriors to owner of the coffee shop Wayland’s Yard at 6 Foregate Street. What’s the ‘proper’ way to kick off a new year? My best New Year’s Eves have always been spent with friends enjoying some decent food and a few beers at someone’s house. New Year’s Day is definitely all about a proper hangover-curing brunch and laughing about all the stupid stuff you got up to the night before.


Can you tell us your New Year resolution? I’m never one to set a New Year resolution, but I’m always trying to improve my work/life balance. So, 2018 will be full of coffee making and putting smiles on our customers’ faces. It will also be about me finding a bit more time to spend with my friends and go mountain biking! Do you miss playing professional rugby? There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about playing rugby. Even though it has been more than a year since I retired, I still really miss the excitement and adrenaline of game day and being around the boys. I don’t think this will ever change. But, I am super lucky to be involved with Wayland’s Yard – I absolutely love getting up everyday to work with our amazing (and slightly wacky!) team and provide what I hope is a home from home to the people of Worcester. To have a business that I feel this passionately about is incredible and I couldn’t be more excited about what is to come over the next few years.

what’s in your cup? It really depends on the time of day and my mood. I absolutely love filter coffee made on a V60 or in an Aeropress: these methods really highlight the flavour profile of the coffee. But, I also love a punchy, fruity espresso or smooth flat white. Avocado: lover or hater? Lover, apart from their cost! What was your go-to meal when you were training for Warriors? The night before every game I would cook a huge spaghetti Bolognese to fuel up and then I would eat the leftovers for my pre-match meal.

What does wellbeing mean to you? Wellbeing to me means being aware of yourself and constantly checking in on what you need to feel content. Everyone does this in different ways, but to me it’s working out if I need to go spend the day on a 20 mile mountain bike with my dog, go out for drinks with friends or cook a decent meal and stay home with my girlfriend. I also believe that to be content you constantly need to grow as a person and push yourself. I don’t know what this looks like for others, but I know the ways in which I am trying to push myself and grow and that’s what is important – it’s a personal thing.


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An independent boutique and beauty salon run by sisters who love all things special and unique.

Crowngate Shopping Centre, Friary Walk and Chapel Walk at Crowngate. Two shopping areas, offering everything you could possibly need, situated in Worcester City Centre.

Boutique jeweller based in Friar Street, Worcester, specialising in precious metals, stones and diamond jewellery.


Worcester’s oldest inn. Food, drink and boutique accommodation and traditional pub culture at its best. @Tonicworc

Exciting yet easy, designed around drinking in great times, with great friends. 18


Proper coffee. Proper food. @Goodlifebarbering

Barbershop and grooming products.


Riverside Restaurant and stylish luxury boutique rooms. @Fitness4lessuk

Keep fit & healthy with great classes, personal

trainers, pools and saunas.

The escape

Shirt £395, Jacket £1015, Jeans £149, Holdall £1350 The Cardinal’s Hat


Shirt £125, Blazer £595, Jeans £149, Shoes £199, Pocket Square £49 Friar St.

39 Friar St, Worcester WR1 2NA




Street Ranger James is out and about in Worcester every day. He is here to help! James has been delighted to meet and welcome new friends into the city giving more unique ways to shop, eat and play. The Summer treated us to the much-anticipated Cathedral Square blossoming into a landmark location with plentiful new eateries in a stylish setting. The Oil Basin Brewhouse is a tremendous addition to Copenhagen Street with their own Wintrip Brew Co. In Worcester we love to celebrate our musicians, Paradiddles on Sidbury is a cool and quirky café bar venue which also serves as a soundproofed 20

rehearsal space. Al Dente is a pasta bar in Market Hall. Crumpets and Coffee is an independent café offering high quality ingredients.

82% of SHOPPERs would actively shop in independents It’s not just Worcester’s eateries that are growing in numbers. The city has welcomed some fantastic retailers including Sundance Fairtrade in Chapel Walk, Pavers on the Shambles, Arrange My Escape on Mealcheapen Street,

Trail Finders on the High Street, Phone Gadget and A Write Card on Broad Street. CEX is looking good at its new store on The Shambles. New Street has recently welcomed The Zen Shed: Worcestershire’s first dedicated hot yoga studio offering various yoga styles in an unparalleled relaxing environment.

67% of SHOPPERs eat and drink in Worcester at least once a month, with more than half eating or drinking out at least fortnightly. Worcester is always evolving and there hasn’t been a more exciting time for our city centre. Our numbers are always growing as we continue to welcome new businesses both large and small.

Infinity Beauty

Q: I’ve noticed that the cold weather is playing havoc with my skin. It’s going dry and flaky. Please can you give me advice on how to soothe my sore skin?

Many people experience changes in their skin over the Winter months, resulting from cold,dry air and central heating. The first thing to do is invest in a good exfoliator to eliminate dry, dead skin cells, allowing the application of further products to work more efficiently. We would recommend Espa Pro cleanser- a nourishing, hydrating mask incorporating jojoba beads for gentle exfoliation. If you have a favourite moisturiser but feel you need more hydration opt for a serum or oil to really nourish the skin, applied under your regular moisturiser. For the winter months I would use the Espa Replenishing serum, a few drops is all you need. Book in a Hydrating Facial or if skin particularly sensitive our De-Sensitizer Facial both help to really nourish, sooth and protect your skin. Having a facial increases the circulation and promotes the absorption of products. Our facials cost £50 for a 1hour treatment. A:

We’ve taken your questions to the streets of worcester for our pros to provide the advice and support.



Q: My throat is really sore at the moment, and I can’t seem to shift it. Can you advise me?

Sore throats are common, but their symptoms can be very unpleasant. Keep hydrated by drinking lots of cold or lukewarm still drinks and choose your food carefully by eating soft, cool foods that won’t hurt your throat, avoiding hot drinks. Adults can gargle warm, salty water to help soothe a sore throat and should avoid smoking or smoky places. A:


Q: What is a good hand cream for the colder months? I try to wear hand cream all year round but I really need it in the Winter.

The iconic L’Occitaine shea butter hand cream is recommended. It repairs, nourishes and protects your hands. Keep a small tube in your handbag (£8.00 30ml) and the larger one (£20.00 150ml) by your bed! A:

Wicked HAIR

Q: My hair reacts horribly to the slightest bit of damp in the air, so at this time of year, my hair keeps going frizzy! Please help!


Everyone hates frizz and this is

definitely the most challenging time of year for treating it. The slightest bit of rain, damp or even coming in

from the cold into a centrally heated house can cause it. Your best form

of attack is to use specialist products that are designed to tame frizz and

smooth. They do this by adding the

right sort of moisture. Try out a few different products to see which best

suits your hair type. We recommend

Redken’s Frizz Dismiss shampoo

without creating bulk. For example,

Finish with L’Anza Healing Smooth

knee teamed with skinny jeans or

£15.50 and conditioning mask £16.50. Smoother Straightening Balm

£23.50 Use a five pence piece blob

of product and warm it through your hands before distributing it evenly through your hair. Salon products

tend to be very concentrated so you need to use far less of the product.

House of Fraser

Q: I find Winter dressing a real challenge keeping warm but looking sleek and stylish. Please can you help? A:

Play around with proportion and

textures so that you can layer up

a coat that falls just below the

leggings gives a great silhouette. A slim fitting polo neck under a

slightly chunkier knit is also a great key look this year. Accessories will

also be your best friend for warmth and style! Heat escapes through

our head so a cute beanie is both

practical and stylish. There are some great embellished ones around this season. Play around with colours

and prints when it comes to your

scarf. This can be a real statement piece to your outfit. Gloves are a

must, woollen or leather, and pull

the look together by teaming the colour with that in your hat.


A day in the life of… a fashion buyer Sisters Jenny Plant and Claire Wright own Stripes Fashion & Beauty on The Foregate. Buying ahead is a vital part of their job, long before we see the items on their rails in-store.

9.00 am We catch a train to London and grab breakfast en route as we look through trend forecasts and previous season’s brand and product performances. We discuss the direction we want to take the store in, our budget for each brand and what we hope we will see at the showrooms.

We visit London showrooms twice in any season to view our brands’ collections with their UK sales team. We also visit a number of trade fairs all over the UK and abroad each year to source new and unique products and for inspiration. We buy our collections six months before they are delivered to store so it’s important to spot emerging trends and trade shows are great way of viewing lots of collections in one day. Our favourite shows are

in Copenhagen and Paris as there are usually lots of interesting upand-coming labels there. The job of being a fashion buyer is challenging but we love the fact that every season we are able to start afresh and re-think our collections. Buying requires a lot of time looking at product spreadsheets and sellthrough figures and a little bit of guesswork but it is a wonderful job and as sisters working together we have a lot of fun! 10.30 am We arrive in London and head to our first appointment – the showrooms are located all over London and vary in size from one sales agent in a single label showroom to huge, multilabel showrooms. We look through many rails of clothing, view lookbooks and brand presentations and view key pieces and bestselling items on a model. We can then quickly edit the collection into a capsule that will suit our Stripes’ customers. We work from samples, lookbooks and colour cards to create a collection

that is balanced in terms of product type and colour/texture. We have to consider the products, shapes and colours that have sold well for us in the past whilst still keeping an open mind about new styles that could be considered more risky and will challenge our customers.

7.30 pm We catch the train home and go through order spreadsheets and photographs on the train with the items still fresh in our minds.

2.00 pm Each item is photographed back and front, and cost prices and fabric options are put into a spreadsheet to review later to ensure we don’t have any cross-over items and to try to keep within our budget (always the hardest part because we want it all!) We visit between four and six brands in one day depending upon the size of the collections, working through lunch and dinner!

9.00 pm We arrive home exhausted but hopefully confident in the collections we have bought and definitely very inspired by what we have seen!

What looks will we be rocking over the coming few months? The style experts at Stripes give us their insider look. For the Spring Summer 2018 season it’s all about having fun with fashion. The trends have been a little serious over the last few seasons - but now the tides have changed and we’re making way for feel good fashion. For SS18 we have seen an array of bright colours, quirky motifs, embellishment and embroidery from our brands. We are ready to bring a rainbow of colours into our wardrobes and will be welcoming in the new season with a sense of fun and frivolity. Earn your fashion stripes 1. Colourbomb – Crayola brights 2. Extra texture and embellishment 3. R  aw dark denim – great for all those colours 4. Feminine Sheer fabrics 5. Reworked classics – the trench, the pencil skirt and the slip dress


WELLBEING IN THE COMMUNITY New accessibility checker for disabled residents and visitors in Worcester A new online access project for Worcester has been planned to provide in-depth access information for 400 venues accessible to the public.

Worcester City Council and DisabledGo are working together to create a new accessibility checker for residents and visitors to the city so they can find out about the accessibility of places they would like to visit. All sorts of places are included, restaurants, shops, leisure centres, parks, theatres, libraries, museums, supermarkets, hotels – this list goes on! Crucially, each place featured on has been personally visited and assessed by one of DisabledGo’s surveyors to ensure accurate, detailed information is collected.

DisabledGo is a social enterprise working across the UK to tackle social isolation and inequality by providing better information. It was founded by wheelchair user Dr Gregory Burke in response to his frustration about the lack of information for disabled people trying to access new places. DisabledGo’s website aims to answer everyone’s questions about the accessibility of places they need to visit. It has been developed by the disabled people who use it, reflecting the needs of people with a wide range of impairments. DisabledGo’s surveying team will be assessing and producing information for Worcester in January 2018 and the information is due to go live in spring 2018. If you are interested in finding out more about the project, please contact us on 01438 842710 or

Seriously… laughter yoga? We all recognise how great we feel after a really good belly laugh. Now you can learn to laugh out loud for no reason, right here in Worcester city centre with laughter yoga classes at Feel Beautiful Inside and Out in The Shambles. No joke. Students practice yogic-style breathing exercises and stretches in between the laughing exercises which help to stimulate the diaphragm to create laughter. Through increased oxygenation and the release of endorphins (even when the laughter is effectively fake) the results can include increased energy, improved health and vibrancy and can work brilliantly for workplace wellbeing as well as for individual health. Find out more at or on flaughteryogaworcs

New Year, New You! See What’s On at The Hive. Brighten up those long winter days by visiting The Hive for inspiration, relaxation and a chance to explore new experiences in the iconic gold building. If you are looking for something new to try, there are classes in meditation, creative writing and all sorts of other activities including crafts for adults and children. The lovely children’s library offers spaces to play, read, learn and snuggle up in the cushioned windows. For entertainment in the evenings and at weekends, there is a full programme of theatre and dance performances, film, authors, talks and exhibitions. If you want to be more active, health walks take place every Wednesday leaving from the front door. The grounds also offer much to discover – ask for a leaflet that tells you all about the planting scheme, there is even a mini-Black Pear orchard and the Story Island

Ever fancied knowing what it is like to work at The Hive? They are always looking for volunteers in both the library and Archive and Archaeology Service; a chance to meet people, learn more about the wonderful county and provide really useful support for the teams and customers. If you would like to learn more, contact them via the website and sign up to receive regular updates on what The Hive has to offer. You can also follow us on fTheHiveWorcs and lTheHiveWorcs.

doubles up as a bat cave!


FINANCIAL PLANNING TIPS PRE 6 APRIL 2018 The following points offer a quick selection of ideas to reduce your tax bill. Your particular circumstances should always be considered before making a decision, says Tax Partner Chris Walklett of Worcesterbased advisers, Bishop Fleming. If your income exceeds £150,000 it is taxed at 45%. And income between £100,000 and £123,000 is taxed at 60% due to the gradual withdrawal of your personal allowance. Pension contributions and Gift Aid can help to reduce your income to save tax.  arried couple’s allowance: Where M the opportunity exists, consider transferring 10% of your personal allowance to your spouse/civil partner, or vice-a-versa, to save tax. Consider also gifting incomeproducing assets between you and your spouse/civil partner to lower your tax bill. Such transfers must be outright gifts without conditions.


 ividends: you may be able to D benefit from the annual £5,000 tax free dividend allowance, so make sure you use it before 5 April 2018 where possible. Consider also transferring shares to your spouse and other adult family members to maximise this relief. The allowance reduces to just £2,000 from 6 April 2018. I SAs: Consider making use of the maximum annual investment of £20,000. Consider also investing up to £4,128 in a Junior ISA for a child under 18.  apital gains tax (CGT): You are C entitled to an annual CGT allowance (£11,300 for 2017/18). If this has not already been used, consider disposing of assets that could soak this up.

I nheritance Tax (IHT): Make sure you have used your annual exemptions. The general annual exemption is £3,000 (plus last year’s £3,000 exemption if you did not use it). Also consider making regular gifts out of your income to minimise the growth of your estate that will be liable to IHT.

Depending on your circumstances, there may be other tax planning opportunities, such as tax incentives of up to 50% for investing in companies so please contact Chris on 01905 732100 or

WHAT’S ON The Hive

There is so much to see and do in Worcester but here is a small selection of great events coming up...

Hands on Archaeology MON 19 FEB, 11AM-3PM Get up close to see and handle history with a range of activities for adults and children using documents and objects from our collections. £6, booking required. Civil War in the Archives and Archaeology – Behind the Scenes Tour SAT 24 FEB, 2PM-3.30PM Come with us behind the scenes to find out about the Civil War through historic documents in our archives, and through archaeological discoveries. £6.

The Commandery Living History at The Commandery SAT 17–SUN 18 FEB, 10AM-5PM Experience 2000 years of history come to life, from Vikings to Victorians, with a weekend of living history encampments, military displays, vintage vehicles and more.

Greyfriars’ House & Garden Living History at Greyfriars’ SAT 17–SUN 18 FEB 11AM-3.30PM Join us as re-enactors bring the Greyfriar’s to life. Meet characters spanning 400 years of history. A lens on History at Greyfriars’ FRI 23 FEB, 11AM-3.30PM Become a historian, and explore the history of Greyfriars through your own lens.

The Infirmary, City Campus Bones, bricks and buildings TUE 20 FEB, 11AM & 1PM FRI 23 FEB, 11AM & 1PM Do you love buildings? Take an architecture tour of Worcester Business School. Spot the Georgian and Victorian features and learn of discoveries below the ground! Free with booking required at

The Infirmary, St John’s Campus A heart dissection WED 21 FEB 11AM & 1PM During love and infatuation the heart gets the blame. What is a heart? How does it function? Dissect a pig heart to find out more! Free with booking required at Suitable ages 6+ with adults.


The Guildhall Crafty Crowns & Coats of Arms TUE 20 FEB, 11AM-3PM Make a fabulous jewel encrusted crown, create a majestic coat of arms, decorate a shield and make your mark with your own royal wax seal. SAT 17 FEB, 2PM-3PM Talk about the Battle of the Atlantichow the allies won. Tickets £5 or £8 for the two talks. Booking essential 01905 732902.

St Martin’s in the Cornmarket Pop Up and Pop In SAT 17–SUN 25 FEB 9AM-1PM Pop in and enjoy a self-guided tour or join us for a Pop Up event during the Festival. Visit our website for details.

Tudor House Museum

St Swithun’s Church

Villainous Victorians FEB 14-15, 17-18, 21-22, 24-25, 10AM-4PM Oh, those wicked Victorians and their villainous ways! Learn more about their bad habits and naughty deeds with our activities.

We Love the Georgians THU 22 FEB, 11AM-3PM Discover Georgian life – try on Georgian hats, play with Georgian toys and make a miniature keepsake to take home. Free activities.

Re-enactor Weekend SAT 17–SUN 18 FEB, 10AM-4PM The Ragged Victorians take over the museum this weekend, bringing the 19th Century to bawdy, colourful life.

Tourist Information Centre Love Worcester Trail WED 14–SUN 25 FEB Pick up a free Love Worcester Trail from the Tourist Information Centre. Complete for your chance to win a prize.

Art Gallery &Museum Love Worcester’s greatest artist SAT 17 FEB, 2PM-4PM Join us for music and poetry at the opening of Benjamin Williams Leader: Blest by the Suns of Home, as we bring together some of Leader’s most significant works in this landmark exhibition. Exhibition continues until 2nd June. Free entry. Make a mini Worcester MON 19 FEB, 11AM-3PM Drop in and create your favourite part of our lovely City. What will yours be? £2 per person for materials. Love the Museum after Hours FRI 23 FEB, 5.30PM-8PM Explore the Museum after hours, with music, cocktails and our famous mystery museums objects quiz – Free entry.

Worcester Cathedral Self-guided Love Themed Audio Tour SAT 17–SAT 24 FEB, 10AM-4.30PM, EXC SUN 18 Discover the interesting love stories connected to the Cathedral through a self-guided audio tour. £5 refundable deposit to be paid at shop. Last pick up of tour, 3.30pm. A Cathedral Turned Upside Down SAT 17–SUN 25 FEB 9AM-4.30PM (MON–SAT); 12.30PM-3.30PM (SUN) Enter the Cathedral and download a fascinating trail telling the story of Worcester Cathedral during the English Civil War. For young people and adults. Love getting Messy WED 21–THU 22 FEB, 10.30AM12.30PM & 2PM-4PM Drop-in Messy Church workshops for families, focusing on much loved bible characters and stories. Free activities for children.

In our next issue… Our next April-June 2018 issue is all about food. Pick up your copy for details on Worcester’s Gin Festival, Foodie Festival and Ale Trail.

Editor Pick A walk along the river from Worcester Cathedral, stopping for a coffee in the Diglis House Hotel overlooking the river, then a visit to the Worcester Museum & Art Gallery to enjoy their latest exhibition, before popping to Bolero Bar for brunch.


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Issue 1 issuu  
Issue 1 issuu  

Welcome to the first edition of the Worcester BID magazine. This is our health and wellbeing themed issue, looking at ways to keep us happy...