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Twilight Saga

Breaking dawn part 2 - The End After the long awaited arrival of the final Twilight film, it’s finally came with a bang. With the opening weekend, the finale has topped the box office with a record breaking £15,850,825! After the premiere hit London the 14th of November, fans were buying tickets left, right and centre to see the film as soon as possible, many of the screenings were sold out. This was to be the best Twilight film to date. The viewers were in for a treat as the film went exactly by the much loved book. Containing mostly every detail and portraying it as well they could on screen. But fans were in for a shock when a surprise twist had been planned in order to spice up the ending. Within the trailer, we see ‘the great fight’ which is something the book does not include. Viewers were left shocked and heartbroken as the fight scene commenced, killing off some of the biggest stars, both villain and hero, vampire and werewolf. But all came round full circle as it was all just a premonition from Alice, the vampire who can see into the future. This leaving viewers satisfied and excitable that the ending went

back to the original. At the premiere, the stars looked stunning as they answered interviews and posed for photographs. Taylor Lautner who plays werewolf charactor Jacob Black said “I just hope the fans are happy with the ending to the franchise because this isn’t only the end to one of the movies, it’s everything. I think they will be. Everyone did a good job of summing this one up. it ends very well”.

Robert Patterson who plays the gorgeous vampire Edward Cullen, said “I hope they like it, in very simple terms. I hope it feels like it kinda respects them aswell, because I think in a lot of ways that’s what we were thinking when we were making it”. Obviously wanting this film to top previous films of the saga, giving it a great send off for the fans, like they deserve. And from the social networking site, Twitter, we can tell fans definitely were not! Fans worldwide took to Twitter and Facebook revealing their shock and delight with Twilights final twist. @shewiIIbeloved “Can I please just have #BreakingDawnPart2 on DVD already?”



NG !

@abbiewarren “makes me so sad knowing that was the last Twilight:( amazing film! #breakingdawnpart2”

The cast love it, the fans love it and even the critics love it. Everyone seems to have caught the Twilight bug. But what about the woman who started it all off? Stephanie Meyer has also been through this incredable journey, watching her novels come to life and each and every movie being a box office smash hit. At the end of an era, this is what she had to say, “It seems like a really long time, it doesn’t seem to have flown by at all. When they ssy, you know, it’s only been 5 years since we started doing Twilight, it’s like ‘really?’ because it feels like a solid decade. And another decade to when I starting writing, things have changed so much. My kids have grown up, I’ve moved,. It just doesn’t feel like they same life in a lot of ways but it’s still kind of shocking when you get to this part.” Could this be the bittersweet ending to the whole of Twilight? Well when Stephanie Meyer was asked if there were any more Twilight films to come, she said “the doors not all the way closed, so yeah maybe in 10 years time.” So Twilight fans, there is still hope!

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 review  

For Chris Brennen

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