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Kill Them All Magazine

Photographers: AJ Catholdi

Strictly east coast skateboarding.

Cover: Andrew Rebelo. Backside Lipslide. Photo: Catholdi

Skateboarding still is The Fountain Of Youth

Zack Gentes. Fronstside Rock.

Photo: Catholdi

There’s a hand full of dudes around here that are just on another level of skateboarding. You’re looking at one of them. Justin Healey. Frontside Nosegrind. Photos: Catholdi

Peter Croteau. Wallride Nollie.

Photo: Catholdi

Photos: Catholdi

Juan Montoya. Ollie.

Found these old Photos of this dude today. Someone needs to get this fool out again.

Jay Poirier. Nollie.

Photo: Catholdi

Justin Healey. Ollie.

Justin Healey. Warm up Hardflip.

Photos: Catholdi

Tyler Gorman. Ollie.

Photo: Catholdi

Top Three.

Every issue there’s going to be a small article about a local’s favorite shit. I think you can guess who’s going to be kicking off the first one. Jay Poieir. 5-0. Photo: Catholdi

Top three east coast pros:


Local rippers:

Local videos:

1. Reynolds 2. Fred Gall 3. Donny

1. Jeff Poieir 2. AJ Catholdi 3. Jake Littlefield

1. No Comply 2. Fakie Flip 3. Push

1. Another Perfect Job 2. Anchors 3. Any Angle


1. The Garage 2. Granny Banks 3. The pit


1. Subliminal 2. The Projects 3. Norfolk

Benefits of working at Civil:

1. Best shop 2. See all the homies 3. Guido and Rob rip

Reasons why skating on the east coast is better: 1. Shitty ground 2. Seasons 3. You appreciate it more

Why you have the raddest girlfriend:

1. She rips 2. She’s better than yours 3. She knows more about skateboarding than I do..

Photo: Catholdi

Words: Jay poirier

Artwork: Vicky Sardicario She rips way harder than you.

Zack Gentes. Backside Smith. Subliminal Skatepark 590 Lake St #2 Shrewsbury, MA. Photo: Catholdi

Jay Poirier. Backside Feeble.

Photos: Catholdi

Jay Poirier. The quickest set up ollie I’ve ever seen.

Zack Genetes. Half Cab Transfer.

Zack Gentes tears this place apart. Pivot Fakie.

Not only did this fool Back lip the entire quarter for the cover, but after he landed it he looped back and banged this out. Again, across the whole thing. Andrew Rebelo. Backside Tailslide. Photo: Catholdi

I met this dude James that attends RISD, who was doing an art project incorporating skateboarding. These are his skateable sculptures that he invited us to skate.

Jay Poirier. Backside Smith.

Photo: Catholdi

Peter Croteau. Frontside 5-0.

Photos: Catholdi

Nate Dean. Backside Crook.

Jay Poirier. Backside Lipslide Up.

Photo: Catholdi

Jay Poirier. Backside Noseblunt.

Photo: Catholdi

Skate pens and keychains. Made by Steve Duque from recycled decks. Now available at both Civil locations, or contact

Photos: Duque

Kill Them All Magazine. Issue 005.  

Strictly east coast skateboarding.

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