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Media Market Brochure ‘08 Online product development & project management consultancy.

Online product development & project management consultancy

Collaborate, Create & Launch New Products with Confidence. Media Market Group is solely focused on collaborating with publishing and media companies to deliver innovative new products for emerging audiences. We bring fresh ideas, a rich understanding of new media technologies, a passion for developing memorable brands, a commitment to robust project management techniques and the technical expertise to pull it all together on time and on budget.

Further advantages of working with us to develop new products include Flexibility, we’re happy to just come in for an idea’s or brainstorming session to get you kick started OR deliver a full turn-key product ready to launch. Higher Success Rate – Adhering to bestpractice product development techniques from The PDMA (The Product Development Managers Association) is a far safer bet than ad-hoc, in-house project development. Lower Costs – A key part of our philosophy is lean project management, and a commitment to entrepreneurial solutions. New product development does not necessarily have to cost a fortune, outsourcing labour intensive coding and

some IT functions to our trusted partners in India enable us to deliver a new product at a fraction of the cost of developing it in-house. Trusted Partner – We understand Intellectual property privacy and nondisclosure is paramount, after all, we’re a company built on ideas. Our code of ethics has been drafted to ensure all our employees, partners and outsourced service providers adhere to our rigid privacy policy that protects the idea we’ve worked together to develop. Ongoing Support – Once your new product is launched, we’re happy to offer further services, from technical support including upgrades, maintenance, hosting; to marketing and sales support including, developing marketing and sales plans or preparing an exit strategy

Explore Opportunities @ Every Corner.

Media Market is the ideal partner for‌  Publishers; seeking to create innovative new products; capturing and monetising user-generated content; leverage existing products online; developing digital versions of legacy products; and investigating new open access or addriven models.  Newspapers and magazines; looking to develop platforms for two-way communication; capturing and monetizing user-generated content; and building ad-networks that enable new opportunities to deliver highly targeted ads to existing online audiences.

Contact US Web: Email: PH: 1300 133 978 (Aus Only) PH: +61 3 9925 8250 (International)

 Television production companies; wanting to incorporate an online model into their production to engage, interact and receive content from audiences.  Marketing and advertising companies; wanting to develop new and innovative ways to reach consumers online; and to set-up ad-networks delivering highly targeted online advertising in specific verticals, cars/real-estate/jobs etc.


Media Market Brochure Online

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