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We offer a comprehensive Education Management System and a collaborative learning environment for college students to meet all their academic needs right from a phone or web‐browser at a real fast speed using the parallel HUB cyber‐ infrastructure. We have a vision to connect Indians with the best academic infrastructure in the world We are an innovative service that outshines all traditional competitors in the market We have a solid business‐ model with an aim to reach 1 Million students in five years

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At, we have a solution for all your E­learning requirements

A revolution in education

Service Description

The E­Learning sector has been explored by man Some of the companies like eduCOMP solutions, market capitalization on the e­learning market as

At mobHUB we aim to bring the complete expe merging classical teaching with high­tech servic system and collaborative learning environment f research and innovative learning with features lik repository amidst other classical e­learning feature The main services offered by us are:

Virtual Lab On‐demand Laboratory

o Providing virtual access over the network to colleges which can't afford sophisticated experimental equipment


Semantic Search A new and easy way to search

o Fast searching algorithms o Get better search results through text­mining and machine intelligence


ny companies, mostly focusing on K­12 education. , SAP Education, which have had considerable s portal providers.

erience of education to the computer screens by ces. Our comprehensive learning management for college students can be used for facilitating ke course sharing, online meetings and subversion es.

Simulation Tools 2

Developed on parallel Hub� cyber infrastructure

o GUI directly from programming languages o Reduces academic spending on developers by 80% o Privacy and code protection

Citation Manager 4

Networking opportunity to make your life simpler

o Opportunity to network with students and professors all for academic collaborations o Keep a tab on current research developments


Market & Competitors

Our business model

Generating revenue partly from university CMS subscriptions, tool足 store and a major chunk from targeted e足advertising and webinars.

Our target is to get 1 million subscribers by the end of 5th year of operations.Our competitors include present players in the elearning domain education universities and open source infrastructure and cms providers for university education.



Why choose us?

We offer a collaborative environment to connect with the best academic research and courseware in the world


We have low subscription charges and large range of educational tools accessible at 4 times the present available speeds


Customer acquisition strategy We plan to follow a B2B model for our Learning Management System support charging a subscription directly from the university

mobHUB will approach a semester wise operation and maintain strategic partnerships with University Administration, faculty, research staff and content providers in US in order to create competitive barriers




In the first stage of operations, we use academic marketing strategy and advertisement through online academic portals and media.


In subsequent stages, most all of our revenue would be generated through targeted e足advertisements.


We offer classical featues integrated with appropriate unique services for collaborative learning


Our facilities like Virtual Lab and semantic search optimization is not offered by other players in the Indian market


Recognition 1

2 3

Recognized as one of 50 most innovative startups in the world by the Kairos Society

Invited to launch website on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange and launch mobile apps service at the Forbes HQ in New York in the month of February, 2012

Winner, Empressario

Business­Plan competition held during Global Entrepreneurship Summit, 2012


Recieved mentorship from NEN and Srama Mitra on business strategy development

The Team Currently we are a team of 4 co‐founders and five employees, functional at Kharagpur and Kolkata


Piyush Bagaria (Founder, CEO) EC, IIT Kgp


Ankit Munka (Founder, CBDO) CS, Jadavpur University


Rohan Ghosh (Founder, CTO), EC, IIT Kgp


Ajay Viswanathan (Founder, COO) EC, IIT Kgp

Contact us at info(at) Mobile no. 91‐9735550379 Website:

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A description of the services offered by mobHUB

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