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32nd North American Pentecostal Conference

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Lansing Center 333 E.Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI- 48933

Welcome to the 32ndConference (PCNAK 2014)

Dear Pastors, Believers and Friends, Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are few months away from our 32nd Pentecostal Conference of North American Keralites, which will be held at the Lansing Convention Center, the capital city of the great lakes state of Michigan. The preparations for this conference are well underway. The national and local team along with the national executive team and the program committee are working diligently to make this event a great success. Our monthly national prayer (Online prayer) and the Local prayer fellowship with all the churches in Michigan are going well and I see the sense of enthusiasm and excitement in every meetings that I have attended so far. The Ladies coordinator is working very sincerely, and conducting ladies prayer fellowships regularly for the blessings of our conference. I want to thank each and every member of our team, nationally and locally for their genuine effort and

dedication to do everything that they can to make this conference a great success. Our national executive team - the treasurer, secretary and the youth coordinator - is very alert and enthused about the progress of this event so far. We are expecting a great revival and mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in these four days conference starting from July 3-6, 2014. Remembering how we started PCNAK 31 years ago, with few number

of people in the city of Oklahoma, OK, in 1983, the Lord has blessed our community and today the average number of people attending this annual national conference exceed over 8,000. We are expecting a great number of people to attend this year’s conference than any other years. We are blessed to have great anointed men and women of God, who will be ministering at this conference. You can know the details of this conference at our website www. I encourage you to check our website regularly for updates and you can also register for this conference at the website. This is the only Pentecostal conference that all the believers from Kerala can meet under one umbrella of love and fellowship, regardless of the denominational barriers. We all get together for the common goal in mind

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, that is for mutual edification, spiritual fellowship, and to renew the friendship. This is the only platform we share the common good of friendship and godly fellowship as we are one big family of God. Once again I welcome all of you to come and be blessed. If there is anything that we can do, to make your trip to this conference a pleasant experience, please feel free to contact me or any one of our team members for assistance. We assure you that we will do everything possible to make this years conference a great blessing to all of us. Looking forward to meeting with you and seeing you at Lansing . May the Lord bless you and keep you, as you are praying for us, we are also praying for you.

Yours in Christ

Rev. Dr. Rajan George National Convener

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Hcp-a-\-tÊmsS {]hÀ¯n-¡p-hm-\pÅ Xmev ] cyw ssIsIm≠ncn- ¡ p- ¶ Xv {]iw-k-\o-b-am-Wv. sFIy-ambn \n¶v {]hÀ¯n-t¡-≠Xv F´p-sIm≠pw hep-Xmb Imcy-am-Wv. sFIy-X-bps≠-¦nse Bßob \ne-hm-c-apÅ Hcp tIm¬^-d³kv kwPm-X-am-I-bpÅq. hniz-kn-¨-h-cpsS Iq«w GI-lr-Zbhpw GI-a-\Êpw DÅ-h-cm-bn-cp-¶p. (A-t¸m.-{]. 4:32) s]´-t¡mkvXp \mÄ h¶-t¸mÄ FÃm-hcpw Hcp Øe¯v H¶n-¨vIqSnbXp t]mse (A-t¸m.{]. 2:1) s]´-t¡m-kvX-cmb \mw Hcp-an¨v emÂknw-Kn IqSn hcpt¼mÄ henb Bß- s sN- X \yw {]m]n-¡m-\n-S-bm-Ipw. 3 ssZh-al - Xzw shfn-s¸-Sp¶ Imcy]-cn-]m-Sn-IÄ: bYmÀ°-¯n ssZha-lXzw shfn-s¸-Sp-t¼m-gmWv a\pjyÀ¡v cq]m- ´ - c - a p- ≠ m- I p- ¶ - X v . IÀ¯mhv C§s\ ]d-ªp, \o F\n¡v X¶n-«pÅ alXzw Rm³ AhÀ¡v sImSp¯n-cn-¡p-¶p. \o Fs¶ Ab-¨n-cn-¡p¶p F¶pw \o Fs¶ kv t \ln- ¡ p- ¶ - X p- t ]mse Ah-scbpw kvt\ln-¡p¶p F¶pw temIw Adn-hm³, \mw H¶m-bn-cn-¡p(tijw 4 t]Pn-Â)

Warm greetings in the precious and matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On behalf of the National and Local committees, I want to invite you all to the 32nd National conference of PCNAK which will be held at the magnificent world famous Lansing Convention Center ,on July 03 through 06, 2014(Thursday to Sunday). National Team along with Local committees have been working diligently in making this conference memorable. We anticipate a great revival, where many will come to know the Lord, and a mighty out pouring of the Holy Spirit would succeed. By the grace of God, we are privileged to have great men and women of God as our Guest speakers. They will be ministering in various sessions throughout the conference.The Pentecostal Conference of North American Keralites (PCNAK)has become one of the largest gatherings of Malayalees outside of India. This year we are expecting unprecedented participation from both Malayalee and non- Malayalee church members. My only hope and prayer is that all across North America & Canada , the children of God would come together in one unity on July 03 through 06 of 2014 to experience the amazing power of God!

The national prayer coordinator, Rev: Abraham Mathew , already setup a prayer line effective October, 2013, whereby all of us have the opportunity to intercede in prayer. Once again, I invite you, your family and your friends to “PCNAK at Lansing MI “ conference.

Joemon P. Geevarghese, New York National Secretary

The Pentecostal Conference of North American Keralites (PCNAK) carries with it a good heritage of sacrificial and committed people uniting under the same banner, to worship God together in spirit and in truth. The annual assembling of PCNAK goes way beyond being a symbol of cultural identity or a social gathering. This united endeavor of pastors, believers and young people from all Pentecostal denominational and nondenominational backgrounds, joining together for a common purpose in itself is inspiring and encouraging for many individuals and churches. Working with young people has always been my heart, and I am truly humbled by the providential mandate that allowed me to co-shoulder this solemn responsibility and serve you as your National Youth Coordinator. Traveling to different cities in both the United States and Canada and meeting hundreds of people, I have noticed a growing spiritual hunger, especially among our youth, and they are seeking the real, genuine presence of the Lord. I am confident that the next PCNAK will usher in a mighty move of God, and with ample opportunities for divine interventions and spiritual encounters. I believe God is going to ignite and rekindle His Holy Fire at the next PCNAK in Lansing, MI. Please join with me in prayer that it will spread like wildfire to all the Churches in every city in North America. As you know, the theme of our conference is “restore us again” (Lamentations 5:21). May the good Lord revive our Churches, restore our families and relationships as well as renew our personal intimacy with Him. The Executive team is working with the National Representatives and Local Committe to make this conference a great success. We are committed to ensure providing you with an amazing experience at the next conference. Please remember to register early, as well as organize your sports teams ready to participate. I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to come and be part of the 32nd PCNAK at Lansing, MI, from July 3-6, 2014. God bless you, Pastor Jame John, Canada National Youth Coordinator

Late Pr. Oommen Abraham, a visionary, along with a group of believers, started the PCNAK 31 years ago in Oklahoma, a seminal idea that prolonged so successfully so far. He was such a great enthusiast who was able to foresee its significance for many more years to come. PCNAK has more significance now than any other time in the past. Although most church organizations have their own individual family conferences, PCNAK stays as an umbrella organization to bring all Keralite Pentecostal believers in and around North America and Canada under one roof. Most of us are the children and grand children of Pentecostal believers from Kerala and we speak the same language, share the same culture, and believe in the same doctrine. The only difference is we belong to different church denominations. Combining these denominations into one would be ideal, but, as we know, it is practically impossible to do so. Attending everyone’s individual conferences would also be cumbersome and very expensive. This is where PCNAK’s importance comes into play. The opportunity for all of us to come together, without the barriers of denomination, and worship the Lord once a year is a great experience. After all, our final destiny is the same, no matter what denominations we belong. Our children and grand children born and brought up here are not aware nor do they care about many of the denominational barriers that the adults put on them. Most cities have common youth and church activities such as city-wide meetings, monthly meetings, conventions etc. where members of all denominations and churches come together. Our children love to attend these events, especially the city-wide youth programs, rather than be satisfied with their individual church activities. PCNAK is a national common forum for both youth and adults to come together to worship the Lord and renew our friendship and fellowship. Having described the significance of PCNAK, here is an opportunity for all of you who read this article to become part of the upcoming PCNAK. I invite you to the 32nd PCNAK to be held in Lansing, Michigan, from July 3 to 6, 2014. The Local Committee and the National Committee are diligently working to make the 32nd PCNAK an incredible success and we need your prayer and participation to make it happen. The Lansing Convention Center is a beautiful and spacious facility to accommodate thousands of attendees. Along with prayer and participation, financial support is also very important for the success of a large conference such as PCNAK. You can be a part of the 32nd PCNAK by praying for a blessed and debt-free conference. I urge you to register early, consider becoming a sponsor, and contribute generously. May God bless you all. P. G. Varghese, Oklahoma

National Treasurer

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is my pleasure and joy to serve as the Ladies Coordinator of the 32nd PCNAK conference in Lansing, Michigan. I thank and praise God for this tremendous opportunity and give all the glory and honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I welcome all women of God to Michigan for our PCNAK family conference occurring on July 3rd - 6th 2014. Once Jesus asked His beloved disciples to depart to an isolated place and take some rest. Believe that this is a time of relaxation for you and enjoy the presence of God. Our theme is “Restore Us Again” (Lam.5:21). God has never forgotten His people. He will remember us and restore everything that the enemy has stolen from us. My prayer is that God will use us to challenge, inspire and equip you for the greatest task ahead of us. I hope and pray that this conference will be a great blessing for you and your family.


Sis. Annamma Geevarughese, Michigan National Ladies Coordinator


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Pcnak 2014 news letter 30 12 2013 final  

PCNAK 2014 News Letter

Pcnak 2014 news letter 30 12 2013 final  

PCNAK 2014 News Letter