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WELCOME TO Thunderbird passwords recover or change setup info.

Open the email client Thunderbird

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Click on Tools > Options, and switch to Security > Passwords. Click on the Saved Passwords button. This displays list, of saved

that are no longer in use. Those can be deleted by the user by selecting them first and hitting the remove button thereafter. clicking on Show Passwords which you need to confirm when a prompt comes up

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thunderbird help phone number 1-888269-0130 To change passwords, simply select the email account that needs to be changed and click on the Remove button. Next time Thunderbird tries to retrieve emails from removed accounts,

it will prompt for a password for that account. Note that changing passwords only applies to the stored password, the actual email account password can only be changed on the provider's website. A right-click on an account displays options to copy the username or password so that you can paste it somewhere else.


mozilla thunderbird help phone number 1-888-269-0130

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