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Robert Kiyosaki’s Bankruptcy & Net Worth by carawayhello | on October 10, 2012  

Robert Kiyosaki’s Bankruptcy & Net Worth

Robert Kiyosaki, world renowned author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is easily one this generation’s coveted Guru’s from a financial standpoint; as well as a brilliant venture capitalist and entrepreneur. So what went wrong in the recent dispute with the company the learning annex, and why was he ordered to pay 24 Million? What factors contributed to Robert Kiyosaki Bankruptcy? Some are questioning Robert Kiyosaki’s principles and teachings as well as his ability to stay on top. Will he bounce back from this and prove his financial IQ? I say we take a look at his recent dilemma, his teachings on “financial IQ”, and factors that contribute to Robert Kiyosaki’s Net Worth.

The Dilemma-Robert Kiyosaki’s Bankruptcy Robert Kiyosaki was made famous with the debut of his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. His brand name was made famous by the Learning Annex which promoted him to an even more heightened

plateau. Bill Zanker, CEO of “The Learning Annex” made a deal to help promote Kiyosaki’s brand and in return receive a percentage of the earnings. When it came time to pay the bill RK simply refused. Now, in the present, I’m sure he’s regretting his 24 Million dollar mistake! Then again, he did make this deal before he wrote his book Financial IQ. (I’m terrible, I know) Due to a “signed letter of intent” which held up in court, the jury had no choice but to throw the book at him (one of his books?). His company rich global LLC was ordered to pay up in regards to the lawsuit. Considering the company was only worth a few million, Kiyosaki had no choice but to file for bankruptcy. Now, even though I made a few wisecracks, I do in fact believe he’ll be okay. After all, few people know that Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth is right around the range of 80 million. By filing bankruptcy for his company, he ensures his ability to protect his own assets, which I must say is indeed a wise decision. Few people fail to realize that this isn’t Robert Kiyosaki’s first bankruptcy. He’s gone bankrupt several times in the past and I believe that his failures are what’s responsible for his success today. Read on and you will see my point. J

The Prosperity Perspective Kiyosaki teaches a very important principle, this principle is known as Financial Intelligence. Financial intelligence is divided into the five “Financial IQs”

1. Making more money This one’s pretty simple, the more money you make the higher your IQ.

2. Protecting your money Everyone’s out to get your money. Including: bureaucrats, bankers, brokers, businesses, brides and beaus, brothers-in-law, and finally barristers.

3. Budgeting your money Kiyosaki teaches that there are two ways to go about budgeting. You can either decrease your spending or increase your income. Now I don’t know about you but I’d rather increase my income than be forced to decrease my spending.

4. Leveraging your money How much is your dollar actually worth? A dollar invested in entertainment won’t go nearly as far as a dollar invested in growing your income. Kiyosaki teaches people like me and you how to make our money work for us versus working for money. You can never get ahead in life by trading time for money. Society teaches us: go to school to get a degree, find a high-paying job, buy a house with white picket fence, and look forward to the day when you can retire and travel across the country in a Winnebago. That might have worked in the 70s but is no longer the case today. Now, we incur thousands in debt just to earn a degree, attempt but rarely succeed at finding a high-paying job, trap ourselves in a 30 year mortgage, and hope Social Security won’t run out by the time were 67 so we can collect a check that is a fifth of our previous income.

It took me a while, but once I learned to leverage my money properly and make my dollars work for me, my life was never the same. Click here to find out more! 5. Improving your financial information“The more you learn the more you earn.” There is a wealth of information out there waiting for you. Whether it’s from books, search engines, magazines, websites, etc. There’s no excuse to not further your financial education.

It is the culmination of a wealth mindset as well as improving upon these five financial IQs which have led Robert Kiyosaki’s Net Worth to roughly 80 million and growing.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Net Worth Here is a list of some of the items which have contributed to Robert Kiyosaki’s Net Worth    

Self-help author Real estate acquisitions Mining ventures Oil wells and natural gas investments

Financial market investments

“It is not real estate, stocks, mutual funds, businesses, or money that make a person rich, It is information, knowledge, wisdom, and know-how, a.k.a. financial intelligence, that makes one wealthy. Buying a new set of golf clubs won’t improve your game, but paying for lessons will.” RK As you can see, it’s not necessarily the business ventures or investments that have procured the majority of his wealth. It’s his mentality that has skyrocketed Robert Kiyosaki’s Net Worth ( to an all time high. This mentality has acted as the fuel (financial intelligence) which propels the vehicle (Business ventures and investments) to any desired destination imaginable.

The need to earn more money has never been greater than right now,”The No. 1 thing people can do to increase their wealth is to start a part-time business. They can start a small home-based business, an Internet company or network marketing business. The key is to start small and learn everything about the business.” -RK Robert Kiyosaki’s Bankruptcy is but another small hiccup in the life of an entrepreneur. Thousands of individuals including myself have and will continue to utilize Robert Kiyosaki’s principle’s to generate wealth here with the Empower Network.

If you’re sick and tired of working and having nothing to show for it, sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck, sick and tired of wondering if there’s something out there for you, or maybe you’re just sick and tired of being sick and tired; regardless of your situation, don’t miss this opportunity to utilize the Empower Network as your vehicle to success. (Click here to find out more) I hope this article was helpful in understanding Robert Kiyosaki’s Bankruptcy. Like I said though, it is but a hiccup in the life of an entrepreneur. At the end of the day, remember, Robert Kiyosaki’s Net Worth=80 Million (that’s 80 Million more than mine)

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