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Now open in ROSMEAD AVENUE... See pg 8

now open in Cavendish Square... See Pg 9

Stand a chance at winning a R200 voucher from Podium see pg 10 Distribution area: Constantia, Claremont, Newlands, Bishopscourt, Lansdowne, Rondebosch, Observatory, Mowbray

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Emergency & Local Community Numbers Animal Welfare Services Animal Welfare (All Hours) Equine Emergencies S.P.C.A. (All Hours) or S.P.C.A. Emergency (a/h) Small Animal Emergencies TEARS TEARS Emergency

021 692 2626 083 326 1630/31 021 700 4140 083 326 1604 021 674 0034 021 785 4482 083 651 6343

Emergency Services Disasters 107 Police Flying Squad 10111 Ambulance 10177 Poison Information 021 931 6129 Poison Information 021 689 5227 Risk Management Centre 24hr 080 911 4357

Clinics: Belvedere Dental Centre Bowwood Baby Clinic Cavendish Medical Centre Chapel Street, Woodstock Constantiaberg Clinic False Bay 24hr Station Road, Claremont Lower Maynard Rd, Wynberg X Factor Lifestyle Medical

021 674 7503 021 674 5521 021 674 0434 021 465 2793 021 799 2911 021 782 1121 021 671 1148 021 797 5190 021 674 1011

Law Enforcement SAPS, Lansdowne Road 021 657 2250 Community Policing Forum Claremont 021 671 9915 Rondebosch 021 685 7345 Magistrates Court Wynberg

021 799 1800

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Municipality / Council Wynberg 021 799 1800 South Peninsula 021 784 2000 Plumstead 021 710 8000 Electricity Services (General, faults) Emergencies 0800 220 440 Faults 0860 103 089 Eskom supply areas 0860 037 566 City of Cape Town Accounts 0860 103 089

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Zamani Services

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Aesthetic Dentist(Dr G Smith) 021 686 9094 Ashley Fortuin Photography 072 495 1808 Book Designer(Sharna Sammy) 084 776 3650 CAB CO 086 136 7222 Cambridge Weight Plan 021 674 1044 Cherry Blossomz 083 292 8211 CIDC 080 020 0597 CUIR'S 021 671 6069 CW Hair International 021 685 8694 DC Tronicks 072 394 1540 Denzel Pedro Smit 082 962 1395 FIT Camp 083 966 5895 Goodwin Painters 071 880 3867 Gordon's CD Spot 082 581 2199 Intwined Tailors 072 355 0707 02 | reCONNECT Magazine | February 2013

IT Smithing Maggie's Catering MC Martin Renovations Orbis Security Solutions Podium Step Up PRIMI Express (Rosmead) Rainbow Salon Safe Kids St Lukes Hospice Swarma King The Pantry The Venue TRIBAKERY (Cavendish) Zamani-Art and Design

083 384 3794 082 592 8379 071 106 1246 021 762 3813 021 671 2092 021 671 5126 021 447 9279 079 492 4385 021 762 4121 076 254 8578 021 671 3724 082 953 4975 021 671 6020 083 695 9495

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Environmental Services Mountain Fires Fire Control Centre (All Areas) Fish Hoek Fire Station Lakeside Fire Station Wynberg Fire Station Simon’s Town Fire Station

Hospitals: Constantiaberg 24hr Crescent Clinic (psychiatric) Life Kingsbury Hospitals Red Cross Children’s Tokai Medicross Victoria 24hr

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Supplier of household and Industrial cleaning products and stationers.

We specialize to bring quality, quantity and affordability back to the consumer.

Specials: Twinsaver Toilet rolls 48@ R130 Rotatrim R155 per box

Call at our shop 277a Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne

Tel 021 6716069


St Lukes Hospice CHARITY SHOPS

Will collect all your clothing & unwanted items, Monday to Friday.

These goods will be sold in our charity shops & the funds raised go towards the care of patients with life threatening illnesses.

CONTACT : Michelle Mckenzie or Sihaam Meyer 021 762 4121 or 021 762 2148 or

Design and Decor, Training and facilitation and skills development Exhibitions and Event hosting Commissions Available Contact: 083 695 9495 (Cell),


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Health and Wellness

Boost your self-esteem.. ACHIEVE THE CONFIDENCE YOU NEED IN A CRISIS We offer a three hour course in CPR, Choking and Basic First Aid Including: Management of fever, seizures, burns, wound care, head and spinal injuries, poisoning, allergic reactions and unconsciousness in children. Accredited courses conducted at various venues or in your home

Contact: Charlene Tel: 079 492 4385 e-mail: Contact: Carolyn Tel: 084 800 0157 e-mail: Website:

Bringing together all the elements of beauty under one roof for ALL South Africans


-- full colour + free treatment @ R400 -- dreads and style @ R150 -- nails mani/pedi @ R150 with extra massage -- 10% off all treatment for ethnic hair -- full body massage @ R200

It’s that time of the year. Shops will bombard you with chocolates, flowers and soft cuddly toys to surprise your significant other. Few, however, realise that loving yourself is equally important to loving others. How many people do not love themselves and suffer from low self-esteem? Take time this year to boost your self-love barometer if it is running low. Here are five quick tips for building healthy self-esteem: 1. Do not compare yourself to others. This is one of the biggest reasons people suffer from low selfesteem. “She’s prettier than I am”. “He sings better than I do”. “They have more money than we do”. Comparisons like these are bound to make one feel inadequate. 2. Acknowledge your strengths. Accept yourself just as you are. You have your own unique talents and attributes. List your accomplishments and soon you’ll realise just how many things you’re good at. 3. Learn to accept compliments. It is surprising how many people find it difficult to accept a compliment. Resist the urge to fob off a compliment by downplaying yourself. Just smile and say thank you and appreciate that someone appreciates something great about you! 4. Positive thinking. Low self-esteem is fed by negative self-talk. “I’m not good

* T&C Apply

Visit us at 21 Lower Main Road, Observatory Mon- Sat 9am - 6pm

5. Help others Nothing stops self-pity more than helping others. Teach someone something you are good at, or pay them a simple compliment. The saying ‘there is always someone worse off’ is true. Helping those less fortunate will give you a change in perspective and make you realise that you really have so much to be thankful for. So as we focus on love this month, why stop with yourself or your loved one? As mentioned in point 5 above, spread the love to your community. Do you know of a neighbour who is struggling? Drop off a parcel with food or essential household items. Volunteer or donate something to a charity or children’s home in your area. ReCONNECT is all about making connections, networking and fostering a community spirit. February is the month of love and love takes many forms. Love yourself, love your partner, love your children, love your neighbour, love your community. Editorial by Deevra Norling, freelance writer specialising in journalism and news, article writing and blogging. Email: Follow on Twitter: @DeevraNorling

Phone us today at

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enough”. “I’m too fat”. “Why would anyone love me?” Like the kiddies worm song, “Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. I’m gonna eat some worms!” Stop eating those worms!

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Recipe, Food, Catering Rich Chocolate Truffles 150g cooking chocolate 150g milk chocolate 100ml Fresh Cream 40ml Flavouring/ Essence Cooking Chocolate for coating Coconut Icing Sugar Chocolate vermicelli.

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Place cream and chocolate in a saucepan and melt over low heat. Mix to a smooth paste and add brandy. Mix well and place in fridge to set. With a piping bag, pipe some balls onto greaseproof paper, about 20g each. With a little icing sugar on the palm of your hand, roll these balls into proper rounds. Melt the cooking chocolate in the microwave on a low setting and dip the balls in the chocolate. Then roll the balls in coconut, icing sugar or chocolate vermicelli.

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To stand a chance of winning a R200-00 voucher from Podium, find the hidden message in the completed word search grid and email it to before 25th February 2013.

ADVERTISE IN reCONNECT Magazine from as little as R175 Contact Bradley Bailey today - 083 695 9495

I nt w i n ed Tailors

Cre ati o n s & Al te rati ons for your i nd i v i d uali t y Co nt a c t : Fi e rd o u s Jamar i - 072 355 0707 e m ai l : fi e rdo us j a ma r i@ ho tma Inside Stuttafords, Cavendish Square, Claremont Cn r : R e d d y & We s t Str, Grassy Par k

Book Designer Sharna Sammy e-book covers and marketing material from concept to final design 084 776 3650 /



hy is that so many of us in our businesses are totally stressed out about the competition or being better than the next in the industry that we are in? I think it's because we allow others to define our success by the standards that they set. Yes , we need to be aware of the trends, the other players in the industry but surely we cannot afford to spend our resources on watching them and then try to "beat" them. We'll end up in a world of watching others while they are watching us, watching them...... I say that competition is for those who desire to win "THEE" race and not THEIR OWN race. After all we all should have different goals. So how then?You may ask, do I reach my goals in such a competitive world without competing? I suggest that firstly we understand that in all industries where we choose to play, we are there to complete and not compete...." I have what you need and I need what you have" If that then is our understanding and approach, one needs to concentrate on "that which I have, that they need" We call those our strengths or sometimes our niche...... If we don't know what it is yet, then I suggest that we very soon: (1). Find our strength / gift, (2) Get better at doing what we do best, (3) Get it and do it afraid if you have to and (4). Start giving of your gift or strengths.....Share your "trade secrets" like I'm sharing now.......It will really encourage and make others aware that we are not here to compete but to complete as we "Lead our businesses successfully without the need to compete".

Denzel Pedro Smit, Certified Leadership and personal development coach, trainer and speaker.

As a John C Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods. Working together, I will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

Email: Facebook: Denzel Pedro Smit Telephone: 082 9621395 / 021 9060976 Twitter: dpsmax Websites:

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