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When Should You Replace your Bankruptcy Lawyer? Are you unhappy with the service of your current ​bankruptcy lawyer​? Do you think he/she is not giving back exactly what you are paying for? When you evaluate your lawyer’s performance so far, talked to him/her about it and still does not reach a satisfactory level, there’s no reason to hold on to him/her. You can replace your lawyer. Honest to goodness, it comes with a minor problem because it can cause delays in the legal process which also requires you to provide new documents. But with such a little sacrifice, you can have a bigger chance to go home with a favorable case result at the end of the bankruptcy process. When you are planning to fire your current lawyer, you should have a strong and valid guideline. Check out these signs of when to replace your bankruptcy lawyer:

1. Your bankruptcy lawyer fails to return your calls and emails most of the time. Effective communication is one major key to go through your case smoothly for bankruptcy does involve filling out tons of forms and require extensive financial paperwork. It is a major responsibility of your lawyer to keep in touch with you, give you timely updates, and attend to your calls attentively (even if he/she is a little late, but should not happen all the time). If you and your lawyer have this one-way communication sort of relationship, expect a complication during the process -- the court might even come to the point of rejecting your case. The moment your lawyer does not answer your call or if he/she does later on but does not give any explanation, take it as a sign to replace him/her.

2. Your bankruptcy lawyer lacks sufficient expertise. Actually, you can immediately identify an expert lawyer if he/she can immediately provide clear and concise answers to your questions. So it is highly recommended to ask a lawyer during the interview his/her practice of expertise and the majority of the bankruptcy case he/she handled. Because it could be that that certain lawyer has a higher experience in handling Chapter 13 bankruptcy than Chapter 7 or either way. But if you fail to do so and still end up choosing the one who doesn’t know how to manage your case, it’s time to change lawyer.

3. Your bankruptcy lawyer fails to attend court hearings and meet deadlines. Your ​bankruptcy lawyer is supposed to be with you all throughout the legal process because they are supposed to fight with you and defend you. It is his/her major responsibility as well to secure the filing of necessary documents on time. But how could you call someone a lawyer when he/she can’t even show up in a short meeting scheduled ahead of time and can’t meet court deadlines? Take it as a red flag -- game over. Because it is also a red flag for the court and your case may suffer from unpleasant consequences. The very instance you can hint that your lawyer does not satisfy your needs regarding your case, look into it immediately. And while you do this, start looking for a better bankruptcy lawyer and read some tips on how to identify a good one.

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When Should You Replace Your Bankruptcy Lawyer  
When Should You Replace Your Bankruptcy Lawyer  

Looking for a compassionate yet reputable bankruptcy lawyer Woodbridge VA? Visit Conway Law Group - Woodbridge VA at 12934 Harbor Drive Suit...