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Jelena Indjic



nce upon a time, lived a girl so beautiful and kind, who understood the birds inside its mind.


he was walking by forest once upon a time and girl who understood the birds inside its mind heard the story of the king who will come.


“ nder his feet flowers will burn.” said the Crow, “Moon predicted its return.” said the Owl.


“ e has a cloak of wolf skin, and he can see through their eyes.” said the Hawk, “Earth and told me that when he would come to be the sunrise.” said the Swallow.


“ eer are preparing for war.” yelled Crow, “Time has come ... to arms!!!” they all said.


ll of this is listening girl who understood the birds inside its mind, and she was crying, and from fear began to run, but fell off a cliff ... and died, and never found out who the King who will come.


Poem that I wrote and illustrated in October 2010 and today I edited

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