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. Pele made his debut in the Brazilian team with only seventeen and since then, its contribution to the magic of Rio was a key game to obtain the world title in 1958. The selection of Pele had three World Cups (1958, 1962 and 1970), which combined Brazilian earned the Jules Rimet Cup. After obtaining all possible titles and be counted over a thousand goals scored in official games, announced his retirement from active sports in 1974. However, Pelé joined the New York Cosmos, equipment comprising a set of great stars of football to promote the sport in America. After his retirement, Pele has continued in the world of football After retiring finally in 1977, King received numerous honors and awards, such as the International Peace Prize (1978) or the Athlete of the Century (1980). borders, Pelé began a successful career in film as an actor and music, as composer of several pieces, among which include the band complete sound character biographical film Pelé (1977). Pele also continued to exert a major influence in the world of football from the offices, and in 1995 was appointed Minister of Sport in Brazil, a position from which he championed the call Pelé Law which sought to amend the legislation on sports contracts between clubs and players.

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