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July 2013

Hello to all staff at fox we We would also like to bring Great would first like to thank every- it to your attention that there one for their continued hard work through this tough working weather we have been having lately. We would like to thank you again in your continued hard work through our recent ACS assessment that took place in July. As can be expected these assessments are a stressful time for the business and require cooperation from everyone in the company and as all of this happened we were able to surpass last year’s score and improve on it by a huge 13 points.


now have bump caps available. These caps are lined with a solid lining to continue to provide protection but also provide extra protection by keeping the sun from your eyes enabling you to continue with your work.

is an opportunity to enrol yourself on the next CCTV training course, beginning in September, and would provide you with a second SIA licence to certify that you would be proficient in manning a Point, Tilt and Zoom CCTV system. We believe that by having security officers who are qualified in this area of security would enable the company to grow and expand in to other areas of security guarding and monitoring.

As everyone may have heard

that there is a new pension scheme, Workplace Pensions, being rolled out and should be in all businesses in the coming years, for Fox though this change will be taking place next year. We will be providing the information to you as soon as we receive some and we expect this to be closer to the time of introduction to Fox Security.


Also we would like to congratulate Sharon Batty, wife of MD David Batty, on graduating with honours in law.

can everyone give their best wishes to Security Officer Phillip Goodwin as he will soon be retiring from work. All the best Phillip and good luck.

news is constantly coming out of Fox Security Northern UK and we would like to continue this by announcing that we have recently gained a new site at Dawmill Colliery in Coventry, this is a large job and is very important for the company at the moment.

Lastly we would just like to

offer you a couple of reminders, these are that the wage cut off dates are as follows: 11th Aug, 8th Sept. Also holiday days are to be booked and used before the 31st March 2014 otherwise they will be lost and not rollover to the next working year. Plus this is a uniform reminder that all uniform must all be clean and presentable at all times as this is a requirement of your job role and therefore you will be subject to a disciplinary hearing if it is found that your uniform is not up to standard. If you believe that some of your uniform has become subject to usual wear and tear and therefore not up to standard, please do not hesitate to let us know and we would be more than happy to help supply you with the items of uniform deemed to be of poor quality.

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