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Aruzhan ! Bedroom Done by: Aizhan Mukhanova

Client profile Name: Aruzhan Age: 11 Occupation: student


middle school Likes: swimming, dancing, playing the piano, gymnastics,watching cartoons, drawing and etc. R e q u i re m e n t s : a functional big sized bed, clean and simple, underwater theme, a desk for studying, a couch for watching TV, huge storage space, a lot of shelves for her small collections of toys and crafts and a special storage section for her book collection. Colors to be used: blue, purple, yellow, orange



Front view Glass  aquarium  

Glass  aquarium  

Storage  for  small   pieces  

Storage  for  small   pieces  

Bed   Bed  

Glass   aquarium  

Storage  for     small   pieces  

Cut-­‐out  steps  

Right side 1

Left side

Glass  aquarium  

Storage  for   li7le  pieces  

Right side 2

Bed  behind   glass  

Storage  for   li7le  pieces   Glass  aquarium  

Glass  aquarium  

Desk   Book  storage  

Mirror  sliding  door  



Mirror  sliding  door  

Perspective views

Activity side

Storage side

Aruzhan Bedroom