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DINING SERVICES...............................................11

Residential Community Philosophy........................ 3

Meal Plan Options................................................. 12

Resident Rights and Responsibilities...................... 3

All-Access Meal Plans........................................... 12

Student Code of Conduct...................................... 5

Lifestyle Meal Plans................................................ 12

RESIDENCE HALLS.................................................5

Block Plans............................................................. 12

Calhoun Lofts.......................................................... 5

Cougar Cash......................................................... 13

The Quadrangle...................................................... 6

Residential Dining Locations................................ 13

Cougar Village........................................................ 6

The Fresh Food Company..................................... 13

Moody Towers.......................................................... 6

Real Food on Campus.......................................... 13

Bayou Oaks............................................................. 7

C3 & Cougar Xpress Markets............................... 13

Cambridge Oaks.................................................... 7

Retail Venues......................................................... 14

Cullen Oaks............................................................. 7 Barrier-Free Living..................................................... 8

Car Share Program................................................ 14 STUDENT LEADERSHIP............................................8

Parking................................................................... 14

Residence Halls Association (RHA)...................... 8 RESIDENCE HALLS SERVICE AGREEMENTS...........14 AMENITIES.............................................................8 Automatic Teller Machines..................................... 8 Cable Television....................................................... 9

DEPARTMENTAL POLICIES AND PROCUEDURES....14 Check In/Out Procedures..................................... 14

Computer Labs........................................................ 9

Damage Charges................................................. 15

Ethernet.................................................................... 9

Locked Out of Your Room or Building?................. 17

Laundry Facilities..................................................... 9

Lost Room Key or Cougar Card............................ 17

Space Reservation................................................ 10

Missing Student Notification................................. 18

Student Lounges and Kitchen Facilities............... 11 Student Mail.......................................................... 11 Telephone Service................................................. 11

15J Location: Room housing 7704-3018 • • • Houston, TX 4401 Wheeler St. .743.5998 • dya 713 Fax • 002 Office 713.743.6


Vending Machines................................................ 11

Promotional Materials........................................... 19 Room Consolidation............................................. 22 Room Inspections.................................................. 22 Room Transfer Procedure...................................... 22 Vacate/Removal Procedure................................. 23 Visitation................................................................ 24

COMMUNITY LIVING EXPECTATIONS Residential Community Philosophy Student Housing & Residential Life is committed to providing a Tier One high quality residence hall experience where you will have many opportunities to become involved in numerous activities and organizations, meet and become friends with people from diverse backgrounds, and enrich your academic pursuits at the University of Houston. One of the most rewarding facets of living on campus is the ability to live with people who are different from you. Every person comes from a different background and brings a different set of experiences and expectations for living here in on-campus housing. Student Housing & Residential Life Rights and Responsibilities and University policies in the Student Code of Conduct are intended to give you, your roommate(s) and your neighbors a common set of guidelines by which you can all live and learn together in order to achieve academic success, develop lasting friendships, and continue to build your skills so you are well prepared for your career after graduation. That being said, living with others in close proximity is not always easy. To live cooperatively, it is critical residents and staff members develop a mutual respect for each other and are committed to specific expectations of behavior. University policies and the conduct process are based on respect for self, others, the community, and taking responsibility for one’s behavior. In order to carry on its work of teaching, research, and public service, UH faculty, staff, administrators, and students have an obligation to maintain conditions under which the work of the University can proceed freely. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each individual to know and abide by University policies and procedures, ensuring we are all in accordance with the highest expectations of quality, institutional integrity, and freedom of expression. Each member of our community shares the responsibility of maintaining an environment conducive to the achievement of the University’s mission.

beliefs, values or attitudes that may be different from our own. When you uphold your responsibilities, you will be making the University and residential communities a great place to live where all students can be successful! To a significant extent, success at the University of Houston will depend on your ability to understand and balance the rights and responsibilities you assume while attending college. Staff and faculty members do not assume the role of campus parent, and you will seldom be told what to do or what not to do with regard to your personal behavior. The obvious exception, as with society at large, is when individual behavior threatens the health and safety of yourself, others, or the community or begins to disrupt the legitimate pursuits of others within our residential communities. Student Housing & Residential Life staff members do not, nor cannot, guarantee you will retain each of these rights at all times. You share the responsibility. You can help ensure that these rights will be honored through thoughtful discussion and open communication with roommates, suite/ apartment mates, floor mates, and other community members. Our staff IS committed to offering you an inclusive environment where we will support you in taking healthy risks and while you have the choice to passively exist, we will challenge you to take full advantage of your living environment by participating in activities, standing up for yourself and others, and speaking up for what you believe has value. The following is a listing of your “rights” (things to which you are entitled as a student living in one of our housing communities) as well as your “responsibilities” (what is expected of you as a member of a residential community):

• YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to a safe and secure living environment.

• YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY to keep your living space secured, and to not prop doors open or allow in strangers. You also have a responsibility to uphold all security policies and procedures. Violations of policies and procedures put you and others at risk.

• YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to a reasonably peaceful and quiet space in which you can sleep and study.

• YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY to observe quiet hours, to keep your stereo, television, computer and your voice at a reasonable volume in your living environment, and to remind your guests and others that you expect the same of them.

• YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to privacy and to the fair use of your room, both in terms of space and time, and the right to be free of unwanted guests in your room.

• YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY to let your roommate know of your wishes and preference for hours of sleep, study, and visitation, and to work through any difference you may have in a peaceful manner. You also have a

Resident Rights and Responsibilities As a member living in our diverse community, you are afforded certain individual rights that you and your roommate(s), as well as those living around you, should respect. In addition, these rights carry with them a reciprocal responsibility for you and every member in our community. Responsibilities ensure that roommate(s), suite/apartment mates, floor mates, and other community members are afforded the same rights regardless of their gender, race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, cultural background, or other identity group(s) to which they belong; as well as any 3 - Resource Guide

Resource Guide - 4

responsibility to make sure your guests do not violate your roommate’s rights or interfere with his/her use of your living space. • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to confront another person’s behavior when it infringes on your rights. • YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY to examine your own behavior when confronted by another and to work toward resolving conflicts.

• YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to the assistance of a Resident Assistant, Residence Life Coordinator, Assistant Director, Associate Director, or other Student Housing & Residential Life staff members when you need help with a problem;

• YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY to notify a staff person of your problem and request assistance in a timely manner and to cooperate with those involved as they work with you as you solve your problem.

• YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to know what is acceptable and/ or inappropriate behavior in your living environment.

• YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY to read the information provided for you by the University of Houston. This includes, but is not limited to your Residence Halls Service Agreement and Student Code of Conduct. You may report any alleged violation, whether or not you were personally affected by it.

Student Code of Conduct The University of Houston expects its’ students to exhibit and maintain a high standard of conduct given the educational nature of our institution. While the Student Handbook contains information about policies and procedures at UH, the Student Code of Conduct specifically covers information related to appropriate conduct and the process of what happens when students allegedly violate university policies and procedures. For more details about the Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct, please visit the Dean of Students web page

RESIDENCE HALLS Calhoun Lofts This 984-bed residential facility offers loft-style living with an urban feel that caters to the mature and serious student at the city’s premier metropolitan university. Residents will enjoy two courtyards, outdoor terraces, a sky lounge, movie theater, work-out facility, computer lab, special-events kitchen, and laundry rooms equipped with cardio equipment and a flat-screen television. In addition, 5 - Resource Guide

there are multipurpose rooms and multiple study lounges on every floor. While living at the Calhoun Lofts, you will be able to enjoy the 10,500-square-foot retail center which includes a Cougar Xpress mini market and Barnes & Noble bookstore. Each loft is equipped with 10-foot ceilings, polished concrete ceilings and floors, accented walls, a web-interface thermostat, granite countertops, a four-burner electric stove, refrigerator and microwave. We also offer a utility package which includes AT&T U-Verse 100, DVR, local phone line, water and electricity. Contact us at 713.743.6000 or visit us on the web at

The Quadrangle The Quadrangle, or “Quad” as it is commonly called, is nestled within a courtyard area and can accommodate approximately 800 residents in five coed halls: Bates, Law, Oberholtzer, Settegast and Taub. The floors are coed with suites arranged by gender. Students reside in suites with two rooms sharing a bathroom. Typically, four students are assigned to a 525-squarefoot suite. In addition, there are three-person suites with a private bath and two-person small suites. A few single suites are available. The Quadrangle offers an all-you-care-to-eat residential restaurant, a computer lab and a laundry facility. Contact us at 713.743.6040 or visit us on the web at www.

Cougar Village Cougar Village, the newest on-campus housing project, opened in August 2010. This 1,096-bed facility features 600-square-foot, four-person suites, with two people sharing a room and two rooms sharing a bathroom. There are also some private rooms available.Amenities include: laundry facilities; a computer cluster; two kitchen; two study rooms and two social lounges on every floor; multipurpose rooms, seminar rooms and classrooms; wired and wireless Internet; and a fitness room. This dynamic facility houses mostly first year students. Cougar Village is home to Honors students, National Merit Scholars and Terry scholars.Visit us on the web at

Moody Towers Moody Towers, or “The Towers,” houses everyone from first year to graduate students, accommodating 1,100 students. The two 18-story buildings are coed with floors separated by gender. Each floor shares a community bathroom and lounge. A standard room is approximately 187 square feet with all new furniture, flooring, an accent wall and microfridge. The majority of rooms house two occupants. Single rooms are limited to upper-level and graduate students. A main lobby called “The Commons” serves as a student lounge/study hall, which adjoins the Towers. This residential facility has a newly renovated dining hall, computer lab, laundry facility and the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) Program, which helps students in their transition to the University. Contact us at 713.743.6000 or visit us on the web at Resource Guide - 6

Bayou Oaks

Barrier-Free Living

Bayou Oaks, a 490-bed facility, is located on Calhoun next to the bayou and can be easily identified by the clock tower. This facility consists of two distinct living areas: individual townhouses and apartment-style residential living. The community includes a multi-use room with a 24-hour fitness area, game room, computer room with study conference rooms, as well as laundry facilities. The units are fully furnished, including a cable connection in each room, highspeed Internet and all utilities, with an electric bill cap depending on the unit type. All service agreements for Bayou Oaks are for 12 months. Agreements end on July 31 of each calendar year. bayou-oaks-2.

The Residence Halls can provide accessible accommodations upon request. For more information on special accommodation requests please contact Student Housing & Residential Life at 713-743-6000.

Cambridge Oaks Located on campus at the corner of Cullen and Wheeler, this community is a partnership between the University of Houston and Campus Living Villages, providing housing for 634 residents. Cambridge Oaks offers residents the convenience of on‐campus living with the independence of apartmentstyle housing. Amenities include a swimming pool, sand volleyball court, barbecue grills and clubhouse. Wi‐Fi Internet and cable TV are included in a variety of floor plans. Cambridge Oaks offers a place to call home throughout your entire college career. Visit for information and to lease online. Call 713.748.2606 to schedule a tour.

Cullen Oaks Located on Cullen Blvd. between Wheeler and MacGregor, Cullen Oaks is a partnership of the University and American Campus Communities, providing beds for 879 residents. Cullen Oaks has a variety of living plans offering each student a private bedroom in a fully furnished apartment. A utilities package is included in the rent, including Ethernet, cable, local telephone, and wireless Internet(in Phase II only). Located throughout the community are the business center (equipped with a computer lab and multi-function copying station along with project-binding equipment, and laminating machine), TV lounges, conference rooms, a community center, laundry facilities, study lounges, cardio-fitness rooms, basketball court, game room and a state-of-the-art barbecue pavilion. The facility provides 24-hour desk coverage, and card/key access entries, gated parking and routine shuttle service. Contact us via telephone at 713.748.3707 or fax at 713.748.8714. Additional information regarding Cullen Oaks may be found on the web at, or visit our leasing office at 4600 Cullen Blvd.

7 - Resource Guide

STUDENT LEADERSHIP Residence Halls Association (RHA) The Residence Halls Association (RHA) plays an important part in your life. Every student living in the UH residence halls is a member of RHA and may participate in the programs organized by RHA and each building’s hall council. RHA meetings are held biweekly and are composed of representatives from each hall or living area and other interested students. Representatives address current issues, review policies and sponsor programming to enrich the living environment for the residence halls community. The RHA General Assembly consists of a president, vice president for administration, vice president for special events, secretary/treasurer, national communications coordinator, national residence halls honorary chair, committee chairs and hall council representatives. The executive council is the governing board of RHA and is responsible for recommending and implementing policy throughout the residence halls. Residents are informed through the General Assembly of policies, procedures and events. The six primary officers of RHA receive compensation as long as they continue to be in good disciplinary standing and maintain the required GPA. RHA is your voice in the residence halls. By getting involved in RHA, you have the opportunity to meet a variety of people and expand your leadership skills. We encourage you to participate in RHA and hall council programs or events at some level – your floor, hall or General Assembly. To learn more about how to get involved or become a leader, call the RHA Office at 713.743.6069, ask your RA, or go to

AMENITIES Automatic Teller Machines WoodForest Bank ATMs are in Moody Towers and Oberholtzer Hall in the Quadrangle. ATMs are available only when the buildings are occupied. Higher One ATMs are located in the Welcome Center, basement of the MD Anderson Library,Technology Annex and Engineering Building.There are Bank of America, Chase Bank and WoodForest Bank ATMs located in the University Center.

Resource Guide - 8

Cable Television Basic cable service is free to all residents. Basic cable service includes all local broadcast networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and CW; a variety of cable channels such as CNN, MTV and USA and campus broadcast channel Student Video Network. Residents of Calhoun Lofts are provided with AT&T U-verse U-100 programming. Additional upgrade packages for U-verse are available as well for residents in Calhoun Lofts. For more information, call 800.288.2020 to contact AT&T. Residents of Cougar Village are provided with CougarVision through IPTV. CougarVision is an innovative service designed to provide video programming over the data network. CougarVision offers the same local, national and international programming channels to watch on your computer, just as other halls are able to watch on their televisions. A limited number of converter boxes are available to students at no charge for those who wish to convert the signal and watch programming on their television. CougarVision can be accessed by visiting via a web browser. For additional information, visit

Computer Labs Computer labs are available in every residence hall for the residents of that building. These labs have PCs with Windows 7 and printers. All PCs are connected to a high-speed connection for University and Internet usage for academic purposes. Students must provide their own paper for printing and flash drives/memory sticks for file storage. Paper and flash drives/memory sticks are available at the UH Bookstore at the University Center.

Ethernet Wired Ethernet connections are available in every room in all residence halls. Residents provide their own Ethernet cables in all areas. Cables are available at various sources, including CougarByte and Radio Shack. Wireless connections are also available in the public lobby areas of the residence halls. The Ethernet jack in all rooms at Calhoun Lofts is on the back of the Residential Gateway unit through which all AT&T U-verse services are received.

Mobile. Use your smartphone to scan the dedicated QR code posted in your laundry room or visit through your phone’s browser. Mac-Gray’s student-dedicated website, The Campus Clothesline, has interactive resources for all things laundry including laundry instructions and advice, stain tips, videos, prizes and more at! If a machine isn’t working properly, you can submit a service request directly through LaundryView or call 1-800-MAC-GRAY (800-622-4729) to speak with one of Mac-Gray’s specially-trained customer care representatives. The washers and dryers are located on the 18th floors of both North and South Moody Towers and in the basements of all Quadrangle buildings except for Oberholtzer Hall. There are accessible laundry facilities in the basement of the North Moody Tower for students with disabilities. In Calhoun Lofts, there are laundry facilities on floors 2-10, and in Cougar Village, the laundry facilities are located on the first floor between the computer lab and fitness room. Instructional signage can be found on the walls of the laundry rooms and also on all machines.

Space Reservation Facilities are available for reservation by residence hall groups or for rent by campus and external groups. For more information on pricing and policies, visit the Student Housing & Residential Life Business Office, located in the Moody Towers, Room 17, or call 713.743.6020. Specific details regarding this process:

a.  All student clubs/organizations and University departments may request table space for solicitation within the residential communities by contacting the Associate Director for Residential Life no less than seven (7) days in advance.

b. A  permit from the Dean of Students Office is required if items are to be sold.

c. S  tudent Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to restrict the duration and number of organizations soliciting during any one time and in any location.

d. S oliciting organizations must abide by all residence hall and University policies.

e. B  anners and table tents that are to be used at the entrances and within the dining commons (not on glass entry doors) must be approved by both the Associate Director for Residential Life and the Campus Dining Services manager for that area.

Laundry Facilities The University of Houston has partnered with Mac-Gray to make your laundry experience on campus even better! Residence halls are all carbon neutral and are equipped with Energy Star® rated, high-efficiency machines that now run free of charge! Each laundry room also features LaundryView®, which allows you to check the status of your machine, or request a text message when your cycle is complete. You can take LaundryView on-the-go with LaundryView 9 - Resource Guide

Resource Guide - 10

Student Lounges and Kitchen Facilities

Meal Plan Options

Kitchen facilities are available for the convenience and use of residents on the residential floors of Cougar Village, the basements of the North Moody Tower, and in Settegast, Taub and Bates halls in the Quadrangle. Residents must remain in the kitchen area during the cooking process and are responsible for cleaning the area and turning off the units after each use. No eating or cooking utensils are provided.

Research shows that students who live on campus and eat in the residential restaurants are more likely to finish college and enjoy their school experience than those who do not. To assist in that success, the UH Dining Services team has developed multiple plans that offer variety and choice. Dining plans come in many convenient shapes and sizes. A magnetic strip on the back of the student ID card (Cougar Card) works with the computer system to identify each dining plan member. By combining a “Lifestyle,” “All-Access,” or “Block Plan” with “Cougar Cash,” meal plans can be customized for individual needs. Each option includes the following:

Student Mail Residential Life staff assigns all mailboxes when you move into your hall. In Moody Towers and the Quadrangle, your room number and mailbox number are the same and your room key opens your mailbox. In the Calhoun Lofts and Cougar Village, your room number and mailbox number are different. You are issued a separate key for your mailbox. Contact the service desk in your building/area if you experience any problems with your mailbox key.

All-Access Meal Plans

•E  njoy all-you-care-to-eat dining as many times as you like per day in the Fresh Food Company at Moody Towers and the RFoC at the Cougar Woods Dining Hall.

UH Postal Services receives and distributes all of your incoming mail and parcels Monday through Friday. A Student Mail Information Guide can be found on the postal website at:

• Also receive a varying amount of Cougar Cash each semester to be used at retail food locations. The dollar amount spent is subtracted from your remaining balance.

The guide contains useful information such as correct address formatting for your incoming mail, street addresses for each residential hall, what accountable mail consists of and how it is handled, parcel distribution times, forwarding your mail and other useful mailing tips. A dedicated telephone number and email address for student mail can be found in the guide.

•R  eceive a set number of guest passess to treat family and friends to a meal when they visit.

•M  eal plan cards cannot be shared and are only valid for the meal plan member.

• All-Access plan holders may swip their card for entry once every 30 minutes.

Telephone Service Telephone service is available only in Calhoun Lofts and is provided by AT&T. The phone jack in all rooms at Calhoun Lofts is on the back of the Residential Gateway unit through which all AT&T U-verse services are received.

Vending Machines Vending machines are available in each residential area. Vending machine refunds can be requested at the Cashier’s Office in the Welcome Center.

DINING SERVICES Students know how important food is to the body and they know a good meal when they taste one. University of Houston Dining Services has designed a meal plan with students in mind — those who expect quality and variety but rarely have enough time to eat. Dining plans offer great value and flexibility and provide students time to relax and rejuvenate from studying or going to class. UH Dining Services offers everything from restaurant-style dining to convenience stores to enhance the dining and community experience. Please see our website at for more information. 11 - Resource Guide

Lifestyle Meal Plans

•E  njoy all-you-care-to-eat dining up to four times per day in the Fresh Food Company at Moody Towers and RFoC at the Cougar Woods Dining Hall.

•R  eceive a varying number of guaranteed meals per week or semester. Each time you eat in the residential restaurant, one meal is subtracted from your meal allowance.

•M  eals per week/semester do not carry over from one week/semester to the next.

•M  eal plan cards cannot be shared and are only valid for the meal plan member.

• Also receive a varying amount of Cougar Cash each semester to be used at retail food locations. The dollar amount spent is subtracted from your remaining balance. Cougar Cash does carry over as long as the student is actively using their accounts.

Block Plans

•E  njoy all-you-care-to-eat dining at any time in the Fresh Food Company at Moody Towers and RFoC at the Cougar Woods Dining Hall. Resource Guide - 12

•R  eceive a varying number of guaranteed meals per semester. Each meal is subtracted from your block of meals.

• Meals do not carry over at the end of the semester

• Use your meals when you want!

Cougar Cash

•P  ay as you go! Cougar Cash works like a bank debit card and can be used at all dining locations including the Fresh Food Company at Moody Towers, RFoC at the Cougar Woods Dining Hall, any convenience store and other retail dining locations on campus that are operated by Campus Dining. •C  ougar Cash only comes with a meal plan but you may add to your balance by logging on to AccessUH and selecting “Cougar Card” then the dropdown for “My Meal Plan - Replenish Cougar Cash”.

•U nused Cougar Cash will be carried forward until you withdraw, graduate or become inactive for a one-year period.

Residential Dining Locations Enjoy residential restaurants located in a relaxed atmosphere at either the Fresh Food Company at Moody Towers or RFoC at the Cougar Woods Dining Hall.

Retail Venues Students also have the opportunity to use their Cougar Cash at a variety of fast food and specialty restaurants at the University Center Satellite, campus food trucks, PGH and the new stadium parking garage. They include Taco Cabana, Subway, Chick-fil-A, Kim Son, Montague’s Deli, Pizza Hut Express, Sushic, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Einstein Bros. Bagels and Smoothie King. For questions and up-to-date information, contact us at 832.842.5989, ask us on Facebook at or visit our website at

PARKING & TRANSPORTATION SERVICES Car Share Program UH students with a driver’s license and who are 18 and older are qualified to sign up to become members of the car share program. Rent by the hour, 24/7, 365 days a year. Gas and insurance are covered. Visit to get started. Membership is free. Rentals start at $8 per hour or $62 per day.

The Fresh Food Company


The Fresh Food Company is 33,000 square feet of delicious food. Using stateof-the-art equipment at  nine different stations, our professional chefs cook all of the food right in front of you using fresh — not frozen — ingredients and serve everything in nutritionally appropriate portion sizes. Choose an entrée from the vegetarian station, deli, brick oven, or one of our other stations and enjoy comfortable seating and a relaxing atmosphere as you dine with friends or unwind after a long day.

All motor vehicles parked on campus must be registered through Parking and Transportation Services. Vehicles are subject to traffic and parking rules and regulations, and may be towed for serious or cumulative infractions.

Real Food on Campus


RFoC is a concept developed by students and stands for Real Food on Campus. The RFoC concepts have been designed so that students can enjoy fresh ingredients and made-for-you cooking while experiencing good friends and great fun! Grab a panini or dine on a veggie sauté — it’s your choice. The friendly, comfortable, all-you-care-to-eat RFoC residential restaurant is the perfect place to catch up with friends. Venture to one of the international or home-style stations, or choose one of your favorites from the grill, deli or salad bar.

Most agreement options are for the full academic year unless the student is entering the University in the spring semester. Room and board agreements, billing arrangements, selection and price information may be obtained through the Housing Services Office in Moody Towers, Suite 15J, calling 713.743.6000, or going online to

C3 & Cougar Xpress Markets When you need to stock an in-room fridge or grab a snack and beverage to keep going, the on-campus convenience stores provide everything a student may need, including health and beauty products. Designed to make life easy, they are located where students need them most. 13 - Resource Guide

Enforcement of parking rules and regulations is through the University of Houston Police Department. Students must purchase permits online at www. For more information, contact the Parking and Transportation Office at 713.743.1097 or go to


•S  tudents are required to check into their residence hall space by presenting a photo id or their Cougar Card to Student Housing & Residential Life Staff.

Upon check in students will receive a room condition report, room key, and mailbox key or combination. Resource Guide - 14

• At check out, the student must schedule a time to meet with a staff member who will check the student out of their room. The student’s room key and mailbox key must be returned at check out.

•R  esidents will be responsible for returning their room to the original condition at checkout (i.e., floors mopped, dusted or vacuumed, furniture back in place and dusted, and trash removed). Residents will be responsible for damages and will be assessed charges, as applicable. •R esidents who vacate the halls are responsible for removing from the building and premises any property which they own or used during their occupancy. Failure to remove excess property will result in improper checkout charges, plus time-and-effort charges for removal by the University. In addition to regular cleaning charges which are assessed for a dirty room at checkout, removal charges will be assessed for property such as tables, chairs, sofas, refrigerators, street signs, bricks, lumber and similar items that by their nature cannot be disposed of through the normal University trash disposal system and/or require extra effort to remove.

• F ailure to check out properly will result in charges accruing as though the student is still there as well as associated improper checkout fees. Checking out properly includes, but is not limited to, returning the room to its original condition, returning any keys, checking out at a time scheduled with a staff member, etc.

Damage Charges The following is a summary of charges most frequently levied in the residence halls. The partnership properties (Bayou, Cambridge and Cullen Oaks) have their own summary of charges specific to the community.This list is not intended to be comprehensive or exclusive, and also may involve other disciplinary actions. Other or unusual charges are computed on a time and materials basis. Please be aware that charges are subject to change. Appeals may be filed with the appropriate Residence Life Coordinator’s Office within 30 days of checkout. Minimum charges quoted are based on average time and materials. Actual charges will be based on real time and material costs. Damage charges do not limit our ability to pursue other remedial steps, up to and including conduct action and possible removal from housing. ITEM ACTION


Full Size Bed Twin Mattress Twin Size Bed Full Mattress Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom

$135.00 $125.00 $135.00 $150.00 $25.00 $35.00 $25.00 $35.00 Varies

Replace bed Replace mattress Replace bed Replace mattress Replace shower curtain Replace commode seat Replace shower head Replace towel bar Replace fixtures

15 - Resource Guide



Bathroom Cleaning $50.00/minimum Trash Can Replace trash can $15.00 Flooring Reseal floor $350.00 Flooring Remove stain/scuff $60.00/less than 5 in. Flooring Replace $620.00 Flooring Iron mark/non-removable stain $60.00/less than 5 in. Flooring Cleaning $30.00 Flooring Replace 1 tile ($4 tile, $21 hour labor, 3 hours labor) $67.00 Flooring Replace room flooring ($21/hour labor) Ceiling Paint $180.00 Chair Replace desk chair $125.00 Chair Repair desk chair $50.00 Closet Replace mirror door $200.00 Closet Replace one shelf $30.00 Door Replace new entrance door $350.00/Fire Rated Door Replace lockset $250.00 Door Replace peephole $25.00 Door Replace number sign $20.00 Door Replace door stopper $33.00 Door Clean, sand & refinish $75.00/per side Chest Drawer Replace whole chest $300.00 Chest Drawer Replace one drawer $75.00 Desk Replace desk (glass or wood) $350.00 Desk Replace laminate $150.00 Mirror Replace mirror $35.00 Desk Replace one drawer $50.00 Dining Table Replace table $110.00 Dining Chair Replace dining chair $30.00 Love Seat Replace love seat (Jennings) $380.00 Love Seat Replace love seat (Seymour) $490.00 Lights Replace plastic lens $45.00 Lights Replace fluorescent lamp $15.00 Lights Replace plastic case (vanity) $20.00 Lights Replace light bulb $10.00 Lights Replace switch $25.00 Outlet Replace phone jack $25.00 Outlet Replace electrical receptacle $25.00 Smoke Detector Replace smoke detector $250.00 Wall Replace baseboard $5.00/per ft., min $30 Wall Fill in holes $25.00/6” hole or smaller Wall Wall repairs $75.00 Wall Paint one wall (one coat) $150.00 Wall Paint one wall multiple coats (2 or more)/$250.00 Wall Paint entire room $350.00 Window Replace glass pane $250.00 Window Remove sticker/tape $25.00/per sticker Window Replace mini blind $80.00 Window Replace weather strip $75.00 Window Replace rolling shade $30.00 Window Replace sliding shade $35.00 MicroFridge Replace microfridge $433.00 MicroFridge Replace refrigerator unit $318.00 MicroFridge Replace microwave unit $144.00

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Missing Student Notification

Cleaning Rates Type of Unit

Light (up to 45 min.)




(46 min. up to 90 min.) (up to 91 min. to 180 min.) (181 min. or more)

Single room w/o bath





Single room w/bath





Double room w/o bath





Double room w/bath






$30.00 $60.00 $90.00 bill/hr


$40.00 $80.00

2 Bedroom

$50.00 $100.00 $200.00 bill/hr

$160.00 bill/hr

Locked Out of Your Room or Building?

1. Y  ou may sign out a key from the Residence Life Coordinator’s Office during regular business hours and return it within two days. After two days, the lock will be changed at your expense.

2. D  uring non-business hours (after hours, weekends and holidays) go to the service desk in your area and notify them that you are locked out. They will notify the on-call staff to come and let you into your room. The first lock out (per academic year) will be free of charge.

3.  After the first free lock out, you will be charged $5 to $10 depending on the day and time (after midnight, weekends and holidays will be charged at the higher rate). After three charged lock outs, a mandatory lock change and/or conduct action may occur.

Lock Change Rates Building

Lock cores and keys for a lock change


Moody Towers

2 cores + 3 keys



2 cores + 3 keys


Cougar Village

4 cores + 6 keys


Calhoun Lofts efficiency

1 core + 3 keys


Calhoun Lofts (single room)

2 cores + 4 keys


Calhoun Lofts (double room)

3 cores + keys


Mailbox Lock (Calhoun Lofts and Cougar Village only)

One mailbox lock + 1 key


Lost Room Key or Cougar Card

1. It is the responsibility of each resident to secure a building access card and key to their room and keep both items on their person at all times.

2. There is a charge for lock changes or card reissuing when a key or card is lost, stolen or not returned.

3. Duplication of keys or cards is PROHIBITED.

17 - Resource Guide

The University of Houston is committed to creating and maintaining an institutional environment which promotes the safety and well-being of its students. To this end, the University has established a policy and procedure designed to identify and assist enrolled UH students who reside in on-campus housing and who have been reported missing for more than 24 hours. This policy is enacted in compliance with the requirements outlined in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008.

1. A  ll on-campus residents will be informed that they have the option to identify an individual that the institution can contact no later than 24 hours after the time that the student is determined to be missing.

2. The UH Department of Student Housing & Residential Life will  provide each on-campus resident a method of registering confidential contact information for the individual that they identify as the person to be contacted in the event that they are determined to be missing for more than 24 hours.

3. T he UH Department of Student Housing & Residential Life will inform each on-campus resident under the age of 18 (who is not emancipated) that they must register contact information for a custodial parent or guardian to be contacted in the event that they are determined to be missing for more than a 24-hour period.

4. A  ny person who suspects that an on-campus resident has been missing for more than 24 hours should immediately contact the UH Department of Public Safety, the Office of the Executive Director of Student Housing & Residential Life, or the Dean of Students Office. Any information regarding a suspected missing student provided to the Office of the Executive Director of Student Housing & Residential Life or the Dean of Students Office will be immediately reported to the UH Department of Public Safety. 5. I f an investigation conducted by the UH Department of Public Safety concludes that the subject of a missing person report has been missing for more than 24 hours and has not returned to campus, the UH Department of Public Safety will initiate communication with the emergency contact that the on-campus resident has designated. Student Housing & Residential Life will be responsible for providing access to the emergency contact information to the UH Department of Public Safety on a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week basis through its on-duty or on-call staff.

6. If the on-campus resident who is the subject of a missing person report has not designated an emergency contact, the UH Department of Public Safety will conduct an investigation using guidelines established by the Texas Department of Public Safety Bureau of Information Analysis Missing Person Clearing House Unidentified Persons/DNA Unit. Resource Guide - 18

Promotional Materials

Posting Locations (for reference only, not for individual posting):

In order to promote UH-related events and activities, Student Housing & Residential Life is responsible for distributing information to residents who live in our residential communities. The purpose of this posting/advertising community expectation is to ensure the wise use of available space, balancing the need for effective and orderly promotion, maintenance of facilities, and prevention of littering. Student Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to deny any request that is deemed to contain material inconsistent with the educational mission of the University and/or Student Housing & Residential Life. This may include, but is not limited to discriminatory, offensive, or provocative material or posting/advertising containing references (explicit or implied) to alcohol or drugs. For questions regarding this expectation, please contact the Associate Director for Residential Life.

1. Calhoun Lofts bulletin boards located in every laundry room on each floor.

2.  Quadrangle (Bates, Law, Oberholtzer, Settegast and Taub) - above mailboxes in Oberholtzer (“OB”), east wall of OB lobby external to the building, and bulletin boards located in each building or floor.

3. Cougar Village general bulletin boards, bulletin boards located on the floors.

4. Moody Towers general bulletin boards, bulletin boards located on the floors.

5. Cafeteria bulletin boards and table tent locations, and large banner placement requires approval from the RLC’s office.

General Advertising Expectations: 1.  Materials may not include advertising for personal or commercial benefit.

2. Unattached materials, handouts, and handbills are strictly prohibited. All materials not conforming to these guidelines shall be removed and all outdated material shall be removed upon its outdating.

3.  Individuals and/or residential communities may be held financially responsible for repairing damages, painting costs, and general maintenance related to improper posting or the removal of posted materials.

4. Materials from other campuses, nonprofit organizations or those not affiliated with the University which advertise student, University, or community programs and are co-sponsored with a University department or registered student organization, may be posted with special approval from the Associate Director for Residential Life.

5.  The University may remove and discard any posters displayed on campus property that are in violation of these policies.

6. Failure by a student organization to comply with items listed within this standard may result in suspension of posting privileges for one semester (15 school weeks). Continuing to post while privileges are revoked may result in referral to the Dean of Students office. 7.  Individuals and/or residential communities may be held financially responsible for repairing damages, painting costs and general maintenance related to improper posting or the removal of posted materials.

19 - Resource Guide

Types of Advertising

1. Paper Flyers/Posters

a. Materials given to Student Housing & Residential Life via the Housing Services Office in Moody Towers a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the event will be distributed to Resident Assistants, who will post the information in a timely manner. All materials distributed in this fashion must include the following:

i. All materials must contain date, time, location, and/or pertinent information related to what is being advertised. ii.  All materials must include the full name of the sponsoring UH department or student club/organization. iii.  An inclusivity statement providing direction and contact information (name, phone number, and email address) in case an attendee has questions, concerns, or needs special accommodations. For example, “For questions, concerns, or special accommodations, please contact Cougar Student/Staff/ Faculty at (713) 743-1234 or email:”

b. Posting is permitted in designated areas only and will be done so by Student Housing & Residential Life staff members. All items posted in residence halls must be stamped and approved by Student Housing & Residential Life staff or they will be removed.

c. Materials may not be posted in any unauthorized location, including doors, light posts, trees, building windows, car windshields, etc.; or over previously posted materials.

d.  All flyers and posters will be removed within 24 hours of the advertised event.

e. Posters (anything larger than an 8.5x11 piece of paper) – we will only accommodate 70 copies in order to have one per floor (with extra for lobbies). Resource Guide - 20

f. Flyer Quantities – depending on the organizations’ preference for marketing coverage:

i. One per RA - 120 flyers would cover all RAs, with extras for lobbies.

ii. One per floor - 70 flyers would ensure every floor in the residential communities would have one flyer.

iii. One per lobby/common area – 9 flyers would cover each lobby area.

2. Digital Displays – flat screen TVs located in and round the residence halls can display information about resources on campus (departments and student clubs/organizations) and events. Advertising materials for this medium must be given to the Associate Director of Residential Life a minimum of 10 days prior to an event to ensure timely posting and must be a single PowerPoint slide (.ppt file).

3.  Bi-Weekly Newsletter – on the 1st and 15th of each month, every resident living in on-campus housing will receive a newsletter specific to the area/building where they live. Advertising graphics for this medium must be given to the Associate Director of Residential Life by the 5th and 20th of the month for the next edition and must be a JPEG file format.

4. Chalk as an advertising medium – using chalk to advertise within or on buildings, doorways, walls, surfaces intended for seating, vertical surfaces, etc., is prohibited. The University and Student Housing & Residential Life restricts chalking to exterior sidewalks and walkways that are exposed to natural elements and only stick chalk can be used (the use of spray paint and spray chalk is strictly prohibited). Messages not in compliance with this Posting/Advertising Community Expectation may be erased. 5. Banners – A “banner” is defined as paper, cloth, or vinyl advertising matter displayed on University property.

a. Banner size cannot exceed 3.5 x 10 feet and all exceptions must receive approval by the Associate Director for Residential Life.

b. Each organization may display only one banner per residential area at a time.

c.  In case of shortage of banner space, the Associate Director for Residential Life will assign priority and a removal date.

d. Student Housing & Residential Life assumes no responsibility for the removal of, or damage to, any banners posted on Student Housing & Residential Life property.

e. The University may remove and discard any unapproved or past-due banners.

Room Consolidation

1.  This procedure will be instituted by housing administration (based on need for space) within the first four weeks. After the first four weeks, Consolidation will only be utilized in extreme need as determined by housing administration.

2. Students in rooms without roommates or on sparsely populated floors will be notified of the consolidation process.

3.  Depending on the situation (i.e., consolidating floors or rooms), students will be instructed to choose from the following possibilities:

a. Move to another room with a roommate (a list would be available) and/or possibly move to another floor.

b. Pay for the room as a super single (this option may not always be available).

Room Inspections niversity officials, including residence hall staff, housekeeping and U maintenance personnel, may enter rooms to fulfill their daily duties, in cases of emergencies, or in cases of reasonable suspicion of activity endangering the individual or community, or in cases where there is suspicion of policy violation. 

•U  nannounced fire safety checks as mandated by the fire marshal may take place at any time.

•H  ealth and Safety inspections may occur a minimum of once per semester when rooms are inspected for cleanliness, damage to property and fire hazards.

Room Transfer Procedure Room transfers are offered to facilitate the development of mutual friendships, similar academic interests, relocation to a more desired area, and to mediate roommate conflicts. Room changes are not to be used as an escape from dealing positively with conflict or unreasonable behavior. All room transfers must be approved by a Customer Service Representative 2 (CSR 2) and Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) in advance of the move. Step by Step Room Transfer Process:

1. Students wishing to transfer rooms should submit request in writing to the CSR 2 of their current building assignment.

2. Customer Service Representative and Residence Life Coordinator then work together to approve or deny transfer requests.

3. If transfer is denied the student will be informed by email.

21 - Resource Guide

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4. If transfer is approved the student will be informed by email and must complete their move within 72 hours.

a. T he student will have a check in packet at the desk of their new assignment and will check into their new space.

b. T he student will move from their old space to their new space within 72 hours.

c. A  s soon as they have completed their move they will contact their old RA who will check them out of their old space by completing the Room Condition Form and collecting the room and mailbox key(s).

Vacate/Removal Procedure This procedure applies to situations in which a resident is required to vacate or be removed for nonpayment of rent, health, conduct, or other administrative reason.

1. Student Housing & Residential Life staff will contact the resident in an attempt to resolve the difficulty. If no contact or no mutually agreeable arrangement can be reached within 72 hours, an administrator will prepare and issue a notice to vacate.

2.  If, at the end of this period, the resident has not responded, the administrator prepares a “Notice To Vacate for Breach of Agreement and Demand for Possession.” A residence hall staff person will deliver the notice (delivery will be attempted in person, but failing that, placement upon the resident’s bed will serve to effect notice). The resident will be given 72 hours from the date of delivery to vacate. Residents removed from the halls pursuant to a notice to vacate will be charged a $400 contract break fee. After the notice to vacate has been served, should the resident’s behavior disrupt community standards, the resident’s departure may be accelerated.

3. If, at the end of the 72 hours, the resident has not complied, he or she will be locked out of the space and charged expenses incurred by the University.

4. If the former resident’s personal belongings are not claimed during normal business hours within three days after the lock-out, the items will be removed and stored for 30 days at the former resident’s expense so that the space may be reassigned. If the space requires cleaning, additional charges will be assessed.

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5.  The former resident is given the opportunity to claim his or her personal belongings within a 30-day period during normal business hours. After 30 days, these items are considered abandoned and will result in disposal. This process does not limit the Department of Student Housing & Residential Life from implementing an interim suspension which will result in the immediate removal of a resident who is considered to be an imminent threat to himself or herself or others, pending an expedited hearing.

Visitation Visitation is a privilege, not a right. Abuse of this privilege impedes the rights of others’ privacy and safety, and may result in loss of visitation privileges. 1.  The resident host is responsible for the conduct of their guest and must accompany them at all times.

2. The right of your roommates/ suitemates to use the room and have their privacy takes precedence over the privilege of visitation.

3. Visitors of the opposite sex must use only the restroom facilities on a floor of the same sex (Towers only).

4. The resident host/hostess must sign in all nonresidents (limit two guests) at the service desk each time they enter and must sign them out when they leave.

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