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Trend Journal vol.1 Color FASH503 09.23.2016


Before the New York Fashion Week, PANTONE has released ten fashion colors of spring and summer in 2017, and the most representative color of next season is denim blue, which is durable and beautiful. Recently, PANTONE has released ten fashion colors which are most representative for the spring and summer in 2017 after it has referred to the 119 fashion shows of just-ended New York Fashion Week and thought over the color trend of next season. And the top three colors belong to Niagara , Primrose Yellow and Lapis Blue.

n o i t c u d o intr 5



Niagara The top color is Niagara, just like the Niagara Falls. It is a kind of blue with low chroma and cold hue, and it makes you calm, relax and powerful. It just likes the color of denim, which everyone must have one in his wardrobe. In the spring and summer New York fashion show in 2017, there are more brands, including famous brands, such as, Michael Kors, 3.1 Phillip lim have applied Niagara blue. So you don’t need to worry that you can't keep up with fashion trend in next season, it’s correct to match with any jeans as you wish.




Primrose yellow is full of passion and warmth. It is a kind of color that may make you invigorative and refreshed in spring and summer. If it is matched with coats or jacktes , even one-piece dress that will bring you unexpected surprise.

13-0755 TCX


Lapis Blue

Lapis blue is brighter than Niagara blue and calmer than eleceric blue. On the whole, it looks energetic and active. And it endows with intelligence and elegance, so it is suitable to match working suit and daily outfits. And it brings you refreshing visual enjoyment in spring and summer.

19-4045 TCX 9

HOW IT AFFECTS CONSUMERS In 2017, the spring and summer fashion colors belong to bright color . Two of the top three colors belong to blue. Particularly, Niagara, the top color, is similar denim, which is durable and beautiful. Many people have clothing of this color. In addition, various jeans trousers and coats or jackets had been popular since last year.For example : cropper jeans,damage jeans,doodle jacks. While those demonstrate that the clothing of jeans serial is more variable and interesting in this year, and its cutting and style are varied. These features will become the key points of popular match in this year.


REFERENCE Pantone Top 10 Spring 2017 Colors Counts on New York Fashion Week for Inspiration. (2016, September). Retrieved from fashion-news/trends/pantone-top-10-spring-2017-colors-counts-on-new-york-fashion-week-for-inspiration-10550871/ FYF 2016 – Denim. (2016, September). Retrieved from New Denim Embroideries S/S 17. (2016, September). Retrieved from CAROLINA HERRERA. SPRING 2017 READY-TO-WEAR. (2016, September). Retrieved from Michael Kors Spring Summer 2017 Collection. (2016, September). Retrieved from Self-Portrait SPRING 2017 READY-TO-WEAR. (2016, September). Retrieved from Altuzarra Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Collection. (2016, September). Retrieved from 3.1 PHILLIP LIM SPRING 2017 READY-TO-WEAR. (2016, September). Retrieved from


Trend Journal vol.2 Souvenir Jacket FASH503 10.02.2016


Souvenir Jacket, as a very popular flying Jacket in recent years, is featured by many embroidery patterns, even quite wild folk pattern, like dragon, tiger, phoenix and eagle. Actually, embroidered jacket has over 60 years of history. However, how and why it has become recently popular? And how does the embroidery with Oriental style come up on fashion? With a history of more than 60 years, here is the story of Yokosuka embroidered Souvenir Jacket.

n o i t c u d o intr 13



enir the Souv


It is named as Souvenir Jacket in English, or the literal translation of Sukajan Jacket in Japanese. After the end of the World War II in 1945, the US entered and was stationed in Japan. Because of the geographical conditions, Yokosuka became the military stronghold of the US in Japan, and it became a flourishing military harbor rapidly. Because there were a lot of embroidered and silk products in Yokosuka, the US armed force stationed there referred Baseball Jacket and MA-1 Flight Jacket, and created embroidered patterns in jackets with Japanese style, such as dragon, tiger, eagle and carp as well as the details of the flag of the US, Japan’s map and personal names in English. After designing the Souvenir Jacket, they brought them to the US. Thus, such Souvenir Jacket gradually became popular in the US armed force.


The Souvenir Jacket


RUNWAY Souvenir Jacket has become a popular keyword in fashion circle again recently because the Luxury fashion brands have also launched their own brands of embroidered jackets in spring/summer 2016 due to the inspiration of the Japanese Sukajan jacket; these designs are full of Oriental elements. Besides, there are many models and fashion bloggers dressed in embroidery jacket in street snap outside fashion shows. 1. Valentino’s men wear in spring/summer 2016 includes the post-war memorial elements, such as the embroidered jacket and Hawaii shirt. 2. LV’s men wear in spring/summer 2016 is full of Oriental embroidery. 3. Hedi Slimane , the designer of Saint Laurent who always gets inspiration from rock also is inspired by postwar some souvenirs in spring/ summer, 2016.




Which style is the


natural? Silks and satins with contrast color raglan sleeves; embroidery patterns are dominated by Japanese style dragon, tiger, eagle and carp, and the details of the flag of the US, Japan’s maps and personal name.


Differences in materials

The most obvious feature of embroidered jackets is satin, advanced fabrics, and high price. Of course, therefore, there are other cheap materials, such as nylon, cotton velvet, cloth to attract more people.People may not know the differences between the satin and silks and satins with eyes, because it no less than even higher luster than silk. 19


The embroidered patterns that popular this year are almost concentrated in men’s clothing, but unisex style is also popular among girls.

In addition, the embroidered patterns in jackets are no longer confined to tiger or maps, also include floral designs, birdie, and contrast color and silken design, which enhance the style of women. For Souvenir Jacket , rather than match it with other overly complex or exaggerated clothes under the detailed and colorful designs, people only need to match it with simple pure color jacket lining or jeans to become chic and eye-catching.


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Trend Journal vol.3 The Choker

FASH503 10.07.2016


Designers tend to inspiration from the past. Recently, 90s the choker that are coming back. A choker is a close-fitting necklace around the neck. It emphasizes the slim line of the neck. on the other hand, it creates a bright spot for simple style clothing. Chokers are popular with models ,celebrities and fashion blogger, such as Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne ,Gigi Haddi,Rose Depp, Mizuhara Kiko. In addition,it is regarded as important accessories on street style . Choker is undoubtedly the chicest fashionable accessory this season.

n o i t c u d o intr 19

History of ce la k c e n r e k cho

Choker: literally, “choke� means preventing somebody from breathing by blocking or squeezing the throat. Since such necklaces are worn around the neck, they are referred to as chokers.



Century Choker has different meanings in different times. Early in the French Revolution in 1798, females wore red ribbon ties on the neck to express sympathy and respect for the dead on the guillotine. This is the prototype of choker. In the 19th century, such necklaces were popular with royals of European countries. It is said that this tidal current was started by Anne Boleyn (Queen of England) and Alexandra (Princess of Denmark). In the famous portrait of Anne Boleyn, she wears a pearl necklace. Moreover, the necklace is decorated with a delicate B – the first letter of her maiden name. As for Alexandra, she often wore a choker constituted by pearls and velvet to hide the scar on her neck. Because of them, choker was popular with royal women. Hence, exquisitely made necklaces became accessories symbolizing royalty and wealth in the upper class in Europe. All these chokers were individually customized. They fitted the front opening of wearers perfectly. 21

1990s briti e s e l e C

Choker became popular again in Hollywood in the 1990s. Movie stars represented by Drew Barrymore are followers of ribbon chokers. In addition, the sex goddess Marilyn Monroe wore ribbon chokers. Natalie Portman wore chokers a classic in LÊon – a film released in 1994.

Drew Barrymore for Guess in 1993

lm Elisabeth Shue fi as eg Leaving Las V


S/S 16 For S/S 2016, crystal and pearl are the key point of the choker for this season,especially with simple, wide fitted band or softer ribbon choker.



A/w 17 Dark Romance, Gothic style, and Urban Streets as trends for A/W 16/17.The key material for the season is leather, with metal hardware important for detail.Such as wide band ,oversized buckles ,bondagestyle O-rings. 1. RODARTE 2. ADAM SELMAN 3. ALEXANDER WANG


e h t t e G

Lo o k

TIPS 1/ SIMPLE VERSION CHOKER The simplest method to wear chokers is to wear a single choker to match the modeling. To take the street snap, models generally wear a black choker. Nevertheless, such basic chokers are selected mostly because they are not eye-catching. They will match the dress well. If clean and simple fashions are preferred, it is recommended to choose the chokers with the strong sense of design. In this case, chokers in different colors or special in details will be a good choice for your style.


TIPS 2 / PENDENT CHOKER Black chokers can be decorated with vintage style, rock style or Gothic style pendants. With unusual appearances, they are suitable for girls who are trying to be cool. Take Natalie Portman for example. She wore a necklace throughout the movie LĂŠon. Since she acted as a rebellious maverick in the movie, many girls who are fond of unique clothing have fallen in love with such chokers. To be romantic and graceful, it is a good choice to decorate purple, white or light colored ribbons with brightly colored pendants. 26

The greatest characteristic of choker is that it with can be combined other ornaments o It allows people t make combinations creatively.

TIPS 3 / MIXED UP Choker is so short that it fails to reach the clavicle. A choker follows the contours of the neck, just like a collar. Thus, it will not be incompatible with other necklaces. Generally, chokers go well with both short and long necklaces. If they are well coordinated, they will be quite chic and fashionable. In addition, it is possible to combine three necklaces together as long as they are consistent in style.


TIPS 4 / WOVEN CHOKER Chokers can exhibit elegant visual effects by weaving, even if they have no pendants. Openwork patterns make people feel pure and fresh. However, the braided shapes are fairly complex. Fortunately, there are many teaching videos on the Internet. It is possible to DIY a choker as long as one prepares materials in adv-ance and follows the instruction.


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Trend Journal vol.4 Velvet Ankle Boot FASH503 10.15.2016


The products made of silk and satin were popular in this spring and summer. But the fashion trend for this autumn and winter of 2016-2017 is “velvet material� which was the favorite fabric of the nobles in the 18th century. Now, hundreds of years later, this fabric gets back to the fashion field again. Different major fashion brands and fast fashion will bring you various designs of upper garments, dress skirts, trousers and even shoes with this velvet material.

n o i t c u d o intr 31

H is t o r y of V e lv e t s h o e s

Historically, shoes reflect economic conditions. it can be used to measure the social status and even religious belief of a person. In ancient Greece, shoes distinguished free men from slaves. According to the Greek philosopher Plutarch (46 – 120 AD), slaves were forbidden to wear shoes,“Bare feet are the symbols of slaves.” Generally, the shoes of common people were made of leather. Although the shoes were simple in structure, they were durable. As for the shoes of nobles, they were made of fine cloth. These shoes were beautifully decorated but impractical. Nobles mainly wore shoes to exhibit their tremendous wealth and lofty social status. For them, it was more important to highlight fashion rather than provide a comfortable wearing experience. Thus, in the 16th century, wealthy men and women would wear shoes made of soft leather, silk or velvet, so as to match their gorgeous clothes.


Sixteenth Century Footwear. 33

Velvet Boots A/w 16 It is indispensable to have the fashionable ankle boots for autumn and winter. The top edges of ankle boots are exactly at the most slender part of ankle. In this way, the natural curve on the side can easily have a stretched visual effect when you match the boots with whether a skirt or a pair of trousers. First, the prevalent ankle boots in the show fields of this season are different in materials. Instead of some classic materials like chamois and cattle hide, the hot materials of velvet are used for the popular It Shoes in this autumn and winter ! 1. Dries Van Noten 2. Roberto Cavalli 3. Dries Van Noten 4. 3.1 Phillip Lim 5. Valentino


e h t t e G

Lo o k

Now, velvet element is extended to shoes from coats and shirts. Many people think it is a challenge for their temperaments to hold velvet clothes. However, velvet boots will be easier for common people to fit well with them. In addition, velvet performs quite well in keeping warm. So a pair of velvet ankle boots for this year will undoubtedly be a plus for your appearance.


Red Velvet

As for the color, the best recommendation for ankle boots is Burgundy which looks high-grade and free from vulgarity. The decent and understated fashion style make the boots stand lasting appreciation. Most of all, it can set your skin off to advantage. It will be easier for Asians to look fair in these boots. The velvet boots of denim blue and burgundy is an advanced and classical color combination. Let’s take Alexa Chung as an example, dressed in the simple blue knitted blouse and blue jeans, the overall temperament is upgraded once a pair of burgundy velvet boots


r lo o C t f o S O Velvet For those who like bright color, grey and pink are both good choice. The gray boots are also rather attractive for its soft and comfortable tone. And there is also a feeling of young girl, just like the street snap recently shared by the famous fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni. It is believed this also can bring some different features for your appearance !


e l p r u P

Velvet The charming purple boots are more suitable for young women ( age 25~32). A special mysterious flavor will be given off.Matching with whether jeans or denim skirts, they can always show the retro flavor in an elegant way, as well as the fashion and texture in autumn.


Blue Velvet The velvet boots in blue series,

whether light blue or dark blue, are both full of female flavor together with a handsome feeling. And the sufficient vitality is able to make the entire appearance fashionable and have the light spot, even if only the blouse of single color and jeans are used for matching. The boots of this color are more suitable for the girls who have strong personality in matching clothes. 39

n a e l c o t How ? s e o h s velvet Shoes Bursh White Vinegar

In fact, such shoes can be cleaned by removing dust and smudginess on the surface. Here is a tip: brush against the flannelette.Only in this way will dust in the flannelette be completely removed. Many of shops selling flannelette cleaning erasers. After cleaning, it is advisable to coat the shoes with a waterproof spray used specially for cloudy surfaces, thereby maintaining flexibility and water impermeability of leather.

Waterproof Spray



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Trend Journal vol.5 Makeup T r e n d s 2016-17 FASH503 10.29.2016


THE COLOR This season, Glitter elements and colorful Blink are widely employed for the eye makeup, for example: silver, gold, oranger or blue. Wherein, Glitter elements gives a sense of future and gold is elegant. The colorful eyeshadow looks brighter with eyeliner Along with eye lines, they present a sophisticated look. THE LOOK The Fashion Week spring/summer 2017 was kicked off in New York. Since then, nude makeup has swept runways. As for nude makeup, it tosses the previous thick and old makeup. The most important thing of nude makeup is white, flawless, transparent and bright bottom makeup. Currently, natural makeup has become a major trend of daily makeup. THE STYLE Black eye lines and highly saturated lips give a girl completely different personalities. With such makeup, she can be elegant, bold, or uninhibited. She can even look like a rocker. Fine makeup will demonstrate the unique and strong personality of models.

n o i t c u d intro 43


Burberry's limited-edition shimmer

Nicholoas K

Emanuel Ungaro Beauty

1. Burberry festive eye palette 2. Tom Ford cognac sable 3. Givenchy superstellar 4. Marc Jacobs Eye Sticks

To make glittering eyes, it is possible to draw a few bold lines on the upper eye line with metallic eyeliners and spread it evenly. If eyeliners with metallic colors are not favored, it is feasible to cover the lower eyelid with sequin (silver or gold) eye shadow. That will also be attractive.



PANTONE has released 10 fashion colors of spring and summer in 2017: primrose yellow,Lapis Blue,Flame,Pink Yarrow ,Greenery etc. Based on the top colors for makeup trends in 2017 ,the makeup of this season is characterized by the bold use of colors. The bright colored eye makeup can bolster the personalities. The large amounts of bright colors are cool and the various gradient colors are fantastic.

Runway : 1. Marc Jacobs 2. Victoria Beckham 3. Manish Arora Make up Products : 1. Nars 2. Gucci 3.Stylenanda-3CE


IN ER ST YL E 20 16 -1 7 CAT EY EL








































pantone 13-0755








pantone 15-0343


Black eye lines emphasize on the application of delicate and fully surrounded eye lines. They weaken eye shadows and eyebrows on the simple and elegant makeup, and outline the upper eye line, lower eye line and corners of eyes with black eyeliner, thereby making a girl look rebellious and fashionable.

pantone 17-1462 46

FaceLook 201 6-1 7 NATU RA L MA KE UP

The core of nude makeup is the foundation. To draw a clean and clear bottom makeup, the following requirements should be satisfied: cover the blemish with foundations, thereby enhancing skin shininess; take good care of the skin before making up, thereby achieving the cosmetic results – No Makeup. In recent years, Korean products have been popular in European and American countries. Lots of high-end cosmetic brands, including Dior and Clinique, Ysl have introduced cushion foundations. As a result, there is a wide variety of bottom makeup products. Accordingly, Korean makeup will continue to be popular.


NUDEmakeurp al tu demonstrates na in. beauty of the sk

1. Isabel Marant SS17 2. Saint Laurent SS17 3. Givenchy SS17


LipsLook 201 6-1 7 LIP S MA KE UP



Lip colors this season are either nude or highly saturated color . There are mainly two kinds of lip makeup: Gothic Lips and MLBB(My Lips But Better).





The lips of models in runway shows are sober and ruddy. They look natural. To achieve such effects (MLBB), the simplest method is to wear colored lip balm, nude lipstick or Mauve lipstick . Lipsticks with such colors are practical. They will present a clean and clear makeup.


GOTHIC LIPS As for the colors of this season, lipstick are between black and red and referred to as Gothic colors. Such colors are dark and highly saturated. They are suitable for people with different skin tones. The only thing that matters is to make lips beautiful.


REFERENCE Palette Analysis Autumn 2016 – Luxury Key Brands. (2016, August). Retrieved from page/5 Tunell, A. (2016, April). THE BEST MAKEUP TRENDS FOR FALL 2016. Retrieved from g7068/fall-2016-makeup-trends/?slide=1 Najarian, T. (2016, October). Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Makeup Trends. Retrieved from Yee, T. (2016, October). Beauty Edit S/S 17: Make-Up. Retrieved from Every Makeup Look You Need to See From New York Fashion Week Spring 2017. (2016, September). Retrieved from beauty/makeup-skin-care/g28725/spring-2017-makeup-trends/?slide=3 Thebeautylookbook. (n.d.). Retrieved from Bailey, E. G. (2016, October). Fashion Week Streets S/S 17: Beauty. Retrieved from PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2017. (2016, September). Retrieved from


Trend Journal vol.6

TINTED LENSES S/S 2017 FASH503 11.07.2016


Sunglasses in 2017 s/s become popular for their bold use of colors, new synthetic materials and interesting styles. Soft-colored lenses make people with common sunglasses more feminine and modern style. THE COLOR Color style is an eternal theme in summer, which applies to both clothes and accessories. Currently, the wave of dazzling colors has quietly spread to sunglasses, which makes softly tinted lenses a new round of hot items. Tinted lenses refer to light colored (pale yellow, pink, sky blue, light green, orange, etc.) eyeglasses that serve a fashion purpose. They are fashionable and retro. THE STYLE Square sunglasses are the most conspicuous; simple or oversized round sunglasses bounce back; brand-new aviator sunglasses and sports goggles lead fashion-forward trends.

n o i t c u d o intr 53

History of O


s e s s a l g n Su It is possible to say that tinted lenses are iconic fashion items of the Hippie Era.The once-popular light-reflecting lenses have gradually been replaced by tinted lenses. Models wear such glasses during runway shows, which is reminiscent of the Hippie Era in the 1960s and 1970s. In those days, the famous musician John Lennon often wore yellow-tinted glasses. As for Elvis Presley and Janis Joplin (Hippie Goddess), they wore red-tinted glasses. Together with their music, such tinted glasses became unique signs of that era.

n a i c i s Mu


Tinted lenses appeared on covers of early fashion magazines. The IT Girl Twiggy wore twocolored glasses with tinted lenses in the mid 1960s. 1.TWIGGY 2. VOGUE IN 1946 3. BAZAAR IN 1967 4. VOGUE IN 1968

n o i h s a F


O 1.Gucci





In terms of the materials, metal and plastic are the most popular choices. Metal frames and tinted lenses can present elegant, retro and modern looks. Under the influence of Sports and Athleisure, plastic frames can better show handsome and stylish looks this year. 1.House of Holland 2. Marco De Vicenzo 3.No. 21


O k o o L r a e Eyew LE NS ES AV IATO R TI NT ED

Aviator tinted lenses continue to be popular accessories.Influenced by Sports and Athleisure this year, aviator sunglasses also emphasize on exaggerated designs. Plastic frames and tinted lenses are still popular classic elements.Many other colors are included into popular sunglasses of 2017: retro colors such as yellow, red and pink can be easily founded in the new products. Stylish and unobtrusive, tinted light-reflecting lenses are suitable for most girls. They can offer bright sports for clothes in summer. 58

Round sunglasses have been flagship styles of many fashion brands (Chole, Miu Miu, Fendi etc.). They are the best choices for girls with round faces since they will flatter the face shape and make it looks smaller than it is. This season, designers make some adjustment on the frames of round sunglasses. Frames of appropriate size are out of fashion. They are replaced by exaggerated and oversized frames. Moreover, the frames are mainly metal or plastic, which echoes with the retro fashion trends.

d n u o R e u r T SE S RO UN D SU NG L AS


Wire-frame TINTED LENSES + METAL FRAMES Metal frames tend to be modern and chic, the glasses style are favored by many fashion bloggers and celebrities. It should be noted that metal frames should be matched with dazzling tinted lenses and aviator lenses, so as to create a sense of future, fashionable and distinctive. In terms of the color, yellow is essential. As for blue, it is ideal for mature persons. Red is able to brighten the skin tone and give a good complexion. 60


Square eyewear of 1970s are decorated with various kinds of ornaments, which gives people more choices in summer. Round faces are suitable to wear square eyewear with tinted lenses,yellow and transparent sunglasses can make the face look thinner. This summer, they are more unique in appearance. Materials with different proportions and colors highlight the design characteristics and demonstrate the retro charm and fashion. and demonstrate the retro charm and fashion.


e p a h s e c a F

HOW TO CHOOSE SUNGLASSES FOR YOUR FACE SHAPE HEART-SHAPED FACE high forehead and pointed chin (people with heart-shaped faces tend to have a widow’s peak). Appropriate to wear: rimless sunglasses and angular sunglasses (rimless sunglasses can highlight cheekbones and balance the wide forehead) Inappropriate to wear: aviator sunglasses

ROUND FACE the face is pretty much the same width and length, and widest at the cheekbones. Appropriate to wear: square or cat-eye sunglasses (cat-eye glasses can make people with round faces stand out in the crowds) Inappropriate to wear: round sunglasses


SQUARE FACE the forehead, cheekbones and chin are approximately the same width. Moreover, the chin is square in shape Appropriate to wear: oval and round sunglasses (curved sunglasses can soften angles on the face) Inappropriate to wear: square and angular sunglasses

OVAL FACE (THE IDEAL FACE SHAPE) high forehead, prominent cheekbones and pointed chin. Appropriate to wear: any kind of sunglasses (advised to choose sunglasses that fit curves of the eyebrows)


REFERENCE et Over That Whole Creeped-Out Vibe, Because Tinted Shades Are Back in a Big Way. (2016, June). Retrieved from http://www.vogue. com/13448424/tinted-sunglasses-trend-summer-2017/ FIND THE BEST SUNGLASSES FOR YOUR FACE SHAPE WITH THIS CLEVER GUIDE. (2015, July). Retrieved from http://www. COHEN, L. (2014, June). Stay Shady: The History of Sunglasses. Retrieved from Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time. (2014, June). Retrieved from Sturch, K. (2016). Key Items S/S 17: Eyewear. Retrieved from Najarian, T. (2016, April). Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Eyewear Trends. Retrieved from Sturch, K. (2016, October). Fashion Week Streets S/S 17: Eyewear. Retrieved from Ray-ban, Womens sunglasses. (n.d.). Retrieved from


Trend Journal vol.7

Trackpants S/S


FASH503 11.14.2016


The lazier, the more fashionable! In the contemporary world when athleisure look prevails, retro zippers and T-shirts popular in 1980s have bounced back and recaptured runways. In the past, stripe sweatpants and sneakers were associated with school days. Only students would wear them. In the contemporary world, however, retro sportswear has come back. As for stripe sweatpants, they have become representatives of fashion. Stripe sweatpants are paired with sneakers, boots and high heels. In modern times, there is no line between sportswear and high-end fashion. They are compatible with each other.

n o i t c u d intro 66


are track pants? Track pants (also known as tearaway pants and sweatpants) are casual pants. They were initially designed as pants for athletes and used to resist the cold. Classic track pants tend to have elastic waistbands and cuffs. Thus, they are easy to put on and take off. Tracksuits and side-stripe pants were mainly worn over competition clothing and taken off before competition.It was in 1970s that track pants began to enter the fashion world. Since then, sport suits have become casual clothes rather than clothes exclusively for exercise or competition purposes. They are applicable to various informal occasions: daily life, travel, work, etc. Track pants have been applied to the fashion industry and become fashion trends.


O 1.Tommy hilfiger 2.Paul smith 3.Concept korea 4.Off-white



With the sustainable boom of athleisure, tracksuit has been standing. This year, track pants are different from those in the past. They can be worn to do sports and go shopping. Sweatpants have become an essential item this season. 68

Detail s/s


The sporty style is manifested in all respects: shapes, colors and details. It combines sportswear with custom design. Thus, track pants can be either high-waist or low-rise. The soft luster of the fabric is retro; side stripes and ankle zippers are indispensable. Fabric & Detail: silk jersey, elasticated waist Market: women and young women Drop: spring


the t e G

o k o L

During fashion weeks this season, the combination of high-end clothing and trackpants was favored by almost all fashion icons. In this case, how to stand out in the crowd? It is advisable to make good use of interesting accessories such as personalized bags, chokers and geometric earrings. In addition, it is possible to wear high heels or platform shoes,sneakers to stick out from everyone else. Right now, wear light clothing and enjoy yourself in the fast-paced life.



It is possible to create surprising effects with highly contrasted high heels and Side-stripe pants. Such distinctive and fashionable collocation demonstrates the harmonious coexistence of femininity and athleisure. I suppose you have never thought about such collocation. In fact, however, it is feasible and beautiful. You can either expose the ankle or cover the feet with the pants, thereby visually lengthening the legs. In addition, it is possible to select baggy track pants. To keep the overall proportion, it is advisable to choose stiletto heels and tight clothes to match them. 71

e l y t s l a u Cas SIDE-STRIPE PANTS + SNEAKERS

This year, side-stripe pants are very popular. They are frequently worn by fashion icons when they are snapped on the street. Side-stripe pants make people look alive. Combined with vertical strips or sew threads, they flatter the leg shape significantly. Side-stripe pants able to visually lengthen the legs and popular white sneakers can exhibit a sporty chic look and add bright spots to the overall modeling. 72

Cool style


Track pants are freer and easier when they are paired with ankle boots and platform shoes. Such shoes match perfectly with dynamic and casual sweatpants. They make people look neutral and feminine. 73

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Trend Journal vol.8

extra-long sleeves FASH503 11.21.2016


The extra-long sleeves trend is spreading quietly in European and American countries. Such clothes use oversized elements and enhance the local details. The sleeves are generally half or a palm longer than those of regular clothes. Similar to the boyfriend style, the unique structure of extra-long sleeves creates a lazy, witty and sexy style.

n o i t c u d o intr 76

What are extra-long sleeves ? Extra-long sleeves are associated with a popular fashion brand - Vetements. There is no doubt that extra-long sleeves are the most representative visual symbols of Vetements. Many brands have begun to imitate Vetements and manufacture such extra-long sleeves. To understand the fashion aroused by Vetements, it is better to trace the origin first.


2000 2001



Vetements clothes were inspired by the iconic design of Martin Margiela in 1990s. The biggest achievement of Margiela is that he designed oversized clothes and maintained the tension and outline of the clothes visually. As a master of Deconstruction, Martin Margiela expresses his uninhibited character and advocacy of deconstructionism by means of design. Such philosophy runs through the process of brand design. Maison Margiela’s influence on the fashion industry comes not from the ability to make new ideas, but from remodeling orthodox or traditional women’s garments (T-shirts, dresses,sweaters) ,emphasizes on individuals and the uniqueness of each garment. 78

O 1.Yohji yamamoto 2.Kenzo 3.Marque Allemande 4.Vetements 5.Ellery 6.Y/PROJECT



The long-sleeve shirt emerged as a popular item on the s/s 17 . This key outline with oversized specific density, incorporating new sleeve details that use ruching, ties and cutouts. 79




ng Sleeves Active Extra-Lo



1.DKNY 2. Vera Wang 3.Collina Strada 4. De Vicenzo 3.Vetements


How to wear

Extra-long Sleeves? ONE -PIE CE DRE SSES

Recently, many dresses are designed to have extra-long sleeves. Except for long sleeves, these dresses are simple as a whole. Thus, they are appropriate to be worn alone. Simple and decent dresses emphasize on extra-long sleeves. Even without complex accessories, they are quiet attractive.


Blouse looks


Extra-long sleeves are popular among woven shirts and blouses. Clothes with knuckle-length sleeves are appropriate to be worn in spring and summer. In comparison with basic long sleeve shirts, shirts with extra-long sleeves make people more feminine and modern. Both vertical sleeves and slit sleeves appear in fashion weeks frequently. Together with accessories and watches, they highlight the collocation details. Paired with simple tannin pants or bell-bottom pants popular in recent years, extra-long sleeves can present simple and personalized looks


s k o lo n io t a in b m o C


It is advised to match such clothes with long coats to present different looks. Extra-long sleeves can be paired with clothes with distinctively different patterns or materials to create different styles. Although extra-long sleeves are small details, they enrich the outline of shirts and make the clothes neat. Moreover, shirts with extra-long sleeves can make layered sleeves, so as to be different from ordinary collocations.



Hoddies with extra-long sleeves are typical boyfriend items. Oversized hoodies and short sweaters with extra-long sleeves are popular among people. It is normal to consider such items as one-piece dresses, casual and distinctive. If you don’t want to be too casual, mix and match is a good choice. It is possible to match such clothes with characteristic trousers, skirts or shoes to form a sharp contrast. Such collocations will be interesting. 84

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journal 86

Forecasting Fashion trends (2016 &2017)  

I created this book for my graduate course. The most of the image resource from the internet. IT ONLY BE USED for scad course. There is no...

Forecasting Fashion trends (2016 &2017)  

I created this book for my graduate course. The most of the image resource from the internet. IT ONLY BE USED for scad course. There is no...