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DecisionDecision-Making and Resolutions in AIUSA

Amnesty International is a grassroots, human rights organization in which the work done by AI activists is, in part, determined through AI’s decision-making process. For example, our work on LGBT human rights and HIV/AIDS started with a resolution. What’s a resolution? A statement directing a change in AI that can’t be accomplished by just asking a staff member or volunteer leader. The change can be as simple as clarifying current procedures or as complex as requesting a change in AI’s mission. How the process works: Resolutions start at a regional conference. To the left is a handy chart to show how conference decisions advance. Making Decisions at the conference: The decision-making sessions at each regional conference and the AGM: the Working Parties and the Voting Plenary

The Working Parties o The first decision-making sessions o The resolutions are divided, 2-3 separate Working Parties o Members debate, amend and vote on resolutions o The best place to amend a resolution

The Voting Plenary o Agenda consists of all resolutions passed by Working Parties o This is the last place to amend a resolution at the conference o Passed resolutions become decisions of the conference

To Learn More about Resolutions: e-mail: The deadline to submit a resolution is September 1st (extension to September 15th for students) each year. The submission form is posted on the AIUSA website.

Intro to AIUSA Decision Making