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Unisex tights Italian design house Emilio Cavallini has designed a range of unisex tights. The styles are being snapped up by men, who make up two to three per cent of the company's customers. Costing $27, the tights, made from a mix of cotton and nylon, were launched in June 2009, reports WWD. Speaking to the fashion newspaper, the company's vice president, France- 'Brosiery' and 'mantyhose' sco Cavallini said: take off as men seek the 'When we started warmth, comfort... and 'faour online shop we shion statement' of patternoticed that a lot of tights sized medi- ned tights um-large were being purchased by men.‌So I did a search on the Internet and discovered there is a cult following for mantyhose.'

'I believe the men buying these tights want to make a fashion B statement'

emilio cavallini unisex tights  

unisex tights

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