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Manufacturers of Quality Cleaning & Hygiene Products

Quality, Care and Service for over 50 years Steeped in manufacturing heritage that dates back to the earrly 20th century, Cleenol is an independent family run company which is today recognised as one of the UK’s leading develop pers, manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning and hygiene productts to a wide range of industries and markets. Cleenol has an extensive manufactured product range and stocks a large range of ancillary products, making it a single source for an extensive and complete range of cleaning and janitorial materials to meet even the most demanding of cleaning requirements.

Our customers come first Our belief in customer satisfaction extends throughout the company. Every member of our team is an ambassador for the company and takes pride in the role they play in Cleenol’s continuing success. By maintaining personal contro ol of each aspect of our operations, we are able to manufacture e, warehouse and distribute high quality products through an efficient and personal service.

Proven products, trusted by professionals Since the outset, our focus has been constant – improved pro oduct performance, increased health and environmental safety and d enhanced customer benefit. From hotels to hospitals, airports to supermarkets, leisure centres to schools or the factory floo or, r each product in Cleenol’s general or bespoke range of cleanin ng solutions is formulated to provide the highest standards in domestic, commercial and industrial hygiene technology. Cleenol Group are members of the following assocciations:

Cleenol products are manufactured under a qualitty system approved to ISO9001 and an environmental system approve ed to ISO14001.

CONTENTS Floor Maintenance Products – 32, 33

Air Fresheners – 16, 17, 23

Foil & Cling Film – 47

Automotive Products – 34, 35 Bactericidal Cleaners & Surface Sanitizers – 5, 8, 15, 16, 21, 25, 26, 28

Food Industry Products – Combat Range – 26, 27 Furniture Polish – 15, 17

Bar Products – 24, 25 Bath & Washroom Cleaners – 7, 9, 14, 15, 16, 18, 21 British Nova Floorcare Products – 30, 31

General Purpose Cleaners / Tannin Removers – 21 Housekeeping Products – Lift Range – 15, 16, 17 Laundry Products – Crystalbrite Range – 12, 13

Brushes & Brooms – 46

Metal Cleaners – 25 Buckets – 44 Mops & Mopping Equipment – 44, 46 Cloths, Scourers and Gloves – 44, 45


Oven Cleaners – 29


Concentrated Products – Evolution Range – 8, 9 Refuse Sacks / Napkins – 47 Degreasants – 5, 6, 8, 18, 21, 26, 27 Sanitizers – 28, 37 Descalers & Stain Removers – 29 Soaps and Skincare Products – 36, 37, 38, 39, 42 Descaler Cleaners – 14, 15, 16, 29 Specialist Cleaners – 14 Detergents – 5, 20 Tableware / Griddle Cleaning – 47 Detergents – Bactericidal – 8, 28 Toilet Cleaners – 22, 23 Dishwashing Machine Products Washaids & Rinseaids – 10-11 Disinfectants & Bleaches – 43 Dreumex Hand Cleansers – 40, 41 Environmentally Friendly Products Envirological Range – 4, 5, 6, 7 Enzyme Products – Cleenzyme Range – 18, 19

Toilet Paper and Toilet Dispensers – 48, 49, 50 Window Cleaners – 7, 9, 15, 16

HOW TO ORDER T lesales: 01295 251721 Faxline: 01295 269561 Te Email: Post your order to: Cleenol Group Ltd, Neville House, Beaumont Road, Banbury, y Oxon, OX16 1RB.

Floor & Carpet Care – 9, 30, 31, 32, 33



Cleenol caring for the environment

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leenol, a trusted fa amily run company, has been at the forefront of cleaning technology for over 50 years. At Cleenol, we take e our responsibility t to the environment very seriously. We W recognise that concern for the world around us should be e an integral and fundamental part of our business and we are committed to minimising the impact of our produucts and services on the environment. Each product in the Cleenol Envirological Range has been formulated to minim mize the impact on the environment. They utilise raw materialss from renewable resources, are fully biodegradable and d use recycled or recyclable packaging.













Clear Stro ong g Washing g Up Liq quid d

Pure White Washing Up Liquid

A concentrateed formulaation designed to cut through heavy grease an nd grime. For the man nual washing of pots and utensils. Contains no unnecessarry perfumes or dyes and is clear in colour. Formulated from renewable resources in nclluding vegetable derived surfactants and betaines. pH balanced to neutral.

Formulaated for the waashing off dishes by hand, Envirolog gicall Pure White Washing Up Liquid is designed to cut through grease butt be mild to the skin. It con ntains no unnecesssary perffumes or dyes and is clear in colour. It is formullated from main nly ren newable resourrces in ncluding vegeetable derived surfactants and betaiines and is pH H balanced to neu utral. It is biodegradable an nd contains no phosphates. It has not been n testeed on animals.

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 12 x 500ml

Order Ref : 021215 Order Ref : 021221

Pack Size e : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 12 2 x 50 00ml



Ord der Ref : 021111 Orderr Ref : 021112

Heavy Duty Cleanerr A highly effeective non-perfumed d cleaneer with a powerful sanitizing action. Safe for use in food preparatio on areass. Cleans and sanitizes all hard surfaaces including staainlesss steeel, microwaves, fridges, freezers, canopies and d chop pping g boards. Manuffactured from vegetable derived surfactants. Has a low impact on the environment. Has not been tested on animals.

An n unperfumed general purpose heavy du uty cleaner an nd degreaser designed forr use in areeas wheree a non-p perffumed cleaaner is requirred. Ideal for use in co ommercial catering and d kiitch hen environm ments. A formu ulation with no caustic ad dditives. A safe alternative to man ny alkaline pro oducts used for similar tasks. Ideal for usse on floors, walls, external and internal surfaces of cateering equip pmentt, canopy filters, canopy hoods, fat frryerss and autoshams. Can be useed through presssure washers and d steam m clean ners.

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 6 x 500ml

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack k Size : 6 x 750ml H/D Empty Refill Flask

Surface Cleaner & Sanitizzer

Order Ref : 058234 Order Ref : 058247

Order Re ef : 05827 71 Order Ref : 05 58282/6

Please order in full pack outers for safe transportation



acteric cidal Liquid Soap

Liquid Hand Soap


A non-perfumed d, no on-tainting clean nser ideal for use in food preparation arreas. Protects hands againstt hand and foo od borrne infections. With added emollient to leave hands feeling smootth and con nditioned. Contains vegetable derived surfactants, betaines and glyceriine. pH balanced to neutral. Biodegrad dab ble,, contains no phosphates and has miinimal impact on the environment. Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 6 x 500ml

Order Ref : 058258 8 Order Ref : 058269 9

This gentle hand cleanserr is formulaated from reneewable reso ources including vegetable derived surfactants, betaines and d glycerine and is pH balanced to neutral. It is biodegrrad dable an nd contains no phosp phatess. It has not been tested d on animals. Pack Size : 6 x 500ml Pack Size : 2 x 5L

Order Ref : 058212 Order Ref : 058190

Multiipurpose Citra Cleaner Shower Gel Formulated from vegetable derived surfactants and pH balanced to o neu utral, this product is ideal for an all over hair and body wash. A mild effeective delicately perfumed formulation with high foaming properties. Rin nses off easily, leaving the skin smooth and conditioned. Ideal for use thro ough a waall mounted dispenser. Pack Size : 2 x 5L


Order Ref : 058293

An all purposse cleaneer, designed for areas wheree waste productt can only be disposed of in storm drains. It is a safe alterrnative to many highly alkaaline products designed d for similar tasks. Thee produ uct does not contain n sodium orr potassium hydroxide. Satisfies intern natio onal tests carrried d outt on uniccellular algae and invertebratess representative of botth fresh h and salt water environments. These testss were caarried ou ut accord ding to intern nationaally recognised guidelines from the Organisation n of Econ nomic Co-op peratio on and Development (for freshwater speciies) and d the Internatio onall Standarrds Org ganisation (ISO) for salt water speciies. It iss biodegradab ble, co ontaainss no phosphates and has minimal impact upon n the environment. Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 6 x 750ml H/D Empty Refill Flask

Ord der Ref : 058156 Order Reff : 058167//6

Bath & Washroom Cleaner

Glasss Cle eanerr

Formulated for the frequent cleaning of baths an nd washrooms. An efffective cleanerr and desscaler for light to medium soilings. Ideal for cleaning and deescaling taps, baths, sh howers, ceramics, plastic and porcelain surfaces. Suitable for all non n ferrouss meetals. After cleaning, a freesh h citrus fragrance reemains, leaaving rooms deo odo orised and clean. The product is based on citric acid which is derived d from reneewable resource plants. It is biodegradable, contains no phosphates and has minimal impact upon the environment. Proven to be effective ag gainsst MRSA. The product has not been tested on animals. The bottle contaains at leasst 50% recycled mateeriials, the trigger and label are all plastic for greateer recyclability.

Envirological Glass Cleaneer has a non smear formula speciially designed to give excellent cleaaning pow wer. Producees a sparkling, streakk-free finish on glass, mirrors, ceramic tiiless, high hly polished d stainless steel and chrome finishes. Can be used in sen nsitive areeas such as food preparration areas. Formulated from renewable resources inccluding bioethanoll derived from the fermentation of sugar. No unn necessary co olours or perffumes are used and it is pH neutral. The produ uct has not been tested on an nimals. The bottle contains at least 50% recycled d materials, the trigger and label are all plastic for greater recyclability.

Pack Size : 6 x 500ml Pack Size : 2 x 5L

Orderr Ref : 058145 Order Ref : 058124 Or

Pack Size : 6 x 500ml Pack Size : 2 x 5L



Order Ref : 058113 Order Ref : 058102

Citrric Toilett Cleaner Citric To T ileet Clean ner iss formulated from renewablee resources including fruit based acid. A toilet and urinal cleanerr thaat reemoves soil an nd scale. A complete cleaner which leaaves to oilets clean and d with h a reefreshing floral fragrance. The product is biod degradable, containss no phosphates and d has minimal impact upon the enviro onment. This product has not been n tested on animals. Pack Size : 12 x 750ml Pack Size : 2 x 5L

Cleenol prod ducts are manufactured under a quality system approved d to ISO9001 and an environmental system m approved to ISO14001.

Order Ref : 058189 Order Ref : 058178

Please order in full pack outers for safe transportation


EVOLUTION SUPER CONCENTRATES Easy to use, install, and maintain


Cleenol’s new w Evollutio on dispensing system oncentra r te ed che emicals to be diluted allows co at point of use. Unliike conve entional systems, Ev volution re r quire r s no water co onnections, plumbing, or electtrical supply. The compact dessign allows each dispe ensser to be fitted in ev ven the most restricted spac ce, so that it can be sitted in the best location fo f r each cleaning g task. The robust diispenser constructed from poly l propy ylene and HDE, is able to withstand the harsshest cleaniing environmen nt. Main ntena ance costs are r dra r matic cally ly reduced as therre is no need fo f r constant surrv veillance of th he sy ystem.

from The product you select determines the dispenser you require. The Evolution dispenser has been designed to make your job easier and safer.


Catering Product Range


Pot Wash Detergent For manual wasshing of pots, pans, crockery and uttensilss. Effectivvelyy removes greease and dried on n soiling.

The Evolu ution Spray Flask k Dispen nser has a purpose built shellf forr holding g the trigger bottle in place whilstt it dispenses the corrrect measurre of conce enttrate pro oduct into the water fille ed flask. A ran nge of Cleenoll heavy dutty 75 50ml bottle es and triigger sprays with h chemical resistant labels are availa able forr the selected products throug gh this system. The dispenserr will not operate unless the triigger bottle is locked in place.

Numeric Code: 1 Colo our Code: Green Symbol Ref: Tr T iangle POTWA W SH DETERGENT

Heavy y Duty Cleanerr & Degreaser A highly efffective cleaner and degreaseer fo or use where heavvy soil and grease aree evident. Can be used throug gh a trigger bottle on exterior areas off equipmen nt, including caanopy hoods, fat fryers, cookers, canopy fillters, stainless steeel wall claadding and glazed tilles. Bucket fill option for floors, wallss and generaal clean ning of hard surfaces. HEAV A Y DUTY CLEANER & DEGREASER

Numeric Code: 2 Colou ur Code: Ye Y llow Symbol Ref: Pen ntagon



Su urface Cleaner & Sa anitizzer


A sy syste em to re r du uce the ri risk of di disin i fe f cta tant re r sis i ta t nt bacteri ria Do ouble Agent products are suppplied in tw t o colou ur coded formulatiions. Rotating thee two products reduces the risk off bacteria developing resistancee to the agents designed to destroy them. Passes BS EN N1276 and is effective against MRSA, LLyysteria, Salmonella and E-coli at 20° affter 5 minutes contact time. Passes BS 592 29 (1984) triangle taint test. Non-taintin ng to foodstuffs. For use in hospital wards, nursing homes, catering, kitchen areeas and washrooms. Numeric Code: 3 Colo our Code: Pink & Blue Symbol Ref: Circle

Antibacterial Po otwash Detergent For manual washing of pots, pan ns, crockery and utensils where an n antibacterial action is required. Formulated to give excellent soil reemoval and foaming properties. The producct passes British Standard BSEN12 276. Effective against E.Coli, Salmonella, MRSA and d Listeria under the Europeean Suspension Te T st. ANTIBACTERIAL POTWA W SH DETERGENT


Numeric Code: 4 Colour Code: Aqua Sym mbol Ref: Cross

The Evolution buckett dispenser has an ex xtension pipe installled at the right heig ghtt above the bucke et allowing the product to flow directly into the wate er.

PROVIDING YOU WITH A PERFECT SOLUTION Simple, Accurate, Dispensing The easy to use dispenser has a push/pull lever system which consistently delivers the correct amount of chemical concentrate directly into water in a trigger bottle, sink or bucket.

The product filled dispenser will only dispense concentrate when the spray bottle is locked into position. Both the sink and bucket operations have to be enabled before dispensing can take place. An automatic delay mechanism locks out the system for a time preventing overdosing. The units are lockable


Environmental Advantages Accurate dispensing prevents overdosing and chemical wastage. Concentrated products reduce packaging, storage and transport.

Cost effective Controlled dispensing and consistent dilutions every time, give demonstrable savings in cost in use.

Housekeeping Product Range

The Evolutio on sink dispenser is site ed to enssure e the delivery spout diispensess directly into the sink or bowl of water. r



SAFE Systems

for safety reasons. Non-return valves and drip trays remove the risk of splashing surfaces or the operator.

Perfumed Flloor Cleaner Evolution Floo or Cleaner is a high hly effective hard floo or cleaner. Contains a floral perfume to o neutralise odours, leavving areas clean and fressh. Ideal for use on marble and sto one floors with polished d or nattural finishes. For use in reeception areas, corrridors, bathrooms, etc. PERFUMED FLOOR CLEANER

Numeric Code: 5 Colour Code: Te T rracottta Symbol Ref: Footprint

Bath & Washroom Cleane er

Wall Mountted Bottle Holsterr


Now antibacterial an nd desscaling. Dessigneed to o efffectiveely remove natural oils, soap deposits and general soiling from m bath hs, sinkks, show wers, WCs, tiles, glass screens and hard floor coveerings. Hellps prevent harrd water deposits from forming on surfaces and leaves a refresshing miild fragrance to deodorisse the room. Contains a fresh citrus perfum me. Numeric Code: 6 Colour Codee: Lilac c Symbol Ref: Diamond

Air Freshener Formulated to neutralise and deodorise natural body odours and stale tobacco. Leaves room ms with a refreshing pot pourri fraagran nce. Numeric Code: 7 Colourr Code: Peach Symbol Ref: Square AIR FRE ESHENER

Window & Sta ainless Steel Cleaner An allcohol based cleeaner th hat effectivelly cuts through atmosp pheric grimee and d nicotine so oillings. This product is alsso ideal for cleaning and polish hing stainlesss steel where a streak-free finish h is requ uired. Numeric Code: 8 Colour Code: Blue Symbol Ref: Star WINDOW & STA T INLESS STE EEL CLEANER

Toilet Clea aner & Desscaler


For the daily maintenance of uriinals and WCs. A fragrant thickostropic toilet cleanser and descaler. Numeric Co ode: 9 Colour Codee: Red Symbol Ref: Half Moon




Comprehensive dosing equipment installation and service available


A complete range of liquid, powder and tablet products for outsttanding dishwashing resultss every tiime. A complete range of comm mercial dishwashing chem micals to suit all environments. We offer a Nationall Serv r ice Support Team of Engiineers to install, commissio on and calib brate autodosing equip pment. Ourr engin neers also provide regu ular serv r ic ce chec ck-u ups and serv r ice repo orts. A 48 8-hour response e call facility is av vailable. Call ou ur Help Line on 01295 251271.

Red d Label Washaiid Deesigneed for usse throug gh commerciaal and industriaal machin ne dishwasheers, its powerfful formu ulation remo oves the heaviestt of soilin ng. Suitablee for mediu um / hard d water con nditions. Onlyy to be used throug gh approved Cleeenol au utodosin ng systems.. Not suitable fo or hand washing g of crockeery or utensils. Health h and safeety warning – CORROSIV VE. Pack k Size : 2 x 5L Pac ck Size : 10 0L Pa ack Size : 20L

Order Ref : 02080 03/5LRS S Orderr Ref : 0208 809RS Orde er Ref : 020 0203RS


Gold Label Wa asha aid Auto Dishwassh De etergen nt Gold Label Washaid is a highly alkaline auttodishwashing detergent speciallyy formulated d to o provide excellent soil rem moval fro om crockeryy in n bo oth h soft and hard water cond ditions. • Its oxidising ingredientts provide effective fasst removal of tannin stain ns from cro ockery. • Intensive cleaning actio on rapidly reemoves fats, starch and proteins • Highly concentrated form mulation givees greater economy in use • Special ingredients prevent scaling of the dish washing machine – even in harrd water conditions. Wherever tannin stains are a pro oblem and ordinary products do not work, Gold Label Washaid may be used to rapidly remove even built up staains without the need for extra products. Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 20L


Cleenol provides a National Service Support Te T am of Engineers to install, commission and calibrate autodosing equipment. Our engineers also provide regular service check-ups and service reports. A 48-hour response call facility is available. Call our Help Line e on 01295 251721.


Formulatted to o maintain the peerformance of the wash but without a "corrossive" classification. Th his low alkaline pro oduct is espeecially usseful for use in septic tan nks as it has a miinimal impact on n the bacteriiall culturees. Suitablee for the wash hing g of crockery, cutleryy and d glassw ware. The product is designed for use only with Cleeenol au utomatic dosing systems. Pack k Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 20L

Order Ref : 020792X5 Order Ref : 020799

Order Ref : 020784/2X5 Order Ref : 020284RS


Rinse eaid

5OOml Rin nse Aid

To be useed in con njunctio on with h Cleen nol Washaid through ap ppro oved d Cleenol auto odosin ng equipment. Ensu ures thee rap pid drying of crocckerry to a streak-free, sparkkling fin nish.

A convenient 500 0ml squeeze pack for the refilling of commercial an nd domestic dishwashers and glass washing maachines. Simply add the prroduct to the machine reserrvoir for crystal clear wash h results every time.

Pack Size : 2 x 5LL Pa ack Sizze : 10 0L Pac ck Sizze : 20 0L

Ord der Ref : 02 20812RS Order Ref : 02 2081TRS Ord der Ref : 02 20211RS


Pack Size : 12 x 50 00ml Order Ref : 020812/12

Sofft Wate er Washaid A mach hin ne dish hwashing g liq quid that effectiveelyy remo oves sttains fro om cerramiccs, porceelain, china and crockeryy. Recom mmendeed fo or usee in soft water. Not suitable for hard d water unless a water softener is insstalleed. May be ussed whereever low foaming properties are requiired. Suitable for use in all types of dishwasshing macchines. Not forr use on siilver cutlery. Pack k Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 10L Pack Size e : 20L

Order Reff : 020697//2X5 Order Ref : 02069 97/10 Orde er Ref : 0202 297RS

Blue Labe el Wa ashaid

Disshwash hing Ta T blets

Cascade Dishwashing Powder

An economy based product, which perform ms well in soft to meedium water conditions.

Formulateed for use in domestic dishwashers. The twocolour yellow and white tablets are individually wraapped. Combines detergent, rinseaid and salt.

Suitable for domeestic and commercial dishwashing machines where a separate rinse additive is used. Possesses excellent food soiling removal properties. Manual dosing fo or controlled economy. Suitable for crockery, utensilss and glassware.

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size e : 10L Pack Size : 20L

Orderr Ref : 020778/5R RS Order Ref : 020 0778/10RS Order Ref : 020278RS

Pack Size : 100 x 20g tablets Order Ref : 022221/100

Pack Size : 12.5kg g

Order Ref : 031235





Sap pphire Bio Liquid Laundry Detergent A biological liquid laundry detergent designed for most types of soiling. The product has excellent stain removal properties, thus eliminating or greatly reducing the need for pre-washing or pre-soaking. The product can be used through approved Cleenol autodosing equipment or maybe be fed manually through a hopper or roller-ball. Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 10L Pack Size : 20L

Order Ref : CRZZ2X5 Order Ref : CRZZ10 Order Ref : CRZZ20

Active Liquid Laundrry Concen ntrate e A synthetic non-b biological liquid detergent with effective stain remo oval properties. Leaves clothes clean, soft and fresh. Use rates may vary according to the type and amoun nt of soil present and whether itt is being used as a onee-shot product or in conjunction with an additional stain remover such as Cleenol Destain or Alkaline Boost. Pack Size : 10L Pack Size : 20L

Order Ref : CRLD1/10 Order Ref : CRLD1/20

Order Ref : CRLLD2X//10 Order Ref : CRLD2 2X/20 0

35% Desttain

A concentrated biological liquid detergent designed for most types of heavy soiling. The product has excellent stain removal properties which greatly reduce the need for pre-washing and pre-soaking. Use th hrough h Clleenoll automatiic dosing equipment. Leaves laundered fabrics with a lingering freshness. Use rates may vary according to the type and amount of soiling present and whether it is being used as a one-shot liquid or in conjunction with an additional stain removal agent such as Cleenol Destain or Alkaline Boost. Use 10-15ml per dry kilo load.

Boost Alkaline Wash Additive

Pack Size : 10L Pack Size : 20L

Pack Size : 10L Pack Size : 20L


A concentratted solution of hyydro ogen peroxide oxidissing agent. Provides a high level of stain removal. May be ussed to remo ove bleeachable stains which cannot bee treaated with ch hlorinee bassed bleaches due to the risk off co olo our removal and fab bric damage. Also effective for thee trreatment of mildew w. Pack Size : 10L Pack Size : 20L

Emerald Liquid Laundry Detergent

Order Ref : CRZPLUS10 Order Ref : CRZPLUS20

Desta ain Plus Liiquid Laundrry Destain n

Pack Size : 10L Pac ck Size : 20L

A liquid laundry alkaline detergent booster containing a highly concentrated d blend of inorganic alkali. Use in conjunction with Active Liquid Laund dry Concentrate to effeectively boost cleaning performance. Elimin nates the need for separate pre-soaking of heavvily soiled garments. Order Ref : CRLDP/10 Order Ref : CRLDP/20

Order Re ef : CRDESTA T IN35/10 0 Order Ref : CRDESTA T IN35

CLEENOL SERVICE SUPPORT TEAM Cleenol provides a National Service Support Te T am of Engineers to install, commission and calibrate autodosing equipment. Our engineers also provide regular service check-ups and service reports. A 48-hour response call facility is available. Call our Help Line on 01295 251721.

POWDER SYSTEMS Crystalbrite Non-Biolog gical Laundry y Powder

Cleenol Oxy-C Clee en Sttain Remover Designed d to be used in conjun nction with you ur no ormal pow wder or liiquid producct. Con ntains an oxxygen bleaach systeem, which, at high h tem mperaatures, exeerts a positive soil-llifting action n on organic sttainss without any adversse effects on thee fabric. Specciallly formulatted fo or pre-soaaking g prior to norm mall washing as an aid to o washin ng effficiency. Can n also be addeed to the main waash as a boosst to o staain removaal.

A non biolo ogical maachine lau undry powder where bu uilt--in en nzymes are not requ uired. Contaains an n opticaal brighteening agent to give a brighter wash h. Givess up to 100 waashes. Freee dosing g cap supplieed in each pack. Pa ack Size : 8.1 1kg Order Reff : CY921/9 9

Pack Size : 10kg

Orde er Re ef : 020 0810/10 0

A hig gh quality new w improved industrial biolo ogical washing g powder. Effecctively removves blood, urinee, perspiration stains and other body soilings. Gives up to 100 washes. Frree dosing cap supplied in eaach pack. Pac ck Siize : 8.1kg Orderr Ref : CY917/9


Crystalbritte Biologicall Laundry Po owder



Care Fab bric Conditione er Desig gned to leaave clotthes fresh and cllean, Crystalbrrite Fabriic Condition ner givees a soft luxurio ous fluffy feell to you ur cloth hes, making ironing eassier and d prolon nging fab bric life. A new longer lassting perfume givves a freesh clean arroma, eveen after sto orage.. Conttains a builtt-iin antistattic agent. IMPOR RTANT : DO NOT USE ON KYLIES Pack Sizze : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 10 0L Pack Size : 20LL

Order Reff : CRLD3/5 Order Reff : CRLD3/10 Orderr Reff : CRLD3//20

NEW Jasm min Fab bric Conditio oner Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack Sizze : 10L Pack Size : 20L

Orrder Ref : CRLDX/5 Ord der Ref : CRLDX/10 Ord der Ref : CRLDX X/20



Lift Descaller & Sanittizer

Developed using g the lowest hazard and low-odour form mulaa to effectivelyy rem move a wide rangee of graffiti from m a wide range of su urfaaces, new Lift Grafffiti Removerr rem moves aerosol spraay, marker pen, baallpo oint from stone, plaastic and brickw worrk.

Cleeno ol Lift Descaler & Saanitizeer is a powerful fo oamin ng product dessigned for the safe and quick removal of limescale deposits from shower heads. It is effective againstt Legionella bacteriaa, which is often harbo oured within the lim mescalle. Cleenol Lift Desccaler & Sanitizer will descale and d sanitize show werheads, plumbin ng fitttings and d sanitaary-w ware in on ne operratio on. The pro oduct mayy alsso be useed ass a geeneraal surfacee deescaler e..g. for showeer cu ubicles made fro om glass or acrylic plastic, wash basins, toilets, ceraamics, tap ps, bathtubs, chro ome and ceramic floo or and wall tiles.

MLL M 75 7 50ML

Pack Sizze : 6 x 750ml Orde er Ref: 057666



Lift Multipu urpo ose Cleanerr with Blleac ch ✓ KITCHEN NS AN ND BAT A HRO OOMS S ✓ KILLS GE ERMS S ✓ TOUGH ON CLEANING G ✓ BIG 750m ml P PA ACK Form mulated d for clleaning su urfaces wh here efffective cleaning and d disin nfection iss required. Suitab ble for use on cookker top ps, kitchen workk surfaaces, food preparaatiion su urfaces, sinks, ceramicc tiles and surfaces madee from m porcelain and en nameel. Not for use on n surfacces discoloured by bleach h.

Pac ck Size : 6 x 750ml Pa ack Size : 2 x 5L

Cleenol Lift Whitte Board Cleaner Specifically created to removve permanent marker pen from m white boards. Also effective on ball point pen and aerosol spray on other hard surfaces. Its unique formulation also removes the ghosting marks that are left from the use of wrongly used marker pens to bring bo oards back to a neearly new finish. Pac ck size 6 x 750ml Orde er Ref : 057769

Order Ref: 053888 Order Ref: 053882X5

ift Mo ould & Mild dew Re emov ver A pow werful disinfectant an cleaneer whicch, with its ts high foamin ng prop perties, en ensures prolong ged con ntact wiith h the surfacces beeing cleaned. ea The produ uct deod dorisses, bleaches and d kills the coloured mou ulds an nd mildew which often grow on tile grou ut. Only for application n to o grouted tiled surffaces. Pack Size : 6 x 750ml Order Ref : 053707

Pa ack size 6 x 40 wipes Ord derr Ref : 057773

Pa ack Size : 6 x 750ml Orrder Ref : 0537 789



Neew Liift Lemon for the proffessio onal who cleaans a multittude of surfaces. New fresh h lemon fragrrance. Readyy-to-usee. Can be diiluteed up to 40 : 1. Usee for flo oors,, walls, ceram micss, plastics, vin nyl an nd stainless steel. e 5L refill packk avaailable for maaximum eco onom my.

Lift Origin nal Multipurrpose e Cleaner The original Lift formu ulation n for the professional who clleans a multitude of surfaces. Freesh piine fragrance. Ready to use. Caan bee diluted up to 40 : 1. Use forr floors, walls, ceramics, plastiics, vinyl and stainless steel. 5L reefill pack available for maximum economy.

Pac ck Size : 6 x 750m ml Ord der Ref : 0530 053

An effective foam m clleaner an nd descaaler. Ideal fo or cleeaning an nd deescaaling taps, baathss, showerrs, d cceeram mics and porccelaain surfaccess.. Leaavess surfaces saanitiized, deo d odorrised and sccale free. Pro oven en tto be effective agaainstt MRSA.

Pa ack Size : 2 x 5LL Ord der Ref : 05305 52X5 5

P ck Siize: 6 x 750m Pac ml Ord O der Ref: 057596

Liift Window w& Mirrror Clean ner

Pack Size : 6 x 750ml Order Ref : 057521

Lifft Wax x Free Po olish h

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : 053072X5

Lifft Spra ay Cleaner Witth Bactericide Forrmulateed for total hygiene. Providess quick, easy cleaning and saanitizing for all food prep paration surfaces, microwaves, chopping boards, cup pboards, fridges and freezerrs. Reaady to use. Non-tainting. 5L refill pack available forr maxximum economy. Pac ck Size : 6 x 750m ml Ord der Ref : 0575 549 Pac ck Size : 2 x 5L Ord der Ref : 05 53212X5

Lifft Sample Pack – 750m ml An opportunity to purchase one of each of the range to evaluate the perfo ormance of each product or to use for promottional sales and marketing initiativees. Includes: Origginal Multipurpose Cleaner, Spray Cleaner with Bactericide, Window & Mirror Cleaner, Air Freshener, Wax Free Polish and Liquid T ilet Cleaner. To Pack Size : x 1

Lift Antiibacteria al Citrus Ba ath & Washroom m Clean ner

Order Ref : 05750SAM


Lift Lemon Multip purpose ose Cle eaner

A uniqu ue formulatio on givving exceptional sparkkling, strreakk-freee results everyy time. Reemo oves a wide raange of soils incclud din ng atmosph heric grime, niccottinee stains, fin ngerm marks and dead insect markss. 5L reffilll pack availab ble fo or maaxim mum econo omy.

Fo orm mulated to o give a fast "cclean and shine" in one operatio on. Rem moves dustt and fingerm marks with h ease. Usse on paintw work, enamel, lamin nates, plasstics and sealled woodeen surfacees. Not for use on waxed d or lacqu uered furn niture. 5LL refill paack available for maximum m econo omy.

Pa ack k Size : 6 x 750m ml Order Ref : 057 7537

Pack Size : 6 x 75 50ml Order Ref : 05 57555

Pac ck Size : 2 x 5L Orrder Ref : 05326 62X5

Pack Size e : 2 x 5L Order Reff : 05 53312X5

Lift Peach Orchard Air Freshener

Lift Hone eysuckle e Airr Fresshener

Leaves a subtle peach fragrancee after every use. Contains a biocide to remove airborne bacteria. Banishes lingering smells such as tobacco smoke and stale air. Ideal for the sanitizing of telephones. 5L refill pack available for maximum econom my.

Leaves a fresh, clean honeysuccklle fragrance afterr every use. Contains a biociide to rem move airborne bacteeria. Ban nishes lingering g smellls such as tobacco smokke and d stale airr. Ideal for sanitizzing teelephones. 5L refill packk availaable for maximum econom my.

Pack Size : 6 x 75 50ml Order Ref : 05 57584

Pack Size e : 6 x 750ml Order Ref : 057569

Pack Sizze : 2 x 5L Orde er Ref : 053472X5

Pac ck Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : 053342X5




Lift Peach Orchard Air Freshener Leaves a subtle peach fragrance affter every usse. Contains a biocide to remove airrborrne baacteria. Banishes lingering smells such h ass tobaacco smoke and stale air. Ideal for the saanittizing g of telephones. 5L refill pack available forr maaxim mum economy.

NEW IMPROVED Antibacterial Citrus Bath & Wasshroo om Clea aner

Pack Size : 6 x 500ml Pack Size : 6 x 750ml Pack Size : 2 x 5L Empty Refill Flask 6 x 75 50m ml

An effectivee fo oam m cleaneer and descaleer fo or light to medium soilin ng. Ideal for cleaning an nd descalin ng taps, bathss, sh how wers, cerram mics, plastticc an nd porceelain n surfaces. Leaavess rooms deodorised, saaniitized, descaled and d cllean. Co ontains a fresh h cittrus fragrrance. Suitable for alll non-ferrro ous metals. Pro oven to bee effective ag gain nst MRSA A. Pack Size e : 6 x 500ml Pack Size e : 2 x 5L Empty Refill Flask 6 x 750ml

Ord derr Ref : 05 53CLIF FT6 Order Ref : 05 533 35C C2X5 Order Ref : 056578/6

Order Ref : 053469 Order Ref : 057584 Order Ref : 053472X5 Order Ref : 056581/6

Lift Spra r y Cleaner wiith Bactteriicide Fo ormullated for tottal hygiene. Pro oviidees quick, eaasyy cleeanin ng and sanitizzing for all food d preeparatio on surfacees, microwavves, chopping boaard ds, cupbo oarrdss, fridgess and freezerss. Ready to use.. Non n-taintin ng. 5LL refiill pack availab ble for maximu um ecconomyy. Pa ack Size : 6 x 500mll Pa ack Size : 6 x 750ml Pa ack Size : 2 x 5L Em mpty Refill Flask 6 x 750ml


Orrde er Ref : 053 319 96 Ord der Ref : 057 7549 9 Ord derr Ref : 0532 212 2X5 Orde er Re ef : 05654 42//6

Liift f Origiinal Multtipurpose e Cleanerr

Lift Wind dow & Mirror Cleanerr

Th he origin nal Liift formullation for the professsio onaal who cleeans a multittude of surffacess. Fresh pine fraagran nce. Reeady to use. Can be diluteed up p to 40 : 1. Usee for flo oors, wallls, ceeramics, plasttics, vinyl and stainlless steeel. 5L reffill paack available for maximum econo omy.

A unique formulation giving exceptional sparkkling, sttreeak-free results everyy time. Removes a wide rangee of soils including atmosp pheriic grime, nicotine stains, fiingermarks and dead inseect markks. 5L refill pack avaailab ble for maximum econ nomy.

Pa ack Size : 6 x 500 0ml Pa ack Size : 6 x 750m ml Pa ack Size : 2 x 5L Em mpty Refill Flassk 6 x 750ml

Pack Size : 6 x 500ml Pack Size e : 6 x 750ml Pack Size : 2 x 5L Emp pty Refill Flask k 6 x 750ml

Ord der Ref : 053066 6 Orderr Ref : 057521 Ord der Ref : 053072X5 Orde er Reff : 056217/6

Order Ref : 0532566 Order Ref : 057537 Ord der Ref : 05326X5 Order Ref : 056379 9/6

Lift Wax Free e Polish

Liift Honeyssuck kle Air Fre esh hener

Lift Furniture Polish

Leavves a fresh, cleaan ho oneysuckle frragraancee after everyy use. Contain ns a biiocide to rem movee airrborne bacterria. Banishess lingeering smells such as tobacco smokee and stale air. Ideeal for the saanitizzing of teleph hones. 5L refill pack availablee for maxximum econo omy.

Forrmulated to o give furnitu uree and fittings a deep lusstrous finiish h. Produced d fro om the highest quality maaterials to o givve excepttio onaal results every time. Not for usee on waxed or laccquered furniture. 5L refill paackk available for maximum economy.

Pack Size : 6 x 500 0ml Pack Size : 6 x 75 50ml Pack Size : 2 x 5L Empty Refiill Flask 6 x 750ml

Orde er Reff : 05333 386 Ord der Re ef : 0575 569 Orrder Re ef : 053 3342X X5 Order Ref : 056569 9/6

Pack Size e : 6 x 500ml Pack Size e : 2 x 5L Empty Refiill Flask 6 x 750ml

Order Ref : 053299 96 Order Ref : 05329 92X5 Order Ref : 05644 44//6

Forrmulated to give a fast "clean and shine" in one operation n. Reemoves dustt and fingermaarkks wiith ease. Use on paain ntw work, enaamell, laminates,, pllasticcs an nd sealed woodeen surfaccess. Not for use on waxxed or lacquereed furrniture. 5L refill pack avaailaable for maximum m ecconomy. Pack Sizze : 6 x 500mll Pack Sizze : 6 x 750m ml Pack Sizze : 2 x 5L Empty Re efiill Flask 6 x 750ml

Orde er Reff : 0533 3216 Ord derr Reff : 0575 555 Ord derr Re ef : 0533 312X5 Orrde er Re ef : 0565 553/6

5LL Tap Disspenser To transfer prod T ducct from 5L pacckss qu uiccklly and effforttleessly, withou ut spilllage. Pack Size : x 1

Orrder Ref : 147 7TAP

Heavy y Duty Refill Flask Pack ks

Starter Pac ck

Sample e Pac ck

New 750m ml durable refill packs and heavyy duty trig gger sp praay heads to provide long-lasting usse. Durablee chemical resistant labelling. Desiigned d to be used in conjunction with Lift 5L reefill products.

An opportunityy to purchase one of eaach of the Lift Housekeep ping Raange, together witth a haandy carrieer. Includees: Bath h & Washroom Cleeaner,r Wax Free Polissh, Win ndow & Mirror Cleaner,r Airr Freshener,r Sprayy Cleaner with Bactteriicide, Liquid TTo oilet Cleaner PLUSS Handy Carry, Reference Guides and a laminated Produ uct Training Chart.

A speciall introd duction multi-packk enables yo ou to test each off th he products for yourseelf. Six produ ucts include: Citru us Bath & Washroom Clean ner, Window & Mirror Cleeaner, Wax Free Polish, Air Freshener, Sp pray Cleaner with h Baactericide and Liquid Toilet Cleanerr. Once you have started using them you won’t want to stop!

Pack Size : x 1

Pa ack Size : x 1

Order Ref : 053STA T RT

Order Ref : 05 53000





TOILET DEODORISERS Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser


An enzyme product which dispels the urine odours from surfaces e.g. floors, grouting, wall tiles and urinals and prevents the buildup of uric acid scale. Ideal for use in and around urinal bowls,, channel urinals and surrounding walls and floors. Leaves a refreshing vanilla fragrance Pack Size : 6 x 500ml Order Ref : 083399

Enzyme Deodoriser An enzyme-based product which rapidly degrades organic material, dispelling odours on contact with urinals, wall tiles, floors, walls, soft furnishings and carpets. Leaves a refreshing vanilla fragrance. Pack Size : 6 x 500ml Order Ref : 083407


DRAIN MAINTAINERS Autofeed Enzy yme Drain Maintainer Contains a specially selected blend of concentrated non-toxic natural microbes that effectively digest oils, fats, grease and other organic matter blocking or impeding drainage systems or grease traps. Autofeed Enzyme Drain Maintainer is a totally natural product and is not harmful to the environment. Use through approved Cleenol battery / mains dosing unit Pack Size : 2 x 5L

Order Ref : 083369UN

Enzyme Drain Maintainer Contains a specially selected blend of concentrated non-toxic natural microbes that effectively digest oils, fats, grease and other organic matter blocking or impeding drainage systems or grease traps. Built-in dosing cap for easy dispensing. Pack Size : 6 x 500ml

Order Ref : 082850/6

CLEENOL SERVICE SUPPORT TEAM Cleenol provides a National Service Support Te T am of Engineers to install, commission and calibrate autodosing equipment. Our engineers also provide regular service check-ups and service reports. A 48-hour response call facility is available. Call our Help Line on 01295 251721.



Liquid Enzyme Digester

Cleenzyme Hair Degrader

Removes stale odours from urine, vomit and food spills. For use on carpets, upholstery and fabrics. May be used in carpet extraction machines. Concentrated formula makes up to 20L.

Regular use of Cleenzyme Hair Degrader effectively removes hair and body fat build up in drains and sink plug holes. It removes the source of smells and eliminates the cause of blockages and other drainage problems. Contains up to 20 dose applications.

Pack Size : 6 x 1L

Order Ref : 08284X/6

Pack Size : 1L

Order Ref : 083444

TOILET CISTERN MAINTENANCE Cleenol, in conjunction with a leading authority in bacterial and enzymatic cleaning products, have developed a system that maintains urinal pipework and also incorporates a unique water management system within the delivery device. Contains no harsh chemicals – classified as non hazardous. Eliminates urinal malodours. Programmable mechanical pump system that regulates flush times only when the building g is occupied.



RE WAT DUCES E AND R USAGE SIGN OFFERS IFIC COST ANT SAVI NGS istern Maintainer For use through a Cleenol Cistern Autodosing unit. Developed for soft water conditions. An enzyme based product which rapidly degrades organic material and dispels odours. Leaves a refreshing vanilla fragrance. Pack Size : x 5L

Order Ref : 083419/SW


WASHING UP LIQUIDS AND DETERGENTS High Ac ctiv ve Washin ng Up Liquid d (3 30%) A high qu ualityy concenttrated d 30% active deterrgent to effectivvely break down food d so oils, leavin ng cro ockkery and cutlerry squeaaky cleaan. Pack k Size e : 2 x 5L Orde er Reff: 021502X X5


Whiite e Spot Concent cen ntrat ated Lem mon n Deterrgent

Envirologicall Clea ar Strong Wash hing Up Liquid

A high quaalitty 20% acctivve deterg gen nt with addeed lemon to effeectively breaak down fo ood soils, leaavin ng crockerry and cutlery squeaky cleaan.

Designed to cut thro oug gh heavy grease and grime. For the manual wasshin ng of pots and utensils. Contains no unneccesssaryy perfumes or dyes and is clear in colour. Form mulaated from mainly renewable resources including g veegeetable derived surfactants and betaines. pH balaanceed to neutral.

Pack Sizze : 2 x 5L Pack Sizze : 20LL

Order Reff: 021 1412X5 Ord der Reff: 021419/20

Pack Size : 2x5L Pack Size : 12x500m ml

Order Ref: 021215 Order Ref: 021221

Washing W g Up Liq quid An effective haand dishwash hing detergen nt for washing up crockery and d utensils. Reemoves greasee with ease fo or perfect wash results everry time. Pa ac ck Size : 12 x 1L Pack Sizze : 2 x 5L

Orderr Ref: 02082X Order Ref: 020822X5

Liq quid Detergent Designed for commercial con ntracct manual dishwashin ng. A high active 20% % grreen n detergentt that out-perfforms standard deterrgen nts. Ideal for large industriaal wash sinks. Concen ntraated formula for increased economy.

A multipurpose highly effective hand dishwashing detergent produced to complete the range. A low-cost powerful performance pro oduct.

Pack Size : 2 x 5LL Pack Size : 20L

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref: 020852X5

Formulated for the wash hing of dishes by hand, Cleenol Pure Wh hite Washing Up Liquid is designed to cut through grease but be mild to the skin. Contains no perfumes or dyees and is clear in colour. Contains vegetable derived surfactaants and betaiins, and is pH balanced to neutral.

Pack k Size : 20L Order Re ef: 020 0854//20

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 12 x 500ml

Conc centrated Detergent


Order Ref: 021 1432 2X5 Order Ref: 0214 433/20

Envirological Purre White Wasshing Up Liquid

Order Ref: 021111 Order Ref : 021112

GENERAL PURPOSE CLEANERS Heavy Dut uty y Cle Cle lean aner an e er A highl gh y effective biodegra radab daable ggen ene neral rral al purrpos p posee degreasant de cleaner. Non-p Non-p perf er um ume med d and a an the theref heref r ore re id ide deal for cleaning in food prepa prepa e rat ation ion are reas. a Can as Ca als also o be used for commerciall deep deep e fat fryers ers,, w ers walls l , floor floors and canopy filters.

Hard rd Su Surf rface Cleaner er A general purpose ose deg degreaser ser forrmul mulate ated to remove oil and gre reaase from m con oncrete, te, tiled floors and walls. Id dea eal for a variety of cleaning applications. Pa k Si Pac Size ze : 2 x 5L

Order Or d Ref : 082HDC2X5

Tannin Re em mo over

L ft Crrea Li eam Cle ea an nerr

Removes tanning frro rom m cu ups, tea pots coffeee pot otss an and nd d cut c lery.

Large 20 fl.o fl.ozz. paack (567 7ml). Non No N on-scratch h fo or th or he effecttive ti e clea eaanin n g of baths, s, bassin ba b ins, showe weer area area eas, stain nle lesss steel sink units and an nd ce c amic cookker tops. Leemo cer emon on per e umed. erf Appro rov oved by th he Cera r ics Co ram ounc n l. nci

Pack size : 3.5kg Order Ref : 082726 Pa size : 12.5kg Pack Or Order Ref : 082734

Orde derr Ref : 082702X5 08

Im mpa pac ct Antiba ct acter cterriall Ha ard Surfac ce Cle lean ner

Cleen nol Per P rfumed Bactericidal Mult ltip lt ip purpo ose se Cleaner

A 3 in 1 cleaner er design des gn ned to o clean, c sanitize, and an deodorise in n one operati pe tio on Removes a wide on. dee ran nge of soils from om m ha hard d surface su ces ces, leaving them cleean and nd safe. afe Con onta tain tai ns a lig ligh ht flor lor oraal fragrance. Approvved and nd tested es agains ag nstt the t MR th RSA SA bacteria.

A hig gh qua gh uality peerfo forrmance, front of house product fo pro ovid din ing ng g a high gh stan ndard of cleaning, degreasing an nd dis nd disin infection on n. De Designed for a wide variety of app app ppliliccations,, e.g e g. the cleaning of floors, walls and e. sur su urfa fac aces, etc tc.. Its tc I s built in residual antistatic propertiess It pro otect frrom the he risk of static shock. Can be used through th h pr presssure washer or foam oaming equipment. Compli pliees pli es with it BSEN1276 and nd is is effective e against MRSSA, A, E Coli, Co Salmonella at a 2% % dilution (1:50). ).

Pa Siize : 6 x 750ml Pack Pack Pac k Size : 2 x 5L

Order Reff : 0827 0 276 769 9 Order Re Ref : 08 8277 77

Pa Pac ac ck Siize : 2 x 5L 6 x 750ml Empty Reffil ill Flasks

Order Ref : 083 3469 69/R /R Order Ref : 05 056 672 21/6

Pa ack Size : 12 x 567 7mll


P k Size : 2 x 5L Pac

Orderr Re ef : 082 82872

Cleen nol Unperrfumed Bacteriicida dall Multtipurpose Cl Clea aner A high quaalitty perform mance product pro ovidin vi ng a high high standarrd rd of cleaning, deg greaasing and d dissinfeecti tion. o Design ned fo or a wide varieetyy of appliccatio on ons, e.g. th he clea cl aning of flo lo oorrs, rs walls and d equ qui uipm ment, etc tc. Also fo forr cleaning ea thee intteriiors of foo od delive od very ry vehiccles cless. It Its ts built in resid id duaal antistattic ti prope pertties prote tecct frrom the risk te skk off sttatic ta shockk. Can be used thro oug gh pressure pr wash he or foamin her ng equip pment. Com om mplie pl es with BSEEN12 276 6 and is efffecctiv tivee ag against MR RSA, E Coli, Salm mo on nella laa at a 2% % dilu lu ution n (1 (1:50). Pac P ack Size : 2 x 5LL Pac ck Si S Size : 20L 6 x 750ml Empt pty y Re efilll ll Flasks

Ord der Ref : 083452 452X5 Ord der Reff : 083456 456/20 0 Ord rd der Ref : 083 345 456/6 6F 6F


TOILET CLEANERS Apple Fresh Toilet Cleane er Apple Fresh Liquid To T ilet Cleaner is a highly perfumed,, green thick toiilet cleaner with h an effective descalin ng action that leaves toilets clean and deodo orized. May safelyy be used on porcelain and d stainlesss steel. Ideal for everyday usse. Pack Size : 12 2 x 750m ml Pack Size : 2 x 5L


Liquid To T ilet Cleaner

Acid To T ilet Clea aner

Designed to combat the build-up of scale in both medium and hard water areas, Liquid To T ilet Cleaner effectively cleans and deodorises, leaving a fresh pine fragrance. May safely be used on porcelain and stainless steel. Ideal for every day use.

A heavy duty descaler to effectively remove encrusted limescale deposits from ceeramic surfaces, WCs and shower cubicles. A hydrocchloric based product which ensures rapid scale removal. Not suitable for use on stainless steel or chrome.

Pack Size : 12 x 750ml Pack Size : 2 x 5L

Pack Size : 6 x 1L Pack Size : 2 x 5L

Order Ref : 082939/12 Order Ref : 082942X5

Order Ref : 082921/6 Order Ref : 08282X5

Order Ref : 082966 Order Ref : 082962X5

Envirollogic cal Citric Toile et Cleane er Cleenol Ciitric Toilet Cleaner is form mulatted from reneewablle resources inclu uding g fruit based d acid d. A toilet an nd urrinall cleaner th hat reemoves soil and sccale. A compleete cleeaner which leavves toiletts cllean n and d with a refreshing g floral frag grancce. Th he prod duct is biodeegrradable, contains no ph hosphates an nd has miniimal impacct upon the enviro onment. This produ uct haas not been testeed on an nim mals. Pack Siize : 12 x 750ml Pack Size : 2 x 5L

Ord der Ref : 058 818 89 Ord der Ref : 0581 178

Sa anitary Fluid (Forrmaldehyd de Free)

T ilet Maintainer To

T ilet Descaler To

Toilet Maintainer has been formulated to meet the T need for a product that freshens, sanitizes and deodorises toilets. May safely be used on porcelain and stainless steel. Contains an invigorating herbal fresh fragrance. Ideal for every day use.

Toilet Descaler is designed T d for use where the removal of heavy limescale is required. A high active phosphoric acid based formulation, safe for use on stainless steel, ferrous metals and ceramics. Contains a fresh invigorating fragrance.

Pack Size : 12 x 750ml Pack Size : 2 x 5L

Pack Size : 12 x 750ml Pack Size : 2 x 5L


Order Ref : 08298T Order Ref : 082982X5

Order Ref : 082940 Order Ref : 082952X5

A conccentrrated bluee liquid with a refresshing pinee fragrancee. Keeeps chemiicaal toilets heaalthy and prevents un npleassant odours. Fullyy biodegradablee. Pac ck Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : 0627 72X5 Pack Size e : 20L Orde er Ref : 0627 727/20

TOILET / WC FRESHENERS AND DEODORISERS Cleen Air Auto Air Fresshening Syste ems To complette our To T tal Wa ashroom Hygiene Range we have launched the Cleenol Cleen Air air freshening systems. To meet the need for a quality, competitively priced range of automatic dispenserss and fragrances we offer two dispenser types: 1 – Metered

2 – Digital (fully programmable)

Roya al Flush Blue System m Blocks An au utomatic WC freshener and cleeaner. Simp ply put intto the WC water tank, waitt until the water turn ns blue an nd flush h as norm mal. Lasts up p to 30 days. Pa ack Size e : x 24 Orde er Ref : 08 82BLU UE


We have introduced two high quality essential oil fragrances – Mountain Fresh & Wild Fruits. Refill Pack Size 12 x 250ml

Cleen Air

Wild Fruits Refill Order Ref : 082890/WB

Ideeal for thee freshenin ng of hottel corrridors, wasshroomss an nd recception arreaas. Its pleeassant flo oral bouqu uett neutrallisees to obacco sm mellls and sttalee air. Laarge indusstriial pack sizze.

Mountain Fresh Refill Order Reff : 082890/M MF Disspen nserr Mettered Order Ref : 082CMD Dispenser Digital Order Ref : 082CAD

Pack Size : 6 x 400mll Order Ref : 052103S

Cleenoll Clip On Toilet Bllocks Designed to be clipped to the inside of the toilett bowl. Releases a pleeasant floral perfume aftter each flush, leaving th he toilet fresh and cleean.

Cleen nzyme Urinal Cleaner & Deodorisser An en nzyme product that dispeels uriine odours from su urfaces i.e. floor, seating, wall tiles and urinals. Prevents the build-up of uric acid scale. Ideal for use in n and arround urinal bowls, ch hannel urrinals and surrounding walls an nd floors. Leaves an invigo orating vanillla fragrance. Pack Size : 6 x 50 00ml Order Ref : 083399

Pack Sizze : x 12 Orde er Ref : 082899 9

Cleenol Channel Blocks PDCB Free PDCB Fre r e Deo odorant Toilet Cubes Pleasantly fragranced, these cubes break dow wn naturally without clogging pip pes, making them m suitable for individual urinals and channel syystems. Do not contain the harmful addition of paradichlorobenzene. Pack Size : 2.5kg

Order Ref : 082901

A long lasting larger toilet deodorising block for use in channel and single urinals. pdcb free , freshens the urinal bowl. Pack Size : x 36 Order Ref : 082903


BAR AND CELLAR PRODUCTS A range of produc cts for the licensed tra ade proffession nal. Ca arefully selected bar an nd cellar hygiene products to meett the exacting dema ands of the public house, bistro and d restaurant operator. Cleenol Cabinett Glasswash

Ha and Gla assswassh

Cleenol Rinsebrite

For use in enclosed cabiinet auto-glasswashing machines. Suitable for medium to hard waterr areas. Use in conjuncttion with Cleenol Rinsebritte to enhance the visual qu uality of the cleaned glassees.

A con ncentraated han nd glaasswash h cleaneer contain ning a biocide for glass steerilisaatiion. Contaainss a bu uillt-iin drying g agentt thaat ults.. aiids streaak-freee resu Does not afffect beeer head reetenttio on..

A clear blue liq quid for your finaal wasshing g sequence. Facilitattes efficient flash h dryying in cabineet autoglasswash hing maachines. n con njunctio on with Use in Clleeno ol Cabinet Glasswash forr besst results

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : 021862X X5

Pack k Sizze : 2 x 5L Order Ref : 02 209 922X5

Pac ck Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : 020 0932X X5


Sofft Wa aterr Ca abine et Gllassw wash h

Bee er Pip pe Cle ean ner & Ste erillizzer

Dessigned for thee clean nin ng of drinking g gllassses in encclosed auto omaatic glaasswash hing g maachinees. On nly suitaablee forr soft waater areaas or where an inliine wateer softeener iss insttalled. Use in con njunction n with Cleeenol Rinsseb britee to enhance the visual quality of th he cleaneed glasssess. Pack Size : 2 x 5L

Sterapipe Purple A powerful blend d of caustic alkalines and chlorine based bleaching agent. Also contains a colo our indicator to signifyy when the product is exhaustted.

A hig ghly efffecctive clleaaneer with a buiilt--in disinffecttin ng so olutio on fo or perfect resu ultts eveery time.. Alw ways fo ollo ow the equ uipmeent manu ufacctureer’ss clleaning g guidelliness.

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Ord der Ref : 020972P

Pack Sizze : 2 x 5L Order Reff : 02 2096 682X5

Order Ref : 0218 8SW W



Optic Cle eaner

Diamond 10 000 Glasswashin ng Detergent

Sapphirre 10 000 Glasswassher Riinse Aid

A high quality t glasswasshing detergent especially designed to quickly remo ove all dirt and soiling from glassware without damagin ng its delicate appearance. This powerful formulation is particularly effective in removing lipstick as well as keepiing beer head retention and lacing to the highest possible leevel. It combines maximum impact on soil with minimum m impact on the glass surface, therefore reducing the risk of blooming.

A hig ghlyy efffecttivee rin nse aid especiiallyy fo ormu ulatted to leave lo ow reesidue, ensuriing th hat beeer head reten ntion n is keptt to a maxim mum m. Spottting and streaaking arre elliminateed, giviing a brillliant sp parkling fin nissh witho out the neeed to tow wel dry.

For efffective cleaning and removaal of pro oteins, starcches and sug gars from glasss and d plastic opticss. Always follow the cleaning g guideliness.

Pack Size : 2 x 5L


Pack Sizze : 2 x 5L

Pack Size : 6 x 1L Ord der Ref : 083212 2/6

Ord der Ref : S1/05 5

Order Ref : G1/05

BAR AND CELLAR PRODUCTS Quash Pre-W Wash h Gre ease & Lip pstick k Rem mover

Brasso Quality brand leader metal polish.

Quaash is a marrket leaader antib bacterrial solution esspeeciallly formu ulated for remo oving lipsstick and greeasse maarkks wh hich can n resist traditionaal washing. Sim mply tw wist the upturn ned glasss in a solu ution filled fo oam m pad and d you ur glassses are read dy for washing in th he norrmal waay. Th he foaam pad comes wiith its own app pliccattor trrayy whiich sitts neatlyy next to the washing up areea. A faast actin ng forrmula with user-ffriendly appllicaato or. Quassh elliminaates toug gh lipsticck and grease markks witthou ut slow wing down you u or yourr staff.

Pack Size : 8 x 175ml Order Ref : 136255 Pack Size : 1L Order Ref : 136248/1L

Created d forr the clleaniing of wooden bar counteerss and shelvin ng, an nd resttau uraant taablles and chairs with ha polyurrethaane finish. Leavves surfaces clean and d sanitiized, withou ut strreakks orr stickiness. Alwaays follo ow the directtions on n the laabel for best results. Com mpliess witth BS6 6424 when useed neeat. Pack Size : 6 x 50 00ml Pack k Size : 2 x 5L Pa ack Size : 6 x 750 0ml Em mpty Heavy y Duty Reffilll Fllask

Cleenol Sta ainless Steel Polish Non aerosol triggeer pack, contains mineral oil to leave stainless steel surffaces with a mirror finish. Pack Size : 6 x 500 0ml

Order Ref : 053699

Order Re ef : 05356 67 Order Ref : 0535 525 5 Order Reff : 056 6592//6

Quash refill kit also available.

Quash Sttarter Pa ack Contains:

• 2 x 2.5L Bacctericidal Cleanin ng Solution • 3 Foam Padss • 1 Ap pplicator • 1 Measuring g Cup

Quassh refill kit also availaable Pa ack Size : x 1

Order Ref : 02194K

Reno ovate (Spotless) A powder detergent sanitizer for the refu urbishment of drinking glasses, especiallyy the removaal of rinseaid d film. Can be used d to treat neew drinking glasses, it removes all traaces of cheemicals used in glasss manufacturre especially the mould releasse agent. It can also be used to aid the norm mal mainteenance cleaning of cabinet and rotaary brush type glasswashing machinees. The sanitizing action of the product will benefit the machine interior. Pack Size : 10kg g Pack Size : 12 x 500g

Order Ref : 029600 Order Ref : 029600/12

Shiine All Purpo ose Metall Polish Clean ns, restores and polishes metal surfaces. Protects against corrosion and tarnishing. Pack Size : 1 x 100g

Order Ref : 083922



Surfface e Cle eaner & Sanitizer

COMBAT PRODUCTS FOR INDUSTRY Combat FAD A deterg gent / disinfectant and bactericcidal hard surfface cleaner specially form mulated for use on food contact surfaces. Use on utensils, equipment, sttorage bins, tab bles, conveeyors, etc. Pack Size: 2 x 5L Code: CBFA F D/2X5

Combat Double Agent Bactericid dal Multipurpose Cleaner

Pack Size: 20L Code: CBFA F D/20 Pack Size: 200L Code: CBFA F D/200


A major innovation designed to reduce the risk of disinfectant resistant bacteria. Supplied in two colour-coded formulations, each containing a different disinfection system. Rotating the two products reducees the risk of bacteria developing resistance to the agents designed to destroy them. A versatile, highly effective, non-perfumed, hard surface cleaner. Its high dilution rates, along with its antibacterial properties, make it id deall for application where food is processed, stored or in transit. Can be used manually through a pressure wash heer, a floor scrubbing machine or through a foaming lance.

Combat HDS This mildly allkaline detergent with excelleent grease-cuttting propertties is particu ularly useful fo or the firstt stage of two stage cleaning proceesses as it will not inactivvatee the disinfectants used in the second stag ge.

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Mixed Order Ref : 083456/5/DA Pack Size : 20L Red Order Ref : 083456/20/RE ED Pack Size : 20L Blue Code:083456/20/BLUE Pack Size : 6 x 750ml Empty H/D Refill Flasks Order O d R Reff : 083456/6 083456//6

Pac ck Size: 2 x 5LL Co ode: CB527/2X X5 Pa ack Size: 20L Code: CB527/2 20 Pack Size: 200 0L Code: CB527/2 200

Combat Chlorfoam

Combat Quatsan HI-BAC

Combatt Quat-R Rinse

A concentrated high quality detergent / sanitizer for use where high levels of cleaning and disinfection n are required in one product. Based upon QAC disinfectants, Combat Quatsan Hi-Bac can also be used as a final rinse sanitizer. This product passes BS EN 1276 1997 ‘Bactericidal activity for disinfectantts used in food industry’ at a 1% concentration.

A food gradee disinfectant for the effectivee sanitization of food produ uction equipmeent and surfacess after cleaaning. It is particularly useeful for aerial diisinfection in hig gh risk foo od manufacturin ng areas and airr condiitioning un nits using foggin ng equipment. Combat Quat-R Rinse will not cause taintiing when used ass directeed. Passes BSEN1276 at 1% % concentration n.

Pack Size: 2 x 5L Pack Size: 20L Pack Size: 200L

Pac ck Sizze : 2 x 5L Pa ack Size e : 20L


Order Ref : CB333/2X5 Order Ref : CB333/20 Order Ref : CB333/200

Order Reff : CB637/2X5 Order Ref : CB637/20

Th his chlorinated d alkaline foam product will remove heaavy soils and also has a sanitizing / disinfecttant acttion as it is useed. Producers of cooked meats find this particularly effective as rinsing off with high hpresssure water do oes not prroduce microb be laden aerosol particlles which caan contamin nate clean areas. This product passes BS EN N 1276 1997 ‘Bactericcidal activity for dissinfectants used d in food d industry’ at a concen ntration of 4%. Pack Size e: 20L Code: CB714 4/20 Pack Size: 200LL Code: CB714/200


Specially form mulated to use through foam m application systems on medium soil levels. Combat Multifoam gives long contact times on vertical and com mplicated shaped machinery allowing the powerful detergents to act on grease and soils, enabling easy removal using g a pressure rinse lance. Pack Size: 20L

Order Ref: CB733/20

Comb C bat React A specially formulated heavy duty hard surface h ccleaner design ned for the most arduo ous of tasks – the cleaaning of hard surfaces in h n a wide vvariety of indusstrial eenvironments – in ncluding the fo ood processing indu p ustry, where its main w n use is the removal of fatty aand protein deposits. Itss high alkali levels along h g with its combination of amphoteric, nonio onic and cationic surfactants ensure rapid removaal of mostt types of soiling, including rubber from factory floors. It may be used in both high pressure washers and steam cleaners. Caution - This product is not suitable for use on aluminium surfaces. Pack Size: 10L Pack Size: 20L

Combat Carb Plus An efficient alkaline clleaner and d degreaser designed for the food industry for the removal of fattyy soiilings.

Order Ref: CBBGS/10 Order Ref: CBBGS/20

Combat Tr T aywash has been speciaally developed for the removal of tenaccious soiling g and fats encountered in the food pro ocessing industry. Because of its low foaming properties, Combatt T aywash is Tr partticularly useful in auto omated cleaning g processorrs, CIP syystems, bllanchers as well as traay, cratee and rackk washiing machiines and fryyers. Use approveed Cleeno ol automatiic dosing equipmen nt. May bee used occassionally on aluminiu um trayss. Pack Size: 20L Pack Size: 20 00L

Order Ref : CB282/20 Order Ref : CB282/200

Comba at Pow werfoam Deterrgent A heavyy duty dettergent containing caustic soda. For use in high soil processes such ass in abatttoirs, fish filleting and poultry eviscerration plan nts as well as fo or cooking, frying and high fat areas,, and heavilyy soiled floorss. Aluminium and d other soft metals should be avoided. Pack Size: 20L Order Ref : CB745/20

Pack Size: 20L Order Ref: CB921/20

Combat Foa ambrite An aciid based foam cleanerr developed forr the remo oval of protein n bloom an nd mineral scale whicch can appear on metal su urfaces due to high leveels of calcium and magnesium salts in the water. Use att 5-10% through foam lance. Pack Size: 20L Order Ref : CB7 721/20

Comba at Descaller PA Descaler detergen nt based on n phosph horic acid. For cleaning g and brighteniing stain nless stteel equip pment e.g. vesseels, skip ps, conveyors, uten nsils etc. General descaleer for taanks, pipes, heeat exchanges, etc.. Is particularly useeful for th he removal off fish slime from fish boxes and dried blood from tiled su urfaces in abattoirs. In the latterr case, use in undiluted d form. Pack Size e: 5L Pack Sizze: 20L

Combat CIP A very low fo oam liquid suitable forr CIP applicatio ons in the food industryy, particularly in hard water situations and where there is bu urned-on soiling. Combat CIP can be used for cleaning plate heat exchangers, fryers, cooking vessels and other systems which may require pumping of detergent solutions through pipework etc. to facilitate soil removal. Pack Size: 20L

Code: CB269/5 Code: CB269/20

Order Ref : CB237/20



Combat Multifoam

SANITIZERS Clee enol Perfu umed Ba actericid dal Multip purpose Clea aner

Cleenol Unperfumed Bactericidal Multipurpose Cleaner


A high quality performance product providing a high standard of cleaning, degreasing and disinfection. Designed for a wide variety of applications, e.g. the cleaning of floors, walls and equipment, etc. Also for cleaning the interiors of food delivery vehicles. Its built in residual antistatic properties protect from the risk of static shock. Can be used through pressure washer or foaming equipment. Complies with BSEN1276 and is effective against MRSA, E Coli, Salmonella at a 2% dilution (1:50). Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 20L 6 x 750ml Empty Refill Flasks

A high h quality perrformancee, fro ont of house pro oducct providing g a high stan ndard of cleaning, degreeasing and d dissinfectio on. Designed forr a wide varrietyy of applicaatio ons, e.g. the cleaning off floo ors, walls and surfaces, etc. Its builtt in reesidual anttistattic prop pertiess protect fro om the rissk of static sho ock. Can be useed thrrough preessu ure wash her or foaming g equ uipment. Co ompllies with BSEN1276 and d is effectivve ag gainst MRSA A, E Coli, Sallmonellaa at a 2% dilu ution n (1:50). Pac ck Size : 2 x 5L 6 x 750ml Empty Reffill Flasks

Orrder Ref : 083469/R Orderr Ref : 056721/6

Liiqu uid Sanitizer A low w foaming liquid deteergent for the effective cleeaning and disin nfecttion off surfaces and equip pment in n food contacct areass. May also be used for hand dishwaashing. Complies with BSEN1 1276 (European Suspensio on Te T st) at 1% dilu ution.

Order Ref : 083452 2X5 Order Ref : 08345 56/20 0 Order Ref : 08345 56/6 6F

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Reff : 020982X5 5

Chlorrin nated Po owder Sanitizerr

Sanitizing g Ble each T Ta ablets For prewashing of salads and vegetables. Use one tablet per 5 litres of cold water. One tablet in half a litre gives 220ppm chlorine Pack Size : 1 x 180 Order Ref : 062534

Hi-Power Efferv r escent Chlorine Ta T bletts Chlorine bleach baseed disinfectant tabletss. Mo ore convenient and saferr to use than traditionaal liq quid hypochloritee bleeach. One or two tabletss in a bucket off water disssolvves with an n effervesscentt action to o givee a solutio on off ready-to o use bleach. The active constittuent is dich hlorroiscyanurrate. Each tablet yields 200pp pm of availlablee chlorinee wheen placed in 5 litres of co old watter. Pac ck Siize: x 200 0

Order Ref: 0625CHLL

Sta ainlesss Ste eel Walll Disspensserr Pro obe Wipe e Disspenser Ord der Ref : 1376 682 San nitizing Wipe e Dispenser Ord der Ref : 1376 693

A free flo owiing blue pow wder for the cleaning, saanitizing g an nd deodo orisin ng of food preparation su urfaces and d internal com mponents of vending machinees. Will remo ove stains from chopping bo oards and toilet bow wls. Complies with BSEN1276 (EEuropean Su uspension nT Teest) at 1% diilution. Pa ack Size e : 12 2 x 500g Pa ack Size : 12 2.5kg

Concentrated Germicidal Detergent A manual high active pot washing detergent conttaining g an effective bactericide to kill micro-organisms an nd prevent cross-infection. The product has efficient degreasing properties and may be used for cleaning g food storage areas and preparation surfaces. Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 20L


Order Ref : 021722X5 Order Ref : 021721/20

Order Ref : 031166/500 Order Ref : 03 31166

Pro obe Wiipess & Sa anittizing Wiipes An imprregnated non n-wo oven wet wipe for the cleaning and sanitiizing of food d prob bes and kniife blaades. Alcohol based for faast drying witthoutt the need for wip ping dry. PROBE WIPES Pack k Size : 6 x 20 00 Orrder Reff : 13646PW W

SAN NITIZING WIIPES Pack Size : 6 x 200 Orderr Reff : 13646F


Spray y On n Degre easer

A productt thatt forms part of ou ur successfful Cattering Hygiiene Programme. Form mulated d to rem movee heavily encru usted carbon dep posits from the intternaal areas off ind dustrial and commeercial ovens. Co onverrts harden ned deposits into a liquid that can be rinseed off eassily. HEA ALTH AND SAFEETY WA W RNIN NG – CORROSIVE. ALW LWAYS WEAR PR ROTECTIVE CLO OTHING.

A productt that forms part of the Cateering Hygiene Pro ogram mme. Designeed for the effective rem movall of carameliised greasse from co ookers, extrractorr fittings and d canopy hoods. Alsso for exterrnal arreas of fat fryers, coo ok and hold d ovens and d otheer cooking appliancess. Order Ref : 0104 402X5

Order Ref : 0831392X5

Foam Ove en Clleaner & Ma aintainer The foam spray en nables th he product to o cling to surfaces for improveed cleaniing. For use on grills, ovenss and any equipment wh here carameliseed grease or oil is evident. Proviides quick, efffective main ntenance of internaal and externall areas of ovens, etc. Not suitable for thee removal of hard carbon deposiits.

Pow-R-Spray y Use in conjunction with Spray On Degreaseer. Enables the operatorr to dilute th he product according to the degrree of soilin ng. Easy to fill bottle. Aids easy app plicaation of pro oduct to most surfaces. Pack Size : x 1

Order Ref : 164700C CP


Dessca aler & T Ta arnish Remov ver

Orde er Ref : 08312 21

Enab bless rapid pen netraation and rem moval of scale dep positts. Effectivvely removes all forms of metal tarrnish h, hard waater scale, rust fro om ferrou us meetalls and eveen briightens alum minium and d ch hrom me surfacces. The propertiess of this product enab ble it to be useed extensivelyy in the cattering and d food ind dustriies for generall purpose cleeaning an nd maaintenance. Pack Size : 2 x 5L

Orde er Ref : 0103 392X5

Con ncentrate ed Acid Desc caler An n extrremly effeectivee acidic maateriaal designed to reemove limeescalle, rust and d conccrete deeposits. Ideeal fo or cleaning g build ding equipment. Contains a corrrosion inhib bitor to help protect most no on-feerrous metaals, braass and bronze.

Oven Cleaning g Safety Kit For use with Cleenoll Warm Oven Spray. Conttains producct use instruction ns and d protective clo othing, togetheer with cleaning clothss and scourers, to enablee the operator to clean effectively and safely. All the pro oducts can be purchassed ind dividually. Pack k Size e:x1

Nott suittable for usee on feerrous metals and stain nless steel. DO NOT USEE ON ST TAINLESS STEEL Pack Size e : 2 x 5L

Order Ref : 083062 2X5

Ord der Ref : 1356KIT



Pack k Size : 2 x 5L

Pack k Size : 2 x 5L


Nova LongLife Gloss Finish


Our flagship solidsrich metallised emulsion dressing. Can be easily maintained with or without a machine. An ideal base for spray buffing and mop and buff. Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN0010

Nova Wood Gloss

Same high quality performance as Nova Long-life Gloss, but with a satin finish.

A tough, durable polyurethane and acrylic sealer which gives a hard wearing gloss finish to solid wood floors.

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN0010/SAT A IN

Novaplex A water-based stone and concrete sealer leaving a semi-permanent finish. T ugh and durable. To Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN0088

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN008G

Nova Wood Satin The same high quality formulation as Nova Wood Gloss, but with a satin finish. Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN0013




Nova Long-Life Satin Finish

A premium quality ty floor oor maintainer containing a complex range of waxes to clean, protect and polish in one operation. Leaves a long lasting antistatic hard finish.

Nova Liquid 99

Nova Starbrite

A super concentrated biodegradable liquid cleanser for use on floors, walls and other hard surfaces.

An effective fragranced emulsion polish stripper without ammonia. Will not affect linoleum pigments. PRODUCT IS CORROSIVE. WEAR APPROPRIAT A E PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT. T

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN1073

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN1016

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN1040

afety Floor Cleaner sures swift soil removal and can used for deep cleaning as well as utine maintenance of any safety or. It’s added bactericidal compounds ke Nova Safety Floor Cleaner an remely effective disinfectant ideal use in hospitals, nursing homes, hools, canteens and other areas ere a clean, safe floor is essential.

Nova Citra HD-EF Powerful concrete cleaner and degreaser with environmental accreditations. Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN2168

ck Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN6921


Su uper Seal Stripper Baseed on powerful solvents and totaally free of caustic and acid matterials. Particularly designed for the quick and easy removal of oleoresinous and most other floor seals, avoiding the necessity of sanding. It is also highly effective for stripping pain nts, varnishes, cellulose, lacquers, Fren nch polish, etc. Pack Size : 10L

Order Ref : BNSSS/10


Pack Size : 2 x 5L


British Nova Restorer/ r Maintainer is a highly concentrated product which is formulated for use on a range of floors including Te T rrazzo, slate, marble, quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, sealed wood, linoleum, rubber and vinyl amongst others. The product is incredibly easy to apply and with the use of a buffing machine will give your floor and outstanding shine. The blend of waxes and polymers creates a slip resistant surface even when polished and provides exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions. Order Ref : BN1293


Nova MultiPurpose Sanitizer

A multipurpose neutral cleanser which cleans, deodorises and sanitizes. Also available unperfumed. Te T sted and approved against the MRSA bacteria.

Novatron A bactericidal floor maintainer formulated to BS6424 and BS6471. Ideal for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and canteens. Cleans, disinfects and deodorises.

Cleans, deodorises and disinfects. Ideal product for the food industry.

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN1161

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN1272

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN1148

CARPET CARE Novaspotta




A neutral low foam carpet shampoo for use in hot water extraction machines. Always test for colourfastness before use.

A heavy duty pre-spotter for high traffic areas or a pre-treatment for particularly dirty carpets.

re-spotter and stain remover effective on oil, grease, fat, tar, lipstick and crayon. Do not use on bitumen backed tiles. Always test for colourfastness before use.

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN2047

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : BN2061

Pack Size : 6 x 750ml Order Ref : BN2011/6



Buffable Polish h

An alkaline based floor polish stripper. For the effective and fast removal of metallised emulsion polishes. Designed for light to medium polish removal.

A water based emulsion n pollish for use either with a haand sprayyer or a mop. For use on all sealed an nd no on porous floors. Easily reemoves blemiishes caused d by floor traffic wear. Pack Size: 2 x 5L Orderr Ref:: 041642X5


Polish Stripper

Pack Size: 2 x 5L Order Ref: 041502X5

Buffable Floor Cleaner A multi-purpose product which performs a three-in-one operation – cleaning, polishing and disinfecting. Designed for the mainttenance of treated polished floo ors. Has a pleasant residual fragrance. Pack Size: 2 x 5L Order Reff: 041862X5





National distributo tors for

Ind ndustrial Cleaning Equi quipment

High Solid ds Po olish

Emulsiion Polish

A 25% solids metaallised floor polish for medium to heavyy trafficc areas wherre a hard wearing g deep lustrous finish is required. No neeed for buffing. Dries to a high gloss finish h. Use on all sealed and d non porous floorrs.

A 15% solids metallissed floor polish fo or a durable glosss finish h. For use in low to medium traffic areeas or as a base co oat fo or highly porous floors. Provides an exxcelllent base for sprayy cleaniing. Pack Sizze: 2 x 5L Order Ref: 041672X X5

Pack Size: 2 x 5L Order Ref: 041552X X5



Water Extraction Carpet Shampoo

Cleenol Ba actericida al Floor Clleaner

A concentrated, low foaming g watter extraction carpet shampoo. For effective cleaning of carpets and colo our faast upholstery. Revitalises carp pets and leaves them with a pleasaant freesh odour.

A powerful deg greaser / cleanerr containing an effective bacterricid de for sanitizin ng purposes. The prod duct is safe to use on most floor surffaces with the exceeption of wood an nd cork.

Pack Size: 2 x 5L Orderr Ref:: 042842X5

Pack Sizze: 2 x 5L Order Re ef: 020952X5

Cry ystal Griip

Cleenol Multi-Purp pose Floor Cleaner

A sp pecialist product which cleans polished floors and leaves a slip resistant polymer finish. Pack Size: 2 x 5L Order Ref: 041872UN

A general purpose neutraal floor cleaner an nd maaintainer. Suitable fo or mop pping and floor scrubb bing machines. Pack Size: 2 x 5L Order Ref: 042 2932 2X5

CleenJel Lem mon

Cle eenJel Pine

A detergent gel which assists rap pid cleaning, maintaiins vinyyl, leatherr and linoleum in a supplee condition n, eradicates stale od dours leeaving a lemon fresh smell, is safe,, economiical and does not damagee polisshed floorrs or paintwork.

A deteergent gel which assists rapid cleanin ng, maintain ns vinyl and leather in n a sup pple conditio on, eradicates stale od dours leaving a pin ne fresh smell, is safe, economical and does not dam mage polished floo ors or paintwork. Not recom mmended fo or linoleum.

Pack Size: 2 x 5L Ord der Reff: 042142

Pack k Size: 2 x 5L Ord der Ref: 042121

Lemo on Gel

Pin ne Gel

A generaal purpose floor maintenan nce water so oluble gel with a refreshing g lemon fragrance. For th he daily cleeaning g of poliished or un ntreateed floor su urfacess. Will not strip po olished d floor finisshes. Caan be used in a haandsprray or by moppin ng.

A generall purpose floo or maintenance waater solluble gel with h a fresh pine fraagrancce. For the daiily cleaning of polished d floor finishees. Can be used in a handsspray or by mopping.



Pack Size: 2 x 5L Order Ref: 041882X5

Pac ck Size: 2 x 5L Order Ref: 0418LL2X5




Premium Tr T uck Wash h

Regular Truck Wash

Auto Cleen Preemium Tr T uck Wash is a speecially formulated heavydutty traffic film rem mover dessig gned to clean the paintw work and curtains of heavyy goods vehiiclles. Contains high allkali levels an nd amphoteric, non-ionic and cationic surffactants, makin ng it or all levels of soilin ng. suitable fo May be used in both hiigh pressure washerrs and steam cleaaners.

Auto Cleen Regular Truck Wash is a specially formulated light to medium traffic film remover designed to clean the paintwork and curtains of heavy goods vehiccles. Containss alkalis and amphoteric, non-ionic and cationic surfactants, making it suitable for all levels of soiling. May be used in both high preesssure washers and steam cleaners. PRODUCT IS CORROSIVE. WEAR APPR ROPRIATE PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT.


Pack Size : 20L Pack Size : 200L

Code e : TW20 Co ode : TW200

Premium Cau ustic Free T affic Film Remover Tr

Regular Caustic Free Traffic Film Remover

Auto Cleen Premium Caustic Free T affic Film Remover is a heavy dutyy Tr cleaner, safe to use on all vehicles.. It contains no sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, the alkalis responsible for the dulling of paintted d surfaces. For use through pressuree cleaners and hot water/ r steam cleaners.

Auto o Cleen Regular Caustic Free Traffic Film Remover is a light to medium cleaner, safe to use on all vehicles. It contains no sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxiide, the alkalis responsible for the dulling of painted surfaces. For use through pressure cleeaners and hot water/steam cleaners.

Pack Size : 20L Pack Size : 200L

Pack Size: 20L Pack Size: 200L

Code : TCF20 Code : TCF200

Carr Shampoo & Wax Auto Cleeen Car Sh hampoo & Wax is a neu utraal car wax shampo oo with an excep ptio onaally hig gh degree of cleaning pow wer. Leavees vehiclees with a deeep, lusstrous finish from m NEW the wax ad dditiive in this quality PACK 1L AVAILASIZE car shampoo o. Removes lig ght to BLE medium atmo osph herric soilin ngs. Pack Size : 6 x 1L Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 20L


Code : TWR20 Code e : TWR200

Code : TCFR20 Code : TCFR200



Code : 212 2137 Cod de : 2102 22X5 Co ode e : 210 0205 5/20



For use on all types of light alloy and steel wheels. The foam action cleaaner clings to the wheels, softening the carbon brake dust making for faster cleaning off the heavily soiled d areass. Leaves a bright and high cllass finish.

Produceed fro om a un nique formulatio on which giives an exceptio onaal sparklin ng, streak-ffree fiinish every tim me. Effectiveelyy removess atmosp pheric griime, nicottine, finger markks, dust and dead inssects, etcc.

Pack Size : 6x750ml Code: 057734

De-Icer A high performance windscreen and window de-icer which instantly dissolves ice from glass surfaaces, leaving a streakfree finish when cleaned with windscreen wipers orr rubber squeegee blade. Works below temperatures of 10°C.

Pack Size : 6 x 750m ml Code :057721


Foam Allloy Wheel Cleaner

Pac ck Size : 6 x 750ml Cod de : 057748

Pack Size : 20L Code: 057734/20

De-IIonissed Water

Screenwash Additive

A quality de-iionised water for use in trucks, vans, cars, motorcyycles and floorr machine batterries.

An effective vehicle screen wash additive for use through the vehicle washer bottle. Designed for the rapid removal of atmospheric grime. Leaves windscreens clear and streak free. Works to temperatures down to –32°C.

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Pack Size : 20L

Code: 08 83212X5 Code e: 083214/20 0

Pack Size : 2x5 5L Pack Size : 20L

Code : 082532X5 Code : 082532/2 20




NEW FOAM SOAP SYSTEM New Foam Hand d Cleanerr Dispe enser


A qualityy lockable soap p dispenseer to co-ordinatee with our highly successfful paper disspenser range. A choicee of two high quality fo oam hand cleanserss packed in hygienic hermetically sealed 80 00ml pouches. Each pussh of the dispenseer lever gives 0.6ml off product for effectivee hand cleaning. A high caapacity pack for less frequ uent refilling.

Perfumed Foam Hand Clleaner Perfumeed foam hand cleaner ideal fo or all front of housee and public areas. Pac ck Size : 3 x 800ml

Orderr Ref : 074148 8

ntib bacteriial Fo oam Hand d Cleaner A non-perfu umed foam hand cleaner, ideal for use where high standards of hygiene are required. Esp pecially suiitable for use in catering areaas, bars and hospital wards. Pack Size : 3 x 800ml Order Ref : 074123

Pack Size : x 1 Order Re ef : 137819

NEW SPRAY SANITIZER SYSTEM New Spray Sanittizer Dispe enser A qualityy lockable sanitizing dispenser to co-ord dinate with our highly successful paper dispenser rangee. Packed in a hygienic hermeticcally sealed 800ml pouch. Each push of the dispenseer lever givves 0.6ml of product.. A high capacityy pack for leess frequentt refilling.

Sp pra ay Han nd Sa anitize er

New w Toilett Seat Spray Sa anitizer

A faast drrying spraay hand d sanitizer. Id deal for usee wheen enteering fo ood prod duction areeas, or beforre han ndlin ng food d. An alcoho ol based prroduct for usse in any sittuaatio on where bacctericidal control is im mportaantt. Protect tectts againsst pseudom monas nas aruginossa,, e co oli, staaphylo oco occus au ureus an nd enterococccu us hirae.

To comple ete our ran nge of washroom productss for tottal wash hroom hyg giene. An alcohol based toilett seat saniitizer dessigned to be applied to a fresh paper wiipe fo or effective toilet seatt sanitizing. Pac ck Siize : 3 x 800ml Orderr Re O ef : 07336 69 Pack Size e : 25 x 50ml Ord O der Ref : 077215

Pack Size : 3 x 800ml Order Ref : 073323

Pack Size : x 1 Order Re ef :137808



70 0% Hand Sanitizing Gel A 70% alco ohol hospital specification clear hand sanitizing gel. Pack Size e : 25 x 50ml Pack Size : 6 x 50 00ml Pack Size : 4 x 1LL Pack Size : 2 x 5LL Modular Refillable e Gel Dispenser x 1 Hand Santiziing Ge el Cartridge Dispenser x 1 Single 500mll Bo ottle e Holder x1

40% Alcohol

Order Ref : 077159 Order Ref : 077137 Order Ref : 077148 Order Ref : 077123 Order Ref : 1378 800/R Order Ref : 1376 666/HSG Order Ref : 0770 077


70% Alcohol

40% Han nd Sanitizing Gel A 40% allcoho ol geneeral purpose hand sanitizing gel with residuaal bio ocid de and emollient. Pa ack Size : 25 5 x 50m ml Pack Size : 6 x 500m ml Pack Size : 4 x 1L Pack Size : 2 x 5L Modular Re efilla able Gel Dispenser x 1 Hand Santiizing g Ge el Cartridge Dispenser x 1 Single 500 0ml Bottlle Holder x1

Order Ref : 0770 06X Order Ref : 0770 063 Order Ref : 0732 279 Order Ref : 0732 212UN Order Ref : 1378 800/R Order Ref : 1376 666/HSG Order Ref : 0770 077

ENVIRONMENTAL SOAPS Envirological Bactericiidal Liquiid Soap A non-p perfum med, non-ttainting cleanseer ideal for use in food preparatio on areas. Protects hands againstt hand and food bornee infections. With added emollientt to leave hand ds feeling smooth and conditioned. Containss mainly vegetable derived surfactants, betaiines and glyycerine. pH ballanced to neutral. Biod degradable, contains no pho osphates and has minimal impact on the environment. Pack Size : 6x500ml Pack Size : 2 x 5L

Enviro olog gica al Ha and Soap This genttle perfumed hand cleanser is formulaated from maainly reenewable resourcees including g vegetaable derived surfactaants, betainees and d glycerine and is pH balan nced to neeutral. It is biodegradablee and conttain ns no phosph hates. It has not been tessted on animalls. Pack Sizze : 6 x 500m ml Pa ack Size : 2 x 5L

Order Ref : 058212 Order Ref : 05819 90

Order Ref : 058269 9 Order Ref : 058258 8



Bacte eriicidal Liquid Soap

A delicate apple fragranced pearlised green liq quid soap. Ideal for front of house wash hrooms. Leaves hands clean, ned. fresh, smooth and condition

A hig gh quality bacttericidal based liquid d soap. Desig gned for foo od preparation n and d production areas. Cleeans and saanitizes hands in one operation. Leaves han nds clean, frresh, smooth and conditioned. Kills 99..99% of germs.

Pack Size : 4 x 1L Cartridge e Pack Size : 6 x 1L Round Pack Size : 2 x 5L

Orderr Ref : 07 76782 Orde er Ref : 07 7678R RND Ord der Ref : 07274 42X5

Pack k Size : 4 x 1L Carrtridge Order Ref : 07 76821 Pa ack Size : 6 x 1L Round Order Reff : 07682RN ND Pack Size : 2 x 5L Orderr Ref : 07272 22X5


Unperfumed Liquiid Soap

Pea ach Liquid d Soap

A universal soap for alll cleaniing application ns where the need for add ded perrfume or bactericide is not neceessary. Leaves handss clean, fresh, smooth, and con nditioned.

A quality, high visccosiity, pearllised d hand soap. A mild efffective formullatio on to rem movve light to medium soiling. With ad ddeed emollieent to leavee hands feeliing smooth and conditioned. Collour co oded peach with a subtle peacch perfume wh hich h leavees a delicate resiidual fragrance. Ideeal fo or toileet and waashroom areas.

Pack Size : 6 x 1L Pack Size : 2 x 5L

Orrder Reff : 07680RN ND Order Reff : Code 07 7273 32X5

Pack Sizze : 2 x 5L

Order Ref : 07286 62X5 5

SHOWER GELS Haiir & Bo ody Gel

En nvirollogic cal Sho ower Ge el

Ideall for all sh hower area locaations. Fo or all over bodyy use. Hass an invig goratin ng tropicaal fraagran nce.

Fo orm mulateed frrom maain nly veegetable derivved surffactants an nd pH H balancced to neeutrall, this prod ducct is id deal for an alll oveer hair an nd bod dy wash h. A mild effeective delicatelyy peerffumed formu ulaatio on with h high foam ming g properties. Riinsses off easilyy, leeavvin ng thee skin n smo ooth h and conditio oned. Id deaal forr use thro oug gh a wall mounted d disp penser.

Pack k size 2 x 1LL Pack k size 6 x 1LL Pack k size 2 x 5L

Ord der Ref : 075522X X5 Ord der Ref : 07683RND Ord der Ref : 075522X5

Pa ack Sizze : 2 x 5L

Orde er Ref : 05829 93

DISPENSERS Cartridge Soap p Dispensser

Refilla able Soap p Dispenser

A neew strreaamlin ned tear sh haped carttridg ge disspensser which willl acco ommodate the Cleeenol 1L caartrid dge packss.

A modern n deesign white AB BS plaastic 1LL dispenser. Visu ual dispenser strip. Easily reefilled. Remo ovaable reservoir for ease off cleaaning. Keylless locking and op peraating. A reffillable wall mou unted tough hyg gienic soap diispenser for use with a 5L refill paack.

1LL Cartridge Soap p Dispense er x 1 Orrde er Ref : 1376BS S/C

Modular Refillable Soap p Disspenser x 1 Order Ref : 137800/B


SENSES LIQUID SOAPS Washroom m liq quiid hand cleanerrs that willl heigh hten the sen nsess. Cleenol has deve elo oped d a high quallity range of liquiid so oaps packed in a 500ml reta ail sty yle bottle with lotion n pump p dispenserr. Ideal forr all locations where e a wall mountted dispenser ca annot be accommodated d. The products and labels are colour coded.

Wall Mounted Dispenssers Single Bottle Senses Holsster 4 x Single Botttle Senses Holstter

Ord der Reff : 077077 Orde er Re ef : 077084

Antibact a terial Liq quid Soa ap A qualiity perfum meed blue liqu uid hand so oap. A milld efffective formulaatio on n to remove lig ghtt to medium soil. s Ideal for use in areas wh where hygiene iss importantt. A pleasan ntly perfumed formulatio on to o protect ag gainstt hand and food borne infections ectionss, witth added emollient to leaave th he hands feelin ng smooth and con nditio oned.

Hand San nitiziing Gel A clear alco ohol based unperffumed haand sanitizzing geel for use in anyy sittuatio on wheere baactericcidal conttrol is im mpor ortaant. Appro oved an nd testeed against the MRSA Ab bac acteria.. Pack Siz ize ze : 6 x 50 00m 0ml Orderr R Re ef : 07706 63


Pack Size : 6 x 500mll Order Ref : 07701 19 Pack Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : 0770 0192X X5

Bac ctericidal Cream Soap

Luxury Apple Cream Soap

Luxury y Neutral trrall Cream m Soap p

Luxu uxury ury Pea ach Cream Soa ap

A qu ualiityy, hig gh viscositty, whitee perfumed pearlised hand soap. A mild effective formulation to remove light to medium soil. Ideal for use in the food preparaation and catering industries. A white nontainting formulation to protect against hand and food borne infections, with added emollient to leave the han nds feelin ng smooth and condition ned. Kills 99.9 99% of germs.

A quaality, high viscosity, green pearlised hand soap. A mild effeective formulation to remove light to medium soil. With added d emollient to leave hands feeling g smooth and conditioned. Collour coded green with a pleaasant apple perfume which leaaves a delicate residual fraagrance. Id deal for toilet and wasshroom areas.

A quaality, high visco osity, pink peaarlised haand soap. A mild d effective forrmulation to remove lig ght to medium soil. With add ded d emollient to leeave hands feeling g smo ooth and cond ditioned.

A quality, high visscosity, pearliseed hand d soap. A mild effeecttive forrmulattion to remove lightt to medium soil. With added emolllien nt to leavve handss feeling g smoo oth an nd cond ditioned d. Colou ur coded d peaach wiith a su ubtle peaach perffume wh hich leeavees a delicate residuaal fragran nce. Ideal forr toileet and washro oom m areas.

Pack Size e : 6 x 500ml Order Ref : 077028

Pa ack Sizze : 6 x 500mll Orde er Ref : 077046 6

Pack Size : 6 x 50 00ml Order Ref : 077037

Pack k Size : 6 x 500ml Orde er Ref : 0770 055



One 2 Clean Introducing a new touch free dispenser to the range. Activated by an infra-red sensor, this unique touch free dispensor gives guaranteed quantity control, saving up to 60%. Easy to mount - easy to use, it contains a powerful pump and special piston for perfect residue-free dispensing, guaranteeing optimum hygiene. Removable click-in pump. A variety of 3 litre / 2.8 litre hand cleansers are available for the dispenser as well as a 1.5 litre pre-work and reconditioning cream.


One 2 Clean Plus 4 x 3L Cartridge One 2 Clean Special 4 x 2.8kg Cartridge One 2 Clean Manual Dispenser x1 One 2 Clean Automatic Dispenser x1

Order Ref : DXY12C Order Ref : DXS12C Order Ref : DX12CDM Order Ref : DX12CDE

MANUAL HAND CLEANING SYSTEM EX4000 Dispenser The EX4000 dispenser has been especially designed for Dreumex for use in both general and heavy industry. This robust dispenser has been developed to dispense the EX250 Premium hand cleanser which is capable of removing such soilings as diesel, cement, lubricants etc. The EX4000 will house a 4L cartridge of EX250 product and if used correctly will give approximately 800 hand washes. The unique feature of this system is that the pump is not fitted within the dispenser but in the cartridge, therefore with every new cartridge a new pump is used, which ensures not only reliability but also high standards of hygiene. Pack Size : x1 Order Ref : DXE4000D

Hand Cleanser Special EX High performance solvent-free hand cleansing paste with rubbing agent. Suitable for medium to heavy industrial soilings, like lubricants, diesel, brake fluid, cement, rust, etc. Suitable for EX4000 dispenser. Pack Size : 3 x 4L Order Ref : DXEX250


Heavy eavy Duty Citru Citrus EX A powerful hand cleansing gel for heavy soilings such as tar, paint, glue, lacquer, etc. Especially suitable for use in garages, workshops, the printing industry and the painting and decorating industry. Pack Size : 3 x 4L Order Ref : DXEX150


Order Ref : One 2 Clean Manual Dispenser x1

A powerful hand cleansing gel for heavy soilings such as tar, paint, glue, lacquer, etc. Especially suitable for use in garages, workshops, the printing industry and the painting and decorating industry. Pack Size : 12 x 600ml Pot Pack Size : 4 x 4.5L Tin Pack Size : 15L Bucket

Order Ref : DX12CDM

Order Ref : DXY600 Order Ref : DXY4X4.5 Order Ref : DXY15

A hand cleansing paste for medium to heavy soilings such as lubricants, diesel, brake fluid, cement, rust etc. Especially su uitable for use in the automotive, construction and metal indusstries etc. Pack Size : 12 x 550g Pack Size : 4 x 4.2kg Tin Pack Size : 5kg Bucket Pack Size : 15kg Bucket


Hand Cleanser Special Order Ref : One 2 Clean Automatic Dispenser x1

Order Ref : DXS550 Order Ref : DXS4X4.2 2 Order Ref : DXS5 Order Ref : DXS15

Order Ref : DX12CDE


Universal Protect Han nd Cleanser Classic Hand cleansing gel with micrograins for medium soiling gs such as oil, fats, grease, bitumen and rubberr. It is especially suitable for use in garages, workshops and the metalworking industry. Increased cleaning power because of skin friendly microg grains. Effectively removes heavy oil deposits. Pack Size : 12 x 600ml Pot Pack Size : 4 x 4.5L Tin Pack Size : 5L Bucket Pack Size : 15L Bucket

Order Ref : DXR600 Order Ref : DXR4X4.5 Order Ref : DXR5 Order Ref : DXR15

Expert 2.7L E A high performance solvent free hand cleanser with micrograins to give in ncreased cleaning power. Suitable for medium to heavy soilings such as lu ubricants, diesel, brake fluid, cement, rust etc. Highly suitable for the au utomotive and construction industries, public works, and the metal and transport industries. The product is packed in an easy to use 2.7 litre can with an integrated pump dispenser. The can is fully portable and the pump w caan be locked again after use, making it easy to move to any location where hands get dirty. w Pa ack Size : 4 x 2.7L

Order Ref : DXEXP

A pre-work protective cream for both wet and dry application. The product forms a barrier against harmful substances penetrating into the skin, making it easier to clean the hands. Also suitable fo or using on the face. Pack Size : 6 x 1.5L Order Ref : DXP12C

Natural Care A reconditioning cream for normal skin that stimulates the natural recovery of the skin, leaving it smooth and supple. Used regularly, Natural Care protects from the damaging effects caused by work and weather conditions. Pack Size : 6 x 1.5L Order Ref : DXNC12C



Industrial Hand Cleaning Systems from Cleenol Red Beaded Hand Gel A high quality, heavy duty red beaded hand cleanser. Its powerful yet skin friendly formula, together with the addition of polymer beads, helps lift away ingrained and stubborn soilings such as oil, grease, tar, rubber compounds and industrial grime. Pack Size : 4 x 4.5L Pack Size : 4 x 2.8L Pack Size : 5L Pack Size : 15L

Order Ref : DXCH4x4.5 Order Ref : DXCH4x2.8 Order Ref : DXCH5 Order Ref : DXCH15

Citrus Beaded Hand Gel

Solvent Free


A powerful, solvent-free hand cleansing gel with polymer beads. Contains natural citrus ingredients to remove ingrained soiling. For heavy duty industrial soilings such as tar, paint, lacquer, grease, dye, ink and some resins. Contains glycerine for added skin protection. Specially suitable for use in garages, workshops, the printing industry, etc. Pack Size : 4 x 4.5L Pack Size : 15L

Order Ref : DXCHY4X4.5 Order Ref : DXCHY15

Hand Wipes Cleen Hands Textured Heavy Duty Hand Wipes Based on non-toxic solvents and mild agents and contain no hydro-carbon related solvents or alkalis. For the removal of heavy duty and ingrained soils from the hands and the removal of oils and greases. Ideal for when on the move or where there are no washing facilities available. Pack Size : 10 tubs of 50 Order Ref : DXCHTW50


A sovlent-free hand cleansing paste developed for the effective removal of medium to heavy soilings such as lubricants, diesel, brake fluid, cement, rust etc. Especially suitable for use in the automotive, construction and metal industries etc. Pack Size : 4 x 4.2kg Pack Size : 5kg Pack Size : 15kg Pack Size : 6 x 500mL

Order Ref : DXCHS4X4.2 Order Ref : DXCHS5 Order Ref : DXCHS15 Order Ref : DXCHSF500

Pre-work Cream Cleen Hands Smooth Hand Wipes Based on non-toxic solvents and mild agents and contain no hydrocarbon related solvents or alkalis. For the removal of light to medium ingrained soils from the hands and the removal of oils and greases. Ideal for when on the move or where there are no washing facilities available. Pack Size : 4 buckets of 100 Order Ref : DXCHSW100

Cleen Hands Universal Barrier & Reconditioning Cream A highly effective barrier cream containing a skin moisturiser to ensure the skin is kept in a smooth supple condition. The product has been designed as a universal application cream and is suitable for both wet and dry work. It is long lasting, non-tacky and non-slippery on the hands. Its skin conditioning properties make it ideal as an afterwork reconditioning cream. No added lanolin or perfume. Pack Size : 6 x 500mL Order Ref : DXCHUPC500



Green Pine Disinfectantt

Green Pine Pllus Disinfectant

Possessees a su ubtle lem mon fresh fragraance fo or “sensiitive” clean ning areas. Su uitable for flo oors, walls and d paintwork.

A clear green n quaternary disinfecttant suitable for floorss, walls, bin ns and drains. Rem moves un npleasant odours.

Pack Size : 2 x 5L Orderr Ref : 062302X5

Pack Sizze : 2 x 5L Order Ref : 062902X5

A QAP50 disinffectant double the stren ngth of the quat based Green Pine Disiinfectantt. A higher grade disinfectant with h improved disinfeecting g qualitiees. Pack k Size : 2 x 5L Order Ref : 0621 122X5

Disinfectant Extra a - Piine / Cherrry 2 neew frag granced disinfectants to repllace Pinee Disinfeectaant Exttra but th heir bug g kill properties are far supeeriior. Co omplies witth the Eurropean n Susp pension Te T st BSEN 12 276 an nd are effectivee ag gainst psseudomo onas aeeruginosa, eschericchia co oli,, stap phllicoccu us aureu us, enttero ococccus, sallmonella typhimurriu um, listteria monocyytog gen nes and methyciillin reesistant staphyloco occus aureuss (M MRSA)). Pack Sizze : 2 x 5L Piine Pack Size e : 2 x 5L Ch herry

Orde er Ref : 06 62282 2X5 Orde er Ref : 06 62262 2X5

Power Bleach

Th hick Bleach

Hiigh Po ower Bleac ch

A pow werful chloriine based bleach h for disinfectting floors, gulllies and drains.

A hig gh active thick blleach h with added d viscosity, allowing thee bleach to cling g to the surfacce for longer, providiing more effectiive cleaning.

A 10% concentrate blleach for hig gh po ower cleaning g action.

Pack Size : 4 x 5L Orderr Ref : 06241 12

Pack Size : 12 x 750ml Pack Size : 4 x 5L


Lem mon Disinfe ectan nt

Pack k Size : 4 x 5L Order Ref : 0637594X5

Order Ref : 062400 Order Ref : 062399


COLOUR CODED HYGIENE CLOTHS One of the most suc ccessfull gen neral hygiene wipe es on the e market tod day y. Absorbs up to ten time es its own weight. With a new bin ndiing system it stays fresher and more hygienic fo f r even longer. r

Choice of 5 Colour Codings

Each cloth contains A.B.A. (Anti Bacterial Agent) Envirowipe Plu us BLUE Pack Size : x 25

Order Re ef : 15221 1B


Endorsed by Campden Food & Drink k Research Association.

En nvirowipe Pluss RED

• Bulky whilst wet • Fully laund derable • Full co olour cod ded ran nge • Larrge wipe giving a good ‘handful’ feel • Tough, hygienic, absorbent

Env virowipe Plus GR REEN

Wipes are e 51cm m x 36cm, packed in po olybags con ntaining 25 wipes.

Env virowip pe Plu us WHITE E

Pack Siize : x 25

Pa ack Sizze : x 25

Ord der Ref : 15221R R

Order Reff : 15221G

Enviirow wipe Plus YELLLOW Pack Size e : x 25

Pack Size e : x 25

Ord der Ref : 15 5221Y

Ord der Ref : 152 221 1W

COLOUR CODED MOPPING EQUIPMENT A co ompreh hesive rang ge of hiigh quality erg gonomic c co olou urr co oded flo oor cleaning g sysste ems availa able e in blu ue, red, green an nd yelllo ow. Fo or morre deta ails pllease see our com mprehen nsiv ve pro oduc ct listt brochurre.


• • • • •




Multipurp posse Sponge Sco ourer han non-sscratch sco ourers Up to 3 timess more effective th d up p to 30 times less likely to scrattch th han normal and abrasive scourers. For use on aluminium, brass, chrome, cryystal,, enamel, flame-proo of glass, ino organic glass, porcelain, polyester resin, Pyrex and d stainless steel. Pack Size : x 10

Order Ref : 1359 906



Stoc ckinettte Cloths

Pack Size : x 10

A low cost disposablle wipee 33 x 61cm in sizze. Qu uarter folds for easyy storag ge. A bllend of visscouss rayo on and polyester.

Order Ref : 13 3623T

Pack Size : x 50 Blue Pack Sizze : x 50 Green Pack Siize : x 50 Red Pa ack Siize : x 50 Ye Y llow w

Stockine ette Ro oll A larg ge 9m length rolll, 1 kg g weigh ht pack. White double thickkness stockinettee weavve. Maade from m bleeached cottton. Eaach roll ind dividuaally wrrapped.. Pa ack Size e:x1


Cleen nol ‘C’ Wip pes

Wh hite doublle thickkness wo oven stockinette cloth with seam med edg ges. Mad de from bleached cotton. Large 28 8 x 35cm cloth hs.

Order Ref : 139 913LB//50 Order Ref : 139 913LR//50 Order Ref : 139 915R/5 50 Order Ref : 13 391 13LY/50

Ord der Re ef : 136221

Rubber Glo oves Made from natural rubber, medium m weiight, fllock lined for comfort. Non slip p pattern fo or exxtra grip. Colour bluee. Three siizes to ch hoose from m. Pack Size : 1 pair Small Pack k Size : 1 pair Medium Pack Size e : 1 pair Large

Order Ref: 1364 481 Order Re ef: 13649T Order Ref: 13650 01

Gree en Ha and Pa ads


Catering nylon han nd pads for the effectivee rem moval of stub bborn bu urnt-on so oiling on uteensils, pots and d pans. Id deall for the pot washin ng area.

Large high h quality 100% cotto on dusteers. 50 x 50cm with stitch hed edg ges.

Pac ck Siize : x 10

Pack Siize : x 10

Order Reff : 136150

Order Ref : 136449

Cotton Tea Towels

Hea avy Duty Hand Pad ds Thicker, sttronger hand pad for heavy, stub bborn soilings on utensils, potts and pans.

Made from 100% % cotton with a check design. Large 45 x 70cm size in packs of 10 containing 4 assorted colours.

Pack Size : x 10

Pack Size : x 10

Order Ref : 137576

Order Ref : 136193




Cleenol provides a range of natural fibre brooms and wooden handles in addition to the high quality nylon colour coded brooms.

A comprehensive range of squeegees, floor scrapers, dusting systems, ‘V’ sweeping systems and polish applicators is also available. For more information please contact the Cleenol helpline on 01295 251721. Floor Maintenance Pads For cleaner floors and smoother machine handling. Unique structure ensures total penetration of abrasive and even wear of fibres. The open weave construction also prevents clogging. Choose from a range of pads for use on standard, high or ultra high speed machines.

Phone our helpline number for more information on colour/pad size availability. y



• Plastic To T othpicks • Plastic Knives, Forrks, Spoons, Te T aspoon ns, T a / Coffee Stirrrerss Te

REFUSE SACKS A comprehensiv ve selection of medium guage, heavy duty gua age, clear, Orwack sacks, swing bin liners and pedal bin liners available from stock. Please ask for details.



• Poly Cups / Plasstic Cupss 90m Alum minium Foil

• Squat / Ta T ll Cup ps

This catering kitcchen foil provides strength and quality when n wrapping food for storage or freezing. Largee 450mm width roll.

• Tu T mblers

Pack Size : x 1

Order Ref : 125167

• Refuse Sacks

12” Cutter Box Cling Film 300m length clin ng film in a box with serrated cutter edge. Conveniently portable and hygienic making it ideal fo or busy catering establishments. Pack Size : x 1

• Paper Plates

Order Ref : 125140


18” Cutter Box Cling Film For larger wrapp ping requirements. 300m length in a box with serrated d cutter edge. Conveniently portable and hygienic for the busy catering environment. Pack Size : x 1

Order Ref : 125246

WR RAPMASTER SYSTEMS NOW W AV AVAILABLE Griddle Cleaning System Heavy duty cleaning for grills and griddles. Removes burnt-on fat, grease and debris from grills, griddles and cooking surfaces. Incorporates an easy grip hand dle for finger protection, premium 100% nylon scou uring pads and super-abrasive screens.

Griddle Pa ack Holder Pack Size : x 1

Order Ref : 136544

Grill Clean ning Pads Pack Size : x 10

Order Ref : 137253

Griddle Sc creens Pack Size : x 10

Order Ref : 137022






White 2 Ply Deluxe Hand To T wel Large ‘C’ fold towel. Hygienic alternative to hot air dryers. Fresh towel dispensed every time. Quality 1ply and 2ply choice. Convenient and economical. Pack Size : 2,355 Wipes Order Ref : 147933 2 Ply White Pack Size : 2,955 Wipes Order Ref : 147946 1 Ply Blue

Hand To T wel Dispenser Pack Size : x 1

Order Ref : 14794DISP

Midi Jumbo To T ilet Roll Soft, strong 2ply paper. Equivalent to 12 normal toilet rolls. Longer lasting and fewer roll changes.


Pack Size : 12 x 200m

White 1 Ply Centre Feed Roll

Midi Jumbo Dispenser

Ideal for surface wiping and hand drying. Allows you to tear off as little or as much tissue as you require. 1ply highly absorbent paper. Hygienic and convenient. Pack Size : 6 x 300m Pack Size : 6 x 300m

White Blue

Order Ref : 137099

Lockable dispenser, ideal for compact environments. Tissue viewing panel for top up requirements. Made from tough ABS plastic.

Order Ref : 147976X1 Order Ref : 147931

Pack Size : x 1

Order Ref : 13709DISP

Standard Centre Feed Roll Dispenser Pack Size : x 1

Order Ref : 14797DISP

New Cleenol Hand Dryer To complement our washroom systems, this addition T to our range provides a hands-free hand electric dryer. For use where high standards of hygiene are required and where paper systems are not suitable. Quick, convenient and low cost in use. Pack Size : x1

Oder Ref : 137820

Bulk Pack To T ilet Tissue Mini Centre Feed Roll

2ply large sheet size, single sheet dispensing. Improves economy in use.

A soft 1ply centre feed roll designed for general wiping of surfaces and equipment. Ideal for behind bar areas and small catering satellite kitchens.

Pack Size : 36 x 250 sheets Pack Size : Dispenser x1

Pack Size : 12 x 120m White Pack Size : 12 x 120m Blue Pack Size : 1 x dispenser


Order Ref : 14802T Order Ref : 14802B Order Ref : 14802DISP

Order Ref : 147826 Order Ref : 14782DISP



Cleenol Luxury T ilet Rolls To

Cleenol 200 Sheet White To T ilet Rolls

Cleenol 320 Sheet White To T ilet Rolls

Introducing a high quality white deluxe soft and gentle toilet roll. Large 280 sheet roll. Tw T in wrapped for protection and hygiene.

High quality white recycled paper toilet tissues. 2ply for strength and softness. Tw T in wrapped for protection and hygiene.

High quality white recycled paper toilet tissues. 2ply for strength and softness. Tw T in wrapped for protection and hygiene.

Pack Size : 12 x Tw T in Pack

Pack Size : 18 x Tw T in Pack

Pack Size : 18 x Tw T in Pack

Order Ref : 14871WH

Order Ref : 148655



Order Ref : 148684

FACIAL TISSUES Cleenol Facial Tissues A large size tissue with super strength, super softness and super absorbency. Ideal for bedrooms and washrooms. 100 white wipes per box. Pack Size : 36 x 100 sheets

Order Ref : 14780T

Cleenol Cubed Tissues Attractively packaged in a pop-up-box dispenser. Ideal for bedrooms and washrooms. Extra soft facial paper. 70 white wipes per box. Pack Size : 36 x 70 sheets

Order Ref : 147815

Look for the environmental sign for recycled products




30% AGAINST CONVEN TION PAPER SY STEMS AL M Hand Towel Systtem Eliminating g the problem of weet tabbing, the self presenting multifo old towels aree indivvidually dispensed, open and ready for usee. Maximisses th he surface area, reducing waste and the number of to owells required for each hand dry. Pack Sizze : 3,0 000 1 ply White Pack Size e : x1 Dispenser

Order Re ef : 148HT T8319 Ord der Re ef : 148DSHA03


Control Roll Lever Towel Sy ystem The ideal hand drying solutio on with amazzing cost in use savings. Provides open sheet dispeensin ng, portio on co ontrol and complete use of the end of roll. Th he perpetuaal ro oll means that the paper needs never run out, redu ucing maainttenance costs. Pack Size : 6 x 150m m 1p ply Whitte Pack k Size : 6 x 175m m 1ply Blu ue Pa ack Siize : 6 x 150 0m 2ply Whitte Pack Size : x1 Disspen nser

Order Ref : 148 8RT888 80 Order Ref : 14 48RT T2201 Order Ref : 148R RT8650 Order Reff : 14 48DSRA01

T in Jumb Tw bo T To oile et Tissue Sy yste em This syystem pro ovid des inccreaased capacity for hig gh volume usage. A uniq que sliding g mechan nism m prevents simultan neou us roll access and en nsures no rolll end waste. High visibility makees the Tw T in Jumbo ideal for seccurity sen nsitive environments.. Pack Sizze : 6 x 26 60m m 2ply Wh hite Pack Size e : x1 Disspenser

Order Ref : 148 8JT8500 Order Ref : 148D DSTA T 07

Reserv rva To T ilet Tisssu ue System Reserva’s inn novative systtem en nsurres an uninteerrupted flow of tissue, and full use of the stub b ro oll reduces mainttenance costs. To T tal visib bility meaans Reservaa iss ideal for th he securrity conscious. No unssafe objeccts can be hid dden inside. Pa ack Size : 6 x 400m 2ply Whiite Pack k Size : Dispenser

Orderr Ref : 148JT8 83SW Orderr Reff : 148DSTA T 11

V rsa Ve atwin Toilet Tissue System


the test Put us to we can’t and see ifu money save yo



Combines a compacct desiign with dual roll cap pacitty. Th his contemp porary dispensing g system maximises ussage, prevventing sim multaneou us roll acceess, thus reeducing wastee. Pac ck Size : 24x125 5m 2ply White Pack Size e : Dispenserr


Order Ref : 148JT81SW Orrder Ref : 148SD DSTA05

on sign supply ag ing of reement * minimum of required to15 dispensers qualify


HYGEINE TRAINING SYSTEMS The Cleenol Hygiene Organiser has been en d des esig igne ned d fo forr us use e in c com omme mercial food pro rodu d ction si site tes es to t pro ov viide a sim mpl p e, colour-coded record, for a all ll c cle leanin ng jo jobs bs. Ea Each ch iite tem m to b be e cl clea eaned is shown on an ind ndiv ividual ca ard d tthat fits in into the he racks of the Hyg ygie iene ne Org rgan aniiser System. m. T The he c car ards ds a are re c col olour-coded to od den enot o e the cleaning ng frequen nc cy y of ea ac ch h iitem.








C.O.S.H.H. information card for each product


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