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Hosted by American International School – Vienna February 1 – 3, 2018


Table of Contents Welcome Statements Regulations for Students Statement of Integrity and Fair Play Schedules Rosters Important Telephone Numbers

3-4 5 6 7-8 9-10 11

Participating Schools American International School – Vienna Kyiv International School American International School – Budapest American School of Warsaw QSI Bratislava Internet Access AIS Guest – No password


Dear Tournament Participants, On behalf of the organizers, the officials, the coaches and our housers, we welcome all of you to the beautiful city of Vienna and our school on the edge of the Vienna Woods for the 2018 CEESA Knowledge Bowl tournament! For nearly 60 years The American International School Vienna has served the aspirations of global citizens. Interscholastic opportunities give us the chance to test ourselves and learn from each other. We hope all teams are ready to compete and to ‘show what you know’. We get together across the region to share our talents, and in doing so, we have time and space enough to appreciate our connectedness and our common journey as students in international schools. We hope you enjoy the tournament, that your brilliance rises to the occasion and that all teams grow through the weekend. Have fun, enjoy your stay here and engage with each other during the tournament. One never knows when a connection or a friendship begun at an event life this might lead to meeting again at university or on a career path you cannot yet imagine. Good luck to all! Sincerely,

Steve Razidlo, AISV Director


Welcome to the 2018 CEESA Knowledge Bowl. Over the course of the next few days our organizers and volunteers hope that their time and effort will lead to you having a fantastic experience. Although competitive, our goal for this tournament is that you have a chance to enjoy the camaraderie and sportsmanship that goes with people challenging each other to be better. Whether you experience the joys of victory or the challenges of a disappointing result, you are to be applauded for taking on the challenge of competition and the risk of failure. In the end, all of these efforts are here to help you develop the character traits that will serve you well long after your knowledge bowl career has come to an end. Good luck!

Jarret Lambie, AISV HS Principal


Regulations For Students These regulations shall be followed by students participating in all events (whether athletic, academic, cultural etc.) organized and sponsored by the Central & Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA). Any student who participates in a CEESA event agrees, by signing below, to obey all regulations. 1) Students shall obey all instructions given them by their host parents and their coaches as if these instructions were given to them by their own parents. This applies to all activities irrespective of location undertaken during the period of the CEESA sponsored event. 2) Smoking, any other use of tobacco, the drinking of alcohol and the use of drugs are not permitted. Students involved with CEESA activities may not go to bars or nightclubs. 3) Housing arrangements made by the responsible official of the host school may not be changed. 4) Student curfew for all CEESA sponsored events is 22:00. Students must be in the home of the host parent by this time. Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 are not allowed out of the host’s care unless chaperoned by a host parent and/or an event sponsor. (Schools and Families may set earlier curfew times. Families MAY NOT extend curfew times.) 5) Neither host families nor students may negotiate changes to the CEESA regulations for students with respect to curfew, housing arrangements, the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs or any other rules or provisions set forth by the host school. 6) These regulations apply to all students- both those from the host school and those visiting throughout the event’s duration and, for visiting students, apply also during the journey to and from the site of the event. 7) Students must display appropriate respectful behavior at all times to: their peers, event officials, event sponsors, coaches and all members of the host community. Violation of these regulations will be reported to the responsible CEESA Official and to the student’s coach and/or advisor.


Statement of Integrity and Fair Play The purpose of the Central and Eastern European Schools Association is to provide a venue for students from member schools to compete or gather in an environment that is safe, challenging, professional and educational. Each student is given the opportunity to demonstrate her/his best ability while maintaining a spirit of respect and co-operation with fellow students from various international backgrounds. Each event involves students and adults in their different roles: these include student athletes or participants, chaperones, coaches and spectators. All those involved in the event are expected to uphold the same spirit of respect and co-operation. This spirit is demonstrated by fair play among students, positive encouragement from coaches, impartial judgments from officials and respectful enthusiasm from spectators. The behavior of the adults is crucial to the successful educational aspect of the event. The adults act as models for our student participants. Therefore profanity, deliberately making noises that interfere with the performance of a competing student, the condemnation of coaches or officials, or any behavior that is disrespectful or degrading to the CEESA standard of sportsmanship, jeopardizes the purposes of the CEESA organization and, most of all, jeopardizes the quality of the experience for the students involved. As this event ensues, we ask that all of our parents, coaches and students keep this vision of our purpose in mind.

Tournament Citizenship As athletes, coaches, officials and spectators we all have a role in an athletic event. Together we all have RESPONSIBILITIES to make this event a positive and healthy experience for all! The students: Maximizes one’s potential in the pursuit of individual and team excellence. Perseveres in the face of adversity. Wins with modesty and accepts defeat with poise and dignity. Respects self, all participants and the sport they participate within. Represents his/her school with the highest standard of conduct at all times. The coach: Inspires students to compete within the rules of the sport they participate within. Teaches the importance of competing fairly regardless of outcome. Sets an example for players and spectators in respecting officials. Models exemplary conduct at all times. The official: Is impartial, fair and firm in decisions. Treats all participants with respect. The spectator: Recognizes that the goal of the competition is to provide young people with the opportunity for healthy, physical, social and emotional growth. Recognizes that spectators as participants have responsibilities for appropriate behavior. Does not speak to other participants negatively and disrespectfully. Respects decisions made by game officials’ and tournament organizers. Allows coaches to coach 6

Daily Schedule Friday

07:45 Coaches picked up at hotel – minivan 08:00 - 08:20 Student Drop Off – Theater 08:20 Leave for Guided Tour 12:00 Bus back to AIS 12:40 Lunch - Cafeteria 13:00 Written Rounds - Cafeteria 14:20 Head to Head Rounds 17:30 Housing Pick Up - Theater Coaches to hotel - Taxis


08:15 Coaches picked up at hotel - mini vans 08:30 Student Drop Off 09:00 Start of Double Elimination Tournament 11:30 Lunch will arrive - no 'break' 13:00 Final – Theater 14:00 Awards Ceremony 15:00 Departures – One bus: Hotel, Train Station, Airport


Friday Head to Head Rounds

Saturday Double Elimination Tournament


ROSTERS American International School - Vienna Name Grade Nighswander George 12 Traub Herbert 12 Ulm Max 12 Reed Jake 12 Schultz Charlie 12 Scheurer Nico 12 Jiang Anton 9 Detrick Hadley 12 Zaghlula Zusr 12 Wilson Connor 10 Reed Sophia 10 Carey Grant 10

Nationality American American Austrian American British Swiss Austrian American Austrian American American American

Team A A A A B B B B C C C C

Nationality Canada China USA Hungary

Team A A A A

Nationality USA/ Slovakia Chinese Korean Slovakia Russian Polish Slovakia

Team B B A A A B A

Coach: Chrys Pappas

American International School – Budapest Name Grade Cuvin Phillip 12 Wei Ding Ding 12 Jantz Deborah 12 Wei Jenny 12 Coaches: Maree Spraggon & Dora Szabo

QSI Bratislava Name Stone Xu Kim Markus Karaseva Malek Kapalkova

Bradley Lintong James Henrik Katya Maria Nina

Grade 10 10 11 12 10 11 10

Coaches: Holly Plunkett & Maggie Gibbs


American School of Warsaw Name Morenc Felix Bouchie Guy Peterson Robert Schoenrock Maxilimian Doffing Cameron Gostkiewicz Tomek Kamara Avi Yao Caleb

Grade 11 11 10 9 9 9 9 9

Nationality Belgian USA USA German USA Polish Israel USA

Team A A A A B B B B

Grade 12 10 12 10 11 11 10 12

Nationality Polish American Ukrainian American UK Ukrainian Hungarian Indian


Coaches: Katie Stein and Doug Julien

Kyiv International School Name Jazowski Szymon Jan Martin Maxim Ovcharenko Oleksiy Reynolds Ryan Murphy Michelle Kechiyan Polina Zsembery Zorka Nar Sanya Coaches: Susan Kilby & Allison Notaro

Acknowledgements Thank you to all those who have made this tournament possible! Host Families AIS Faculty and Administration Readers and Timers SV Group AIS Events Office Hotel Kaiser Franz Joseph Merchzilla


Important Telephone Numbers American Int. School Salmansdorferstrasse 47, 1190 Tel: +43 1 40132

Housing Director Mr. Andy Harrison Tel: +43 699 14013240

Coaches Hotel Kaiser Franz Joseph Sieveringerstrasse 4, 1190 Tel: +43 1 329 00

Tournament Director Mr. Nick DeForest Tel: +43 699 14013296

Police: 133 Ambulance: 144 Taxi: +43 1 401100



CEESA HS KB - 2018 Vienna  
CEESA HS KB - 2018 Vienna