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Recent studies have determined that a child actually begins to develop a personality and sense of self at a much earlier age then was previously thought. This means, that for generations the reason that many kids laid crying in their cribs wasn't because they were fussy or teething. It was because they could see themselves in the mirror on the wall in their nursery and the threads that their mothers were dressing them in were so bad it brought tears to their eyes. Today's Babies New Fashion Sense This is why so many of today's new parents who have seen themselves in their baby pictures have vowed that they will not subject their children to childhood fashion abuse in the same way that they were. These parents are seeing to it that their little ones are now flossin and flashin in the kind of threads that they only wish that their parents would have dressed them in. Effective Sun Protection Of course today's discriminating fashion conscious baby can't be seen out in public with out a nice baby hat. Also, with the ozone layer in the shape that it is in a decent pair of baby sunglasses is also in order. Not only will a baby feel better when they are presented this way in public but the hat and shades protests their delicate eyes, scalp and face. New Sun Hats There are so many styles to choose from and they are more affordable then ever. Did you know that the suns dangerous cancer causing rays easily penetrate most fabrics? The good news is that now you can buy specialty designer baby hats that are made from fabrics that have sun blocking substances permeated right into the fabric. A baby hat made from this type of fabric gives a whole new meaning to the term "sun hat".

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==== ==== Discover the wide range of Baby Boy Car Seat Covers and Another baby product at Here ==== ====

New Styles in Baby Hats Are Cuter Than Ever