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You would be amazed that any regular Joe, with the right instructions could build their very own magnetic generator motor but its very possible. The technology that was discovered over a hundred years ago by Nikola Telsa is out in the public domain and there is no stopping it from growing. The problem is these patents and plans have always been confusing to read and understand, until now. This technology permits you to make your own electric energy, thus, either balancing your ordinary costs of power for your house or by completely eliminating your dependence on the utility firm. Magnetic Generator Magnetic electric energy is created possible by the natural polarity of the magnetic poles, as they attract and repel one another. We've all put magnets close to one another, if the poles are lined up North North, the magnets repel one another, if lined up North South, they may attract. It's the natural repulsion of the magnetic waves which make this technology work. These are the fundamentals of how a perpetual motion magnetic generator functions. The infinite motion of the generator is what's harnessed to make electric energy. The magnetic generator motor works by making more energy output than input of energy it takes to run the machine. A genuine Over Unity Motor ( creates more energy that it consumes ). One big benefit of this technology is that it does not need any external power source like wind or solar wishes. This system will run in any form of weather, rain, sun, snow. It just isn't significant there are numerous benefits of magnetic motors, here are 1 or 2: - Magnetic generators are extraordinarily compact they can be installed in a little area in your home or garage.Actually inexpensive to build, extraordinarily inexpensive to run it'll save you hundreds or thousands over a years time. Its a safe technology, magnetic motors run intensely cool in truth. A newb could build this project with domestically available parts.There seems to be a new wave taking place around the planet. People seem to be getting done with being at the beck and call of the big energy firms to supply their energy wants, now's the time to gain control yourself. With never ending rising fuel and energy costs, I suspect all of us are looking out for a bit of autonomy and wanting to get off the merry go round of high energy costs and having no say in the problem. This magnetic motor technology does produce more energy than it consumes which is equivalent to free energy for both you and your family. Dependent on the scale of the generator you would like to build at first construct and install, will depend upon how much energy saving that you may achieve. There is a brand new do it yourself site that teaches how to build a magnetic motor, solar, wind generation and more. The time is now to get started with this technology actually booming over the past 2 years. The standard to meet for high overall energy savings must be at eighty percent or higher. The plans

have to be straightforward enough for an amateur do-it-yourselfer to assemble and build. No special tools are needed and the materials & parts cost are negligible even if you purchase them new or use spare junk parts from around your home to make your own magnetic generator motor.

Learn how to build a magnetic generator motor.

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==== ==== Create Free Energy, In Your Home Today and Get Free Video Reverals the crazy Secret Over 900 Homeowners Use To Produce Their Own Electricity! Check This Out: ==== ====

How To Build A Magnetic Generator Motor