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Mommy, Lu...

...and Anna too! Wrtiten and Illustrated by Kele Palmer

For my sweet baby niece Olivia, whom I affectionately call Lu. I will love you forever.

w g n i h n e r n o m I wa e h t ke, In

Mommy and Anna give me cake.

Sadie barks and its time to walk. when we are done she smells my socks.

Its time to play and I get to choose,

playground, blocks or drawing shoes.

I yawn, stretch and rub my eyes.

I grab a toy and say“that’s mine!” Mommy knows its nippy nap time.

Again I wake and to my delight,

Anna says lets fly a kite.

Back to our house and what to please,

Mommy makes us Mac & Cheese.

Feona purrs and is in a good mood.

We give her fish, her favorite food.

Its eight minus one lets do the math.

that means its seven time for bath.

Grandma and Grandpa call to say good night.

Mommy kisses me and turns off the light.

she whispers sweet dreams and sleep tight.

Mommy, Lu and Anna too!  

Childrens Book