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How To Generate An Iphone Game

This will give you thousands of free gold coins, household can't cheat your way into giving you free fish bucks. But, you can only keep him happy by cutting the rope and feeding candy to this cute ogre.

This past weekend saw a few creative games, ports from WiiWare and the Xbox LIVE Arcade, and a couple of lite versions of previously released iPhone games. However, the gaming genres are mostly arcade and puzzle games. For those looking for unusual games of either genre, you're sure to find one.

Sim City - $4.99 - OK, first things first, this game is huge. Not huge as in size--it's only about 30 megabytes--but huge in terms of popularity, addictiveness, and straight up strategy fun. It's one of the godfathers of the entire strategy genre of games, and makes the transition to the iPhone and iPod Touch perfectly, with fast game play that's as fun as you remember it from back in the days of the PC and NES. A must have for all gamers, not just strategy fans.

The first Billy Frontier mini game sees the hero traveling the streets, collecting coins, getting extra ammunition and shooting the 'bad guys'. The aim is to get to the end of the sequence before the character's shield runs out.

In August 2008, Ethan Nicholas and his wife, Nicole, were having trouble making their mortgage payments. Medical bills from the birth of their younger son were piling up. Then he remembered reading about the guy who had made a quarter-million dollars in a hurry by writing a video game called Trism for the iPhone.

A 17 year old rejects $1.5 million for her MySpace site. Markus earns $10 million a year with an online dating site. A mysterious man sells 100,000 domains for $164 million.

These are some of the seven stories of ordinary people achieving extraordinary success with their internet business.

Lux Deluxe - $7.99 - Think of Lux Deluxe as a sort of strategy based Risk clone with a few twists. It's faster, dice rolls are instant, and unfortunately you don't get the cool pieces, but hey, Risk was never about lots of awesome graphics, was it? This is a board game done right, and its port over to the iPhone uses the touch controls very well. It's got lots of maps to play, and it's a fun way to conquer the world on the train or on a lunch break. The only caveat is the price, which seems a little bit high for this level of iphone game development. Still, you can always check out Lux Touch, which is a free version of the game with less features.

Armored Warfare ($.99) - This real-time strategy game includes realistic, 3D graphics and incorporates physics-based play. The reviews so far have asked for all the features that will be included in the next update, such as a campaign mode and more maps, so it may be better to wait for the update before purchase.

A more personalized way to create iPhone game Development that is even cheaper and more versatile is to register to an App Club. With a small membership you will be able to download complete app source codes, develop and publish your own apps without needing any programming experience. Another site that can help you through this method is the iPhone Dev Secrets. If you are really serious about this business, you should absolutely check these resources first.

Battle Zone 1942 Lite (free) - Experience a small portion of the World War II battleship game, where the player's entire view of the battle is from a port by the ship's cannons.

Indeed, I am sure you'd agree to pay one-dollar for a cool iPhone game app of a Surfing Avatar collecting trash while riding a wave. So, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you have any more comments or questions, please shoot me an email.

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How To Generate An Iphone Game  

A more personalized way to create iPhone game Development that is even cheaper and more versatile is to register to an App Club. With a smal...

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