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wild mountain thyme A visual memoir illustrating personal heritage. Recollections and experiences of the nature around, the countryside and the beautiful scenery of Scotland.


Capturing a place to forever preserve a moment in time

Dollar Glen

The Glen visited by generations, filled with memories of playing in the burn. Delicate branches emerging from a silk organza landscape.


Recollections of frosty walks through the forrest during the winter holidays. Distinctive branches flowing across silk twill.

Overtoun Park

Place of childhood freedom. A vast park sheltered by ancient trees. Strong trees falling across the silk cape.

Flourishing Trees

Whispers of Dollar trees growing within a wool crepe background.


The village that was home to three generations, filled with cottages and trees. Tree silhouettes creeping up the silver silk.

Dollar Night

Heavy Mohair wool creating a dark silhouette against the mountain.

The summer time is coming An’ the trees are sweetly blooming

Where the wild mountain thyme grows around the blooming heather

I will build my love a bower By yon pure crystal fountain and around it I will place, all the flowers o’ the mountain

I will range through the wilds An’ the deep glen sae drearie

If my true love is gone I will surely find another

Will ye go, lassie go

Aislinn Price 0791.001.8765

Contributors Photography Barbara Loisch - Styling and Creative Direction Aislinn Elizabeth Price Model Erin Bradley-Scott Assistant Liam Gordon Price

Wild Mountain Thyme