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A nOT-SO-COMpLEx guIdE TO COMpLEx CARBS WRITTEn By dOug EnnIS  It doesn’t take a health expert to know that fad diets built on consuming little to no carbohydrates are best left avoided. They may promise big weight loss, but the fact is that many fad dieters end up with all of the weight they started with, sometimes more. And besides, changing your diet isn’t about weight loss. It’s about improving your energy and overall quality of life. Carbs create muscle fuel, which your body, well, needs. you’ve

grow on you, and, depending on your discipline, the more

probably heard that eating more “complex carbohydrates” is a

simple sugars are eliminated from your diet, the better you’ll

better alternative to no hamburger bun. But, what the heck is a


complex carbohydrate and what’s so great about eating them?

calories than you burn is what causes you to shed pounds,

like what you find in sugary, high fructose based anything.

not carb cutting. Carbs have less than half the calories per

Candy, refined white sugar and most processed foods are

gram than fat does. Cutting these simple sugars in lieu of

other examples of grub that contain the bad stuff. These are

complex carbs will provide you sustained energy and improve

all “simple” carbs and will spike your blood sugar and lead to a

everything from your workday to your workout, and Lord

crash. For the record, fitter people are generally able to handle

knows we could use less of your cranky side.

these spikes more effectively than less fit individuals, but that’s another story.

And here’s one more quick tip: keep a sharp eye when scanning ingredients because “made with whole grains” is better but

Complex carbs contain a longer “chain” of sugars, and take

not equal. If you see “cracked wheat” or something other than

longer to burn, providing more sustained amounts of energy

whole wheat listed, it’s not a whole wheat/complex carb food.

than their processed counterparts. These complex individuals

If it is indeed whole wheat, it will proudly be listed first on the

can be found in foods high in starch such as whole grains, corn,

ingredients list.

potatoes and vegetables like carrots and broccoli. If whole grains don’t please your palate, however, stick with it. They’ll


Also, if it’s still about weight loss, remember that eating less

Here is what complex carbs are not. They are not refined sugar,

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