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AN APHRODISIAC FOR THE HOLIDAYS – YES! BOSS THE SCENT boasts an exclusive ingredient from Africa: the aphrodisiac Maninka fruit, evocative of passion fruit and rum. It also evokes something deeper: the tug of desire. Available exclusively at Macy’s – $85

THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT On Christmas morning, your children will be looking their best (and cutest) in sleepwear from Petite Plume. Petite Plume sleepwear is made with the highest quality cotton. These are the most luxurious children’s sleepwear on the market. Period. The proof is in the details. Sleepwear retails for $46-$58 and can be purchased at

RELIEVE STRESS – STAY WITHIN THE LINES Who knew — coloring books for all ages are all the rage these days. That’s because coloring can be a meditative experience and can relieve stress — which, when you think about it — makes a lot of sense. So, if you’re looking for something unique fun and playful these coloring books from Kitanie will fit the bill. Starting at $9.95 or

FOR YOUR WICKED WAYS! A naughty, but ohso-nice candle. Three Wicked uses, all in one — can be used as a naturally-fragranced candle, a paraben-free moisturizing body and massage oil and a 16 oz. stemless wine glass. Burn for a solid 80+ hours. $33. At

NO MORE STIFF NECK PILLOW! The Original Znzi Travel Stuff Pillow reimagines what high quality travel comfort should be. It’s unique structure changes shape and form as it adapts to each user’s unique setting. $38.99 at


• December/January 2015 •

SHE’LL THINK YOU SPENT MUCH MORE These clean simplistic designs and accents will add a crisp finish to any outfit. These Dakota Watches resemble high-end pieces at an affordable price. The Ladies Leather Cord ($49.95) genuine leather cords encircling the side of the case for an interesting fashion look.

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