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The Safe Room Mustafa Butt 8th of February 2013 I woke up quite early this morning, at about 5:28. I went to the bathroom and I started brushing my teeth, taking a shower, etc. As I was putting on my shirt, I heard a very weird beeping noise coming from my room. I thought that the noise was coming from my bed. I woke up my whole family and I told them each, “Something extraordinary is happening inside my bedroom!” We all gathered in my room and the bed was still beeping. I felt like it was different this time. I knew it was. Yes, there was a difference; there was a hole in my bed?! I was panicking so much that I had almost peed in my pants! My parents were looking very nervous so I asked them “What’s wrong?” They then told me a big secret, “Mustafa, your room has a safe room, O.K? The reason it is beeping is because there is a fat burglar in our house. You have to jump down that hole in your bed; it’s the entrance to the safe room.” My brother groaned “Why wasn’t it in my room?” I was still panicking but I jumped down that big hole in my weird bed anyways. When I finally landed, I landed on our kitchen table. I jumped off and I saw the rest of my family land on our kitchen table. The hole we all jumped from closed slowly, like 6 jagged teeth closing in on each other. It turns out that our safe room looks exactly like our whole house except there are no exits! It’s not like a safe room it’s a safe house! My mom then called the S.A.P.S. The S.A.P.S then took away the fat burglar. This guy’s name is David Mason. He’s from the Black Operations. We finally felt safe enough to go back up to the real house. We came back up by standing on the kitchen table. We had to wait for the jagged teeth to open and then when it opened we were sucked up the hole and taken back to my bedroom. As I was about to go to sleep last night, I thought about selling this idea of David Mason to Treyarch and Activison. They bought this idea and they used it for the video game; Call of Duty: Black Ops. II!

The Safe Room  

This is a Fictional story of a man who tries to rob us. We learn something new that will change our life forever...

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