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Upping The Man Cave Mitchell Cavaliere September 13 - 19 , 2012

“Mitchell help me carry your cabinet upstairs!” yelled my dad “Ok. I said. It’s time to up the Man Cave.” I replied. We walked up the stairs and turned into my Man Cave. We were glaring the white room and the posters on the wall couch in the middle of the room TV on the ground in the well lit room. We were about to up the Man Cave. The Man Cave had just been made and we were about to make it look even better with a cabinet! Could this day get any better spending time with my dad and upping my Man Cave. I know I’m lucky! After carrying the cabinet up stairs it was time to open the box. I was so excited I was about wet my pants. As we were opening the box I had the Goosebumps because of the cardboard. My job was to put the materials in the right spot like screws together and screw drivers together that kind of stuff. It actually took a long time. Now it was time to start building. Next we figured out how to build the bottom and the middle. We stood back in awe and admired our work and so far we did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. I know that it is going to look great I said to myself. It was hard work but we were on the second to last part putting in the support beams I was bursting with excitement. So the glass fit like a glove and only took 10 minutes to put in place and I was so happy. After thanking my dad it was time to test my cabinet out and win Forza Motor Sport 3 Class C series the videogames all thanks to the best cabinet in the world made by my dad and I.

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Uping The Man Cave