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Lourenҫo M Garcia November 12th, 2012

By spending more time with my brother, it would be good for us because we could built a bigger and stronger relationship.

It would build a bigger and stronger relationship because we can have fun together,so my brother doesn’t stay alone, and we can go to Baixa in Lisbon.

We can have fun by many ways like Tomas and I support Benfica that is a Portuguese soccer club so we sometimes go to see a match at the stadium together. I think it’s worth it because it’s a lot more fun than watching it on tv and because when it’s a goal you can scream “GOAL” it’s much more fun! And of course we get to see it live! Other days we can stay up late at night watching movie for example action like James Bond, and Impossible mission or Cartoon Up or Inspicable Me and eating popcorn at the same time. Other days we go for a long walk to many places like Baixa, Campo Pequeno, and Glubenkien.

Sometimes when Tomas is working on Arquitecture I can talk with him or when he is cooking lunch or dinner I can help Tomas by giving him the salt, pepper or by putting the eggs skin in the trash. Well I can help him with other things too. Those things are not that much but for instance math, like division or multiplication,or even just drawing a simple line!

When Tomas and I go to Baixa we can go to so many stores that when we get there we can’t even decide! There is Fnac which we really like going to because we can see many things like books,movies,video games,ice cream store where we can buy many tips of ice cream like vanilla, chocolate, and carmel. We sometimes even eat or drink something at Starbucks.Like Tomas drinks a capochino and I drink a hot chocolate. [Type text]

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We always love doing all these things together! That’s why I want to be with him ALONE! JUST Tomas and I!

Of all the things the two of us could do together if I get to go by myself to Lisbon, I am sure that Tomas and I will have an even bigger and stronger relationship than the one we already have. It will be a time to do so many of the things we like to do together and it would also be a time To be together, even if we decide not to do anything!

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Go To Portugal  

Its about me and my brother Tomas. And about the things we can do together.