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Getting a Phone Muhammed Mustafa Butt Date: November 7th 2012 Do you want to see why I should get a phone? I think I should because; I can contact mom, I will show and learn responsibility, and I will talk to my many family members and friends. If you want to get more into the details, than read the following paragraphs. First, we will talk about contacting you. I might need to talk to you because I get hurt, like hurting my arm, my leg, or even my head again. Maybe if I forget my school work at home and I really need it, you could come and give it to me. My work could be my math, my reading book or maybe my science project. You could also tell me if you're not at home, like Ibrahim might have soccer or a swimming lesson. These are a few reasons why I would need to contact you. Now, we will talk about me learning responsibility. I will make sure it doesn’t get lost. I will keep it with me, and at school I will give it to Mrs. V. I will let very few people touch it let alone use it. I will pay for the services for the phone. I will do this with my present money and my allowance. The phone will help me mature. People will see me go into the new generation, and you will see my real responsibility. That is how I will show and learn responsibility skills. Finally, I need to talk about talking to my many family members and friends. I could make play - dates and it would help me be more social. I could also R.S.V.P to parties if you are busy. I could talk to grandma to make her feel better, just by talking to her about what is going on here in South Africa. I could also tell Mrs. V if I am sick like if I have the flu, the cough, or a fever. That is why I need to talk to my many family members and friends. Now do you see why I should get a phone? Well now you know why I need to contact you, how I will learn responsibility, and why I need to talk to my family and friends. Remember I will be right here all of the time waiting for the day I will get it.

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Getting a Phone