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A New Pet

Cathlynn Netscher November 2012

I have wanted a new pet for a while and if I had one I would not just be happy but also learn three things responsibility, kindness and training. The pet would learn the same. When the pet come’s home with me for the first time I will be responsible by feeding the pet before school every day in the morning I will also feed the pet after school by myself .The pet would never be hungry because I would feed it the right amount of food at the right amount of time every day. The pet would need exercise which I will for provide for the pet .I will also teach the pet that it goes outside every day to exercise and anything the pet needs to do outside it would do at that time. The exercising would take place every day around the area for about 15 - 30 minutes I will make sure of that because I will walk the pet myself. I will provide the pets grooming and make sure it gets washed every week with making sure there are no flies and tics by washing the pet with shampoo and conditioner. The pet will go outside to use the bathroom and if the pet does inside it will be my duty to clean it up straight away. When the pet is at home it will feel spectacular the other pets will make it feel at home and I will also try my best. The pet will need to be trained so I am willing to train the pet myself 45 minutes every Sunday till the pet is trained properly to do as we tell him to. To make the pet feel welcome I will make sure it is happy everyday by letting it sleep in my room every night and I’m sure it will not keep me from sleeping and the pet would be happy and I will also take the pet to the vet every 6 months for a check-up and if the pet gets sick I will make appointment very quickly. I will make sure that the pet will get what I said and I will follow everything the pet and I will be happy.


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