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The Musical Minute Catharina Brunner-Lopez 19th of September 2012

I waited patiently. With my pink skating dress on and the strong smell of glitter spray on my hair. My mom had put glitter on my hair just for the occasion. I looked at the clock; 2:15 PM. I was just about to compete in my first figure skating competition. I could hear my heartbeat; so loud worried others could hear it too. I worried I’d fall, or not do well. “Don’t worry Cathi, you will do just fine.” mom reassured me. It was a fresh winter day; I was in Upper Austria in a sport centre, except I was outside in the skating part. There were three different ice-platforms, one for the competition, one for practicing and one for public skating. I had practiced earlier on the other ice-platform; I had rosy cheeks from the fresh wind. My parents and grandparents where there, everyone except for my brother. He couldn’t come. He had to stay in school. “Next up, Catharina Brunner-Lopez!” the commentator announced. I felt as if the whole world around me froze. Suddenly, breaking the motionless moment, spectators started clapping and whistling. “Good luck.” whispered my trainer. As did my parents and grandparents. Slowly I skated on the ice and crouched down, to feel how slippery the ice was. I skated to the middle of the ice placing my left arm right above my head and right arm parallel to my belly button. My right leg behind my left pointing down. As the music started I skated. I was so nervous and fell on my first jump, but got up quickly and continued. I looked at the audience clapping and the judges whispering. “Did I do something bad!?” I asked myself anxiously. But soon I forgot about the audience and the judges, I was in my own world, my skating world, were I could skate all day and dance all night. I was disappointed when I did my last pose, as I could have continued in my own world. Looking down at the ice, but keeping my smile on, skating off the ice and hugging my parents tight. Once the last skater had done their routine I asked who won. “Maybe the girl after you got the judges vote.” dad answered. I was very glad to have come 2nd. After all, it was my first figure skating competition! Personal Narrative

The Musical Minute  

My first figure skating competition in Austria.

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