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Best Book of the Month Alex Bade Title: Alexander the Great Author: Doug Wilhem Illustrator: None Photographer: None Genre: Non Fiction No. Of pages: 128

Alexander the Great was born on September/20/356B.C. in Pella Macedonia and died on June/13/323B.C. from malaria in Babylon he was only 32 years old. Alexander the Great and his army killed over 500,000 people. Alexander the Great once got shot by an arrow in the chest because he chased a enemy from him his army into a temple and than him and two of his men went inside the temple and Alexander got shot by the arrow and one of the two men held the enemy off as long as he could with his shield. Alexander the Great killed some of his friends, even hi best friends because sometimes they got drunk and mad and then tried to kill each other. What I Liked About the Book I liked that the book had a timeline about Alexander the Greats life because than you could look at the things you forgot I also like that it had a lot of information about Alexander the Great. What I Disliked About the Book I didn’t really dislike anything about the book so I really enjoyed it.

Character Struggle Alexander the Great had a hard time recovering from when he got shot by an arrow in a temple.

Best Book Of The Month, Alexander the Great  

About a guy called Alexander the Great

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