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Ecuador is In between Peru and Colombia and is near the pacific ocean

MAP OF ECUADOR Capitol: Quito Cities: Cuenca, Macas, Tena, Loja, Nueva Loja, Esmaraldas, Babahoyo, Machala, Azogues, Ibarra and Tulcan

LANDFORMS The biggest mountain in Ecuador Is called Chimborazo


The Napo River is the Longest River in Ecuador Napo River The Andes mountains go through Ecuador

Andes Mountains

MOVEMENT •People move to Ecuador for their jobs and because there are good estates to live in •In Ecuador they use bus, cars, motorcycles, trains and boats as their transport

HUMAN PLACE The president of Ecuador is Rafeal Correa Ecuador's language is Spanish

Ecuador is famous for bananas Ecuador's main religion is Roman Catholic They use U.S dollars as their currency

HUMAN ENVIRONMENTAL INTERACTION The production of goods such as petroleum, chemicals and wood products have caused pollution affecting the environment in Ecuador Because of humans search for oil, leaks and destruction of forests have affected the environment. Ecuador was the first nation in 2008 to declare that nature has constitutional rights

REGION Ecuador too experiences a tropical climate because it is a coastal area. Rainfall is heavy in some parts of the mountains while on the higher altitudes the temperatures are quite low. Ecuador has 22 provinces, 10 spreading out from the highlands, 6 in the Amazon region

ECUADOR'S FLAG The current flag of Ecuador was officially adopted on September 26, 1860. 

The red, green and blue are the colors of Francisco de Miranda, the South American revolutionist and adventurer. Yellow is the color of the federation, red is said to indicate courage and blue symbolizes independence from Spain. The centered coat of arms is topped with a condor. The big bird on top of the coat of arms, stretches its wings to symbolize power, greatness and strength of Ecuador and stands ready to strike out against any enemy.

DO YOU KNOW Ecuador has a lot of active and inactive Volcanoes The population of Ecuador is 14,790,608


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