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Holiday to Europe Thursday, 8th of November 2012 By Aishwarya Jaraut I know a holiday to Europe would be the best place for me. I would have a very good time when I travel, because it won’t be a problem. While travelling, I can play games, listen to the radio, chat with my friends that come with me, take photos of the scene outside my window, or just sit and listen to soft music while looking outside. That would be a lot of fun while travelling for me! Why would I want to go to Europe? Well, here’s the answer to that. While travelling to different countries and places, most people become eager to know more about the place. In the same way, I would also be eager to know more about the countries I go to in Europe, too, and I could go to various different places to answer my questions and wonderings about the place that I am in. Some places like aquariums, museums etc. After learning all those things, I could be a very knowledgeable and wise person. In fact, I could change completely! I could also experiment with different things there like taste all spices of the country, etc. That’s one of the reasons why I’d really like to go to Europe. I’ve never been to Europe, so I don’t know what it’s like. But when I go, I can have lots of fun there because I could visit all the different places there, and explore all the different religions that I could find there. I could also learn all different languages that are there in Europe. I love learning languages, so I’d like that and it would be fun for me. I would have really good memories once I leave Europe, but at least I will leave the continent with some knowledge. And I would also have fun with my friends and family. That would be fun! I’ve not yet been to many different places around the world. Not yet. But once I visit Europe, than I will visit a lot of different places there. That is one of the best reasons of why I want to go to Europe. I love travelling, so for me this is gonna be a very good journey for me. I could make lots of friends there, and I could also hang out there with them. I would have such a good time! Now you’ve heard my story, so you know the main reasons that I want to go to Europe are that I could learn more. I have not been to Europe, and I love travelling. But the main reason I would like to go to Europe is that I can learn more languages. I would also be very happy if I go to Europe because I’d love to explore a different continent! Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay

A Holiday To Europe  

A holiday to ALL places in Europe for me.

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