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Aishwarya Jaraut September, 2012

Absolute location Suriname is located on the northeast coast of South America. Its capital Paramaribo lies on the west bank of the Suriname.

Relative location Surrounding land: Guyana, Brazil, French Guiana. Sea above it(Surrounding water): The Caribbean sea.

Region ď‚› Map

of Suriname. Capital: Paramaribo

Physical places ď‚› Kasikasimarocks

ď‚› Kasikasimarocks

are a couple of mountains in Suriname.

Place ď‚› Suriname

ď‚› President


of Suriname Name: Desire Delano Desi Boutrese.

Human environment interaction ď‚›

The Surinamese depend upon the ecological and economic diversity of their country. The many rivers and the Atlantic coast provide Suriname with an abundant supply of food and economic products.


Around 80 percent of Suriname is pristine rainforest, where only 5 percent of the population live. But many Surinamese live in the built instead of the natural environment. Specifically, around half of the population live in Paramaribo, the capital city. The rest of the population mainly live along the coast.

Movement ď‚› People

move to Suriname because: ď‚› Nature is overwhelming in Suriname. The Surinamese rainforest belongs to the most beautiful in the world. It's a tropical country and no matter the time of year it's always warm and pleasant there.

Place text and facts  The

Suriname dollar has a very unusual coin in the cents. They have a 250 cents coin!  The name of Suriname’s president is Desiré Delano "Dési" Bouterse.  There are many different values and types of cent coins in Suriname such as 1, 5, 10, 25, 100 , and 250 cents, and they come in square and circle shapes. The dollar notes are 5,10,20,50 and 100 dollars.

Suriname’s national anthem Opo kondreman oen opo Rise country men, rise Sranan gron e kari oen The soil of Suriname is calling you Wans ope tata komopo Where ever our ancestors came from Wi moes seti kondre boen We should take care of our country Stre de f'stre wi no sa frede We are not afraid to fight

Gado de wi fesi man God is our leader

Interesting fact!

The Suriname national anthem is in Dutch!

Interesting facts    


Suriname follows the Hindu and Dutch religion sometimes. Suriname gained independence from the Netherlands on November 25, 1975. The current flag of Suriname was officially adopted on November 25, 1975. Suriname is home to about 15 distinct languages. Since it was a colony of The Netherlands until 1975, the official language of Suriname is Dutch. Other languages spoken in Suriname include several Amerindian languages, several Creole languages, Suriname Javanese and Sarnami Hindustani.

More Interesting Facts Suriname can be divided into two main geographic regions; the coastal lowlands of the north, and the tropical rainforests and savanna of the west and south. A few small mountain ranges disect the fertile land, with the De Hann and Van Asch Van Wijck the most significant. Suriname is home to the WJ van Bloomenstein Lake, one of the largest reservoir lakes on the planet; created by a river dam, it provides hydro power for many of the country's industries. Almost 14% of Suriname is allocated to a series of National Parks (NP) and Nature Reserves (NR). Suriname is a land of rivers, and major ones include the Coppename, Corantyne, Gran, Lucie, Marowijne and Saramacca.

Landforms Some of the landforms in Suriname are:  The De Hann  The Van Asch Van Wijck.  The Bloomenstein Lake  Rivers: Coppename, Corantyne, Gran, Lucie, Marowijne and Saramacca.

 Flag:

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Aishwarya - Suriname  

The 5 themes of geography

Aishwarya - Suriname  

The 5 themes of geography