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The big scary Dog I looked around my shoulder in the lovely woods. The sun was shining but in the woods it was almost pitch black. I saw this huge dog that almost looked like a lion. It was huge it had a big golden face and its thong was sticking out I looked at the giant teeth that you could see hanging out of him mouth I imagined what harm the teeth could do to a human. When it walked it made a huge thump on the ground. It could probably trample me in minute’s seconds even. Its face was the size of my tummy.

I nudged my best friend Hannah and said look at that BIG dog Hannah rolled her eyes and looked around when she say the dog, her eyes popped out of her head and she jumped a mile I giggled soft fully so the dog wouldn’t hear. Then too my amazement her owner and her dog speed up and stopped right next too us I thought that was a bit rude now. The big dog was almost at my heels the Hannah’s mom started too talk to the dog owner Hannah’s mom said “ that’s a big dog” the lady said “ he’s a water rescue dog” then Hannah’s mom said “really it looks like a snow rescue dog because of the fur I would of thought it would be hard to swim. The owner smiled and said “u would be surprised”

At that moment the huge beast jumped in to the water I watched in surprise how far it could getting such little time. The owner watched her dog unsatisfied and called her dog he raced too his owners side and every one stepped away apart from me and then he decided to SHAKE I was soaking wet.

The Big Scary Dog  

My personal is about There was this big dog behind me i was terrifred

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