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Ayman Combalat 27/8/12

Absolute location The absolute location of Bern is 55 degrees north and 67degrees west . •

Relative location Germany,to the north Austria,to the east Liechtenstein,to the east France,to the west Italy, to the south •

• The capital city of Switzerland is Bern • Other main cities are Zurich, and Geneva • Mont-Blanc is a main tourist attraction for people to go skiing and it is both France and Switzerland

Map of Switzerland

The main land forms of Switzerland are the mountains, such as the Alps and the Jura mountain ranges. People go to these mountain ranges to go skiing.

Another landform are the two major rivers in Switzerland. They are the Rhine and the Rhone Rivers.


There are many beautiful lakes in Switzerland such as lake Geneva, Lake Zurich, Lake Constance and Lake Lucern.


Lake Geneva

Popular food in Switzerland is Gruyère? It is a sweet but slightly salty cheese. It becomes stronger with age..

There are four main languages in Switzerland they are: German French Italian and Romanasch Many Swiss people speak their language and another main language. Many also speak English which is offered in schools.

The currency of Switzerland is Swiss francs (CHF).

Government The Swiss Government is a federation and the président is in charge. Her name is Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf. Her residence is at Federal Palace. Her term length was for 1 year. 

The human-enviromental interaction are cows because of the dairy they produce for switzerland, people are cutting down trees to build farms, houses and factorys.

I think there may be different reasons why people are moving to switzerland: -Safety: switzerland is one secure and safe country to live in. -Job: there are many international companies in some cities like Geneva and Zurich. -live in Switzerland: people want to live in Switzerland because the (UN) United Nations makes people come and live there. Google earth Thank-you for listening.Hope you enjoyed the show.


The 5 themes of Geography in Switzerland.

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